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Fantasy - D&D (OSR, B/X), Dungeon World, Fudge, Savage Worlds, DCC, Fantasy Hero
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Been gaming since 1982 or so, mostly DMing.
Beaverton, OR
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We are currently playing Dungeon World at my house in Beaverton. We have open seats!


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We are currently playing Dungeon World at my house in Beaverton. We have open seats!
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Friday, 26th June, 2015

  • 01:35 PM - magnusmalkus quoted Alcamtar in post I wanna hear about your experience with the Warrior Maidens from B4: The Lost City!
    None of this is set in stone. I run it like a sandbox so this is conjecture based on the motivations and plots I am currently dealing with, plus half baked ideas where I might use. I'll figure it out if and when we get that far. But I do plan to defeat Zargon and free the city, I will consider it "won" at that point. This is amazing stuff. Thank you for sharing it. You've simplified the dynamic between the three quite nicely and yet, made them so distinct. One last important thing... I see you lured them deeper in the adventure with the threat of thirst and starvation, but what kept them there? How did you get them personally interested/invested in the whole conflict after the threat of survival was gone? Most times I try to forgo the emergency circumstances and try to find some other way to expose the PC's to the sandbox. I would have an easy job if I could count on the PC's moral codes of goodness and heroism to get them involved, or even if it was just their greed for wealth ...

Wednesday, 24th June, 2015

  • 11:43 PM - magnusmalkus quoted Alcamtar in post I wanna hear about your experience with the Warrior Maidens from B4: The Lost City!
    Not at all, it helps me too Ok, here's picking yer brain... What justification did you have for the 3 factions to not be working together? A difference in dogmatic principles seemed too flimsy in the face of cultural extinction. You'd have thought they'd have thought to work together before. What could the adventurers do or say that would make any of the 3 factions reconsider allying together? Did your players ask any any NPC's from the three factions for the most direct way down to the lost city; like a map or a guide? If so, did you give it to them? If you did not, what reason did you come up with to deny them the information? If the Sacred Temples of the three Old Gods (found in the upper tiers) are so easy to find, why have the Zargonites not raided them? Same goes for the 'safe houses' in the city...? Why have the Zargonites not been able to oust them yet, given all the years and small size of the cavern? How did you feel about the population size given in the module? How does a ...

Friday, 30th January, 2015

  • 06:35 PM - Tonguez quoted Alcamtar in post Evolution in a World of Fantasy
    Evolution needs a mechanism. It implies the existence of radiation and DNA which implies molecular biology and now you're science fiction instead of fantasy. Or you can replace the mechanism with something else... but what? Magical mutation? . Lamarkian evolution works fine in a fantasy setting and works over a single generation, Lamarks theory was that organisms adapt to their environment and then pass these acquired traits to their offspring. The usually example used is Giraffes, who were said to have started short but who then had to begin stretching their necks to upwards to reach leaves, these traits of longer necks were inherited by their offspring 0 very much the Elf/Goblin subrace model already prevalent in fantasy settings with the only added element being a high magic environment... The gods and magic still shape the environment but the life in those environments is free to adapt and 'evolve' with no genes involved

Thursday, 11th September, 2014

  • 10:52 PM - D'karr quoted Alcamtar in post [Let's Read] Dungeons & Dragons Basic Rules, by Tom Moldvay
    Moldvay was my first game, but it didn't have any dragons. The center page was missing in the book, maybe a loose staple or something, but it came out of the box like that. I did not notice and played happily without them, figured the dragons were in the Expert set. But I bought Expert and still no dragons! The kids at school played AD&D in the library and used dragons a lot; I peeked at their monster manual to see what the breath weapon types were, and then used the stats in BX's dungeon monster tables for combat and stuff. Eventually I upgraded to AD&D, in part because I thought I had to buy the advanced game to get the dragon rules! It wasn't until years later when I bought a used copy of Moldvay and it had the dragons in it, as well as a couple of other monsters I'd never seen before that were also on those pages. To this day I rarely use dragons, perhaps in part because they weren't part of my early experience. That is hilarious. I love the Moldvay set, I got my start with that o...

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