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13TH AGE Battle Scenes: A Sneak Preview Of The Upcoming Book Of Set Piece Battles Friday, 19th February, 2016 04:44 PM


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Thursday, 4th February, 2016

  • 05:44 PM - RedSiegfried quoted Pelgrane in post 13TH AGE Battle Scenes: A Sneak Preview Of The Upcoming Book Of Set Piece Battles
    Thanks for your kind words - it's selling well! The maps aren't intended for miniatures, but to help the players picture the terrain and environment. When I ran this last year for my group, having the printed out full colour map in the center of the table really helped.I know it would add considerably to the production costs and final price, but would you consider for future releases having battlemaps scaled to 1" = 5' ? Not sure how many people are as big on minis and tactical positioning as my group is, and how many people go theater of the mind, but consider this a vote for full-sized battlemaps. I love your products - 13th Age is my favorite RPG now and our regular group is having a great time telling their characters' stories with the help of the BG, OUT and Icon rules. I've even ported these rules to our 4e game as well. Thanks!
  • 12:47 AM - fjw70 quoted Pelgrane in post 13TH AGE Battle Scenes: A Sneak Preview Of The Upcoming Book Of Set Piece Battles
    High Magic and Low Cunning is 192 pages in print, with the PDF included, as well as the PDF of the map folio. It includes 45 battles scenes like the one above. The book is $30. If you want the map folio in print form, loose, letter size, with both GM and player maps, it's an additional $10. 13th Age doesn't uses grids, so we don't include one. Are the maps scaled for use with minis (1" = 5')?

Friday, 13th February, 2015

  • 10:11 AM - Lee Singleton quoted Pelgrane in post [UPDATED] Pie For Everyone, Just Sliced Very Thinly: The Economics of RPG Book Production
    The main point of retail for us is that we couldn't easily do beautiful hardback books or acquire new players without retailers. That's why we do FreeRPGDay, and why we've signed up to the Envoy demo program. For some lines (eg 13th Age) retail is very much more important. I agree that it is especially helpful in acquiring new players to your products (something I think Wizards of the Coast often get overlooked at for doing within Internet Forums). (Of course I would agree, I'm a retailer :-)) I also like what you do for supporting us (via 13th Age and the Bits'N'Mortar project etc and one of the reasons I was happy to back your latest Kickstarter, The Dracula Dossier, at Retailer Level. Obviously I think and wish everyone would do more for retailers (I'm greedy like that) and have a host of wants that I wish publishers would do (and not all of them are be more like WotC, though I wish WotC would do more too).

Wednesday, 2nd April, 2014

  • 03:37 PM - plancktum quoted Pelgrane in post How to create NPCs?
    So I did the same for 13th Age, including over a dozen Classes: Companions V0.8: Character Sheets: I will take a look at it :) It depends on the narrative function of the NPCs. If they are for fighting, then you need the stats - adapted monster stats are good. I'd like to do an NPC building guide with pre-built NPCs. If they are for more than fighting then I use "three things" - three distinctive things about the NPC you can act out at the table. "Three Things" is a nice thing. I should write down three distinct things for each of the NPCs from the campaign. Gonna be tough but nice :) When should this "NPC building guide" available? This sounds like the thing I need ;)

Friday, 26th July, 2013

  • 11:39 AM - JeffB quoted Pelgrane in post What's cooking for 13th Age?
    Amazon undercuts FLGS hugely, is happy to loss-lead, plus they want distributor-level discounts and free shipping. So, we have no plans to distribute it on Amazon, but you can be certain that someone will offer it through Amazon. Understand your points, you guys have to eat too. Gaming products are a luxury for me,.and with one income and 2 kids, Amazon level pricing is a necessity for me. If Amazon doe emot offer a product ,.rarely does a Amazon reseller offer the same item at a similar discount as Amazon proper. In addition, I no longer support my LGS because of poor business practices.

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