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Friday, 12th October, 2018

Thursday, 27th September, 2018

Friday, 17th August, 2018

  • 11:03 AM - CubicsRube mentioned TrippyHippy in post Gale Force Nine Sign Master License for Dune Games; Modiphius Designing RPG!
    The Free League people sell their stuff through Modiphius. I REALLY would prefer Dune to be released as their d6 exploration, dice-pool-based game. (Year Zero Engine). Rater than the 2d20 for eg. Also, the Free League writers are very good :) I'd love if it was in free leagues d6 system. Sadly, I expect it'll be in 2d20. I hope whatever system they incorporate social intrigue system as TrippyHippy mentioned above. Mind control, manipulation, willpower and politics is such a huge part of the setting. I'd also love to see some kind of campaign level house mecahnics qhere your actions could contribute to your houses rise or misfortune.

Wednesday, 17th January, 2018

  • 05:59 PM - Celebrim mentioned TrippyHippy in post The Best Movie About RPGs in 2018 (So Far)
    ...isting robust creative community to provide art direction, costuming, and music that had been inspired by the book and had attempted to faithfully produce the elements of the book in different media. So much of the movie looks exactly like a Howe, Lee, or Naismith painting, which in turn looks like the words of a book brought to life. 2) By his own admission, he was influenced by Christopher Lee to reshoot many scenes more faithfully to the book, abandoning some of his earlier plans for large departures from the story. 3) The best beloved scenes, the ones that people rewatch over and over, are verbatim lifts of the Lord of the Rings story. 4) His mistakes as a director tend to be glossed over by fans of the movie, which you can do because you have 9 hours of movie so there is a lot in it that is good. Even though there is like 3 hours of dross in that, poorly filmed awkward and repetitive scenes, the stuff that is faithful to the story in part or in whole makes up for that. TrippyHippy hits the nail on the head when he says that any movie has to be based on a good script and a good story. So much of what Hollywood does now is based solely on an idea for a movie, and then a demand to make a script for it. Almost every movie created that way is going to fail as a story, even if sometimes it is profitable. Any D&D movie that is initiated off of, "Gee, this intellectual property looks marketable." is going to fail. The only way for a D&D movie to succeed is if there is a script out there that is so good, anyone reading it says, "We have to make this into a movie."

Friday, 22nd December, 2017

  • 07:55 PM - LordEntrails mentioned TrippyHippy in post New D&D Movie: July 23rd 2021
    ...y making venture for them, they should and will follow a formulaic approach to the movie that they hope will yield the most profit for the D&D brand. For them to do anything less would be negligent to their shareholders. You cannot account for the tastes of audiences that watch them, however - and you cannot account for the millions/billions ? of people who openly think he is the worst moviemaker in the world today. Nice exaggeration. This will be my last attempt to add reason to your emotional rants. The vague number of people I referred to that have watched MB movies can actually be estimated reliable using hard numbers like this. You "one-upping" me by going to millions/billions is absurd. And rather than supporting your point, supports that you are spewing emotional responses that you haven't even thought through. Or do you really want us to expect that 1 in 7 people in the WORLD think MB is the worst moviemaker? If so, please provide some fact based support. Azzy & TrippyHippy, If you want a movie that conforms to your tastes, then go invest your own time in money in such. If you are right, then the critics will love it and you might even turn a profit. Or you could accept that what you want is of little important to Hasbro and your continued voicing of it and how bad MB is will have no real impact on the world. I'm done.

Saturday, 2nd January, 2016

  • 09:10 AM - Bluenose mentioned TrippyHippy in post Your most anticipated games of 2016?
    Wait, what? OK, so first Mongoose makes RuneQuest II (not to be confused with Runequest 2nd ed from Way Back Then). Then they lose the license, and re-release the game, slightly altered as Legend. Then The Design Mechanism gets the RuneQuest license, and makes a few changes (on the order of D&D 3.0 to 3.5, or possibly less), and release it as RuneQuest 6. Now they've lost the license, and are ​also re-releasing their game under a different name? So there will soon be two former-RuneQuest-clones around? Chaosium had financial problems, and The Design Mechanism came in with the cash that probably stopped them folding. There's been a bit of a shuffle, so Chaosium will be publishing Runequest again with a specifically Gloranthan edition (reputedly to be based more on BRP) while TDM will carry on publishing RQ6 but with a different name and with the "Mythic" series of supplements for it. TrippyHippy Isn't Glorantha's fiftieth anniversary this year? At least for published products. White Bear and Red Moon was 1975, iirc.

Friday, 30th October, 2015

  • 09:13 PM - El Mahdi mentioned TrippyHippy in post Warlord Name Poll
    ...nium87 ; @Paraxis ; @PaulO. ; @Pauln6 ; @Pauper ; @payn; @pemerton ; @peterka99 ;@ Pickles III ; @Pickles JG ; @pkt77242 ; @pming ; @pogre; @PopeYodaI ; @Prickly ; @procproc ; @Psikerlord ; @Psikerlord# ; @(Psi)SeveredHead; @Quickleaf ; @Raith5 ; @raleel ; @Ralif Redhammer ; @Raloc ; @Ranes ; @RangerWickett; @Ratskinner ; @redrick ; @Rejuvenator ; @Remathilis ; @Ristamar ; @RolenArcher; @Roland55 ; @RPG_Tweaker ; @Rune ; @Rygar ; @Sacrosanct ; @Saelorn ; @Saeviomagy; @sailor-Moon ; @SailorNash ; @Saplatt ; @Satyrn ; @Shades of Eternity ; @shadowmane; @sheadunne ; @Shasarak ; @shidaku ; @shintashi ; @Shiroiken ; @SigmaOne ; @sleypy; @sleypy01 ; @SpiderMonkey ; @Staccat0 ; @Staffan ; @steeldragons ; @steenan @STeveC ; @strider13x ; @Strider1973 ; @Sword of Spirit ; @Talmek ; @TerraDave; @TheCosmicKid ; @The_Gneech ; @TheHobgoblin ; @The Human Target ; @the Jester; @The Mirrorball Man ; @The Myopic Sniper ; @ThirdWizard ; @Tia Nadiezja ; @Tinker-TDC; @Tonguez ; @Tony Vargas ; @Tormyr ; @TrippyHippy ; @tsadkiel ; @tuxgeo ; @twigglythe Gnome ; @TwoSix ; @Uchawi ; @Ulorian ; @UnadvisedGoose445 ; @UngeheuerLich; @Us ; @Valmarius ; @Warbringer ; @was ; @wedgeski ; @Wednesday Boy ; @Wik ; @WillDoyle ; @Winterthorn ; @Wuzzard ; @Xeviat ; @Yaarel ; @Yunru ; @Zalabim ; @Zansy; @Zardnaar ; @Zeuel ; @ZickZak ; @ZombieRoboNinja ; @ZzarkLinux

Friday, 16th January, 2015

  • 09:31 AM - Jan van Leyden mentioned TrippyHippy in post Elric rpgs
    Much good information deleted ... Wow, there seems to be much more to this than I knew. :.-( Thanks for the information, TrippyHippy! Also, I dimly recall there being one or two books on the eternal hero from Chaosium during the early wave of D20 stuff back in 2000/2001.

Thursday, 9th October, 2014

Wednesday, 8th October, 2014

  • 11:38 AM - Nemio mentioned TrippyHippy in post My sister wants to be a Halfling Barbarian (Starter Set)
    I'm always disappointed when I see an update was made in my topic and it's about this subject. CapnZapp TrippyHippy Now shake hands and help me with completing the background for Anton :D Do you guys have any further ideas? The game is up in 10 days and finishing this PC seems to be one of the many things I still have to complete in time. I want to create some backup PC's in case any of them die, print out some maps, reread the rules, practice my storytelling, etc. Ugh, getting nervous :)

Monday, 6th October, 2014

  • 05:43 PM - UngeheuerLich mentioned TrippyHippy in post My sister wants to be a Halfling Barbarian (Starter Set)
    Using the default array, you could go 16 CON and 14 STR and 15 DEX easily. (Swapping CON and STR (14 and 15) Which is a very solid 15 AC without armor. And a lot of HP. Didnt think about that switch around. But still, this is a minor optimization. 15 STR alllows for taking a feat which gives +1 Str and something extra. The game is deadly at low levels, rewarding careful playing and only going into battle with major advantages, so +1 hp and 1 AC may spell the difference between life and death, but usually it wont. At level 2-3, it does not matter anymore, since she should be able to afford chain or better. And HP are high enough so it usually does not matter. At level 4, the ability boost will equal all out. TrippyHippy: 15 STR is not all that much. If you dont like it, ok. But dont tell anyone that it is badwrongfun. And forcing anyone to use their lowest stat on str seems really unfun. Creatures that are smaller are relatively stronger and more robust. They can swing a hammer quite fine. Just give a hammer to a random child and ask it to hit you on the head with it as hard as they can.
  • 02:28 PM - Nemio mentioned TrippyHippy in post My sister wants to be a Halfling Barbarian (Starter Set)
    Don't worry everyone, all advice is appreciated :) TrippyHippy I agree that if the average (Human) Commoner only has 10 on all stats then having a halfling only half their size be much stronger than them can seem a bit off. I'm trying to find a good balance between realism and fun. If my sister thinks it's fun to make a little raging guy full of muscles to be kicking the butt of things twice as big as her then I'm going to let her. But believe me, it's not what I had in mind either :D I'm just rolling with it, I've learned alot about being a new DM (from this board and others) and one of the most important things was always try to say Yes (even though it might be followed by a but ...) Like in this case I told her that she couldn't use Heavy weapons because of her size, which she didn't care that much about. UngeheuerLich Thanks, that's some good advice. I already thought that all those 15's might not be ideal but I think I'm going to leave it like that for now anyway. We went over all the attributes together and she r...

Friday, 27th December, 2013

  • 03:37 PM - Mercurius mentioned TrippyHippy in post PDFs vs. Books - What's your preference?
    I almost posted this in the D&D forum as I have a sneaking suspicion that more people post there, and a lot of folks that read that forum don't read this one, or at least not as frequently, but I could be wrong - and this really is a general RPG topic. I'm curious about what the general feeling is about PDFs/ebooks vs. traditional hard-copy books. This inquiry was inspired by noticing that @TrippyHippy actually prefers PDFs to books, which is an utterly alien thought to me. I personally greatly prefer books; I will only buy a PDF if A) I really want the book and B) there is no book available, or at least not for an affordable price. This preference is both because I love books - I love the feeling of them, the smell and texture of the paper, the ability to browse through pages and gaze upon maps without the eery undead light of the computer screen - but also because I actually dislike PDFs, I have a hard time reading extensively on the computer screen and I don't like the fact that you can never see the whole page in a readable manner (at least on my 14" laptop), or easily browse. Just a point of clarification: I'm talking about RPGs only. Also, if you vote "strongly prefer" it doesn't mean you're saying you don't like the other medium (although it could), it just means that you greatly prefer one over the other. Feel free to embellish your choice in the thread. So what is your p...

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Wednesday, 26th September, 2018

  • 09:49 AM - Morrus quoted TrippyHippy in post The Law Is Here! Back The Judge Dredd RPG Kickstarter Now!
    I backed for the core rules and robot wars. It the line going to progress fast through other scenarios? As in will we need more 'corebooks' to get other worlds other than Judge Dredd, or will they just be detailed in specifica campaign packs? Just the one corebook. The others will take the form of setting books.

Wednesday, 1st August, 2018

Tuesday, 31st July, 2018

  • 09:56 PM - mach1.9pants quoted TrippyHippy in post Warhammer FRPG 4th Ed PDF Pre-Order Goes Live on DriveThruRPG!
    The PDF still needs a fair amount of work, largely because it adds a degree of structure to the rules that wasn't in previous editions - and needs some clarification in places, accordingly. There is also some editing needed, with references to skills that aren't on the list etc. The rule that has characters being rewarded XP for keeping random rolls is clever though (as opposed to just choosing or spending points). It means that players are gently encouraged to avoid making optimised characters all the time, while still keeping the option open for players who simply don't like the way the dice fall.I like the random vs XP, I think I first saw it in Hackmaster, but I guess it's been around as an idea. I think you can complete your first career level by accepting the rolls, need another 25 XP to move to the next.

Thursday, 26th July, 2018

  • 02:49 AM - TheFool1972 quoted TrippyHippy in post The Expanse RPG Kickstarter is live!
    I'm not sure about anybody else, but I find this attitude incredibly offensive. People have different tastes in games, as they do in anything else, but it is a conceit to assert that people are 'mentally' equipped to only deal with only one style of play. Moreover, it's an excuse. If people feel that Fate is not the greatest system in the universe, it is no defense to criticise those people with what are essentially personal attacks. It's not that they are mentally incompatible with the game - it's because they don't like it. I never actually said YOU or anyone else was mentally compatible. I was saying the DESIGNS are mentally incompatible. I can see where it might have come off that way, but it was not my intention. I also was not criticizing anyone, or attempting to be belittling. If anything, my thought pattern was about familiarity bias.

Tuesday, 24th July, 2018

  • 09:49 PM - MNblockhead quoted TrippyHippy in post The Expanse RPG Kickstarter is live!
    That would be fair enough, but it's only one step on from 'mentality' to discussing the infamous 'brain damage' (which is not something we-we should want to discuss). People's tastes are always going to be different, but we don't have to attribute this towards anything to do with mental qualities. Indeed, I generally prefer rules light games, but that still doesn't mean I'm predetermined to like particular systems, regardless. Just because words share the same root doesn't make the concepts the same. Nothing in TheFool1972's post was offensive. The only possible offense that I could tease out of it is that you have been binary in your narrative/simulation games. Sometimes I like one, other times the other. I mean I like tactical miniature war games and I also like InSPECTREs and Dialect. But I realize that isn't the point he was trying to make. He was simply stating that if you really like system X then it make sense that you might not like system Y, and here is why I think that. Personally, I ...
  • 11:28 AM - ajevans quoted TrippyHippy in post The Expanse RPG Kickstarter is live!
    I'm not sure about anybody else, but I find this attitude incredibly offensive. People have different tastes in games, as they do in anything else, but it is a conceit to assert that people are 'mentally' equipped to only deal with only one style of play. Moreover, it's an excuse. If people feel that Fate is not the greatest system in the universe, it is no defense to criticise those people with what are essentially personal attacks. It's not that they are mentally incompatible with the game - it's because they don't like it. I don't see it as offensive just poorly worded. If you prefer crunchy games, FATE isn't going to suit your mindset, which largely comes down to taste not mental ability.
  • 11:27 AM - ajevans quoted TrippyHippy in post The Expanse RPG Kickstarter is live!

Wednesday, 27th June, 2018

  • 07:36 AM - Dannyalcatraz quoted TrippyHippy in post A Mixed Bag Of Horror And Delight In The Fall Of Delta Green
    I can't see why you couldn't do an Apocalypse Now scenario for any Cthulhu system, although it would possibly be a bit more of a linear narrative than some other types of campaign. I always thought that WFRP's Death on the Reik as basically being Apocalypse Now on a medieval canal.... Maks y tHink, deSnt iT?

Sunday, 17th June, 2018

  • 12:07 AM - Dire Bare quoted TrippyHippy in post It's FREE RPG DAY, So Head To Your Local Game Store Today!
    It doesn't reflect the market or potential market that game companies need to connect to in order to grow. And you know this how? From your extensive marketing research? Why does Impressions (the company behind Free RPG Day) offer Free RPG Day? Why do so many RPG companies participate? Why does WotC, and other companies, put money, time, and effort into in-store organized play? Why is WotC currently making special editions of their D&D gamebooks that are only available in your local FLGS? Because, due to their marketing research, they feel this is a part of the market they need to "connect with" in order to grow. Not the only market, to be sure, but an important segment of the market.

Saturday, 16th June, 2018

  • 11:29 PM - Dire Bare quoted TrippyHippy in post It's FREE RPG DAY, So Head To Your Local Game Store Today!
    Yep, the Free RPG Day doesn't amount to much for a whole bunch of gamers or potential gamers that have no access. Should we feel sad for you? Sorry for the bit of snark, but this is a marketing event to help out local hobby stores. It isn't a "holiday" to rain free swag down upon the heads of loyal and good gamers everywhere. It most certainly is a bummer if you don't have any good, local stores, Free RPG Day or not. There are a few RPG companies that offer digital Free RPG Day swag, sometimes delayed after the day itself. Paizo's free module every year is made available as a free PDF file, you can still pick up the modules from past Free RPG Days on Paizo's site . . . for free!!! Other companies do this as well, although I don't have a list. There is a ton of free stuff on all the time, some of it is "Free RPG Day" offerings from this year and from year's past, some of it is, well, just free. Besides, if you visit the Free RPG Day website, you'll find that the offerings ...

Saturday, 9th June, 2018

  • 04:20 AM - Xavian Starsider quoted TrippyHippy in post Masks of Nyarlathotep Radio Drama and Gamer Prop Set Announced!
    The prop set is exciting as is the full dramatisation of the adventure. In many ways it underlines Masks of Nyarlathotep, which will have a new full edition released for 7E soon, as the best published RPG adventure of all time. It's only really rivalled by WFRP's Enemy Within campaign. Yes I have been looking over the 4th edition version of Masks but want to get The 7e pdf (if they release it in time!) Now I really want the props box too. I don't suppose it will have anything for the new chapter set in Peru though?

Tuesday, 15th May, 2018

  • 04:09 PM - TerraDave quoted TrippyHippy in post Talking About An Apocalypse: Looking At Apocalypse World 2E
    Well, I've played Apocalypse World and a few other spinoffs (Dungeon World, Mosterheats and Monster of the Week). While they were neat games, and perfectly enjoyably for what they were, I cannot see how they are any different, really, to so called 'Traditional games'. Gamers have been collaborating on game world creation and scenario development for as long as there has been roleplaying games. I guess some people just need a game to tell them what they have always had the opportunity to do before. It was no 'significant adjustment' for me and my group. I find the distinction to be a bit pretentious. Hmm, yes, pretentious.

Monday, 14th May, 2018

Saturday, 12th May, 2018

  • 11:07 PM - Bluenose quoted TrippyHippy in post Fantasy Grounds Adds Mongoose Traveller (1E) Support
    There is a ton of support and releases for both editions of Mongoose Traveller. The main focus of the new edition has been a huge sandbox campaign called Pirates of Drinax, which is entirely original to the new editions, while there are adventures published for several other sectors too. Go to the Mongoose Publishing website or check out the drivethrrpg site for the same company. Pirates of Drinax has nine adventures in Book 1 of the campaign set, and there are six more slightly larger ones directly related to it. Some of the other material associated with it contains adventure hooks and patrons too, and it's going to be collected into a book (The Drinaxian Compendium) later this year if they meet the schedule. There are also five Reach Adventures, set in the same sector as PoD; two Marches Adventures in the Spinward Marches sector to coreward; three Great Rift Adventures associated with their new Great Rift boxed set; and Fall of Tinath from the starter set. There's at least one coming as ...
  • 06:01 PM - aramis erak quoted TrippyHippy in post Take An Adventure In Dystopia With West End Game's Original Paranoia
    They had plenty of messy issues with RuneQuest, admittedly, but their stewardship of Judge Dredd was fine (what was wrong with it?), it's just that they couldn't find the market they wanted for it in the last few years. I am looking forward to what the upcoming Judge Dredd rpg looks like though. No, their two attempts at dredd both sucked. d20 is just not a good system for anything even vaguely realistic nor for anything modern. The Traveller version was a really poor adaptation, too - giving an average of 4-5 skills per term plus 1-2 feat-like abilities, and having set the starting age for judges alone at 12-ish. Normals get the book standard 2-4 per term and no feat-like ones. It failed to keep the simplicity needed. As for the new one... what I've seen of WOIN gives me no confidence. I've got my GW edition, and I still like it.

Friday, 27th April, 2018

Tuesday, 24th April, 2018

  • 10:03 AM - CapnZapp quoted TrippyHippy in post White Wolf Announces Vampire The Masquerade 5E Preorder And Distribution Partnership With Modiphius Entertainment
    While there are some things I'm iffy on, the basic rules engine is sound and fully functional. Could it be that you are easier to please than most? That you don't see the scepticism? Who thinks "sound and fully functional" rules are a success? That sounds workmanlike and barely passable. Who'd buy that? I think it is perfectly understandable to worry that the times have moved on and that you cannot capture lightning in a bottle twice. Ann Rice and True Blood isn't what preoccupies the current generation, much like Delta Green struggles to find a foothold in a post the X Files world. Personally I'm waiting for WFRP4. It's entirely possible it will be a disappointment (which it will be if it only lightly rehashes the 2E rules from nearly a generation ago). A game that found true success is D&D. They truly updated and fixed and streamlined d20 for 5th edition, while bringing bits of AD&D and 4E across too. Do you see any evidence of THAT in the alpha playtest? Cheers

Wednesday, 4th April, 2018

  • 01:58 PM - Maxperson quoted TrippyHippy in post Do We Still Need "Race" in D&D?
    I think you've spent an inordinate amount of time on this thread telling others what they should be doing or not doing. What makes you think that you aren't the extremist? Because stepping up to someone who is acting in an extreme capacity does not make you an extremist.
  • 01:27 PM - Maxperson quoted TrippyHippy in post Do We Still Need "Race" in D&D?
    If it wasn't an issue, then why is there more than 500 posts on the matter on this thread alone? Stop conflating your individual opinion as some sort of majority accepted truth. And stop taking offence that people may want to discuss change, regardless of your individual opinion. Why? Some people like to try and persuade extremists. It's a wasted effort, but they do it anyway. And speaking of stopping, stop trying to tell me what to do.
  • 05:42 AM - Maxperson quoted TrippyHippy in post Do We Still Need "Race" in D&D?
    Like the minority who get offended that anybody has the audacity to discuss changing the terminology used in a game, you mean? Yep, with you on that one. I'm not offended by worthless ideas. I'm also not in the minority here. Race is of absolutely no issue in the game as it stands. At least not to any appreciable number of people.

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