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If you're in the Portland Area, please join the Rose City Regulars Social Group. Someday you'll want to be invited to something fun and this will be the invite list.


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Game Details:
If you're in the Portland Area, please join the Rose City Regulars Social Group. Someday you'll want to be invited to something fun and this will be the invite list.
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Wednesday, 6th March, 2019

  • 05:34 PM - CleverNickName mentioned TarionzCousin in post Critical Role Kickstarter Predition Game: Guess the Funding Outcome (GTFO)
    ...09 chrisrtld: $13,635,019 pogre: $13,500,000 Aebir-Toril: $13,224,376.89 Satyrn: $13,000,000 Yardiff: $12,456,145 ------------Highest-Funded Game Project on Kickstarter (Kingdom Death: Monster 1.5) $12,393,139-------- Radaceus: $12,345,678.91 FarBeyondC: $12,345,678.90 Morrus: $12,000,000 Mistwell: $11,800,000 Mort: $11,620,000 Zardnaar: 11,354,883 Sadras: $11,120,000 SkidAce: $11,000,000 Tazawa: $10,700,000 togashi_joe: $10,250,000 <--- Currently Winning! DM Dave1: $10,101,010 MichaelSomething: $10,000,000 Lazybones: $9,750,000 PabloM: $9,500,000 akr71: $9,250,000 rczarnec: $9,250,000 Azzy: $9,000,000 Henry: $8,900,000 mortwatcher: $8,666,000 Lidgar: $8,423,976.73 vincegetorix: $8,360,000 SmokeyCriminal: $8,008,135 AriochQ: $7,777,777 robus: $7,750,000 MarkB: $7,500,000 phantomK9: $6,969,696 TarionzCousin: $6,160,000 ClaytonCross: $6,000,000 -----------Highest-Funded Film Project on Kickstarter (MST3K Kickstarter) $5,764,229----------- MaximusArael020: $5,685,000 Prakriti: $1

Wednesday, 28th November, 2018

  • 05:59 AM - MNblockhead mentioned TarionzCousin in post What "backdoors" did wizards built into the spells named after them?
    TarionzCousin made a joke in the thread on Leomunds Tiny Hut in response to the question of whether someone could scry through the hut: Quote Originally Posted by @Stalker0 Does Leomund's Tiny Hut block Scrying? I would say it blocks magical scrying for everyone except Leomund; he built in a secret back door that only he knows how to use. I thought that concept could provide some humorous or even terrifying encounters. What other back-doors and safeguards might wizards place into their spells, to prevent those spells from being used against them? Abi-Dalzim’s Horrid Wilting While I could find nothing that states this famed Greyhawk necromancer and elementalist ever became a lich. I would make sense. As a lich, he would be immune from the effects of this spell. Aganazzar’s Scorcher The renowned Forgotten Realms wizard of The Covenant and founder of Neverwinter's School of Wizardry, was killed by the Red Wizards of Thay. But in your campaign, that needn't be the case. Perhaps the line of fir...

Tuesday, 21st March, 2017

  • 11:56 PM - Rolenet mentioned TarionzCousin in post Disarming in 4E
    ...enalties to give out. Only MM1 and MM2, and even then barely, used actual weapons/stats. With MM3, you'd have to use some fudge as MoutonRustique suggests: weakened, or maybe -2 atk (as an improvised weapon), or both. Then you can use the Holy Page 42, or simply state that it's a normal attack because a -2 to attack is comparable to an at-will effect, and you're not dealing damage. The other thing is: if the weapon is on the ground, it's either nothing for the monster to pick it back up, or if they manage somehow to carry it away, then well the PC might well start doing this each and every time there's a weapon involved. In that case, make sure that the next Ogre is twice as angry and deadly *without* the flail... So the better solution is probably, again, MoutonRustique's skill challenge version. (But then it may be that I like the nickname). Make the Ogre REALLY FEARSOME with his flail, and make it clear to the players that they have to get rid of it or be mashed into pulp. So, TarionzCousin, clearly you are now enthralled by the prospect of gathering your party from 7 years ago and re running that encounter?

Tuesday, 3rd February, 2015

  • 12:43 PM - fed_44 mentioned TarionzCousin in post Fed_44 Art!
    TarionzCousin: Prego! My pleasure Don't undervalue yourself. Typical rates, poor though they often are, are much higher than that, as they should be. $15 should not even cover a quarter-page b/w illo, let alone a full-colour one. You can totally charge more than $15. :) I know it's a really low rate, but in the last period I'm triyng to use watercolor for my illustration and I would like to do some experience with those illustrations, so I'm asking a lower rate than usual. Consider it as sales offer!!!! :)

Tuesday, 20th January, 2015

Monday, 12th January, 2015

  • 06:54 PM - DMZ2112 mentioned TarionzCousin in post 15 Roleplaying Game Predictions for 2015
    In 2006, TarionzCousin, that was a joke. Today, it would sell like the world was ending and God's grace was reserved for 7th-level lawful friendly pegasus pony royal guards. (Thank you,

Thursday, 24th April, 2014

Friday, 6th December, 2013

  • 05:16 PM - DMZ2112 mentioned TarionzCousin in post Astral Sea and/or Astral Plane
    One of the things 4E got right, in my opinion, was the Astral Sea and the planar structure as a whole - really liked it and prefer it over the Great Wheel as it is more open-ended and incorporates some nice Spelljammer-esque goodness. Check out The Plane Above: Secrets of the Astral Sea for more. I agree that the overall D&D4 characterization of the Astral Sea is probably the best treatment of the Astral Plane throughout all of the D&D canon, but it is a little high level*. If you're looking for more detail, @TarionzCousin, you might also check out the AD&D2 A Guide to the Astral Plane. It was the comprehensive work on the subject until The Plane Above. EDIT: * By which I mean it is a 10,000-foot view, not that it is intended for epic tier.

Tuesday, 25th June, 2013

  • 04:30 AM - Tequila Sunrise mentioned TarionzCousin in post Reinventing the [Great] Wheel
    Just for fun, I've been converting Planescape to my own personal image of perfection, and next on my to-do list is the alignment exemplars! I am a fanboy of original PS, but not of all the details. I'd like to narrow the exemplars down to nine races that are more thought-through than the canon races, which are mostly the result of D&D's haphazard "We made some stuff up we thought was cool" creative process. For example, I want three distinctly thematic Evil races instead of 5 (6?) Evil races that can largely be summed up as "Menageries of ugly* anthropomorphic creatures that are sometimes fiery." (I like 4e's elemental-demons, so I'm reserving "Oh, and it deals energy damage" for them.) So I'm making up my own stuff that I think's cool, and I could use your help! I'm hoping that @Quickleaf, @TarionzCousin, @Shemeska, and other PS fans will stop by to comment. ;) Here's my strategy: The exemplars of each alignment pole (NE, NG, CN, LN) have a shtick. Evil exemplars have disease/curses, Lawful exemplars have metallic flesh-enhancement (modron-ish), Chaotic exemplars have shapeshifting, and Good exemplars have...I dunno, I haven't worked that one out yet. Any ideas? Then, the exemplars of each alignment blend (CG, CE, LG, LE) combine the shticks of their 'parent' races. For example, shapeshifting (C) + curse (E) = were-beast (CE)! * Seriously, why are the evil ones always ugly, unless there's an ugly pimp on some lower plane ordering them about? Evil is selfish, it wants to be beautiful!

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Friday, 12th April, 2019

Wednesday, 10th April, 2019

Monday, 8th April, 2019

  • 04:38 AM - Sorcerers Apprentice quoted TarionzCousin in post D&D on the New York Times
    Well, I'll take this over "D&D Makes Kids Worship Satan" any day. Those were trying times. Oh yeah tell me about it! My cult was unable to summon any demons for decades, since the membership got flooded with incompetent kids who were more interested in playing D&D than actually learning demonology.

Saturday, 6th April, 2019

  • 04:23 AM - Dausuul quoted TarionzCousin in post The D&Ds That Never Were
    I'm glad 2E turned out the way it did--or at least produced such divergent settings. My friends and I played Dark Sun, Al Qadim, and Planescape. I wouldn't want to have lived in a world without those settings. Agreed. It must have been awful for the people at TSR when the company was circling the drain, but I think the late 2E era was immensely beneficial to the D&D community in the long run. The blizzard of settings and product lines, disastrous as it was for TSR itself, left us with a treasure trove of material that D&D continues to mine to this day. And the collapse of TSR even worked out well, because it led to the acquisition by Wizards of the Coast, which provided a much-needed injection of both new ideas and business savvy. In fact, I think both of the even-numbered editions served D&D well. 4E provided the opportunity to explore all kinds of new mechanics, a surprising number of which made it into 5E. And it forced Wizards and Hasbro to rethink their expectations for the brand. 5E was ab...
  • 04:12 AM - dnd4vr quoted TarionzCousin in post The D&Ds That Never Were
    I'm glad 2E turned out the way it did--or at least produced such divergent settings. My friends and I played Dark Sun, Al Qadim, and Planescape. I wouldn't want to have lived in a world without those settings. Odd to me you should mention these. None of the groups I ever played in or ran used or even mentioned any of these settings. I don't feel a lose for them since what I read of them I never really cared for, but I'm glad someone got something out of them. Maybe something will surface for them again? I might take a second glance, who knows? :)
  • 02:43 AM - Zardnaar quoted TarionzCousin in post The D&Ds That Never Were
    I'm glad 2E turned out the way it did--or at least produced such divergent settings. My friends and I played Dark Sun, Al Qadim, and Planescape. I wouldn't want to have lived in a world without those settings. Yeah I liked the settings as well even the ones I didnt like they were still fun to read or have around.

Saturday, 30th March, 2019

  • 05:05 AM - Immortal Sun quoted TarionzCousin in post Awkward Characters
    A player in my 3.5 game rolled a 7 in Charisma. She made an urban druid who lived in the sewers under the city full-time. Her character never bathed and was oblivious to everyone else's reaction to her character's smell. In fact, she tried to be "polite" and shake everyone's hand. It never got old. Okay, that's GREAT socially awkward. (and reminds me of a lot of hippies I met up in NorCal).

Monday, 25th March, 2019

  • 01:23 PM - Dausuul quoted TarionzCousin in post Incorporeal Creatures Carrying Objects
    Isn't the Mage Hand spell incorporeal and explicitly made to move corporeal objects?* Nope. At least, it is not explicitly incorporeal. It is described as "spectral," which has a similar connotation, but nowhere does the spell text mention "incorporeal."

Tuesday, 19th March, 2019

  • 11:38 PM - wingsandsword quoted TarionzCousin in post OOTS 1159: Worm's Eye View
    Apparently Blackwing is not a crow. :hmm: Yeah, he's a Raven, that's pretty well established. It's why he can talk. Raven familiars can talk (speak one language their master knows).

Sunday, 17th March, 2019

  • 08:38 PM - CleverNickName quoted TarionzCousin in post I Do Declare! Do you? (POLL)
    Errrm, how violent? "I attack Clever with my dice bag!"DO NOT MOCK MY PAIN. (some of those dice are really pointy.) Seriously though, you would think I was suggesting everybody install Windows ME on their laptops or something. "Eeew, gross. No no, that would never work, let's use an egg timer and a complicated system of punishments to force everyone to speed up combat or else. Calling our actions beforehand is just crazy talk."

Tuesday, 12th March, 2019

  • 06:25 AM - corwyn77 quoted TarionzCousin in post There's gonna be a Jailbreak
    I would give a few guards some personality quirks and prepare some dialogue. Let the players listen in on some crazy, insane, makes-no-sense discussion that secretly gives them clues or passwords to something fun later. ... or just inflict an hour of NPC on NPC chatter on them before allowing even a hint of an escape. Players love that. Or, I could do that, then have the Mary Sue dragon wipe the entire keep and rescue the PCs - Players really love that.

Saturday, 9th March, 2019

Thursday, 7th March, 2019

  • 04:40 AM - robus quoted TarionzCousin in post Odyssey of the Dragonlords Player's Guide is Free!
    So... they stay in hiding! Ha, well if I’d shown some patience I would have seen that they actually do offer centaurs and satyrs as playable races!
  • 04:22 AM - robus quoted TarionzCousin in post Odyssey of the Dragonlords Player's Guide is Free!
    Because they were sneaky and hiding! I don’t get the desire to add in elves and dwarves in this setting. Thematically it doesn’t make much sense. I would go with centaurs and satyrs etc as playable races (if players really wanted to be something other than human) rather than elves and dwarves. A satyr bard or a centaur ranger sounds pretty cool.

Sunday, 24th February, 2019

Thursday, 7th February, 2019

Tuesday, 5th February, 2019

  • 03:01 AM - Tonguez quoted TarionzCousin in post Shatner, Wheaton & More In D&D Themed Big Bang Theory Episode
    What is Kareem Abdul-Jabbar doing in this episode? :hmm: do you ask that just because he's tall? :rant: He was in movies with Bruce Lee and Airplane and is a Star Trek fan as he says himself I rarely partied or attended celebrity bashes. On the flights to games, I read history books. Basically, I was a secret nerd who just happened to also be good at basketball. Interacting with a lot of people was like taking someone deathly afraid of heights and dangling him over the balcony at the top of the Empire State Building. If I could, I’d tell that nerdy Kareem to suck it up, put down that book you’re using as a shield, and, in the immortal words of Capt. Jean-Luc Picard (to prove my nerd cred), “Engage!”

Monday, 4th February, 2019

Monday, 28th January, 2019

Sunday, 27th January, 2019

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