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Friday, 6th January, 2017

  • 05:59 AM - Echohawk mentioned barasawa in post Tales From The Yawning Portal - 7 Classic Dungeons Updated To 5E!
    Yeah, it can probably sell well, especially with a show like Stranger Things basically being a promotion for it. ;) As barasawa mentioned upthread, the movie version of Ready Player One is scheduled for release soon (originally December 2017 but shifted to March 2018 to avoid clashing with Star Wars). I have not been following the development of the movie very closely, but Tomb of Horrors is such an integral part of the plot of the book, I'd be surprised if it wasn't also featured in the movie. I think the fact that Warner Bros. are producing both Ready Player One and the new D&D film increases the odds of that even further. WotC would be foolish not to have a 5e product on the shelves which incorporates Tomb of Horrors by the time the movie gets released, so it seems plausible that this was a factor in determining which dungeons to include in Tales from the Yawning Portal.

Friday, 28th November, 2014

  • 07:24 AM - Lanefan mentioned barasawa in post On the healing options in the 5e DMG
    barasawa makes an excellent point, that to change the healing rules might have some unintended knock-on effects as written. The solution: divorce just about everything from "rest" timing and put it on to actual timing. Thus for example casters don't regain spells after a "long rest", instead they regain them after each sunrise* provided they've had at least 8 hours rest since they last regained spells. * - or whatever other time period suits your game. Mistwell also raises a good point: with lingering wounds** you have another lever to tweak. Want it harsher? Have a chance of lingering wounds come up if you go below half h.p. (a variant on 4e's bloodied idea) Want it easier? Don't use lingering wounds at all. And so on. ** - something I'd add to the lingering wounds table is some form of incurability - if you have a lingering wound magical healing will not work on you for x-period-of-time except to cure the lingering effect itself; but you can regain h.p. by simple resting over...

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Wednesday, 13th June, 2018

Friday, 1st June, 2018

  • 05:44 PM - Tony Vargas quoted barasawa in post Looking At The Pathfinder 2 Wizard Class
    LoL B-) Gandalf was far better than that, he's fought with a staff in one hand, and a sword in the other. Lets see any D&D mage/wizard that can pull that off! If you're using the Staff as an Implement in your off-hand, and the Sword as a primary-hand weapon, that worked fine in 4e, and 5e went ahead and made the staff a one-handed weapon... I think different classes having different resource games I'd crucial to making them look and feel different when you play. 4e was horrible in that regard: every class felt and played much the same. Having the same number/power-level of resources doesn't make classes play the same. Just look at the Cleric & Wizard (or, heck, magic-user back in the day), same spell progressions, but they play differently - different spell lists (not even 100% different, as they were in 4e), different class features. While this made fighters very fun to play, it meant that playing Wizards felt very bland and... unfantastical. I think that sums it up. If they...

Wednesday, 23rd May, 2018

  • 09:59 PM - diogoarte quoted barasawa in post RPG Crowdfunding News 097: Solar Blades & Cosmic Spells, Palace of the Dragon’s Princess, The Overworld and Beyond, The Blood of Savora, Welcome to Yarnia, Core::2050, Campaign Spell Book
    Yeah, and they just tend to do that for the social stuff. When has a GM ever required a Player to overhaul an engine when their character has to do it, or actually shoot a moving target when their character is in combat? They don't. They have them use their Characters skills. But for some reason so many people seem to assume that basic GAME function and separation shouldn't apply to social skills. Hi. I am the author of SB&CS. Yes, we focus on player skill over character skill but maybe not exactly as you may be interpreting. The game simply do not have a huge number of abilities and details specifying everything you can do. You as a player can try to do a lot of stuff even though it's not everything datailed in your sheet. We do however suggest resolving social interactions through Roleplay instead of dice rolling. But this is not acting. Is asking for players to come up with ideas of what they want out of the encounter, how they are going to try to achieve that, and why the other ...

Tuesday, 15th May, 2018

  • 03:14 PM - houser2112 quoted barasawa in post Pathfinder 2's Armor & A Preview of the Paladin!
    Touch AC was created so mages, who's attacks totally suck, could ignore foes armor and at least have a chance for their touch spells to actually work. I'm not so sure reversing that, even if not completely, is such a good idea. 5E does it, and it works, only because it's very difficult to boost your AC much beyond 20. They threw the baby out with the bathwater on that, IMHO. The overlapping (rather than additive) methods of calculating AC were too high a price for getting rid of touch AC.
  • 04:07 AM - ccs quoted barasawa in post Is It Worth Printing Your Own Miniatures?
    3d home printing is still in the very early adopter phase, even though it's trying to push for mainstream. The option of being able to build your very own "custom" model is a very attractive option for a lot of people. Of course, costs per model change quite a bit when you try to compare them to blind bags/boxes that some minis are sold in if you consider that a GM or Player may be needing a specific figure or figures, and their odds of getting what they need sucks. I saw someone spend nearly $200 just trying to assemble one pack of wolves for a game. To him the rest of the figures were just wasted money as he either already had all he needed or didn't ever expect to use them anyway. Basically blind bags for minis is a type of gambling that the customer really doesn't win at. Only the company comes out ahead on that transaction. I know, that last part does go a bit outside of 3d printing subject by itself, but if comparing costs between self printed minis and the stuff you can pick ...

Sunday, 13th May, 2018

  • 04:59 PM - Yaarel quoted barasawa in post Pathfinder 2's Armor & A Preview of the Paladin!
    Touch AC was created so mages, who's attacks totally suck, could ignore foes armor and at least have a chance for their touch spells to actually work. I'm not so sure reversing that, even if not completely, is such a good idea. The game is simpler without touch AC. 5e lacks it, and I have never missed it. The easiest solution is to write spells that dont require touch attacks. Close range (within 30 feet) is fine enough. Within 10 feet is enough to represent melee reach.
  • 02:59 PM - Kurviak quoted barasawa in post Let's Look At Pathfinder 2's Weapons!
    Thanks for the update. Last time I looked I could have sworn they were asking $9 and change for the pdf. You are 100% wrong, the PDFs where told been free in their initial press announcement

Thursday, 3rd May, 2018

  • 03:37 PM - houser2112 quoted barasawa in post Let's Look At Pathfinder 2's Weapons!
    Too bad I'm going to have to wait a long time, since I don't have the spare cash to throw it at a beta like that. I'd rather save it for the actual release than pay for something that will likely change, possibly a LOT. It doesn't have to cost you a dime. You only have to pay if you pre-order the playtest books (and I think that window has closed, anyway). You can download the pdfs for free.

Wednesday, 2nd May, 2018

  • 01:18 PM - Zander quoted barasawa in post 40 Years of Games Workshop Stores!
    I remember going out to the store in Hammersmith in the 80s. It was a bit of a trek as there wasn't a tube station close... Sure there was. Ravenscourt Park station was round the corner. I used to go to GW on Dalling Road by tube very frequently in the '80s. Could just about get there after school without my mother realising that I hadn't come straight home!

Thursday, 15th March, 2018

Thursday, 8th March, 2018

  • 12:39 AM - Charlaquin quoted barasawa in post From 7 Action Types To Pathfinder 2's New 3 Action Economy
    It could be a definite plus, but I'd rather see the real thing than just going off on a one sentence explanation with some vague combination examples. Did you listen to the podcast? They have a couple combat encounters, so you can hear the new economy in action. Are they reducing the Ancient Dragon Horde sized load of statuses as well? No news in that department yet, but I sure hope so! There weren't any that came up in the podcast that I recall, though they are only 1st level.

Wednesday, 24th January, 2018

  • 02:57 PM - johndesmarais quoted barasawa in post Flash, I love you, but we only have fourteen hours to save the Earth!
    I don't know, but with the so called mickey mouse extension, it's now 90 years after the death of the creator, and even if it went into the public domain before the MM extension, if it would be covered by the new date, the supreme court declared that it was no longer public domain in a case shortly after the MM extension came into effect. So basically you'd probably have to hire a copyright lawyer, ask him, and then see if someone tries to nail you for copyright violation I guess. I think I've heard something about companies being able to extend even past the 90 years after death thing with something like 5 years a pop, but I might be mixing that up with patents or something. Don't forget, copyright isn't like trademarks in that you have to pursue all potential violations or risk losing it, so copyright holders can get away with waiting around until somebody is making money off it and then torpedo them with a lawsuit and usually get away with it. The resurgence of pulp, retro, and in som...

Saturday, 2nd December, 2017

  • 10:28 PM - TrippyHippy quoted barasawa in post Flash, I love you, but we only have fourteen hours to save the Earth!
    I wonder how much licensing that cost them. It's probably an entire rocketship of Mingols, but still I'm curious.We'll not be privy to the final details, but unless there is a major movie or TV show in the offing, it's probably not all that expensive. Flash Gordon is quite old, and may well even be in the public domain if it was just based upon the original comic strip. Yet its instantly recognisable, and playable, so it's surprising that no-one else has made a RPG on it before, and it's a clever investment for Pinnacle. Totally suits the Savage Worlds system and tone too.

Tuesday, 21st November, 2017

  • 12:19 AM - prosfilaes quoted barasawa in post Sean's Picks of the Week (1113-1117) - Get Your GURPS Week!
    For so long the book publishers would tell us that the writing and editing were cheap, the vast majority of the cost of a book was the printing. That depends on what genre of books you're buying. A good chunk of my math books or bibliographies were priced well beyond anything you could justify from printing. E23 showed the number of copies sold of their PDFs*, giving us information about how much they were making from a PDF. A decent selling PDF could sell 1000 copies; at $8, that's $8,000 to be split among infrastructure, authors, artists and editors. Assuming they get 32K a year, that's no more than 3-man-months of work before they start losing money. (Actually, I understand the rule of thumb is anyone in office costs twice what they get paid, for insurance, taxes, building costs, etc.) So that's not a whole lot of money. Play with the numbers as you will, but I think you'll have sell a lot of copies before you're paying a living wage to the creators. *

Monday, 20th November, 2017

Tuesday, 17th October, 2017

Sunday, 1st October, 2017

  • 04:02 PM - ddaley quoted barasawa in post Can You Be A Good Dog? Play Pugmire And Find Out
    I already fetched this one, and hopefully I'm not barking up the wrong tree, but this is one bone you'll want to dig up and enjoy. I just had to go for the dog puns, but it really does look like a good game. Haven't gotten to play it yet though, we're currently in a different game/campaign. Same here. I backed the kickstarter for this. But, we are busy with other campaigns, so haven't had a chance to try it out. Maybe we'll get to it this fall/winter.

Tuesday, 26th September, 2017

  • 04:26 AM - Lwaxy quoted barasawa in post A "Bright" Future for a Shadowy Game
    As it seems most people think 5th edition is the worst one ever made by far, perhaps a better edition would actually be a good thing and pull Shadowrun out of the hole they dug with 5th. Weird, around here it is usually considered the best edition. People are just hesitant to yet again buy something new.

Friday, 22nd September, 2017

  • 01:47 PM - Jay Verkuilen quoted barasawa in post D&D Reader App Coming This Fall? [UPDATED]
    The articles I read on it when that decision was made, didn't say anything about how YOU obtained the file. Just the legality of owning it, and that you were allowed to obtain it, even if someone else made it. The court recognized that many people that would need or use this ability, don't have the ability to do so themselves. Of course, there apparently wasn't anything to protect the person making it for you, so they are still liable for distributing, and if DRM had to be broken, something books don't have, they were up the creek for that as well. Law rarely talks about the process of how something happened and focuses on things that can be proven or disproven by evidence. Possession, for instance, doesn't require that you "own" something. It does usually require that you know you have something, though that's likely to be an issue if you ever get involved with the legal system. If I give you a closed up bag that happens to have illegal drugs in it and you're arrested the fact that the dr...
  • 12:00 AM - mrpopstar quoted barasawa in post D&D Reader App Coming This Fall? [UPDATED]
    Thanks lowkey13, but the articles I saw said specifically "media shifting" as they were talking about changing it from one form of media to another. After all, format shifting would included various different file types, and I suspect pull in some other meanings that lawyers like to use. I'm not talking backups, I'm specifically talking about making things you own that you need to use on some different type of media. For instance, an audio recording into braille, or the reverse of that - a physical book into audio, a cd into a computer file for an ipod or other portable device, etc. Most of the examples they used were obviously intended for those with disabilities, but they weren't restricted to that and included a lot of others. It's part of what was considered "fair use" by the court. Backups are a whole different discussion.In actuality, the "media shifting" that you're referring to is largely intended for those with physical access issues, but it does afford some wiggle room for educato...

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