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Wednesday, 17th December, 2014

  • 11:35 AM - Upper_Krust quoted Dragonmoon in post Custom divine abilities, portfolios, etc.
    Hello Upper_Krust. Howdy Dragonmoon! :) I'm happy to kwow you are not disappeared from this forum. I occasionally go missing for a few weeks but I always comeback every now and again. I'm sorry for my poor english, but actually I wanted to know the opposed to the permanent sunburst spell of shining nexus to join with 25d6 of negative energy damage to create a "dark" nexus special ability. I thought of a permanent energy drain with an area of ​​80 ft., but it seems too powerful to me. What do you think ? Permanent energy drain is very powerful, as is Permanent (Void) Damage. On the one hand it depends how high level your game is. On the other hand I would just mitigate the energy drain so that it is comparatively weaker. ie. Maybe 25d6 negative energy and 1 level drained. Incidentally I and my friends have alwayes hope for a printed version of Immortals Handbook (and some new books). I was toying with the idea of releasing Ascension on something like the Lulu (print your own books) ...

Tuesday, 16th December, 2014

  • 10:53 AM - Upper_Krust quoted Dragonmoon in post Custom divine abilities, portfolios, etc.
    Hey there Dragonmoon! :) apologies for the slow reply. been struggling with the flu for 2-3 weeks and Hello. I search an effect to join with "25d6 of negative energy" to create a Dark Nexus effect opposed to Shining Nexus of the Epic Bestiary. Thanks for any idea. Wouldn't the obvious opposite be 25d6 of Positive Energy...?

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