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Friday, 22nd March, 2019

  • 09:58 PM - Jay Verkuilen quoted Achan hiArusa in post Who Killed the Megaverse?
    If I put players from a standard D&D fantasy world into a steampunk or technomagical world they get upset and the game dies quickly, especially when they are the players' precious epic level characters. That's too bad, because reskinning a lot of magic works out pretty well to have a decent steampunk/technomagical type game, at least as long as you assume that technomagic isn't ubiquitous. But that's more on the players and their personal genre boundaries than the game, per se. I am looking forward to the MCG release due out next year.

Wednesday, 28th February, 2018

Sunday, 7th January, 2018

  • 03:01 AM - Jay Verkuilen quoted Achan hiArusa in post Fantasy Grounds Game Stats for 2017: D&D 5E Up By 6%, Pathfinder Holds Steady!
    Okay, I can see that now. It is just natural log is denoted ln (number of games) or ln(game rank) in mathematics, physics, chemistry, and biology which is what confused me. In math (at least here in the USA) and statistics, "log" tends to denote natural log while "log10" denotes log base 10. Most software is programmed accordingly. I can't recall the last time I used log base 10, but in fields where one interprets numbers as opposed to derivatives a lot, I guess it shows up.

Friday, 5th January, 2018

  • 06:45 PM - Jay Verkuilen quoted Achan hiArusa in post Fantasy Grounds Game Stats for 2017: D&D 5E Up By 6%, Pathfinder Holds Steady!
    I don't know what those numbers are supposed to be. <...> The math is bad. The math is fine. Those are natural logs, not log10. Given that switching from log bases is just a scale change it does not affect the linearity of the plot. The reason I plotted log-log is because that's what is connected to the Zipf distribution and its generalizations. The Zipf is linear in log-log space, and that plot is close to it, though not perfectly so. I'm not familiar with the Ahrrenius plot (I assume it's just a semi-log plot) but it won't be linear and thus isn't useful in this case. As to why I used natural log, just habit I guess. In statistics, natural log is the convention but maybe it isn't in other fields.

Friday, 1st December, 2017

  • 10:52 AM - aramis erak quoted Achan hiArusa in post Who You Gonna Call? Looking At West End Games' Ghostbusters RPG
    Not only is it the first die pool game, but members of this team would go on to create the Star Wars d6 game, and later to go onto other companies to make Shadowrun and then Vampire the Masquerade (which of course lead to WtA, MtA, WtO, and CtD and much, much later the nWoD/CoD). Only the first dice-pool driven RPG. It was a common enough practice in wargaming, and technically, D&D can claim the title. See, original has 4 combat systems. The "alternate" in the core rulebook, and 3 in chainmail. in Vol 1: d20 based "Alternate Combat System" Chainmail 1: (1d6 to 3d6) per (man to 4 men) , by cross-index of unit type and target type, with a hit for each (4-6, 5-6, or 6, by type vs type) Chainmail 2: 2d6 per man of given type (man, hero, super-hero) Chainmail 3: Jousting rules from Original D&D... v1, p 15... Fighting-Men [Hit Dice] Fighting capabilitv Veteran 1+1 Man + 1 Warrior 2 2 Men + 1 SWordsman 3 3 Men or Hero -1 Hero 4 Hero Swashbuckler 5+1 Hero + 1 or 5 Men Myrmi...

Sunday, 26th November, 2017

  • 11:43 PM - TrippyHippy quoted Achan hiArusa in post Who You Gonna Call? Looking At West End Games' Ghostbusters RPG
    Not only is it the first die pool game, but members of this team would go on to create the Star Wars d6 game, and later to go onto other companies to make Shadowrun and then Vampire the Masquerade (which of course lead to WtA, MtA, WtO, and CtD and much, much later the nWoD/CoD).Sandy Peterson, Lynn Willis and Greg Stafford, of Chaosium, designed the Ghostbusters RPG for West End Games. The design was influential, but these people were not directly involved with the design of Shadowrun or Vampire: The Masquerade at all. Star Wars D6 had some common developers and editors (eg Greg Costikyan, Ken Rolsten, etc), but the Chaosium guys were not directly involved again.

Sunday, 30th July, 2017

Monday, 19th June, 2017

  • 12:34 PM - TrippyHippy quoted Achan hiArusa in post Want to Playtest Vampire: The Masquerade 5th Edition (V5)?
    3) Amelia's Character Sheet: Child Connoisseur, really? You mean Pedophile. In this day and age there should have been a) a Trigger Warning or b) Maybe a totally different character that won't turn off a large number of people.A disclaimer should be included, and a parental guide/restriction too. It is an uncomfortable issue. However, it should be clear that Vampire is a dark game from the offset. The entire central concept of playing vampires is meant to be uncomfortable - drinking the blood of anybody is hardly socially acceptable in normal society. The allegories of having children relationships in various vampire fiction has been used before too, but it is still fiction, lest we forget. The theme of this scenario states "Survival for the player characters should come with a certain guilt and a question – do these characters really deserve to survive?". In horror fiction, you have to be aware of the level of discomfort you are willing to experience. "Personal Horror" doubly so.

Sunday, 2nd October, 2016

  • 04:25 AM - Jester David quoted Achan hiArusa in post STARFINDER: Here's What We Know
    Rocking the Twilight Imperium pieces. I had wondered where those came from. It's unfortunate that they're releasing a space combat game that requires miniatures and don't have miniatures available for sale...

Sunday, 15th March, 2015

  • 10:08 PM - Morrus quoted Achan hiArusa in post Renaming +1, +2, +3
    I may sound old, but back when I started playing AD&D/BECMI all we had were tables, not some fancy math tricks like adding or THAC0. Old? No, you sound about the average age for our hobby!
  • 09:38 AM - Li Shenron quoted Achan hiArusa in post Renaming +1, +2, +3
    We have all this wonderful names for items like the Apparatus of Kwalish and yet we still call most of our weapons and armor by their plusses. Some people take the time to craft histories and give specific names for their weapons, but I don't always want to do that. So I went through the 4e Player's Handbook and the Adventurer's Vault and coopted the names of the special armors to replace the +1, +2, +3 moniker: I think it's a neat idea, although your specific names suggested are too fancy for my tastes. I would prefer to use more "mundane" names, either based on the materials or the manufacturing process or cultural origin. I don't name the pluses, I name the weapon. The two things can coexist. The downside of naming the weapon IMHO is that it tends to be over the top. In a setting where magic items are scarce, it makes more sense they carry individual names. On the other hand if magic items are common, it sounds nice to have more interesting names for the enhancement type....

Friday, 6th February, 2015

  • 03:16 AM - GMforPowergamers quoted Achan hiArusa in post C&Ds for Online D&D 5E Character Generators
    Well, here comes back the last days of T$R. Except it is now Wizard$ of the Coa$t a wholly owned subsidiary of Ha$bro. oh my god... if I never see a $ for an s again I would be happy... it's not evil or self destructive to say "No you can't use our stuff for free." Hasbro and WotC gets hit because they are 'the man' or 'make plenty of money'... if I made a new game (and in my case I'm a dirt poor guy with little income) and it took off, but people where doing things with it including handing pieces away for free... it would be very bad for me. If I gave away a basic quick play set of rules on my website, with the hopes that people who come there even just for the free would drive interest up, and someone remote hosted it... they get the hits off my free product instead of me... a company (no matter how big) is the same... if I can't afford to make more for my game because you stole part of it I can't feed my family. If another company can't afford to make a product they can't play there e...

Wednesday, 9th October, 2013

  • 09:14 PM - Biggyniner quoted Achan hiArusa in post Buck Rogers XXVc wasn't that bad a game.
    Here is a rather incomplete conversion of Buck Rogers. The talented eye will see where I ripped off Alternity, Amazing Engine, Star Wars, and Pulp Heroes to put it all together. I never finished changing the flavor text for the Scientist. Interesting... I just got this game and all of its associated content off of Ebay and Amazon. I think I will learn it as intended before attempting to update/convert it.

Tuesday, 16th July, 2013

Sunday, 5th May, 2013

Sunday, 17th February, 2013

Saturday, 16th February, 2013

  • 07:42 PM - Morrus quoted Achan hiArusa in post Paizo's Facebook page and the article on sexism
    I think you've largely answered your own question when you say: ...that was posted not a few hours later... Pesky linear time doing all that passing and stuff! :) But the long version: because I don't work 24/7, and the latter was posted at about 1am my time. It'll be in today's news. I'm a lot of timezones away from Seattle.

Saturday, 5th January, 2013

Saturday, 8th December, 2012

  • 05:17 AM - possum quoted Achan hiArusa in post nWoD Hunter Game set in Victorian England
    White Wolf has covered this territory before, if you can find them Victorian Vampire, Victorian Vampire Companion, and Victorian London by Night can be helpful. If you can't find the Dead Tree versions you can find it here: Other games that cover some of the same territory are: Masque of the Red Death for Ravenloft (and certain domains in Ravenloft can be easily ported to WoD) Victoriana Space 1889 Orrorsh for Torg d20 Past Castle Falkenstein Etherscope Forgotten Futures Cthulhu by Gaslight (which was later integrated into CoC) Faerie, Queen, and Country for Amazing Engine GURPs Steampunk and Steam-tech Also don't forget the Wild West was occurring at the same time, so any Western Games (Werewolf the Wild West, Boot Hill, Aces and Eights, or Deadlands) can also be useful. As for nWoD books Second Sight is a useful addition to any game. And I have found WoD Mir...

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