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Wednesday, 4th April, 2018

Tuesday, 12th December, 2017

  • 01:28 AM - Wulffolk mentioned GreyLord in post Xanathar’s Guide to Everything is the fastest-selling Dungeons & Dragons book of all time
    I think that's what he was saying. By NOT selling books you avoid oversaturating the market (something 4e did very well [aka the market got oversaturated] and even 3.5 as sales kept diminishing more and more and more with each book), but at the same time you miss out on all the money you MIGHT make if you sold more books. Thank you, GreyLord That is essentially what I was getting at. I would like to see a greater quantity of player option material, but not quite so much as 3.5e and PF. I would like to see WotC find a nice middle ground.

Friday, 30th October, 2015

  • 09:13 PM - El Mahdi mentioned GreyLord in post Warlord Name Poll
    ... @Blackwarder ; @Blue ; @Bluenose ; @brehobit ; @BryonD ; @Bupp ; @Campbell ; @CapnZapp; @CaptainConundrum ; @CaptainGemini ; @Carlsen Chris ; @casterblaster ; @CasvalRemDeikun; @cbwjm ; @ccooke ; @Celebrim ; @Celondon @ChameleonX ; @Charles Wright ; ChrisCarlson; @CM ; @cmad1977 ; @costermonger ; @Creamsteak ; @Crothian ; @Cybit ; @Dausuul; @Dayte ; @dd.stevenson ; @DEFCON 1 ; @Delazar ; @DersitePhantom ; @Diffan ; @discosoc; @D'karr ; @Doc Klueless ; @doctorbadwolf ; @DonAdam ; @Dragoslav ; @Duganson; @EdL ; @EditorBFG ; @Edwin Suijkerbuijk ; @Eejit ; @ehren37 ; @Elfcrusher ; @El Mahdi ; @epithet; @erf_beto ; @Eric V ; @eryndel ; @Evenglare ; @ExploderWizard ; @EzekielRaiden; @Fedge123 ; @fendak ; @FireLance ; @Fishing_Minigame ; @Flamestrike ; @FLexor the Mighty! ; @Forged Fury ; @Fragsie ; @Fralex ; @FreeTheSlaves ; @froth ; @Gadget; @Galendril ; @GameOgre ; @Garthanos ; @Ghost Matter ; @Giltonio_Santos ; @Gimul; @GMforPowergamers ; @Gnashtooth ; @Green1 ; @GreenKarl ; @Greg K ; @GreyLord; @Grimmjow ; @Grydan ; @GX.Sigma ; @Halivar ; @HEEGZ ; @Hemlock ; @Henry ; @Herobizkit; @Hussar; @IchneumonWasp ; @I'm A Banana ; @Imaro ; @Iosue ; @Irennan ; @JackOfAllTirades; @jacktannery ; @jadrax ; @Jaelommiss ; @JamesTheLion ; @JamesonCourage ; @JasonZZ; @jayoungr ; @JediGamemaster ; @JeffB ; @Jester Canuck ; @jgsugden ; @jodyjohnson; @Joe Liker ; @JohnLynch ; @Johnny3D3D ; @KarinsDad ; @kerbarian ; @kerleth ; @Kinak; @KingsRule77 ; @Kirfalas ; @Kobold Stew ; @koga305 ; @Lanefan ; @Lanliss ; @Leatherhead; @Libramarian ; @Li Shenron ; @LuisCarlos17f ; @lowkey13 ; @Manbearcat ; @MarkB; @MechaPilot ; @Mecheon ; @mellored ; @Mephista ; @Mercule ; @MG.0 ; @MichaelSomething; @Miladoon ; @Minigiant ; @Mishihari Lord ; @Mistwell ; @MoogleEmpMog ; @Mon @MonkeezOnFire ; @MoonSong(Kaiilurker) ; @MostlyDm ; @Mouseferatu ; @MoutonRustique; @Nemesis Destiny ; @neobolts ; @Neonchameleon ; @Nifft ; @nightspaladin ; @nomotog; @n00bdragon ; @Obryn ; @Ohillion ; @oknazevad ; @Olgar Shiverstone ; @...

Tuesday, 17th December, 2013

  • 05:41 AM - Meatboy mentioned GreyLord in post The Slaughter House: How dropping attributes will improve DnD
    GreyLord and Shemeska All too true. As much as I feel the way stats are set up isn't helping I really couldn't see WoTC doing anything so drastic. But with a new edition around the corner, especially one supposedly set up around modularization a guy can dream. shidaku I wasn't really thinking along the lines of multiple boxes. More like if your character is "strong"+x to hit and damage and strength skills or something. Maybe one for class, one for race and one for fun? There'd still be numbers I just feel that we don't roll a d6 to determine starting level so why do it for the rest of the stuff? Umbran Yes most stuff in the game is a personal preference. But with the touted modularity why not make stats a module? ;)

Monday, 18th November, 2013

  • 02:38 PM - Kinak mentioned GreyLord in post What's after Golarion? (and what's the future of Pathfinder?)
    ...ough to keep going for a long, long time. And, for each AP, there'll be some companion products for the areas and concepts it touches on. For example, we'll be getting our first in-depth look at Numeria around GenCon next year because that's where the winter 2014 AP is set. But there hasn't been an AP set in Isger or Galt or Rahadoum or a dozen other countries, so only a handful of those have books about them. The real question is why they'd risk splitting their playerbase by releasing a new setting. This leads me to the question of how Golarion is handled: is there some sort of ongoing history or is it a static world? Do the many APs leave their mark on the world?Basically static. The APs don't leave a mark unless you run them and decide they do for the purpose of your campaigns. Which makes sense. Otherwise, you'd have APs conflicting with the setting ("The queen is acting strangely." "You mean the one the setting books say got killed by a party of adventurers last year?"). @GreyLord is right that Shattered Star assumes you've run some earlier ones (mostly Rise of the Runelords). But the setting as a whole doesn't assume any of those are done already. Cheers! Kinak

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Thursday, 5th April, 2018

  • 03:28 AM - Sword of Spirit quoted GreyLord in post Mechanics of Revived Settings; your thoughts?
    In the Sword Coast Adventurer's guide we already have the templates for the Solamnic Knights...though the terminology could be confusing... I think the suggestions in the SCAG really botched on the Knights of Solamnia category. The suggested Oath of the Crown for Sword Knights, and Purple Dragon Knight for Rose Knights. If they weren't only suggesting new material from the SCAG, and had also referenced stuff from the PHB for completeness, they could have probably done better. Oath of Devotion is a better fit for Knight of the Sword, and Oath of the Crown for Knight of the Rose. Here's the best solution I can think of, though it requires two new subclasses (my solution involving no new subclasses was a mess): 1) The book includes the fighter Knight of the Crown subclass, and the paladin Knight of the Sword subclass. 2) Knight of the Rose is a role-playing fluff element that a paladin with the Knight of the Sword subclass can attain. 3) To respect multiclassing as an optional element, the defa...

Wednesday, 4th April, 2018

  • 11:44 PM - Ancalagon quoted GreyLord in post What Has Caused the OSR Revival?
    Mine is one of least within the confines of 5e to the maximum that I thought was legally possible and plausible. ... you do not appear to have any signature, this is what I was trying to tell you :(
  • 09:08 PM - Satyrn quoted GreyLord in post Mechanics of Revived Settings; your thoughts?
    Originally they started out as Knights of the Crown, then after two levels could petition to be Knights of the Sword and then after two levels could petition to be Knights of the Rose. Thus a starting Knight of the Rose would be 4th level. The Spells of a Knight of the Sword did not start until 6th level. That sounds dreadful, how it feels like it ties a whole slew of NPCs into specific class levels, and puts into a stark relief all the other - I don't know the best word, let's say "complications" - that come from tying in-world social positions up with classes and character levels. But I'm not a Dragonlance fan, so I don't care about this specific example. Earlier in this thread, though, I stumped for Maztica and its Jaguar and Eagle Knights and you've made me realize that if I ever run Maztica I will not include these as classes. They are the perfect fit for the knight background - including adding into the background feature that they can wear the armor without being guilty of a ca...

Tuesday, 20th March, 2018

  • 04:13 PM - Kobold Boots quoted GreyLord in post Bulmahn on Pathfinder 2 Design Goals; Plus Proficiency Clarifications & Archeologists!
    I think; In AD&D Jack and Jill had no skills and hence with both their STR being the same (well, unless Jack had extraordinarily high in which case gender modifiers would have kicked in with AD&D) they would have had the same difficulty fetching a pail of water... I think: That a good number playing the game right now, or really in any edition missed the point entirely of the rules of the game being a toolbox and not something absolutely prescribed. So many discussions about fiddly bits that make no difference at all to the actual game play when friends get together to have a good time. Be well KB

Sunday, 18th March, 2018

  • 09:48 PM - FrogReaver quoted GreyLord in post Is Expertise too good?
    Instead of punishing the player with expertise reward them for having it as a perk. Don't artificially increase the DC's...keep the DC's as they are even if it means the player passes it easily or doesn't even have to try. This is a PERK of their class that they choose and they should be able to enjoy this perk. Instead, let them know that even greater things are possible. Let the PLAYER decide to try to do these impossible things, and set the DC's accordingly. This is ALSO a reward of the player's class and the perk they choose. They can actually CHOOSE to try to do these impossible things and stand a chance of succeeding. Rather than punish the player and the party by inflating existing DC's, reward them for their choices and their perks. Give the PLAYER choice and also let it be a reward where THEY CAN CHOOSE to try things not normally possible to others and enjoy the class that they chose. That's only half the issue. It's also a fix I don't think anyone here has proposed.

Thursday, 15th March, 2018

  • 10:02 AM - delericho quoted GreyLord in post What PF2E means for D&D5E
    In tech courts we have trademark issues (much less patent issues) when the math and rules regarding things get that similar if the two companies are not friendly to each other. WotC and Paizo ARE friendly to each other (as far as I know), so that's not something they have to fear. Fans on the otherhand...some of them are already going crazy just at the thought...if Paizo actually admitted to it might not be pretty. Bear in mind that PF2 will almost certainly be under the OGL, and much of 5e is also open under the OGL (and it's the same license - 5e has a separate SRD from 3e, but the license is OGL v1.0a in both cases). So there's a lot there that Paizo could openly and legally copy from if they were so inclined.
  • 03:54 AM - Shasarak quoted GreyLord in post What PF2E means for D&D5E
    Unless, of course, they are taking it from 4e and modifying it...but I think the Pathfinder fans may find that even more horrifying to their collective repulsions. Paizo did pick up some of the old 4e staff that WotC laid off so my guess would be that would be a big influence. You can certainly see it in the Starfinder rules and on the other hand I am hoping not so much in the PF2 rules.
  • 12:10 AM - Arilyn quoted GreyLord in post What PF2E means for D&D5E
    There are times when ideas are the same, but it's easy to tell when they are copycats, and when it is actually something both people came up with at the same time. The more things that are the same...the more likely it is a copycat. If it is just a general idea...MAYBE. If it is two things the same...chances are it's not two different ideas from two different places. If it's three things the same...normally it's a dead on ringer that one of them copied the idea of another. In tech courts we have trademark issues (much less patent issues) when the math and rules regarding things get that similar if the two companies are not friendly to each other. WotC and Paizo ARE friendly to each other (as far as I know), so that's not something they have to fear. Fans on the otherhand...some of them are already going crazy just at the thought...if Paizo actually admitted to it might not be pretty. However, the evidence thus far all seems to point to Paizo basically taking the fra...

Wednesday, 14th March, 2018

  • 10:22 PM - Mouseferatu quoted GreyLord in post What PF2E means for D&D5E
    There's no such thing as parallel development normally. that's normally a bunch of BS. As somebody who's been working in multiple creative fields since late 2000, I can assure you that this is patently untrue. There may indeed be times when "parallel development" is used as a cover for something else, but far more often, it's genuine. (At least in creative circles. I have no idea how it might be in tech.)
  • 10:01 PM - DM Dave1 quoted GreyLord in post What PF2E means for D&D5E
    It's funny how Paizo is trying to turn contortions around itself to claim they haven't copied 5e when it's pretty blatant they took the chasis and are putting their own shell over it. Should be apparent to anyone who's ever played 5e...not that it should bother us. It should be an honor someone thinks the system is that wonderful that they need to take the framework and put their own wheels on it. Funny to see people trying to deny it as the evidence just keep seemingly mounts up in that regards. More and more stuff just seems to be "parallel" to 5e...probably because it's more than's ripped right off of it and then modified to be slightly different (well, sometimes...sometimes it's just about exactly the same).. Not to mention the sudden spike in 5e core book purchases... could that be Paizo buying copies for all their employees working on PF2E???
  • 09:51 PM - Jester David quoted GreyLord in post What PF2E means for D&D5E
    Look more at the evidence rather than what they say. This is for the old timers, so maybe the younger ones won't understand this... Glen Larson to his dying day denied that Star Wars had any impact on Battlestar Galactica or Buck Rogers. The entire world knows that's probably blatantly untrue. It's NOT what he said...but what we saw. Sure, there were many differences as Glen Larson would have pointed out...but the timing (soon after SW and when SW was big) and the environment (big ships with fighters buzzing all around having fighters shooting at each other and big ships...fighters taking out big ships...etc) screamed it was taken from Star Wars. Someone can say all they didn't do this...but when the evidence points strongly that they DID take can either choose to believe them or what the evidence shows. There's no such thing as parallel development normally. that's normally a bunch of BS. When it occurs in the tech world that means that...
  • 09:23 PM - Jester David quoted GreyLord in post What PF2E means for D&D5E
    LOL. Unified progression. Atunement...I mean...Resonance. Spellcasting similarities. Death saves. It just keeps adding and adding up. (Granted, XP is different, I'll laugh if they have pre-requisites for multiclassing similar to 5e though). Too many coincidences. When it gets to that point, as they say in Hollywood...there is no parallel development. Everyone copies everyone else's ideas. There's a reason movies with very similar plots come out almost around the same time (volcano movies, asteroid hits the earth movies, etc...etc...etc). When things start looking like someone took ideas from someone else...normally...that means they did. Hey...that's a good thing for D&D. when someone takes your idea and thinks they have their own houserules to try to make it better...that's one way of praise. Copycatting is a very extreme way of praise, but it still is there. When others try to copycat your ideas and then put their own spin on the shows you've really made it in some...

Monday, 12th March, 2018

  • 09:47 PM - Mistwell quoted GreyLord in post I evil??
    :cool: see...that's the catch. Recently I've been the ONLY player. I've humored him (yeah, I have my MAIN character, but in truth, I get to play two others along with the one I mainly focus on as my henchmen), but everyone else has moved over to my weekday game instead of his 4e gaming. I figure that he just needs a little nudge along. He still has his books, but he really needed to catch up with the group. I can't drop him as his dad so obviously I keep playing...but even with my like of 4e...that was a bit much. He still has his books if he wants to go back to them in the future...but for now...I'm trying to get him to get into the game the rest of us have been playing...either that or play AD&D as I'd prefer that recently to playing 4e. (AD&D at least is easier for me to handle multiple characters and can be built for you handling henchmen). Love him...but got sick of the game. At least he looked at the 5e books this evening. He can't say he can't afford the books...
  • 09:23 PM - Mistwell quoted GreyLord in post I evil??
    Tonight was traumatic for my son. He has been a hardcore 4e player and DM. I've gotten tired of 4e. I've gotten a little tired of 4e and so today, while he was out, I took the entirety of his 4e collection. I put them in a file case (so he didn't lose them, they are now just out of site) and put them in storage. I then got every 5e book out thus far except for Volo's and Xanathar's and put them on his shelf where the 4e books used to be. He came home and couldn't speak for a minute or two. I told him everyone else is playing this version, it's time for him to join our crowd. He asked if he didn't like 5e if I would put the books back...I said...we'll see. I then said, I'll play a 5e or AD&D game with him anytime he's interested as long as I'm available...but I'm not going to do that with 4e anymore. Don't get me wrong, I like 4e, but recently I've gotten tired out of trying to keep track of all the powers and his last campaign I could not find the cards f...

Sunday, 11th March, 2018

  • 10:55 PM - Azzy quoted GreyLord in post D&D5e // Gamma World at GaryCon
    I'd be so pre-ordering it if they put out a 5e based Star Frontiers game. You and me both. :)
  • 09:11 PM - Tony Vargas quoted GreyLord in post I evil??
    Does that make me evil? ...if you have to ask...
  • 07:36 PM - Satyrn quoted GreyLord in post I evil??
    Hmm, I hadn't thought about that. That's a good idea. If it turns out that he hates the idea and the 4e books are put back up on the shelf and the 5e books taken down...I might suggest he try that. I get that your goal was to push your son into broadening his interests so that he could socialize more while enjoying his hobby. Your first attempt wasn't successful, but oh well I think you should do more than just suggest he try online gaming, but also put in at least double the effort on helping him (if he wants it) than you put in to the 5e-upgrade scheme . . . and maybe trade him computer gear for those 5e books back.
  • 02:45 PM - Ruin Explorer quoted GreyLord in post I evil??
    Nope, it is not a metaphor, it's what I did yesterday. I'm not sure why one would think it's a metaphor, but in case you are thinking that, it is NO metaphor. I'm not that elegant of starting a topic in that least not this weekend. It is the sort of behaviour somewhat delusional parents who don't the long-term impacts of their actions on their relationships with their kids definitely do, so I tend to believe you. My dad did a similar thing. When I was 12, because my brother and I spent most of our time playing on the computer (Atari ST, we also had a primitive PC and a Sega Master System), or playing AD&D, he took all our toys - dozens of Transformers (many amazingly rare in the UK, which of course he didn't know or care about), an astonishing amount of wonderful Lego (including tons of Lego Technic, which I still regularly used at that age), and a bunch of other stuff, again some of which we still did play with and was very cool, and he gave it all to the orphanage. My brot...
  • 10:52 AM - MechaPilot quoted GreyLord in post I evil??
    MechaPilot, I’m sorry for your loss. MechaPilot I too am sorry for your loss. Thank you, both of you.
  • 10:25 AM - MechaPilot quoted GreyLord in post I evil??
    Oh, it was definitely not a practical joke. More like desperation on my part. We had just leveled up to 15th in his 4e game (of which I was the lone player) and though I enjoy 4e, at this point I was going crazy with having to play it in his game. I am never going to drop him as a son...but I needed something to give me a break from the 4e for once (what is it they say of too much of a good thing...can't recall...but in this instance too much of 4e was driving me insane!). So, yeah...hope that this makes it so he runs something different for once. Even better, if he goes along with it he may become the group DM again rather than me doing it by substitution (just to keep the group together) currently. I agree that it wasn't a practical joke. You mention what you did being an act of desperation. Desperation implies that rational and measured means have been previously attempted to no avail. However, your OP makes it sound like you never even spoke to him about changing editions, or e...

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