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Wednesday, 20th March, 2019

  • 12:50 AM - MechaPilot mentioned Quartz in post Barbarian Archetype: Wild Soul [PEACH]
    ...way you're not using them ALL the time? In addition to just being different from the Battlemaster, I specifically wanted something that starts each fight with no resources and has to earn them as they go. I went with a lower die value specifically because I knew the dice would accumulate quickly. However, I feel like Satyrn had a great idea for limiting the pace of gaining Momentum (as well as fixing a wording issue I missed on my first draft, and on my review before posting it here). Agreed with CTurbo, it seems interesting but over-tuned. Most powers in D&D 5e are gated by time (Long Rest / Short Rest), here you can sustain it almost every round. On top of that it's very versatile, and throat punch would be strong enough already if it lasted only 1 round (plus it's getting overcomplicated, trim the effect a little keep it simple) As previously mentioned, part of the point was to specifically avoid rest-gating. This kind of fighter (or barbarian, if I take that part of Quartz advice) doesn't do their best work when they get up from a rest; that's when they're at their worst. They're at their best when they're immersed in a cocktail of blood, sweat and adrenaline; running along the razor's edge of the fight-or-flight instinct. Throat punch probably does need a tweak, looking at it again. Maybe a save at the end of each of the target's turns to throw off the effect. As for the archetype being versatile: well, if versatility were inherently bad then wizards casting ritual spells should fall by the wayside as well. In addition to what the others have said, the Throat Punch should allow the use of a shield to perform the action. Breaking seems to be Not Fun and you're double-dipping on the dice to boot. It's also of limited use against critters with more than two legs or more than two arms. You might consider recasting this as a Barbarian archetype with the relentlessness being recast as Rage. Can you please elaborate on what it is that y...

Tuesday, 1st January, 2019

  • 09:26 AM - Harzel mentioned Quartz in post Survivor Rods & Staves- STAFF OF THE MAGI WINS!
    ...s even further, and so that you all can check my work, here is the result of applying the votes apparently intended, in sequence, to @Maxperson's post. @Maxperson: Rod of Resurrection 11 Staff of Healing 14 Staff of Power 22 Staff of Striking 17 Staff of the Magi 22 Staff of the Woodlands 19 @CleverNickName Rod of Resurrection 9 Staff of Healing 14 Staff of Power 23 Staff of Striking 17 Staff of the Magi 22 Staff of the Woodlands 19 @OB1 Rod of Resurrection 9 Staff of Healing 14 Staff of Power 24 Staff of Striking 17 Staff of the Magi 20 Staff of the Woodlands 19 @chrisrtld Rod of Resurrection 7 Staff of Healing 14 Staff of Power 24 Staff of Striking 17 Staff of the Magi 21 Staff of the Woodlands 19 @Ed Laprade Rod of Resurrection 7 Staff of Healing 15 Staff of Power 24 Staff of Striking 17 Staff of the Magi 21 Staff of the Woodlands 17 @Eltab Rod of Resurrection 7 Staff of Healing 15 Staff of Power 22 Staff of Striking 17 Staff of the Magi 21 Staff of the Woodlands 18 @Quartz Since you downvoted a contestant that had already been eliminated, I thought it best to just leave your votes out and suggest you just revote. @Tallifer Rod of Resurrection 7 Staff of Healing 15 Staff of Power 20 Staff of Striking 17 Staff of the Magi 21 Staff of the Woodlands 19

Friday, 16th November, 2018

  • 09:30 PM - Henry mentioned Quartz in post 5th level characters vs a purple worm
    Here's the thing: not every encounter should be a fair fight. I'll repeat. Not every "encounter" should be a perfectly balanced encounter designed so that the PCs have a 90% chance of victory. It's good to have the occasional fight where the party has to spend ALL their resources just to survive, even if not win. Where the win condition is just escaping or distracting the opponent rather than beating it over the head. Where the party has to react and think creatively rather than just attacking. Or even turn to diplomacy. Under most circumstances I'd agree, but since we're talking about a random encounter that (if I remember the Martek portion correctly) just pops out of the ground/glass and starts snacking, it should probably be modded in some fashion to avoid a no-win kill-a-character-or-three moment. Now, if it's modded as a "cutscene instance" like Quartz describes, where only major stupidity would get them killed, that's not too bad, and gives them the idea of the danger level if caution is not observed. Speaking to my own DMing style, I don't like to set up encounters where my players have to use all their resources to survive unless it's part of the main mission they're on. Because we have limited game time, any random encounter that 50/50 could be a TPK I avoid, because it would feel like a chump move, if a moment's tactical mistake or bad roll causes hours worth of reset while we either roll new characters or start a new campaign. I try to aim for more Firefly or Seven Samurai and less Walking Dead/Game of Thrones.

Saturday, 18th August, 2018

  • 02:55 AM - pukunui mentioned Quartz in post Need a Short Dungeon for a Ranger's Tomb
    I've given this some more thought, and I think that I'm going to mostly go along with Quartz's suggestion. Finding and looting Mornbryn's tomb doesn't really strike me as something the majority of the PCs would do. However, stopping the Zhents from finding and looting it does! I think I'll play up the idea that the tomb is why the Zhents are there and make it clear they're not being kind to the villagers. If the PCs succeed in stopping the mercs, then a wizened old villager will thank them for protecting the secret of the tomb and give them a magic item or something (maybe even a supernatural charm) for their troubles. Also, I'll wait and see just how the PCs deal with the Zhents. If the leader gets away, he'll tell on them and they won't get their reward for escorting the beer wagon. If they kill or otherwise prevent him from telling his Zhent associates about them, then they'll still get the reward. (If some of the minions get away, that's fine; I'll just make success be contingent on how they deal with the group's leader.)

Monday, 13th November, 2017

  • 09:21 AM - hbarsquared mentioned Quartz in post Feedback on Time Travel Spell Self is one of many alternate possibilities, in which case paradoxes are not an issue, or the Future Self is beholden to causality, in which case the spell needs to prevent those paradoxes. The problem with the first, where the Future Self is from only a possible future, is that there is no restriction on ability or equipment usage. The ring of three wishes could be used and doubled up between both versions of the caster. I like the idea of "sharing" usage to prevent overpowered effects as well as causality. I think Blue suggestion is simple, and works. Pulling your Future Self into the present ends all conditions and spell effects. So, in effect, this spell at the very least functions as a range-sight dimension door combination multi-restoration. Perhaps pulling your Future Self also acts as being stabilized, or rolling a 20 on a death save. Like adding in an auto-revivify. So even if your Original hits 0 hp, it does not create a paradox to be pulled through. I like Quartz bringing up the epic spell Time Duplicate, that helps clarify the wording. Perhaps if we add Concentration in, so anytime the wizard fails concentration from taking damage, the Original gets pulled back, helping to preserve causality. If concentration is lost due to being unconscious or incapacitated, causality is still preserved. If the Original actually dies... that's when the temporal explosion takes place!

Monday, 6th November, 2017

  • 01:08 AM - Blue mentioned Quartz in post New Metamagic - Uplift just "I'm out of those slots and don't have time to make one" which is rare enough that it's not worth the opportunity cost of missing out on a different Metamagic option. So I thought about going above the top level. Thinking about multiclassed casters, they aren't just as good a caster as a single class of either of them because their spells known are lower, but they are given the slots of a single classed caster. So it's there are no spells known for the higher level and you can only use them to upcast that really is the balance point. But just in case, I also put in the limitation about only one bump. I wouldn't want a mid-level caster blowing a bunch of SP and bringing a spell up by 4 or 5 levels - that is too much nova ability. So single bump only. And that gave me the ability to make sure it's at least a meaningful bump, for the few spells you can upcast but don't give an advance at every level, to keep the metamagic relevant. I think these comments also address what Quartz and jaelis were replying as well.

Saturday, 5th November, 2016

  • 08:48 PM - QuietBrowser mentioned Quartz in post 5e Homebrew Setting: Malebolge, Post-Apocalyptic Fantasy
    Thank you both for taking the time to weigh in on this. Quartz: I appreciate the suggestion, but, personally, I'd use the various "elementalist origins" for sorcerers to represent characters with that kind of power. Easier than trying to work out how to make Druids work without Wild Shape. On a different topic while I hope that (@Chaosmancer and Istbor return to continue discussing kobolds/others take up the discussion in their absence)... whilst Malebolge is definitely a world where lots of things can try to kill you, do folks think it'd be a good idea for me to go over my 4e/Pathfinder/5e material and start drafting up a list of monsters that I, personally, would see fitting into the setting? Sort of an official monster manual for Malebolge?

Sunday, 25th September, 2016

  • 06:55 PM - OB1 mentioned Quartz in post Help - Battle Master Superiority Dice Variant Rule Requested by Player
    Quartz - I actually have been using a recharge die for the Wildmage sorcerer I play in another campaign to determine when I get my Tides of Chaos back rather than the DM deciding. It's worked well through 16 months of play and 8 levels, sometimes it's frustrating when I don't go several rolls without getting back, other times I get on a hot streak and get it back often. But both me and the DM agree that it works better than having her decide when to allow it. That said, ToC is a very different mechanic than Maneuver dice, so the comparison isn't a great one, and again, why I'm leaning to a way to implement this so that it's more likely for him to get a maneuver against weaker enemies than strong ones rather than it just being a random roll to get an average similar to the current mechanic. I don't mind if by 8th level he's getting a maneuver once a round against every 3rd level minion he's facing as long he can't be as sure against a CR8 boss fight.

Saturday, 8th August, 2015

  • 05:05 PM - steeldragons mentioned Quartz in post Ranger Rehash
    Quartz : You can take on "whatever type of dragon" as applies to your adventures/story/game you 9th and/or 16th level. At 10th, via the Applied Expertise feature of your Mounted Superiority, you could now gain Mounted Expert benefits for any dragon ridden. A dragon-rider figure was, actually, the driving inspiration for the Applied Expertise feature. Quickleaf : For the Last Stand feature, instead of making up/adding the negative HP threshold, would it be unbalancing if we just borrowed from the Half-Orc and said, as long as a challenged foe is undefeated, when the cavalier would drop to 0 or less HP they, instead, go to 1? Making it perpetual effectively makes the cavalier unkillable while their target lives...but maybe that is too powerful? I think having them be able to do this only once, though, is underpowered for what is essentially supposed to be the cavalier's capstone at 18th level.

Wednesday, 7th January, 2015

Wednesday, 17th December, 2014

Sunday, 30th November, 2014

  • 08:50 PM - n00bdragon mentioned Quartz in post Epic Multiclass Characters: Does 20 total levels count as epic?
    Hmm, that's an interesting thing to point out delericho, one with very strange implications that would cause Quartz to be (sort of) right, but not limited to that at all. If that's accurate the monk of all classes can choose any of his epic bonus feats at level 1 and 2 if he takes those feats in epic. It's so weird I'm almost convinced it's a typo as it would then become trivial to create a character who could get an epic bonus feat (or two) at every single epic level. Then again, this is the ELH we're talking about here, one of the most notoriously broken, untested, and unusable supplements ever written for 3e.

Saturday, 30th August, 2014

  • 03:24 PM - Fanaelialae mentioned Quartz in post Druid 20 = Infinite Hit Points
    Quartz Actually, by 20th level, druids can cast spells in Wildshape. Vowtz Currently this seems like one of the more questionable 20th level abilities. That said, one arguable balancing factor is the fact that it is a 20th level ability, so at least if it's broken it shouldn't break your game for too long. ;) Another limitation is that it requires a bonus action to revert to your normal form. Therefore, unless the form's hp is reduced to 0 (in which case you'll probably take damage), you can only refresh your Wildshape hp every other round. Finally, Wildshape itself has certain inherent disadvantages. Most of your magic items (which at level 20 will likely be significant) will be unusable while Wildshaped. Additionally, beasts typically have fairly low defenses. For example, the Mammoth is the highest CR beast in BD&D, and it only has an AC of 13 and a Dexterity of 9. This means that abilities that trigger on a hit (or failed Dex save) are almost guaranteed to fully affect the Drui...

Wednesday, 20th August, 2014

  • 12:26 AM - Sadras mentioned Quartz in post Half Elf vs Human
    ...ed on flavor and theme rather than optimization? Fair enough, I like those people, but then again I am the DM, I have no need for optimization...much. :) Human's +1 language as well. A feat is the equivalent to +2 to a stat, and some might argue more so. Once again: Humans have Common + ONE other VERSUS Half-elves who have Common, Elvish + ONE other. I essentially stripped all the additional benefits a half-elf gets, which are not a "wash", and compared it to the Human Feat - that is how I reflected it, but it apparently confused a lot of people I see. So Human Feat VERSUS Half Elf's +2 Charisma, 1 skill proficiency, Elvish, Darkvision, Fey Ancestry, Live Longer It helps drastically with theme characters Don't disagree, I love the feats. Feats and backgrounds make incredible concepts :) Seconded. There was a fairly in-depth discussion of human vs. half-elf over there. Personally, I'm not satisfied that we've achieved any kind of resolution yet. Thank you for the link @Quartz (finally proof that I am not alone in my thinking) will check it out, I was also thinking along the lines of proficiency in an additional save ;) but see my suggestion below. Here's my suggested human fix from that thread: Please provide feedback. @doctorhook, I haven't checked out the link, but from my perspective that is overkill. I would go with +1 on THREE ability scores ONE feat ONE proficiency skill Essentially we are attempting to equate against the Half Elf's extra's, (haven't checked the other races so maybe that's what you might have been doing...) being: +2 Cha, 1 skill proficiency, elvish , fey ancestry, live longer, which are currently compared to the Human's feat. and I think these two options I would be happy with: ONE Feat and a +1 on ONE ability score (no stacking) ONE Feat and bonus save proficiency Only because I value Feats more than a generic +2 in an ability, but that is my personal preference. Alternatively if you want pure math change those options...

Monday, 29th July, 2013

  • 03:25 PM - Kinak mentioned Quartz in post 07/29/2013 - Legends & Lore It’s Mathemagical!
    Well, first off: kudos to Mike for providing some concrete examples to talk about. It's hard to provide feedback or even form an opinion without them. I'm glad that the bonuses for skills are widening out. A +6 bonus is not enough to distinguish between characters unless you make those rolls constantly like attack rolls or, in my games, Perception checks. It's also good to hear that skill dice might be going away. It's a fine idea for an add-on thing, like a class ability, but making it the core of the skill system is just awkward. Messing with the saves is good, but I agree with Quartz that save or out effects are the problem, not really the DC. Going "out" rarely on a bad roll is it's own brand of awful experience. Something akin to a condition track or even HP tresholds (which could be interesting applied to monsters), certainly work better than straight save and out. And that's doubly true when you're making multiple saves around, as against OGL ghouls. Cheers! Kinak

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Sunday, 12th May, 2019

Thursday, 9th May, 2019

Wednesday, 8th May, 2019

Tuesday, 7th May, 2019

Monday, 6th May, 2019

  • 04:36 AM - dwayne quoted Quartz in post The Pilosus, a player race with 6 Genders for your 5th edition Sci Fi setting
    You need to run that through spelling and grammar checkers. And what is the role-playing point of all those sexes? Quartz, it is obvious you don't have anything better to do than piss on others works, i would be grateful if you just move on and not respond to any of my posts as your replays are not helpful. And as to the sexes, it is an alien race and part of their reproductive system for that race, and up to the players to decide what they want to role play and in what way its not me as a DM to dictate it to them.

Saturday, 4th May, 2019

  • 04:40 AM - 77IM quoted Quartz in post "straight" rolls in D&D
    I've read the thread and ISTM there's a fundamental element of the discussion missing: fun. Is losing the PC going to be fun for the player? I rather think not. So don't do it. If it truly is the final encounter of the game, the Big Boss fight, then the player is going to lose their PC afterwards anyway, right? So the real issue is just how the character's retirement gets narrated. So you could do something like: each time the artifact is used, it increases by 10% the chance that the PC retires as a villain instead of a hero. Of course, that doesn't work if you're a player like me, who would pump this up to 100% deliberately in order for my PC to be the BBEG of the next campaign. ;}

Thursday, 2nd May, 2019

  • 12:36 PM - dnd4vr quoted Quartz in post A Few Balance Changes I'm Considering
    Well yes, that's the point of my suggestion. If X is 2 then if you try to counterspell or Dispel an 8th level target spell with a 6th or 7th level slot you roll normally but if you use a 4th level slot you roll with Disadvantage. Sorry, perhaps I wasn't clear. I want a difference, however slight, between the 4th and 6th-level spells both trying to dispel an 8th-level spell. By simply applying disadvantage in both cases imposes the same penalty--there is no difference. If that isn't an issue for the group, then of course applying disadvantage is one route to go.
  • 04:03 AM - dnd4vr quoted Quartz in post A Few Balance Changes I'm Considering
    How about applying the KISS principle: if you Dispel or Counterspell using a slot X or more levels lower you apply Disadvantage to the roll. IPOF right now there seems to be no actual benefit to using a higher spell slot if you need to roll. While it would make it simpler, it would also take out the relative power of using a slot lower. For instance, if I am trying to dispel an 8th-level target spell with a 6th-level Dispel or a 4th-level Dispel, the disadvantage is the same. As rarely as it happens in our game, the more complex version doesn't hurt really. This is a very solid idea. One way to simplify it a bit is to put dispel magics modifier back on the caster. Dispel Magic: Gain +1 to the spellcasting modifier for every level above 3rd. Math is exactly the same as yours, but now you can have set DCs and let the caster do the math when they are deciding what level to cast the dispel. It also gives them a greater feeling of control, "I" am getting a bonus by upgraded "my" sp...

Wednesday, 1st May, 2019

  • 12:07 AM - dave2008 quoted Quartz in post Epic Monsters: Black Shuck (5E)
    You might want to make it so that Black Shuck's pack is immune to its howl. And it should be able to summon fog. And for a legendary creature, it has a suspicious lack of Legendary Actions. Misty step and Cast A Spell seem obvious candidates. FYI is not a legendary creature, it is an epic creature per Mike's series (which doesn't follow the typical D&D definition of epic) ;)

Monday, 22nd April, 2019

  • 10:05 PM - dave2008 quoted Quartz in post Epic Monsters: Fenrir (5E)
    Seems a little wimpy for a creature that even the gods fear. He explains his reasoning in the design notes. Also, it would beat his version of Thor if I remember correctly. So it could probably take on Odin (at least the version in this series)
  • 06:02 PM - Mike Myler quoted Quartz in post Epic Monsters: Fenrir (5E)
    Seems a little wimpy for a creature that even the gods fear. He'd definitely eat Thor I reckon. Nice start. I like destructive roll. I would make his attacks magical for purposes of overcoming resistances and immunities (seems like Odin would either naturally have that or cast a spell that gives him that at the start of the battle). Relatedly, maybe a "celestial foe" trait (assuming Odin is a celestial) that adds a crazy lot of extra damage to celestials for his attacks, which wouldn't change his CR since PC's are not usually celestials. I would also think that Odin could do more than 50 points of damage a round, so I would up the amount necessary to get out of his stomach. Point taken on magical damage with his attacks. Added! As for tummy escape damage threshold: it still needs to be attainable for PCs to be usable right? The tarrasque (who could easily be reskinned as a gigantic wolf) is at 60 damage to get out and intended for adventurers at the very top-tier of play, so with that i...

Wednesday, 17th April, 2019

  • 08:52 PM - MNblockhead quoted Quartz in post Your most used accessories?
    I've read of poker chips being used. Black chip = negative HP in earlier editions, presumably a failed death save in 5E. Beneficial spells get white and slip of paper noting the spell, and so on. My favorite way of marking conditions is using Alea Tools magnetic status markers. A cheaper option is making small status markers by cutting small circles from colored paper and using blue tack or poster putty to stick it on the head of a mini. But the small hair-binder idea is definitely the least amount of work. I could have saved myself a lot of money on Alea tools if I would have thought of that. :-)

Monday, 15th April, 2019

Monday, 8th April, 2019

  • 07:20 PM - Mike Myler quoted Quartz in post Epic Monsters: Black Shuck (5E)
    The tales typically speak of it being encountered alone. But that does give me an idea for a Legendary Action: when struck, it transposes itself with one of its pack. Sort of like the Goblin King power. That sounds like a dope power and an important distinction--in the traditional folklore almost every encounter with Black Shuck is with somebody alone and usually on a road at night. My intention with this creature is for it to fight adventuring parties and not solitary PCs so definitely different than tradition. :) If you give it Legendary Actions I'd skip the spell (all of its spells and traits are bonus actions, reactions, or require concentration) and go with the misty step/movement, the transposing thing, and probably a bite or maybe something omen-related that gives a creature disadvantage against its Terrifying Howl. EDIT: Ooh, and up its CR by 1.
  • 05:30 PM - Mike Myler quoted Quartz in post Epic Monsters: Black Shuck (5E)
    Being a fan-geek of all things British, I've actually heard of Black Shuck but I don't think I ever realized it only had one eye It wasn't the first thing I read about this creature but it came up more than once (I think--this was originally written many moons ago). That said it appears several times in a few different places so it's not unlikely that you simply were never presented a cyclopean Black Shuck! I like it! I first read about Black Schuck in a kids mythology book I bought at school book fair. I used it in my game as protector of an ancient graveyard. I just reskinned a hell hound, changed the fire to necrotic and added some HD. I think i like your version better, especially the part about him being the leader of a dire wolf/cyclops pack. <3! Even me? 105779 You might want to make it so that Black Shuck's pack is immune to its howl. And it should be able to summon fog. And for a legendary creature, it has a suspicious lack of Legendary Actions. Misty...
  • 01:06 AM - Zardnaar quoted Quartz in post D&D Products That Were Never Used By Anyone?
    Extended Time Stop, right? Probably plus Multispell and Quickened. Multiple time stops plus haste. Haste plus tinestop 2 spells per round while tmestopped then cast another timestop etc.

Monday, 25th March, 2019

  • 06:11 PM - Mike Myler quoted Quartz in post Mythological Figures: Brünnhilde (5E)
    Rather than Imprisonment, could you use Soul Bind from 3E? Six attacks at double base damage is a lot! You could swap that in, sure. Took a little bit of digging to find a 5E equivalent that made sense. As for her double damage attacks, she gets two fewer than a marilith. ;)

Sunday, 24th March, 2019

  • 04:28 PM - MarkB quoted Quartz in post Quick Reincarnate question
    Ordinarily I would strip off the racial abilities and stat adjustments of the old race and bolt on those of the new, but then you get the problem of character-defining abilities like the feat the variant human gets. Is that lost too? One option there would be to allow the feat to be kept, but require the character to forego a feat the next time they'd gain one.

Friday, 22nd March, 2019

  • 10:21 PM - BookBarbarian quoted Quartz in post Stat the Dragonlance heroes
    You could represent that as the Magic Initiate: Warlock feat he took at 4th level when he passed the Test. As for casting Fireball, remember that wizards have to have the spell in their spellbooks, not just be of appropriate level. So Raistlin could easily have been 5th level; he just didn't know Fireball. Or any other 3rd level spell, for that matter. I don't feel like Magic Initiate on its own has quite the same weight to represent his bargain with Fistandantilus. Edit: truth be told undying patron is only fitting in fluff. It doesn't look like it bestows anything that would help with his frail constitution.
  • 07:50 PM - DEFCON 1 quoted Quartz in post 2d10 for Skill Checks
    Hmm, I was ready to discount this when I read the subject but it's actually quite interesting. Do you do it for attack rolls and saves as well? Interesting. Why are you using that method and not rolling your 2d10 twice? And have you tried applying it to other d20 rolls? I decided not to do with with attack rolls for the simple reason that every single character at both tables have their primary ability score modifier for attacks either starting at a +2 or a +3, and all of them apply their proficiency bonus (because PCs just don't make attacks with things they aren't proficient in, unless its a particular story point I've put them under.) So with everyone making their attacks at like a +4 or +5 (and only a little different in some extreme cases), there is much less need for modifiers to have more of an impact. With skills, people can be rolling checks with modifiers ranging from like -1 to +7... that's an 8 point swing. With a "pyramid" die roll range, those 8 points have a much wide...

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