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Sunday, 3rd June, 2018

  • 06:37 PM - Yaarel mentioned Lancelot in post Tell me about your Adventures in Middle-Earth experiences, please
    The description by @Lancelot made me think of the ‘pillars’ of D&D. There are four, really five, pillars of the game. • Audience/Social • Journey/Exploration • Adventure/Situation (?) Emergency (?) Exigency (?) (combat or noncombat) • Fellowship/Downtime Fellowship/Downtime is an important pillar. It is where the setting and how the character fits into it come to life. Backgrounds, bonds of families, friends, organizations, and places, the challenges of politics, research, lair-building, the pursuit of goals and ambitions, happen most during downtime. A fifth pillar of the game is character building, at creation and while leveling. DM worldbuilding probably belongs to this character building pillar, as well. • Character building Perhaps ‘the 4+1 pillars’. What seems to make AIME distinctive in feel is, the four pillars detail descriptions of the characters and places for all of these pillars, and presents formal challenges to overcome for each, often resolving without combat.

Wednesday, 30th May, 2018

Friday, 20th April, 2018

  • 03:44 AM - dave2008 mentioned Lancelot in post Archdevil Moloch (Mordenkainen's tome of foes preview from Dragon+)
    It is a tad weak. A level 12 party will not have many problems dealing with him. Heck, a level 12 paladin could take it with ease. It's hit points are negligible, and its resistances won't make up, as they are very easy to circumvent Dude, he can teleport 120' 4x a round if he wants. You are missing a lot of the tactical options he has. He is a classic skirmisher. Attack, separate, withdraw, regenerate, teleport, range attack, etc., etc. He may not look like much, but in the hands of a crafty DM he is deadly. To be clear, I am not a very crafty DM, so his greatness would be mostly lost on me! For a crafty DM's approach, check out @Lancelot's comment in this issue's Dragon+ thread: post #8 and post #12

Monday, 22nd May, 2017

  • 05:57 PM - Chaosmancer mentioned Lancelot in post Homebrewed Weapon help
    Is the axe form a greataxe, and does your barbarian player use the Great Weapon Master feat? I was just about to respond to Lancelot and Dualazi with apologies for not mentioning that it is a 1d12 Greataxe, I thought I did but that's what I get for making a thread late, I end up assuming things that I shouldn't So yeah, 1d12 Greataxe, but he has not taken the Great Weapon Master feat, he doesn't trust his luck with the -5 accuracy, even though he pretty much always uses Reckless attack on everything. That's why I specified the sword is non-versatile, if it could be 1d10 with an additional attack it would be no contest, but for damage purposes a 1d12 axe with improved crit in the hands of a barbarian vs 1d8 with an extra attack seems like an actual choice.

Tuesday, 28th March, 2017

Wednesday, 23rd November, 2016

  • 12:38 AM - Quickleaf mentioned Lancelot in post Fireguns, pistols, musket... A question of balance.
    Ednoc I'll second what Lancelot said. Just use the DMG rules for Renaissance firearms. Here's an example of how I implemented these rules for my "Age of Sail" era campaign... The DMG contains rules for Renaissance firearms, which I use with lower prices. Most PCs have proficiency with pistols, provided it makes sense for the character's background (e.g. a Druid or Monk most likely would not). However, only PCs with martial ranged weapon proficiency are proficient with muskets and cannons. Firearm Accessories Bullets (12) (5 sp, 2 lbs) includes powder, shot, and wadding Gunpowder horn (35 gp, 2 lbs) water-resistant Keg of gunpowder (250 gp, 20 lbs) If lit afire, a keg of gunpowder explodes, dealing 7d6 fire damage to all within 10 feet, DC 12 Dexterity saving throw for half damage. Martial Ranged Weapons Pistol (10 gp, 3 lbs) 1d10 piercing damage / ammunition - single shot (range 30/90), loading, light Musket (20 gp, 10 lbs) 1d12 piercing damage / ammunition - single shot (range 40/120), loading, two-...

Monday, 4th April, 2016

Thursday, 31st March, 2016

  • 06:20 AM - C-F-K mentioned Lancelot in post Suffocating
    My thought is that the "CON mod in minutes" rule applies to the moment a character dies. Brain damage has set in and the character is off to the eternal hack 'n slash field up in the sky. holding your breath for even 1 minute is a skill most of us don't own. But our characters are above human, if we take 8 to 10 to be average a CON of 14 would be close to super human. But even then, a super-duper mega trained free-diver can hold his/her breath for around 6 minutes. He sinks for a while with weights, releases them and swims to the surface. And still that is nothing compared to what Lancelot described what characters have to endure. I'd say, when your fighting, kicking and screaming, the rule should be CON mod in rounds, minimum of 1.

Wednesday, 4th November, 2015

  • 11:23 AM - Sadras mentioned Lancelot in post 5e's new gender policy - is it attracting new players?
    Sorry if that came across harsher than I meant. I actually have seen, "You're never going to be satisfied, so why bother doing it at all?" put forth as an argument, in spirit if not always in so many words. So it's something of a button. No worries, your post didn't come across at all as harsh. I actually went back and read some of the earlier posts and I can empathise with both sides. My table is very much similar to @Lancelot as reflected in post #16 (congratulations on beating us in the RWC semi's, amazing team btw). I think if WOTC did explore sexuality or gender preferences within their adventures for various NPCs, it might inspire me as DM creatively. Funny enough, I forgot that at end of last year I did include a gay villainous captain that was caught in the act with one of his juniors - it was just something that came to me while the rogue was sneaking about the keep, that I thought might make an interesting encounter and it did. Our table being very much hetero and very politically incorrect, had a good laugh about the matter. Also at the time, one of the players was roleplaying an albino bisexual half-elf nymphomaniac character rather well. Sadly she perished saving an ally two sessions later.

Thursday, 25th September, 2014

  • 12:33 PM - Connorsrpg mentioned Lancelot in post Give me your monster conversion request!
    Fantastic work Sacrosanct. Though, I am with Lancelot on Graz' of my all time faves. \m/ Oh, and XP the person that asked for Zern back on page 1 I think. I just reread those guys recently (when the came up on my Realms Charts when populating the Mushfens in our Rise of the Runelords campaign). I find them very interesting. In fact, I really liked the MM IV for 3.5. That had all the dragonspawn too right? On specific monster features, should spells be listed as 'per day'? I thought it was 'slots' at each level (which is much easier to track). Okay, request. I will go with kech. Ever since I saw that scary, evil, leafy, monkey in the 1E MMII, I loved it. NOT the pic that followed (I think in 2E), that just looked leafy and not scary evil at all.

Thursday, 4th September, 2014

  • 06:53 PM - Dausuul mentioned Lancelot in post Warlock without Eldrich Blast
    Warlocks have so much opportunity to be diverse, except that one of the three damaging spells is clearly so much better than the others. What gives? Can anyone come up with a mechanical reason to forgo Eldrich Blast aside from going all-in on a pact blade? To forgo it? Unless you plan to be a utility warlock with very limited combat ability, nope. Eldritch blast, and the Agonizing Blast invocation, are must-have for any non-bladelock who wants to be effective in a fight. I could, however, see picking up one of the other two as a backup. You might, for instance, use chill touch against a troll if you don't have access to fire or acid damage. Poison spray could be good against small agile foes (high AC, poor Con saves), and as Lancelot points out, it's nice to have a saving throw-based option in case of being stuck in melee or against foes that can mess with your attacks.

Tuesday, 19th August, 2014

  • 07:50 AM - pemerton mentioned Lancelot in post Does anyone who got an mm at Gencon want to offer up spoilers to us?
    Well there's one odd retcon in there. Rakshasa are now specifically linked to and originate in the 9 Hells, rather than previously an implied link to Acheron. That seems an unnecessary change. See, that is exactly the kind of stuff I don't get. Why would they do that? Who stands to gain from this change?As Lancelot noted, this is a return to 1st ed AD&D lore. The table that Lancelot refers to is found in MM2 (under the Devil entry). And in Dragon 75, Ed Greenwood's discussion of the 2nd Hell (Dis) refers to the role of rakshasas on that plane.

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Friday, 15th June, 2018

  • 01:38 PM - vincegetorix quoted Lancelot in post Lets convert APs storyline to AiME
    I'm pretty sure that Undermountain is going to be too gonzo for a genuine AiME feel. However, the first part of the AP (Dragon Heist: levels 1-5 urban intrigue) might end up being a good fit. Given we know very little about the content yet, it might end up being a good fit for some business and criminal shenanigans in Laketown. The AiME campaign setting indicates that Laketown is still pretty shady even after being rebuilt in the wake of Smaug's destruction. I GM both AiME and D&D, enjoying both. When the new two-part D&D AP comes out later this year, I'll be running it as intended for D&D... but I'm a lot more interested in the first part than the latter part. Urban intrigue and new building/business rules? Yes please. Mega-dungeons and mad magi? Been there, done that... many dozens of times over the last 35 years. As for my AiME campaigns, I'm actually a bit surprised that anyone really feels like there isn't enough material already available. My group games 4 hours per week in AiME, an...

Thursday, 14th June, 2018

  • 11:16 PM - vincegetorix quoted Lancelot in post Lets convert APs storyline to AiME
    Interesting that you didn't mention the one that I think would be "easiest" to convert (for some value of the word "easy"...): Curse of Strahd. The problem with most of the APs is they're too high-magic, and too combat-heavy. What's AiME about? Audiences, Journeys, the fight against the shadow (which is often subtle and corrupting), etc... The early phases of Tomb of Annihilation (exploration, interactions at the port) might be semi-suitable, but things go straight off the rails as soon as the party hits Omu. Nine temples filled with traps and puzzles? A multi-level deathtrap dungeon? That's no good for Middle Earth. You can't even substitute Dol Guldur for the Tomb; at least not if you're trying to stick with a Middle Earth feel. Dol Guldur is a place you go to die. The Mirkwood Campaign makes it clear that not even the White Council entered into the Hall of the Necromancer itself, and the amount of psychic and shadow damage you take even climbing the steps to it would destroy most heroe...

Tuesday, 29th May, 2018

  • 11:14 PM - TerraDave quoted Lancelot in post A Tale Of Two Bestiaries: Looking At The Fiend Folio And Creature Catalog In POD
    Interestingly, the Fiend Folio was heavily criticized in Dragon Magazine when it first came out. Two reviews were published, both negative. The first was Ed Greenwood's (!), who described the book as "irritating" and "disappointing". ... [For my part, I thoroughly enjoy the Fiend Folio... terrific artwork, imaginative creature design, and some invaluable contributions to D&D lore] I have that Dragon. I remember being impressed by the fact that it would have negative reviews of a TSR product. But it does hold up pretty well in hind sight. And had a lot of the kind of raw creativity that is much scarcer to find these days.

Wednesday, 2nd May, 2018

Friday, 20th April, 2018

  • 08:33 PM - Erechel quoted Lancelot in post Archdevil Moloch (Mordenkainen's tome of foes preview from Dragon+)
    Ok, let's imagine three scenarios. And note, as per the DMG, Legendary actions can only be used by a creature at the END of another creature's turn. Exactly. Scenario #1: The paladin is alone, and Moloch is alone. Curiously, this means that Moloch can only use one Legendary action per round (at the end of the paladin's turn). Moloch shows up with a fly spell in effect. Can the paladin fly? If not, he's in a world of hurt. He's unlikely to ever break Moloch's concentration on the fly, and Moloch can re-cast it at will anyway. Smites don't usually apply to ranged attacks. Second question: can the paladin cover 120' of distance in a single turn and still melee attack? If not, he's probably dead. Moloch doesn't even need to fly. He casts wall of fire at will from 120' away. The paladin closes. Moloch uses a legendary to teleport another 120' back at the end of the paladin's turn. He then casts wall of fire again. Repeat until paladin is toast. To mix things up, Moloch could use the legendary t...
  • 12:52 AM - dave2008 quoted Lancelot in post Dragon+ out celebrating 30 years of Drizzt.
    Moloch's a nasty piece of business, if handled well by the DM. Enter combat with fly already active. Drop the DC 21 fear breath on the primary fighters. Then start splitting the party. Teleport 120' away from any un-frightened PCs at the end of the first player's turn using a Legendary action to avoid attacks; teleport back in and start dragging away the party healer with whip attacks to separate him from the rest. Keep using a combo of whip attacks and teleports to bounce all over the battlefield; forever remain out of reach of the barbarians, paladins and melee fighters; use Legendary Resistance / Magic Resistance / High Save Bonuses to ignore the spellcasters. Any PC with low Con saves gets a DC 21 stinking cloud as a Legendary action, effectively stunning them. Ouch. If all else fails, get a big round of attacks off... and then Moloch uses his next 3 Legendary actions to teleport 360' away. Out of range of any radiant attacks, he regenerates 20 HP per round until fully healed - then resum...

Wednesday, 7th March, 2018

  • 07:54 PM - Kobold Avenger quoted Lancelot in post Napoleon's Army with Magic and Air Support and More
    Insignificant against a dozen batteries of howitzers. Looking up more about Napoleon, it seems that he was one of the historical innovators in the extensive use of artillery. Though in my mind the fantasy version of him would have both artillery crews and units of Ogres (or other size large soldiers) with hand cannons as ground artillery.
  • 03:46 PM - Hriston quoted Lancelot in post Spell Scrolls: How Many Mystic Ciphers Are There?
    I voted "other", and I'm with Rossbert above. I think scrolls are written is a single magical language. Anyone with a familiarity with the language can read it, but you might not understand the concepts written. For example, a wizard can tell that a cure wounds scroll is a healing magic, but they can't quite understand the fundamentals of manipulating body and spirit in such a delicate and combined way. Without that practical training, they might be able to read each and every sigil on the scroll - just as I could read every English word in an advanced discussion on quantum physics - but they're still not going to be able to summarize the document or form a conclusion. I think that's a valid interpretation. I should have included an option in the poll for one mystic cipher, but it hadn't occurred to me. I think it relies on a slightly strained reading of the item description I quoted in the OP in that, under this interpretation, if the spell is not on your class's list, you can still read...
  • 06:32 AM - Polyhedral Columbia quoted Lancelot in post Crisis on Infinite Oerths: 12 Heroes, 12 Anti-Heroes, and 12 Villains of the D&D Multiverse
    there are arguably more people worldwide who are familiar with characters introduced by D&D CRPGs than by tabletop resources. Computer gaming is much bigger than tabletop gaming in general, and there are four D&D CRPGs in general that are recognized as classics: Eye of the Beholder, Baldur's Gate, Planescape Torment, and Neverwinter Nights. Other CRPG characters that could also be worth considering are: a) Eye of the Beholder: Xanathar (villain) b) Baldur's Gate: soooo many options, but including Jaheira (hero), Imoen (hero), Edwin/Edwina (antihero), Viconia (antihero) and Jon Irenicus (villain) c) Planescape Torment: the Nameless One (antihero), Morte (antihero), Dakkon (hero?) d) Neverwinter Nights: Aribeth (antihero), Ammon Jerro (antihero) Yeah, good point. The scenario is that the team represents the entire D&D Multiverse...not just Forgotten Realms. So I'd go for only 3 to 6 FR characters per 12-character team.
  • 04:21 AM - BookBarbarian quoted Lancelot in post Crisis on Infinite Oerths: 12 Heroes, 12 Anti-Heroes, and 12 Villains of the D&D Multiverse
    Nah, I didn't include a dwarf - and that's probably an oversight. I was thinking Obmi (Against the Giants, Gary Gygax's Gord series of novels, etc) for the villains list, but ran out of slots. Although, in a later comment, I did suggest Durkon (dwarven cleric of Thor) from the Order of the Stick webcomic, which is heavily based on 3e D&D. Muls are sort of half-dwarves, so maybe a notable mul hero from Athas; that also ticks the Dark Sun box. But I'm not very familiar with the setting. There's Flint Fireforge from Dragonlance, of course, but I'm still trying to avoid characters who are deceased in canon. There's Bruenor from the Drizzt series of books, but I never found him very compelling. Tell you what: the dwarf I'd nominate is Khelgar Ironfist (hero), from the Neverwinter Nights 2 CRPG. He's quite an interesting character... a traditional dwarven warrior who got beaten up my monks of the Sun Soul in a tavern brawl. The encounter gave him the mistaken belief that, by joining the monk...

Tuesday, 6th March, 2018

  • 06:34 PM - BookBarbarian quoted Lancelot in post Crisis on Infinite Oerths: 12 Heroes, 12 Anti-Heroes, and 12 Villains of the D&D Multiverse
    snip This is a well thought out list. I do think it could use a dwarf though. (or did you hav eone and I missed it?)
  • 05:09 PM - Kobold Avenger quoted Lancelot in post Napoleon's Army with Magic and Air Support and More
    Unless wizards and dragons are being fielded in vast numbers, they're not significant on the battlefield. I know that footage from Game of Thrones looks awesome, but a dragon simply isn't going to do much against an army of 40,000 guys with rifles. It kills a few hundred people with a pass, and is then gunned out of the air. A 10th level wizard has, what, eight fireballs memorized? Insignificant against a dozen batteries of howitzers. Wizards and other spellcasters while not in huge numbers are common enough that there's a couple for every unit. A small unit might have a 5th level wizard and an apprentice/assistant. You could say: "But think of the morale implications!"... and then the opposing general uses the fact that the enemy has a dragon as living proof that they are in league with the Devil. For many religiously-motivated countries in that era, the presence of a dragon might actually make the enemy fight harder (or recruit more troops) - because they are utterly convinced you a...
  • 03:31 PM - lowkey13 quoted Lancelot in post Crisis on Infinite Oerths: 12 Heroes, 12 Anti-Heroes, and 12 Villains of the D&D Multiverse
    Aleena is a good choice although, as you say, she's presumed dead in canon. Really, though, what is canon in D&D?
  • 08:16 AM - TheCosmicKid quoted Lancelot in post Napoleon's Army with Magic and Air Support and More
    XP for mentioning these factors, because they're vastly more important than the battlefield implications. Two words: control weather.
  • 04:32 AM - Polyhedral Columbia quoted Lancelot in post Crisis on Infinite Oerths: 12 Heroes, 12 Anti-Heroes, and 12 Villains of the D&D Multiverse
    Aleena is a good choice although, as you say, she's presumed dead in canon. In 1987 Aleena was given a description and stats in GAZ1 The Grand Duchy of Karameikos as a 12th level cleric along with a note stating that if it were established that she had died in the solo adventure from the Basic set to change her name to Anielle. In 1994 she was again found in Karameikos: Kingdom of Adventure with basically the same descritpion but with no mention of a possible earlier death. I like Eric the Cavalier as a choice, but... as an antihero? Seems a bit harsh to put him in with folks like Raistlin and Artemis Entreri. Eric is a whiner and a coward, but he's not malicious. He's never killed an innocent (in fact, probably never killed anyone at all). I know that the strict definition of antihero is "a protagonist lacking heroic characteristics like morality, courage, etc", but still... haha - well, there'd be a spectrum of Anti-Heroes. IIRC, he was a pretty close to betraying the Kids at ce...

Monday, 5th March, 2018

  • 11:54 PM - MonsterEnvy quoted Lancelot in post Crisis on Infinite Oerths: 12 Heroes, 12 Anti-Heroes, and 12 Villains of the D&D Multiverse
    4) Dispater (Planescape) - probably masquerading as someone else, because his power level dwarfs everyone else on this list; he's the secret mastermind of the group, and always one step ahead of the heroes No idea why you picked Dispater. He is not even that memorable among the Arch Devils. Asmodeus the actual King of Hell would be a better choice. I would also take out Venger, Makessa and Drelnza, and put in more iconic villains like, Tiamat, Orcus and Demogorgon.

Sunday, 25th February, 2018

  • 11:28 PM - 5ekyu quoted Lancelot in post The Readied Spell Abyss
    My personal rulings: 1) Actions can't be readied outside combat. There is no way a PC can ready a spell such that it goes off before initiative is rolled. But that's already been noted above, so let's move on... 2) Yes, most readied actions are observable. The archer is aiming his bow at the door. The caster has just chanted a bunch of words and made some hand gestures, and is now facing the door with energy crackling around her hands (or is still chanting and gesturing to "hold" the spell). However, I would rule that a spell with no V or S components is not observable. Hence, some benefit to the sorcerer's Subtle Spell metamagic option. 3) Any spell is observable (even if it's a suggestion rather than a fireball), as long as it has V or S components. The caster is waving their hands around and chanting. 4) A readied spell can be identified with an Arcana check. You recognize the words or gestures, even if it doesn't have visible "energy". 5) No, I would not allow dispel magic on...

Monday, 22nd May, 2017

  • 06:21 PM - MarkB quoted Lancelot in post What is a Rakshasas place in the Nine Hells
    The 5e MM also states: "For a rakshasa, death on the Material Plane means an agonizing and torturous return to the Nine Hells, where its essence remains trapped until its body reforms- a process that cart take months or years. When the rakshasa is reborn, it has all the memories and knowledge of its former life, and it seeks retribution against the one who slew it." Note that it doesn't state exactly which body reforms. Perhaps the rakshasa reforms in its original devil body... which could be a pretty amazing story hook for a campaign. The party takes out a CR 13 rakshasa... and then some time later, they get ambushed by a very angry CR 20 pit fiend, who seems to be nursing a grudge... :-) Alternatively, maybe the diabolic spirit reforms in the Nine Hells in its new rakshasa body. In this case, it's probably a figure of some derision and amusement for the other devils. Think about it... you've just shed your diabolic body to create a new rakshasa form on the Material Plane. Your existence ba...

Friday, 19th May, 2017

  • 06:05 AM - KarinsDad quoted Lancelot in post SKT: Battle with Iymrith at the Eye of the All Father, what went wrong... (Spoilers)
    I do have to ask, though... without forewarning, how exactly does a 9th level party handle an AC 22, 500 HP, 18 Int creature with an 88 HP breath weapon with Dex DC 23 for half? Surely, in the first round, she flies to a point where the two most obvious healers (clerics, druids, bards, paladins) are in a 10'x120' straight line, and takes them both out immediately. They fail their saves (almost certainly) and are dropped from max HP (a 9th level cleric with 16 Con has 75 HP). Any other incidental targets in that straight line also get toasted. Iymrith positions herself next to one of the dropped healers. If the other PCs try to kick up the character, she immediately tail bashes them unconscious again (up to three of these per round with legendary actions). As soon as it's her turn again, she focuses on the party rogue or monk (or the third healer, if any). At +16 attack, it's almost always 63 average damage. Plus, the melee characters probably can't close due to Wis DC 20 fear. She continues to ...

Wednesday, 26th April, 2017

  • 05:33 PM - BeaniBum quoted Lancelot in post Anyone have any ideas
    Do you have a copy of In the Cage: A Guide to Sigil? This was a 2nd edition accessory, and would provide a ton of flavor and story hooks for a modern Sigil campaign. You could pick up a PDF copy from DrivethruRPG. It's mostly rules-agnostic; very little of the content is specific to 2e. Another good source for NPCs, story hooks and terrific art is Uncaged: Faces of Sigil. This is heavier on the 2e content (it has stat blocks for each of the featured NPCs), but 70% of the material is still immediately usable in a 5e game. I highly recommend both books if you don't already have them. Thank you this is what I'm lookin for Sent from my iPhone using EN World mobile app

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