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Here Are The 10 Most Anticipated Tabletop RPGs Of 2019! Friday, 7th December, 2018 11:10 AM


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Wednesday, 22nd January, 2014

  • 04:00 PM - Morrus mentioned imagineGod in post New playtest document [Wed, JAN 22]
    This will be the last one for a couple of weeks. Playtesters can download it from the usual place. New in the Jan 22 document (247 pages): - Special skills summary page - All derived statistics corrected - Minor change to contacts - Standardized difficulty values throughout - Added space travel details - Illnesses & disease - Reformatted combat chapter and added details - Changes to environmental properties - Space combat clarified and new Excalibur class battleship - Borians are now red - Change to New Weapons Generator - Quality prices standardized throughout - Civilization advancement levels tweaked - Minor corrections throughout Note we have 16 playtest groups, but only 3 have been posting anything. Some of them are new in the last couple of days, though, so I can't wait to hear their thoughts! balard, Bynw, DarkHerald, Darth Quiris, Dire Wolf, Domokete, exile, HollowBone, imagineGod, LucasC, Primitive Screwhead, Rugult, Scorpio616, sololuca, Sunsword, Thomas Bagley, Umbran (just included Umbran for reference since he kindly offered to check the science parts for me!)

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Thursday, 22nd November, 2018

  • 09:07 AM - Jhaelen quoted imagineGod in post Today's The Last Day Of Voting For The Most Anticipated Tabletop RPGs Of 2019!
    With over $500,000 raised on Kickstarter, the Savage Worlds Adventure Edition is almost a sure win, closely followed by either Monte Cook's Cypher System 2nd Edition or Paizo's Pathfinder 2nd Edition I am starting to wonder if voting is even required to crown the most anticipated RPG?Wanna take a bet? I doubt Savage Worlds will make first place. There's definitely several contenders. E.g. "Things from the Flood" raised 4,249,903 SEK, that's almost $500k, too. (It also happens to be the one I'm most looking forward to! Its predecessor "Tales from the Loop" was awesome.)

Wednesday, 21st November, 2018

Friday, 9th November, 2018

  • 11:19 AM - DerKastellan quoted imagineGod in post It's that time of year again! Nominate Your Most Anticipated Games of 2019
    Plus, the weird war genre is more popular for the Savage Worlds RPG, so with the Savage Worlds Adventure Edition in 2019, I am afraid that Achtung! Cthulhu may not adequate market interest, even with Cthulhu-esque themes . I'm not so sure about that. Besides, Weird War wasn't Cthulhu mythos IIRC? So far, A!C has done quite fine. Given it already has a full SaWo & CoC line, a ToC and PDQ# conversion, it seems weird to bother. An attempt to reduce licensing cost? Still, I'm interested as with each release the 2d20 got better. (Conan... had "some issues" ;) when it came to rule completeness, clarity, and some stuff seemed plain untested. But STA did much better and I hope this trend continues.

Wednesday, 7th November, 2018

Tuesday, 6th November, 2018

  • 07:01 PM - JeffB quoted imagineGod in post John Wick Presents Lays Off 7th Sea Staff
    But that was a private statement that still has nothing to do with the 7th Sea role playing game nor the publisher. It says a lot about the owner and his ability to deal with life. No matter what game we are talking about.

Tuesday, 28th August, 2018

  • 02:23 AM - Jay Verkuilen quoted imagineGod in post When Conan Punched Cthulhu
    The Robert E. Howard's Conan Role Playing Game from Modiphius Entertainment has done a great job in staying true to the original source literature, with all the famous story characters included with stat blocks in the RPG. I have both the centenary edition of the stories and the 2d20 RPG core rules too. Truly, impressive, if you can accept a slightly complex rule system with many tokens, that actually plays much simpler than it reads. And yes, the latest sourcebook is titled "Nameless Cults" and it pays homage to the Cthulhu mythos too. I agree that the 2D20 Conan is quite good. While the rules do appear fairly complex they actually run reasonably well and manage to capture a strong feel of dramatic combat that I can't really recall seeing in other games. I'm still getting my feet under me as GM but it's been cool so far. I hope Nameless Cults makes it to hardcover fairly soon.

Thursday, 12th July, 2018

  • 06:05 PM - neuronphaser quoted imagineGod in post Pathfinder 2 Character Sheet #1: Fumbus, Goblin Alchemist
    Honestly, I was a bit reluctant to make the switch to "Pathfinder 2" (will that be the official name), but seeing this character sheet, is encouraging. To be honest, it is the little things often overlooked, like the gear list showing items that are ready versus those that are stowed, which I can surely see helping minimize arguments between GM and Players, especially when PCs enter a friendly town, and their weapons and stowed first. Agreed; that's a clean sheet, and is the first of the previews that I've found favorable. That gear setup looks so simple, clean, and functional. I'm hoping it's fairly easy to port and most of all complete so any conversion to other OSR/D&D games doesn't require coming up with my own lists of gear and encumbrance/bulk values. As much as PF remains the crunchy D&D, I must say the functional and clean tag terminology goes a long way to address the mechanical weight of the system. Much, much better than the "natural language" approach of D&D 5 (which...

Thursday, 5th July, 2018

  • 09:34 PM - RYoung quoted imagineGod in post Warhammer 40,000 Wrath & Glory Cover and Pre-Order!
    (1) The Cubicle 7 game is the classic Warhammer Fantasy 4th Edition using a ruleset very similar to the very first ever Warhammer Fantasy Role Play edition, so basically a percentile D100. (2) Sadly, Ulisses North America is publishing Warhammer 40,000 (call it the very far future of Warhammer) and uses a D6 dice pool, similar to the miniatures wargame. So, I get the different design choices for the Warhammer Fantasy vs Warhammer 40,000, but the price of WH40K pre-order is so high due to the special D6 and other cards being bundled, which if you ask me, are not strictly necessary. :-( Why is it sad Ulisses North America is doing Wrath & Glory? I think they did a great job on TORG.

Tuesday, 3rd April, 2018

  • 08:12 PM - DerKastellan quoted imagineGod in post A Crunchy Take On Conan From Modiphius Entertainment
    In Mutant Chronicles, you even have different levels of armor tracked for different parts of the body and damage tracked individually too, so headshots are very valuable in that game. Plus the D6 combat dice, only count hits for the 1 and 2 pips and only special effects on the 6 (with worthless nulls for 3, 4, 5). And since the 6 only counts for special effects if your weapon offers those, rolling only 6s without any 1s or 2s is not desirable either. You may now realize why automatic weapon fire is so desirable to get as many rolls of 2 on the D6 combat pool as possible. How does that add more crunch, really? Conan 2d20 has also hit locations, but uses them differently (like with the sacrificing armor rules). Not having a damage point for rolling a 6 gives a different weight to weapon specialities but does not do much in terms of actual rules to evaluate. You've proven you're able to make a more optimal choice of weapon in that particular system by looking at it, but you haven't shown it is mo...

Wednesday, 9th August, 2017

  • 08:33 PM - lyle.spade quoted imagineGod in post Three Acts And The Hero's Journey
    Thanks for mentioning the new RPG of Star Trek Adventures, lyle.spade. :n: Yet, FFG Star Wars is still my most exciting RPG at my table for years now with its Duty and Obligation story level-up mechanics for Age of Rebellion and Edge of the Empire. With regards to these story level-up mechanics, whenever your rebels finish a session, they usually gain some significant Duty points, that in the next adventure facilitate even better favors or access requisition better starships for the next mission. Thanks for the nod. I like STA a great deal - FFG's SW, too.

Tuesday, 18th July, 2017

  • 03:58 PM - Jester David quoted imagineGod in post Star Trek Adventures Pre-Order is live
    Checking on the 18th of July, the wonderful Star Trek Adventures PDF from Modiphius dropped down to second place on RPGNow, though it still remains in top place on DriveThruRPG. Could this mean the successful sprint is over and now the long sales marathon begins? 86168 Both tracks sales separately. It's only a copper seller on RPGNow, meaning most people are buying on DriveThru where it is a platinum seller. Fewer sales mean more chances of being displaced by a spike.

Friday, 14th July, 2017

  • 01:30 AM - Heron61 quoted imagineGod in post Mindjammer Takes Traveller To Transhuman Heights
    Does anyone else see this obvious pattern: Mindjammer Traveller equals Ian M. Banks' Culture?That's true to an extent, but the comparison only goes so far. There's actually a somewhat closer comparison Cordwainer Smith's Instrumentality of Mankind series. I'd say that Mindjammer is roughly 1/3 Banks' Culture and 2/3 Smith's Instrumentality.

Thursday, 13th July, 2017

  • 02:17 PM - Morrus quoted imagineGod in post Star Trek Adventures Pre-Order is live
    Star Trek Adventures on DriveThruRPG is totally leading the pack and actually very affordable when compared to the printed editions and even competing PDF titles. Number one for days now. :cool: To be fair, it doesn't take much. Even I've had the #1 spot a few times. Not sure how the algorithm works there.

Monday, 3rd July, 2017

  • 04:08 PM - Staffan quoted imagineGod in post Fantasy Flight Games Announces Genesys RPG
    The GENESYS symbols look different but still map one-to-one for every FFG Star Wars symbol. I think FFG opted to have GENESYS be more generic and stay away from Star Wars specific iconography (like the Imperial symbol used for Threat on various dice). If you have played FFG Star Wars for a while you can easily convert the symbols between both systems on the fly during play. It's pretty easy yes, but for simplicity's sake I'd recommend that each player only use either Star Wars dice or Genesys dice, not both. It's easy to remember that "three spiky bits" cancel "explosion", and that "four spiky bits" cancel "sun", but remembering that "four spiky bits" also cancel "explosion" might take an extra second to process. As for building dice pools, that's generally pretty easy, but I strongly recommend using a character sheet where you can note the dice used for your skills so you know "I roll 1 green and 2 yellow for Computers" instead of going "I have Int 3 so I roll three dice, and I have Computers...

Friday, 30th June, 2017

  • 10:58 PM - Johnny3D3D quoted imagineGod in post Fantasy Flight Games Announces Genesys RPG
    The GENESYS symbols look different but still map one-to-one for every FFG Star Wars symbol. I think FFG opted to have GENESYS be more generic and stay away from Star Wars specific iconography (like the Imperial symbol used for Threat on various dice). If you have played FFG Star Wars for a while you can easily convert the symbols between both systems on the fly during play. I can see the reasoning for it. It likely prevents future problems with selling a product in the event that the SW license becomes unavailable.

Thursday, 29th June, 2017

  • 08:11 AM - Jhaelen quoted imagineGod in post Fantasy Flight Games Announces Genesys RPG
    To be honest, the Genesys symbols are better but could be made even better with a few simple fixes.I agree. I really like the narrative dice of FFG's Star Wars RPG, but their symbols aren't intuitive at all.

Friday, 17th February, 2017

  • 04:28 PM - Ovinomancer quoted imagineGod in post Elite: Dangerous Tabletop Kickstarter Hits Snag
    But the vexatious claim is important because if the judges entertain every single fraudulent lawsuit by newly-registered predatory firms, the courts will be swamped with everyone registering new firms as sub-licensees and suing every other sub-licensee. Sure it is, but the evidence looked at is 'do you have a valid copyright and does this claim of infringement have at least some merit?' Merit, in this case, means 'assuming everything the plaintiff says is correct, is that a violation?" It's a ridiculously simple bar to proceed. As to 'is the claim vexatious?' that's only considered AFTER the initial look at the merits is done. And, to top it off, the judge only looks at the merits prior to the case if the defense files a motion to dismiss. (a) Hence, in this particular case it is crucial to review the date of the registration of "Bell Elite Rights LLP" (8th February 2017), which means this entity was NOT in existence when the Kickstarter by Spidermind Games was launched, so the "Elite Dan...

Thursday, 16th February, 2017

  • 06:02 PM - Ovinomancer quoted imagineGod in post Elite: Dangerous Tabletop Kickstarter Hits Snag
    I never said the rights holders should sue only in one particular order. I simply pointed out the obvious vexatious strategy by the failure of this hostile group of rights holders to challenge David Braben himself in 2012 and conveniently delaying their lawsuit until this this February 2017. Therefore, when any judge reviews this particular case, that judge will obviously notice the sequence of predatory practices by this new group of greedy litigators: (a) they were oblivious to suing David Braben when he launched the "Elite: Dangerous" computer game, (b) oblivious to suing the many other Elite Kickstarters using the same "Elite" IP, (c) only took notice when Spidermind Games launched an Elite inspired IP, and (d) these litigators only registered a corporate entity many days after Spidermind Games already launched on Kickstarter and months after Spidermind Games already received the same sort of licence granted to other third party publishers of the "Elite" IP. David Braben already owned F...

Wednesday, 15th February, 2017

  • 07:31 PM - Ovinomancer quoted imagineGod in post Elite: Dangerous Tabletop Kickstarter Hits Snag
    The explanation by the bad-faith litigators is important since David Braben, being one of the original creators of the "Elite" computer game also holds the rights to the "Elite" Intellectual Property. David Braben, through his company, Frontier Developments, sub-licensed the "Elite" IP to other third parties for the purpose of making new games and novels. The Third Parties can only be in breach of the Intellectual Property if the parent license held by David Braben prevents him from sub-licensing the "Elite" IP. David Braben's Frontier Developments, was founded since the 28th of January, 1994, so David Braben has owned a corporate entity and the "Elite" brand for over 23 years longer than the newly created Ian Bell Elite Rights LLP. According to company records: Ian Bell Elite Rights LLP was incorporated on 8th February 2017. Companies House lists Chris Jordan, Judith Jordan and David Johnson-Davies - all registered to the...
  • 04:57 AM - aramis erak quoted imagineGod in post Elite: Dangerous Tabletop Kickstarter Hits Snag
    Interestingly, those "sour grapes" people behind the Intellectual Property challenge against Spidermind Games are forgetting the crucial factor of David Braden's presence and support for Spidermind Games through the license granted by Frontier Developments owned by David Braden, one of the original creators of the very first ever "Elite" computer game in 1984. So, if Ian Bell's posse had a problem with David Braben licensing the "Elite" brand to other parties, then the challenge should be against Frontier Developments first and foremost, instead of nit-picking a third party publisher that only published the "Elite Dangerous Role Playing Game" after obtaining a license for the Intellectual Property from David Braden's Frontier Developments. Case closed. Now let decent folk have our Kickstarter back. Thank you. Actually, in looking at prior litigation, suing the sub-licensor first isn't actually all that typi...

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