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Saturday, 22nd August, 2015

  • 08:23 PM - I'm A Banana mentioned keterys in post breaking the healing rules with goodberries
    OK, so sage advice now lets a life cleric add there bonus (2+spell level) to good berry. here is my fear. I don't necessarily share your fear, but there is a fix I really like: goodberry is a full day's food, so a given character can only benefit from 1 goodberry per day (they just can't eat any more). I like this because it encourages distributing the berries and helps a druid fill their role as a master of exploration (10 people, no food requirements, VERY effective, even if you chuck some horses in there). The hp top-up becomes a way to revive a KO'd ally, but the primary use of the spell is in supplying food for the party, not healing HP. I don't know that it's necessarily a problem to not have that cap - as keterys points out, the main strength is in out-of-combat healing, which is pretty cheap, anyway. But if you're looking to control it, that's the control I'd go to.

Tuesday, 12th May, 2015

  • 01:13 AM - zago mentioned keterys in post Does the "Friends" cantrip need a fix?
    keterys There is no where in the game that says a bartering has the time or multiple check requirements that you suggest. You add it, I assume, because it fits your idea of 'realism.' I guess what I am saying is that when a system mechanic seems to conflict with my idea realism (not system), especially when a player's ability is in question, I try to adjust my reality (again, not system) to create a satisfactory and balanced effect for the player. As a famous quote goes "My right to swing my fist, stops at another man's nose." I as a dm feel the same about the 'reality' of my game world, in that my ideas should have a natural limit, the point when they needless diminish the capability of the players in interacting within it. In the same context my 'realistic' view could also grant exceptional power from skills like persuasion, because I can site historical instances where con men conned kings out of their entire fortune, but a reality like this isn't balanced for the players. A reality w...

Sunday, 10th May, 2015

  • 11:55 PM - zago mentioned keterys in post Does the "Friends" cantrip need a fix?
    keterys I think your missing my point. As a DM and a Player, I can recognize the reason why someone might take Friends. Why would I then (as the guy who makes the world) set the conditions for a successful barter, swindle, or manipulation to ALWAYS be beyond the capability of the cantrip? Any DM can do this with nearly any ability. Oxygen isn't in the air in this world, so I'm sorry fireball doesn't work. I think it's fair that DM's might have different interpretations on how it works, but what dm is like, "Nope, if you try to get rations for 2/3 price, it will require 4 charisma checks and at least a full minute of bartering. Sorry friends sucks."

Friday, 24th April, 2015

  • 09:15 AM - pemerton mentioned keterys in post Low Level Wizards Really Do Suck in 5E
    How do you know that in standard games, DMs do not play the enemy targeting healers and arcane casters once they are known? Where do you get your data on this from? Based on what I have read here on the forums over the years, that's not a reasonable assumption.On this, I'm more sympathetic to Celtavian. Or rather, whatever the details about typical GMs targetting this or that, I think he's right to think that his group is not entirely typical in its tactical/mechanical acumen. I think the same is definitely true of keterys, and emdw45, and from your posts I think it's true for you as well. Based on my reading of posts online, plus my experiences playing with other groups, at cons, etc, I think it's true for my group as well. (Though my group is not as hardcore as keterys's - his 4e epic party had 1000-hp first rounds, whereas mine tends to be more in the single-digit hundreds.)

Friday, 20th March, 2015

  • 12:19 AM - Balesir mentioned keterys in post The Best Thing from 4E
    I'll chime in to agree that 4E isn't at its best with sandbox play, but the solution already mentioned by keterys of scaling solo - elite - standard - minion and concatenating encounters (effectively thinking of encounter areas having a "level" that describes the density of XP with encounter space - and make higher level encounters take more space) can work tolerably well. I have also been experimenting with "swarms" or mobs of lower level creatures at higher levels. I even think that reasonable battle scenarios should be possible with units of troops having damaging auras and Area and Close Burst attacks with their weapons; character "leaders" could even "ride" these swarms using the rules for Mounts with the odd tweak. On the 'stunts' being "player empowering", I have three thoughts: a) The way 4E works is revolutionary in D&D terms, but in the context of the myriad other systems "out there" I can see space for JamesonCourage's scepticism b) I think the Powers system actually plays a big part in adding to the player-utility of stunts, simply because if using the stunt system is appreci...

Monday, 9th February, 2015

  • 12:35 AM - Manbearcat mentioned keterys in post What is Over-Powered?
    That kinda sounds like a player problem though. If you're dropping summons, why are you getting into combat? Isn't the whole point of summoning so that you don't get into combat? Particularly your second example. If you summon and they act on 10 and you act on 20, why on earth are you charging forward? That's just some very bad tactics. Should the system cover people who are tactically inept? I'm not sure this is correct. From what I'm reading here, @keterys is responding to the the position put forth that a Moon Druid (a shapeshifting spec that is meant to be wading into the melee and trading blows) has its waxing/waning melee prowess smoothed out by various class features/spells that find their way into its suite of abilities right when the Moon Druid's melee prowess wanes. If it is meant to supplement those waning periods, it should properly synergize with the Moon Druid's shtick (RAWR RIP FACES IN MELEE). If it doesn't properly synergize with his sthick (due to the Concentration mechanics and/or the nature of the D&D action economy or any other unforeseen issue), then it is in no way a supplement to a Moon Druid's waning melee prowess. And you're just left with an archetype that can't consistently perform up to par with its shtick. I don't think that is the player's fault. That is a system issue. Monks and F/M's have suffered from this in the past in various iterations of D&D and the Moon Druid has kindred blood to them.

Saturday, 31st January, 2015

  • 07:44 PM - Manbearcat mentioned keterys in post Can a PC perform a miracle with a stat/skill check?
    ... about GMing and system is directly in relation to that and that alone. It has nothing to do with techniques that follow from resolution procedures nor does it have to do with the GMing principles that underwrite those techniques. GMs will have a top-down agenda and principles and techniques for various component parts of play. I was trying to just dig down on this very specific component part of system, what it naturally presupposes, and in what direction it pushes play toward. With that said, I want to try to quickly address the lines of evidence that have drawn me toward the conclusion that 5e's ability check system is predicated on DCs and actions expected to be declared that are a direct expressions of phenomenon and what is objectively happening in the gameworld. Hence, they are attempting to model process. @pemerton did a good job just upthread of outlining a few of the larger lines of evidence already. I'm going to go there and elsewhere to elaborate. @billd91 and keterys have good posts contrasting objective/subjective although I don't agree with all of bill's conclusions. I think the nuance has a pretty dynamic effect on play as it directly feeds into other aspects of play and component parts of system (of which I'm going to stay away from breaking down for just a moment as I want to focus this post). First and foremost, several things that Mearls said about 5e's design ethos in articles during development were insightful: 1) Advocacy for "natural language" versus "metagame language/jargon" in the rules' text. 2) The "Narrative Cohesion" mini-essay which was sort of a kinder/friendlier version of the Alexandrian's Dissociated Mechanics essay. 3) Bounded Accuracy allowing for GMs and players to be able to "associate DC values with in-world difficulties." Both 1 and 2 push my perception that 5e aims to (a) hide/obscure the metagame and (b) present the game-world's phenomenon (as understood by the 1st person perspective of characters within it...

Wednesday, 7th January, 2015

Monday, 29th December, 2014

  • 02:07 AM - MoutonRustique mentioned keterys in post How fast does PC damage rise relative to monster hit points?
    Having played my share of low-level, a good deal of paragon and some epic : keterys and Manbearcat 's values seem to match up to my play experience. 4e often ends up being : linear player/quadratic party - since synergies can get better and better. Party make-up not only has a big impact on play experience, it has different impacts depending upon tier of play. From my experience (anecdotal, etc, etc) - striker and controller party : quick and brutal at heroic, tactically proficient players will destroy paragon (tactical choices matter and less proficient players can face difficulties), quite swingy at epic*. *Note: add-in a touch of save granting and the extra-swing is replaced by incredible monster destruction power. - healer heavy group : longer and harder on resources at heroic, actually not that bad in paragon!, un-ending slugfests of extra ridiculous un-defeatable players -but for very few encounters in the day- at epic. - leader heavy group : pretty long and predictable fights at heroic, some impressive "nova buffing" going one at paragon. At epic...

Wednesday, 8th October, 2014

  • 06:41 PM - Balesir mentioned keterys in post Attacks invalidated by interrupts
    What keterys and Scrivener of Doom said, plus I don't see many interrupts that trigger on a hit for just this reason, too. Interrupts that push or move generally trigger on either movement ("enemy moves adjacent to you") or targetting ("enemy targets you with an attack"). These power specifications deal with the consequences via simple timing logic.

Wednesday, 17th September, 2014

  • 09:12 PM - jrowland mentioned keterys in post Does WotC suck at selling games?
    Ultimately, I think WotC is well aware of this. Its not new: Make More DMs, and the players will come. To their credit, they have intro games, as keterys mentioned (along with Lords of Waterdeep et. al.) These products create players with a lexicon of terminology that is truly needed as a baseline. Some even have the "funny" dice. I think "Chose Your Own Adventure" type products would be great, but I don't think its the panacea the Angry DM leads us to believe, nor is a "DM tutorial". Do they help? Absolutely. I learned to DM with the Mentzer Red Box at 12 and my little brother as my sole player at 10. We did this for nearly a year before he invited one of his friends over. One thing I had that kids today don't have: Anonymity to fail. My brother and his friend (and soon my friends as we grew into the game) didn't know any better. We didn't have examples of great play, great PC builds, epic stories. There was no podcast of Chris Perkins leading A-List (D-list?) geeks through dungeon crawls. I would have given up had I seen those and beat myself up thinking I was doing it all wrong. 5E goes out of its way to put the rules in the back...

Wednesday, 27th August, 2014

  • 03:43 PM - Li Shenron mentioned keterys in post Encounter XP # of Monster Multiplying
    ...PKs? Or the guy who couldn't get through Dragon Queen because there aren't enough rests between fights? Yes but are these estimation correct, or even reasonable? I hope they are, but in this thread it's being pointed out that if you don't have monsters of similar CR (or close enough), strange things happen quickly to those estimations. Indeed even the possible results of the estimations are pretty vague since the start: easy, moderate, hard, deadly... do beginners DM understand what "deadly" means? I am neither an expert nor a beginner DM, and yet I can see multiple meanings associated to the expression "deadly encounter"! What I mean to say is, guidelines are useful if they are (1) easy to understand, (2) easy to apply and (3) yield reasonably reliable results. If the bottom line is that "you have to eyeball", then having a whole page you need to read twice to understand, and a table with presumption of being mathematical, is becoming useless. That's why I agree with Agamon at keterys that "less numbers and more words" would do a better favor to a DM.

Tuesday, 19th August, 2014

  • 06:41 PM - Kinak mentioned keterys in post Amulet of Health, Another Strong Item you've only had one campaign where PCs would have had more than 3 powerful magic items, but earlier your post seemed to imply that your players would use their primary stat as a dump stat because it was nearly assured they would get an item (like gauntlets). That doesn't seem to jive in my mind because there are TONS of magic items, and the odds of the items being rare enough that PCs hardly ever had 3 combined with the odds that they always got an ability boost item (fairly early on) seem pretty low; almost contradictory.It's probably because I'm not explaining myself well. Everyone makes their characters normally. Nobody's dumping anything assuming they're getting items later. But, if I do give out an item like this, they eventually realize that the magical item is all that actually matters now that they have it. They wish they could dump the stat in question after getting the item, because it does literally nothing for their character anymore. For a 5e example, see the post keterys up thread. Hopefully that's a bit clearer. If I still don't make sense, don't worry about it too much. I'm probably talking in circles. Cheers! Kinak

Tuesday, 8th July, 2014

  • 09:11 AM - pemerton mentioned keterys in post Blog Post by Robert J. Schwalb
    ... understand. A 3E rogue without tumble can move through the battlefield, risking OAs. So can a 4e rogue. The only way to avoid OAs in 4e is to Shift - and rogues only get shifting abilities if they choose particular powers. A 4e rogue can be *better* with the right feats and options, but the base power level is much higher. The range of variance in combat effectiveness is less. Hence: optimized. But in all your cases, the rogues are still doing damage. They're not "spymasters" who have no combat skills whatsoever. All 3E rogues have combat skill: medium BAB and sneak attack. (And evasion, too, which I think counts as a combat skill.) There are no 3E rogues who are "spymasters" who have no combat skills whatsoever. And a 4e rogue who spends all his/her feats on non-combat, skill and utility related stuff will play very differently in combat from one who takes the various light-weapon buffing feats, two-weapon fighting, the feat that boosts sneak attack damage to d8, etc. keterys gave an example of variance in combat effectiveness.

Friday, 28th February, 2014

Wednesday, 12th February, 2014

  • 08:33 AM - pemerton mentioned keterys in post Is there any D&D 4th computer game?
    Please tell me a edition prior to 2004 where the job of the fighter was it to taunt enemies away from his companions. It was when you choose to play that way, but it was never hardcoded into the system before.It's not hardcoded into 4e either. If you want to play a different sort of warrior you can play a warlord, or a melee ranger (which doesn't carry any of the religious or wilderness baggage of earlier editions), straight out of the PHB. And as keterys has pointed out, you can now also play a slayer if you want a heavily-armoured non-defending warrior.

Saturday, 11th January, 2014

  • 01:25 AM - pemerton mentioned keterys in post What Level 27 Characters Are Capable Of
    Now that you're well into Epic Tier (24th I believe), do you have any surprising anecdotes that foretell scaling of power of any individual PC or of the group in the aggregate? Not at the moment. I haven't encountered the sort of power-ups that keterys describes, for instance. My group is still not particularly focus-firing, for instance, and there is no group-wide damage or initiative optimisatin. We don't use Expertise feats, and that means the "to hit" chances aren't as statopheric as some report. In the last session they made it out of the Shrine of the Kuo-toa - in the end, the paladin turned up (having made friends with the kuo-toa priests offstage) - and via some amusing connivance managed to help the other PCs get through via talking rather than fighting. They made their sacrifices to Blibdoopoolp at the various altars (from memory, that's Area 3 of the module) and then appeared before her at the heart of the Dark Lake Ziggurat, which I had written up drawing on stuff in Underdark plus a couple of encounter ideas from E1 plus writing up Blibdoolpoolp herself as a 24th Elite Controller along the lines of her old Deities and Demigods description. Rather than fighting they negotiated, and persuaded her to help them fight T...

Friday, 10th January, 2014

  • 05:39 PM - Manbearcat mentioned keterys in post What Level 27 Characters Are Capable Of
    Thanks for the replies and anecdotes Unwise and keterys. I enjoyed @Manbearcat 's thread but of course can't XP him. So I thought I'd link to my Calasytrx stories instead! I remember that play post. It was particularly visceral and awesome. Now that you're well into Epic Tier (24th I believe), do you have any surprising anecdotes that foretell scaling of power of any individual PC or of the group in the aggregate? I read your last play post (another good one) but it didn't reveal any specific jumps in power that surprised you. I think the one before that might have. As to this thread, I'm curious as to what is going to unfold in the coming weeks of my home game. The PC in question doesn't possess the Plane Shift Ritual (nor any analogous means). I'm going to push ridiculously hard against my PCs for these last few levels and see what shakes out. Skill Challenges are going to be extremely difficult and failure results will be very punitive (mechanically and within the fiction). If I have anything interesting that is topical to t...

Tuesday, 7th January, 2014

  • 11:57 PM - I'm A Banana mentioned keterys in post Why Balance is Bad
    ...uld be OK. Does that mean each encounter is a thing of limited duration (say, 10-15 real-world minutes on the high end)? Great! That's awesome. I want short encounters, I want to do a dungeon in a night, I want to have a story that moves at a brisk pace, because I play this game for those adventures, not necessarily each encounter that makes it up (I care less about the cool fight scene than I do about the story that cool fight scene is a part of, so the cool fight scene, for me, should never distort or eclipse the story itself). I don't like spending an entire session tackling two or three encounters. I don't necessarily see this as a problem myself, for the most part, since it can lead to moments of emergent comedy and allow a party otherwise unsuited to a challenge at least a chance for some success...but I can see where he's coming from. It can be frustrating to be outshined in one's specialty by a pair of dice rolls, especially if it happens with some frequency. Like keterys 's example of the doofy fighter who became the face of the party. Sounds hilarious and awesome, right? Totally. But if you're trying to play a character who is better at Interaction than at Combat in that party...well, the game doesn't reward that investment, it doesn't support that kind of distinction very well. The fighter's as good at you at both things. He uses Athletics, you use Diplomacy, you're both good at Interaction. He has a high AC and uses a mark, you have a minor action that restores HP, you're both good at combat. When you're running a game that's focused on the encounter, this is what you want: each encounter is dynamic. When you're running a game that's focused on the adventure, this is kind of blandly dull: no one is ever in a situation they aren't well-equipped to handle. It might be nice if there were some tiered rewards for exceeding the minimum DC though. Like if you roll 5 higher than the DC you get 2 successes...or something. The details would need hammer...

Thursday, 7th November, 2013

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Wednesday, 6th September, 2017

Wednesday, 30th August, 2017

  • 12:35 PM - Jhaelen quoted keterys in post Stat Balance
    I was recently noticing in game the stat imbalance between those who can be focused on Dex and Con, and those who cannot, and it's led to me pondering minor rule changes.That's an interesting observation, and I also happen to be interested in that kind of thing. Actually, I was already a bit worried when I noticed that DEX/CON/WIS was used for AC, making these three stats potentially more desirable than the other three. And after the seeing the monster damage progression, I was even more worried about the importance of CON: your character might easily end up as a one-hit-kill for some of the higher level huge monsters... (I wonder how necromancers manage to survive in the epic tier?) I don't really like your second solution idea, but I think the first has merit. I'm just not sure about the exact stats to be used for Initiative and HP. Perhaps a mix of both ideas might be best: Allow for different stats to be applied depending on a character's class. It's just an extension of the idea...
  • 09:33 AM - Jhaelen quoted keterys in post 13th Age: Our first session report
    That's totally fair. Personally, if/when I run it (I'm going to be playing it next; I ran a playtest very briefly) I'll be having relationship rolls at the end of sessions and I'll probably pre-think in angles for ways I can use all of the ones the PCs select (I have a group of 4, so it's probably not even that many of them).That's what I'm planning to do, as well. I agree that the icons (and the relationship rolls) are one of the hardest aspects of 13th age to grok. But I'm definitely prepared to meet the challenge! I have a feeling that 13th age works best if the majority of stories revolve around the PCs motivations and history, which may make it harder to use published adventure modules, but I'm used to heavily modding these anyway, if I use any at all.

Wednesday, 30th December, 2015

  • 07:02 PM - Umbran quoted keterys in post Unauthorized And Unlicensed But Sometimes Acceptable RPGs?
    You probably have a better opinion of humanity than I do :) Not just that. You haven't suggested a way that, under the "copyright ends with life" scenario, killing someone for content makes a whole lot of sense (and my "sense" in this case, I mean profit - the oldest of motives after jealousy). Killing the person would make the content *open* - meaning open for competition. I mean, say it was some years ago. You had your own plan for Star Wars, and Lucas wouldn't let you do it, you could kill him... and then be in competition with a *sea* of other Star Wars content coming out alongside yours. That's not a slam-dunk of wealth for you, there. Not exactly a scenario that calls for murder.
  • 05:31 PM - Umbran quoted keterys in post Unauthorized And Unlicensed But Sometimes Acceptable RPGs?
    I think tying copyright to the life of the creator is a horrible idea, for a number of reasons; no one needs encouragement to assassinate a creator Assassination? Really? Existence of copyrights that can extend beyond the creator give more motive for assassination - because after the creator is gone, then *someone* else gets control - and control of a valuable property is worth far, far more than allowing it to become free for all to use. and it turns out that people keep living longer and longer, and it is even within the realm of possibility to achieve near immortality within the future (nanites and transfusions and grown organs, oh my). Really, if we achieve functional immortality, we will have so many things about our culture that will need to change, copyright will not be near the top of our worries.

Monday, 28th December, 2015

  • 05:49 AM - Dire Bare quoted keterys in post Unauthorized And Unlicensed But Sometimes Acceptable RPGs?
    Katniss and Harry Potter are relatively recent, and I firmly agree that artists should get more than a few years of protection... but Darth Vader is almost 40 years old and Captain America is almost 75 years. It's _really_ okay to move on after a few decades. In fact, one could argue that the tragedy is that we aren't. If anyone could use Mickey Mouse and Captain America, it wouldn't harm the original creators at this point. It might harm the company controlling that IP, but that's probably for the better. It would encourage them to acquire new IPs that weren't yet available, and put more resources into newer IP. All in all, sounds like good things to me. I'd argue for IP to be protected for at least the life of the artist. I think that JK Rowling should be able to reap the insane Harry Profits until she finally passes from this world, it encourages other to pursue their dreams of being novelists. Extending IP rights beyond the life of the original artist encourages corporations to gi...

Friday, 18th September, 2015

  • 04:28 PM - FormerlyHemlock quoted keterys in post Is this power gamey?
    *eyes 2nd level moon druids, raises an eyebrow* 2nd level is weird and disproportionately strong, yes. But by "failed scaling" I thought you were referring to your experience of shapeshifting petering out over time. If you think moon druid is brokenly good at 2nd through 4th levels, I don't disagree. The moon druid drastically changing how they play every few levels isn't an intentional feature here, even if you can spackle over it. Well, that's an opinion. When it comes to D&D though, Death of the Author works for me here: Moon Druid looks to me like it's built for versatility, and versatility is what it does quite well at levels 2 through 20. You think that's a mistake, but so what? It works. No "spackling" required. I'm also referring to things like the moon druid ending up 3-6 to hit worse than the rest of the party depending on the level and magic item level. I've seen a _ton_ of complaints on forums, and also witnessed 3 different groups go through a similar "WTF" proces...
  • 03:05 PM - FormerlyHemlock quoted keterys in post Is this power gamey?
    Yep, if you stop shapeshifting for several levels (since you're more likely to lose concentration if you go into melee and are less equipped for spellcasting), you stay reasonable. Of the 3 druids I've seen, none have been willing to make that step, so they'd do a spell (or not), then lose it rapidly. Elemental form is certainly cool, but costing 2 shifts makes the druid really want to short rest a lot, and that can also be problematic. Overall, I'd say the failed scaling of the moon druid is one of the bigger blemishes in 5e. You don't have to stop shapeshifting at the middle levels, you just can't use spells and shapeshifting simultaneously. There's nothing wrong with becoming a Giant Constrictor Snake to restrain an enemy, or a Polar Bear to exploit your "free" HP and save on resources. There's also nothing wrong with casting Pass Without Trace and using your shapeshifting abilities to scout around, especially once you get flying at 8th level. Even if you do want to spellcast and ...
  • 05:51 AM - FormerlyHemlock quoted keterys in post Is this power gamey?
    Or just play slightly higher level D&D, when the druid's wildshape rapidly turns meh. That's basically what happened at the last couple tables I saw. Crazy at very low level, the DM having to work with the shapeshift druid so they weren't so darn ineffective at higher level. To be fair, the shapeshifting druid is only ineffective if you're married to the idea of shapeshifting as your sole modus operandi. If you're willing to focus more on spellcasting (Call Lightning, Conjure Animals, Spike Growth, etc.) from e.g. levels 5 to 9, until elemental shape comes online at level 10, your druid will be fun and powerful for his whole career. He just has an odd trajectory.

Thursday, 17th September, 2015

  • 01:03 PM - graypariah quoted keterys in post Is this power gamey?
    Do you also stop the halfling druid from rerolling 1s and the human druid from using their bonus feat? I'll cheerfully agree that the druid has some power gamery problems balance problems, mostly in a certain level range. That's no reason to need to deny them the benefit of half-orc when they've already lost almost all of the benefits of half-orc by wild shaping in the first place. (You get a bonus to physical stats for being a half-orc? Good for you!) Even this particular instance you cite: it's not like they get to do it that often. It's very visible when it happens, but it has less overall impact than, say, the Healer or Sentinel feat on a human. Seriously - go look at the difference between a human variant druid who bumps their mental stats and gets an effective bonus feat, and a half-orc druid who is shapeshifted most of the time. Do you still think he's being a power gamer by making that choice? My response to this if a player brought it up in a private message would be to say that th...
  • 08:39 AM - Majoru Oakheart quoted keterys in post Is this power gamey?
    Instead of trying to invent reasons it shouldn't work, the real answer is "No, half-orc isn't power gamey with druid", with the added GM advice of "No, seriously, just say Yes, unless there's a really good reason not to, and because it'd be less fun isn't a good reason" My "good reason" would be that it creates a rather large imbalance in power levels which isn't fun for other players at the table. This means you could be at 2 hitpoints in your wildshape form then get hit for 40 damage from a fireball that rolled really well and only take 1 point of damage. That is extremely powerful, given you are also still at full hitpoints in your normal form. You might even survive the battle with full hitpoints and require no rest, healing or resources spent(except one wildshape). Part of the problem is Wildshape, in general, is too powerful. But taking an already unbalanced class feature and then relying on a weird quirk in the rules to make that unbalanced class feature even more unbalanced is ...

Thursday, 10th September, 2015

  • 04:54 PM - FormerlyHemlock quoted keterys in post XP Per Adventuring Day Per Player is Ridiculous
    Just have a 500' radius aura that deals 10 damage per round. Don't need many hp or AC then :) You still need a lot of HP or high mobolity/stealth or you'll die to siege engines from outside that radius. Or longbowmen actually, though I assume you intended 600' instead of 500', which would exclude longbows.

Saturday, 22nd August, 2015

  • 09:50 PM - I'm A Banana quoted keterys in post breaking the healing rules with goodberries
    1 Goodberry per rest (short or long) would probably be pretty reasonable. Getting 10 berries in a 4-6 person party would feel a bit of a taunt otherwise :) I like the idea that these are meant for horses or animal companions or whatever, but as a DM, I could probably be talked into 1 goodberry per rest without too much cajoling. ;)
  • 08:18 AM - Mistwell quoted keterys in post breaking the healing rules with goodberries
    Out of combat, you've got Prayer of Healing (cleric 2), the 3rd level paladin healing aura, healing potions, the Healer feat, short rests in general with or without Songs of Rest. Again, don't have my book, but I believe Prayer of Healing is a 2nd level slot that heals, say, 2d8+4 to 6 targets. So the life cleric might be choosing between goodberry with a 2nd level slot for 50 or prayer of healing 102. And the non-life cleric is choosing between 10 and 78. In many campaigns, healing outside of combat is easily taken care of with short rests and the occasional healing potion (most D&D campaigns end up handing out quite a few). In combat healing is still potentially important, of course. I knew a druid in one campaign who barely bothered with goodberries because she had so much gold that she instead just bought enough healing potions to not care. Prayer of Healing: Up to six creatures of your choice that you can see within range each regain hit points equal to 2d8 + your spellcasting ab...
  • 04:16 AM - Bupp quoted keterys in post breaking the healing rules with goodberries
    Again, don't have my book, but I believe Prayer of Healing is a 2nd level slot that heals, say, 2d8+4 to 6 targets. So the life cleric might be choosing between goodberry with a 2nd level slot for 50 or prayer of healing 102. And the non-life cleric is choosing between 10 and 78. I don't think this is the OP's issue. The druid is not going to cast goodberry instead of some other spell when healing is needed. At the end of the adventuring day, the druid can use any unused spell slots to cast goodberry before taking a long rest. With the goodberries lasting 24 hours, that's stocking up for the next day. Also at issue is if the character wants to burn all of their spells slots the "long rest" before the night of a planned dungeon delve, stockpiling a huge amount.
  • 03:27 AM - GMforPowergamers quoted keterys in post breaking the healing rules with goodberries
    They're not terribly applicable during combat, so it's really just gaming out of combat healing. Out of combat healing is very cheap. Depending on the adventure type and style, it may not even be all that useful. yup... just to be sure we are all on the same page this is gaming out of combat healing so you can without taking the hour short rest heal in-between every encounter and extend your adventuring day and cut back on the attrition. how cheap is healing out of combat? I'm pretty darn sure this isn't the intended result,yup... that is part of my issue. P.S. Don't have my book - can someone confirm that a life cleric's spell level bonus applies with the level of the spell slot used, and not the level of the spell cast? Goodberry doesn't scale with level, so usually there's no difference between it being 1st level or 9th level, so I'm curious. well here is an interesting question... let me type this out. starting at 1st level, your healing spells are more effective. Whe...

Wednesday, 5th August, 2015

  • 04:20 PM - Ristamar quoted keterys in post Attunement
    It's really not very video gamey. I'd say it's very board and dice gamey, followed by fairly tabletop RPG-y. Semantics aside, it's a dissociative mechanic that doesn't make much "real world" sense. The same could be said of most non-magical abilities tied to a short/long rest.

Friday, 26th June, 2015

  • 12:19 AM - Uller quoted keterys in post Hypnotic Pattern
    So in your group, you hope that at least one person who makes their save has a lower initiative than the caster, so they can wake people up before the end of the round. That's pretty different, too. I think I highly disapprove of not rolling for initiative if you can't act. You need to know when to make a save often enough, when to trigger certain effects, and someone can always help you out. We declare actions before rolling initiative. You can't change your action on your turn. You make your save at the end of the round and effects trigger at the end of the round. There is lots of weirdness RAW with characters who can't act rolling initiative. Two examples: 1) Death saves. You stablize/die faster because of good dex/init roll? 2) If you roll poorly on init and are suffering from some condition that prohibits you from acting but an ally removes that condition before your turn, you can act, but if you rolled well, you miss your turn. That's pretty different. I'm sorry you...

Thursday, 25th June, 2015

  • 09:05 PM - Uller quoted keterys in post Hypnotic Pattern
    Eh, I don't think the DM should manipulate the initiative order; the system doesn't support that. If a DM is having every monster act on the same initiative, though, he's got other problems to reconcile, so beats me how that works. Would your players not do the same thing? Whether it's being used against PCs or monsters, if we assume combatants 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 who are in initiative order 1-8: 1,3,5,7 are hypnotized: 1 definitely loses his action. 2 should try to get to 3 to wake him up. 3 can then get to 5 to wake him up. Any of 4-6 can wake up 7 and the other 2 attack. You lost 6 of 8 turns to the spell total. 2,4,6,8 are hypnotized: 1 wakes up 2 who wakes up 4 etc - You lost 5 of 8 turns to the spell total. And for higher level tactics... 2,4,6,8 are hypnotized: 1 attacks multiple of them (eldritch blast, punches, burning hands, scorching ray, etc) - You lost 1 of 8 turns to the spell total. Oh I'm not advocating this approach. Just pointing out how it's possible. My group uses the ...

Wednesday, 24th June, 2015

  • 10:55 PM - jgsugden quoted keterys in post Hypnotic Pattern
    Depending on initiatives, it might only take the action of a single monster. He wakes up the next guy in initiative, that guy wakes the next in line, etc. Meanwhilst everyone else can still take their turns.Not quite - If half the group is caught, it takes the other half to wake them up ... if less than half are caught, then a portion of the uncaught ones get to act normally - and if more than half are caught, it'll take over a round to wake them all up. Whether it is done serially or randomly, the number of actions required does not change.

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