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Wednesday, 20th December, 2017

  • 02:30 AM - pemerton mentioned Johnny3D3D in post Losing HP as you level up
    Johnny3D3D - not quite the response I was expecting; and that's not how I understand the "luck, divine protections, etc" part of hit points - but interesting nevertheless!

Friday, 30th June, 2017

  • 08:52 PM - doctorbadwolf mentioned Johnny3D3D in post Are you a cat person?
    ... Also, personally, as someone who loves the works of Tolkien, I really don't care (in the context of DnD) about what something represented in his works, unless I'm literally playing in Middle Earth. DnD Halflings aren't even hobbits, anyway. Gnomes are closer to hobbits than Halflings are, in the core fluff. They live in burrows, hide from big folk, etc. Halflings don't have their own lands, tend to wander, and have been heavily influenced by Kender over the years. Which is good, because actual hobbits are incredibly boring as a player race. Their identity may as well be "intentionally boring humans", if we insist on using uselessly superficial "identities" for the races. As boring as I find core Halflings, they're definately more interesting than hobbits, in the context of a roleplaying game. At least Gnomes have actual cultural distinction, and their physiological nature is different enough that only an indifferent player is going to play them exactly as they would a human. Johnny3D3D there are a few races I have the same lack of experience with. I feel ya. On Dwarves: I outright ban stereotypical pseudo-Scottish dwarves in my games. When world building, I look to northern and Eastern Europe for Dwarves, if I look to Europe at all. The main things that stay the same are: tough, somewhat insular, some degree of greed/hoarding/vault-building tendencies, clan/tribe based mindset. Tabaxi are cool, imo, because their stats don't really tie them to an environment. Like real cats, you can put them in any biome, and they will thrive. Want desert tabaxi, give them smaller bodies, a sand-cat look, and fur on their paws to shield them from the hot sand. Or they can be deep forest cats, or river fisher cats, etc with no mechanical difference required. They just look different. General thread comments: I still don't get what the deal with humanocentric campaigns/worlds is. Why do players need to play non humans as noticably alien? I don't understand what the premises and...

Saturday, 31st December, 2016

  • 04:57 AM - pemerton mentioned Johnny3D3D in post Thing I thought 4e did better: Monsters animals, or low-intelligence creatures (eg ogres) would be distracted by offerings of food. This can also be used to adjudicate the prospect that a rat will enter a trap. 4e had rules that could occupy a similar functional space, though based on a very different mechanical structure, with its skill challenges. But in any event, Mr Mind (from the old Captain Marvel comics - head of the Monster Society of Evil, and a hyper-intelligent worm) also knows how to avoid traps, to lure others into traps, etc. But I think that a dragon should have a stat block that somehow differentiates it from Mr Mind. But an adult dragon shouldn't just charge at the party like a Tyrannosaurus RexWhy not? That's more-or-less what Smaug did, and he was able to conquer one of the great dwarfholds of the age. If the fiction tells me that a dragon defeated a dwarven army, the statblock should somehow express this. The GM "roleplaying" the monster is not, in my view, a substitute for that. (Unlike Johnny3D3D I have been fortunate not to have the issues he did with 4e - perhaps because I have been using MM3 numbers since late heroic tier, or perhaps just through seer luck - but I agree with him that, if in fact the mechanics aren't delivering results that correspond to the notional fiction, then something has gone wrong and one or the other clearly has to give.) EDIT: In my 4e game I have run two dragon encounters. The first was at 4th level (or thereabouts), against a young black dragon from the MM. Despite the criticism I've seen of MM black dragons, this encounter went very well - the PCs got some archery off as the dragon approached, and then had to engage it in melee and cope with its darkness cloud (which the PC wizard was dispelling by channelling arcane power through a statute of the Summer Queen that the PCs had in their possession - mechanically, this was p 42). The second was at 26th level, and involved an ancient white dragon and ancient blizzard dragon, the former being r...

Saturday, 24th December, 2016

  • 12:55 AM - pemerton mentioned Johnny3D3D in post last encounter was totally one-sided
    ...if that would work for my group...but I also don't know if Orcus is the best example. He immediately evokes some kind of response in players, most of the time at least. But what about an unknown entity that is just being introduced? Sure, you could reveal his stats to make the players realize the threat he poses...but I also think that removes the mystery. I find it better to use the narrative element of the game to establish the threat level of an enemy. <snip> I do think that the mechanics of the game should be considered. However, I feel like such mechanics should be applicable to the situation. Or should in some way be observable to the characters in order to justify the players' knowing of it.As I see it, the sorts of issues being discussed in this thread arise when the narrative element and the mechanical element come apart. For instance, as I understand Celtavian's complaint, the narrative element of the Marilith promises something that the stablocks don't deliver. Johnny3D3D had a similar sort of experience with 4e (fortunately for me, this hasn't happened to my group). When this sort of dissonance occurs - for instance, the flavour text says that the Marilith is such-and-such a thing (say, a threat to all but the mightiest of heroes), and then in play it turns out differently (the ongoing ficiton of the game isnt framing the PCs as the mightiest of heroes, and yet they easily defeat a Marilith with really very little effort at all) - then what is to be done? I don't think just telling those experiencing the dissonance that they're doing it wrong, or that they're metagaming too much, is very helpful. (Which is what some posters in this thread seem to be saying.) After all, if the mechanics and narrative complemented one another, then this sort of metagaming wouldn't matter - it would just reinforce the narrative. I want the players to be unsure in this I keep them in the dark. I think my main point about this is that I try to have e...

Thursday, 8th December, 2016

  • 08:00 PM - Lastoutkast mentioned Johnny3D3D in post What's is your favorite D20/D10 RPG and why ?
    Johnny3D3D I guess also should have add more about what "parts" you like about your favorite D20/D10. Also I've read a lot of RPGs but have only played; rifts, D&D 2nd,3rd and pathfinder, 7th sea. So with that said your answer was great :) Sent from my E6782 using Tapatalk

Friday, 30th October, 2015

  • 09:13 PM - El Mahdi mentioned Johnny3D3D in post Warlord Name Poll
    ...; @Delazar ; @DersitePhantom ; @Diffan ; @discosoc; @D'karr ; @Doc Klueless ; @doctorbadwolf ; @DonAdam ; @Dragoslav ; @Duganson; @EdL ; @EditorBFG ; @Edwin Suijkerbuijk ; @Eejit ; @ehren37 ; @Elfcrusher ; @El Mahdi ; @epithet; @erf_beto ; @Eric V ; @eryndel ; @Evenglare ; @ExploderWizard ; @EzekielRaiden; @Fedge123 ; @fendak ; @FireLance ; @Fishing_Minigame ; @Flamestrike ; @FLexor the Mighty! ; @Forged Fury ; @Fragsie ; @Fralex ; @FreeTheSlaves ; @froth ; @Gadget; @Galendril ; @GameOgre ; @Garthanos ; @Ghost Matter ; @Giltonio_Santos ; @Gimul; @GMforPowergamers ; @Gnashtooth ; @Green1 ; @GreenKarl ; @Greg K ; @GreyLord; @Grimmjow ; @Grydan ; @GX.Sigma ; @Halivar ; @HEEGZ ; @Hemlock ; @Henry ; @Herobizkit; @Hussar; @IchneumonWasp ; @I'm A Banana ; @Imaro ; @Iosue ; @Irennan ; @JackOfAllTirades; @jacktannery ; @jadrax ; @Jaelommiss ; @JamesTheLion ; @JamesonCourage ; @JasonZZ; @jayoungr ; @JediGamemaster ; @JeffB ; @Jester Canuck ; @jgsugden ; @jodyjohnson; @Joe Liker ; @JohnLynch ; @Johnny3D3D ; @KarinsDad ; @kerbarian ; @kerleth ; @Kinak; @KingsRule77 ; @Kirfalas ; @Kobold Stew ; @koga305 ; @Lanefan ; @Lanliss ; @Leatherhead; @Libramarian ; @Li Shenron ; @LuisCarlos17f ; @lowkey13 ; @Manbearcat ; @MarkB; @MechaPilot ; @Mecheon ; @mellored ; @Mephista ; @Mercule ; @MG.0 ; @MichaelSomething; @Miladoon ; @Minigiant ; @Mishihari Lord ; @Mistwell ; @MoogleEmpMog ; @Mon @MonkeezOnFire ; @MoonSong(Kaiilurker) ; @MostlyDm ; @Mouseferatu ; @MoutonRustique; @Nemesis Destiny ; @neobolts ; @Neonchameleon ; @Nifft ; @nightspaladin ; @nomotog; @n00bdragon ; @Obryn ; @Ohillion ; @oknazevad ; @Olgar Shiverstone ; @Orlax ; @Otterscrubber ; @Pandamonium87 ; @Paraxis ; @PaulO. ; @Pauln6 ; @Pauper ; @payn; @pemerton ; @peterka99 ;@ Pickles III ; @Pickles JG ; @pkt77242 ; @pming ; @pogre; @PopeYodaI ; @Prickly ; @procproc ; @Psikerlord ; @Psikerlord# ; @(Psi)SeveredHead; @Quickleaf ; @Raith5 ; @raleel ; @Ralif Redhammer ; @Raloc ; @Ranes ; @RangerWickett; @Ratskinner ; @redrick ; @Rejuvenator ...

Wednesday, 22nd April, 2015

  • 02:33 AM - Quickleaf mentioned Johnny3D3D in post CR 3/4?
    Johnny3D3D This sort of issue comes up a lot when I've been making my own monsters (and to a lesser extent when converting). Round up or down for a monster's total CR? If the answer isn't obvious, I closely look at where within the reference range listed in the DMG each of the creature's key stats falls: DPR, attack bonus, HP, and AC. If, for example, the monster's DPR is barely within the threshold for a certain CR, it's attack bonus is average, its hit points are at the low end, and its armor is about average, then I would round down for the monster. If I can't draw any conclusions from where these values lie, then I look to its special abilities to see if any of it's powers make it suited to a certain level of play. For example, if I have a monster that's CR 12.5 but is immune to spells of 6th level or lower, then I should round up to CR 13 because a party of 12th level PCs only has 6th level and lower spells. Hope that helps.

Saturday, 29th March, 2014

  • 04:56 PM - Obryn mentioned Johnny3D3D in post This is the style of game I hope to emulate using D&D Next.
    Yes I have that one but that's not really the point. I mean the Conan modules I have are written for AD&D so I could use that system but that's not what I'm looking for at the moment. If Next is supposedly going back to it's earlier roots, then I expect to be able to play low magic types of campaigns. To kind of echo Johnny3D3D, I think AD&D was a kludge for this, too. You can make it work - gaming's all about making things work - but AD&D can't model Conan right, within the rules. :D (Not shown: his psionic abilities, weird skills, etc.) I think low-magic campaigns in general are cool, though, and that Next looks pretty good for it.

Tuesday, 18th March, 2014

  • 05:09 AM - Quickleaf mentioned Johnny3D3D in post Legends & Lore 3/17 /14
    ...n of monster lore: "In the Nentir Vale setting, Jackalweres are creations of Grazz't" keeps the ease of use for newbies ("just like they are in Nentir Vale," or "Well, the example adventure we're playing in is in the Nentir Vale, so it's like that"), while explicitly acknowledging the specificity of that lore (outside of the Nentir Vale, this is not a safe assumption to make...and the DM said we're playing in a custom setting). I don't think it's necessarily a Big Deal for a lot of tables, but it's grist and churn and awkwardness that could have been avoided if the designers were just not so enamored of their own stories that they decided to treat them as defaults for D&D, rather than as examples that you can use (or not). Yeah, it's the...arbitrariness?... of how these sorts of narrative decisions intrude on the overall creative space, just as you describe. While I'm not opposed to the idea in principle of giving creatures connections, origins stories, and reasons to exist as Johnny3D3D says, it's just that the reimagined monsters ideas WotC introduces have been rather hit or miss (or perhaps meant for a different target audience?). Hinting at possible origins, perhaps a 3-bulletpoint format, would seem a better way to go.

Monday, 13th January, 2014

  • 12:41 PM - Balesir mentioned Johnny3D3D in post it appears to be very easy to break the game
    ...the story that the game was trying to tell and the story that the mechanics were trying to tell didn't seem to mesh very well. Excuse me for butting into this shard of the ongoing style wars, but this snippet from the original poster's further explanation intrigued me: Johnny3D3D, could you explain what you mean by "the story that the game was trying to tell"? My own general view is that the mechanics are the game, for this purpose (i.e. "the game" is whatever the mechanics produce), but it would seem that you have a different view. That might help explain some differences of style/expectation, maybe. Is this, perhaps, similar to pemerton's described clash between the expectations engendered by the BD&D introduction and the actual rules that he experienced? Or something different?

Tuesday, 24th December, 2013

  • 04:16 PM - DMMike mentioned Johnny3D3D in post Analyze this combat system element: the action framework
    Yes, absolutely. Characters should be able to defend others in the same row with a small penalty (-4 should be fine, depending on your bell curve, or lack thereof). Characters in the front row should be able to defend characters in the back row with no penalty. Hearkens back to AD&D2e's called-shot rule. Wasn't that a -4 as well? Anyway, the fuller description of the back row is that it's called defensive posture, because it's a representation of anything that adds defense: cover, distance, guarding teammates. Having teammates in the front row is what allows a character to enter the back row, where he gains 50% damage reduction from enemy front row melee weapons, and 50% DR from enemy back row ranged weapons and spells. Back rows can't attack each other with melee weapons. Johnny3D3D: Ultimately, the GM stops PCs from kiting the enemy to death, by running his NPCs properly. Sure, there are some monsters (mobs, if you will) who will happily stroll along, getting hit by arrows. I think some of these (missile skeleton, sprinter zombie) are already in my bestiary. But the rest should be talking to their allies, taking cover, or retreating in a kiting situation. System note: my RPG doesn't have hits. Nor hit points. You just take "damage" from "successful attacks." So if PCs are dropping back with ranged attacks, whether or not they're hitting is up to the GM. Whether or not they're doing damage is up to the dice.

Saturday, 7th December, 2013

Friday, 6th December, 2013

  • 04:31 AM - DMMike mentioned Johnny3D3D in post Top 8 Monsters and Spells!
    Johnny3D3D: RPGs in general. Because I'm using the inspiration to create a brand-new RPG. For iconic monsters. (monsters I drawn to more often than not) Lvl 1 - Goblin, Skeleton Lvl 3 - Ogre, Dire Wolf Lvl 4 - Gargoyle Lvl 5 - Basilisk Lvl 8 - Mind Flayer Lvl Awesome Dragon or Demon Spells Lvl 1 - Magic missile (cast at darkness), Sleep, Cure light wounds Lvl 2 - Silence, hold person Lvl 3 - Fireball, Invisibility, fly Bonus Spell lvl 6 - Disintegrate Monsters: Good choices, except: Basilisk: I think petrification is more iconic than the basilisk. What about the medusa or cockatrice instead? Mind Flayer: cool monster. Can't use 'em (pretty sure they're owned by WotC). Spells: Magic missile: shooting spells are iconic - but I think of the typical stuff as element-aligned. That said, I think the "wizard" that I'll be designing for Intermediate Modos is very likely to use magic missiles! Sleep, CLW, silence, hold, fireball, 'em. I agree. Fly: important, yes. Do you see a sp...

Saturday, 23rd November, 2013

  • 08:13 PM - Balesir mentioned Johnny3D3D in post How should WoTC address different playstyles of D&D Next?
    I put a gestalt of "discuss with fans" and "manage expectations" type stuff. I think that expecting any set of rules *as written* to support multiple play styles is a pipe dream. You can make a ruleset support your chosen style - by changing the rules (maybe only subtly) - but as written they will generally either suffer style clashes or support one specific style well. As Johnny3D3D says, DDN has bits of rules to appeal to lovers of several styles, but in the end it still feels like its pushing to one particular "mode"... P.S. Is everybody seeing the forum software try to post twice every time they post, or is it just me? I get a "you must wait 30 seconds between posts" message after every post, but then I go to the thread and my post is already there.

Monday, 7th October, 2013

  • 12:29 AM - Challenger RPG mentioned Johnny3D3D in post How to Design a Village in 5 Easy Steps
    @Johnny3D3D : Ha ha, looks great! I know adventure ideas can be a bit tricky to come up with, especially when writing up villages. I think a few vague ideas is just what you're looking for. @delericho : I think that's a fine idea. I guess, dealing with fantasy, I tend to come up with names first and purpose afterwards, but that's not really how it is in the real world. I guess it's just a liberty I take 'because I can'. I'm sure your way would make more sense. @Hand of Evil : Excellent idea. I think it would be a good idea for anyone to add this step when designing a village. It would definitely add a ton of realism to what you're creating and give you even more ideas to go with. I'd also point out that this could be something really crazy or imaginative from fantasy like: "Because all single women over 22 were cursed to live here in the 12th age" etc. Thanks for the link, too. @Morrus : Yes, thanks. I really enjoy creating name generators myself (for various things) but I guess I was al...

Monday, 29th July, 2013

  • 09:17 AM - Gundark mentioned Johnny3D3D in post How much does the RPG system actually matter....for player enjoyment?
    Johnny3D3D big post. I am not disagreeing with what you said, just wondering if at the end of the session if you are the player would your overall fun ( if you could measure that) be any different in a significant way? There are sets of rules that fit certain genres better, no argument here, but as a player at the end of a session what matters more, the good company? The story the group told? Or that you played rules x? Keeping other factors equal (good group and interesting campaign) how much do the rules play a part in the amount of fun you had?

Wednesday, 24th July, 2013

  • 09:22 AM - Fetfreak mentioned Johnny3D3D in post 16 Questions about the new Flint & Steel RPG
    One question I have about F&S: Does it have passive defense (such as D&D's AC) or active defense (such as GURPS in which you can parry, dodge, or block)? Johnny3D3D We went with passive defense. Your defense is gained from your character's agility, armor coverage (the type of armor give SOAK bonus), dodge (you can upgrade with experience points) and shield bonus. Smoss I know what you mean! I often find my ideas floating around, and I never told anyone about them. I blame aliens. Gundark We didn't have much art to use for ads, so we did what we could. As for our undead, he ate all the flesh and is still hungry! Bora.

Monday, 22nd July, 2013

  • 06:27 PM - Challenger RPG mentioned Johnny3D3D in post 16 Questions about the new Flint & Steel RPG
    @Crothian : I certainly understand your point of view. I'd just like to point out that I'm in no way affiliated with Flint and Steel and that I was the sole creator of that 'pitch' line. It wasn't my intention to use it as advertising. I was merely following the new column rules and format. The creators of the game itself had nothing to do with such a blatant statement (which was all me) and in fact he's quite a modest fellow who said his game isn't 'better' but merely 'different.' I'm sorry if my opening line seemed like advertising. I was just following the new article posting guidelines. @Johnny3D3D : Thanks! I'm sure Bora would appreciate that. :) @Ahnehnois : I agree with your second statement, Ahnehnois. If anything, Mr. Mitricevic is one of the most modest game designers I've seen in a long time. Most game designers automatically tote their game as 'the best ever' right off the bat. As for the no levels and classes, I also find that interesting. It's an idea I've been tossing around for a while in my own game designs. However, in practice I always find that the customers/players seem to prefer getting levels and classes. I'd still really like to see a game pull this off, but I now know it's a feat. About the Magic System: I really loved the line "It was the only game where I felt spell-casters weren't horribly unbalanced." I've had loads of problems with overpowered magic users over the years. I've also seen a game or two which use similar magic systems (as far as I can tell). I like the idea of source magic. In one game I ran, the resident power gamer immediately made hi...

Monday, 15th July, 2013

  • 01:24 AM - Challenger RPG mentioned Johnny3D3D in post Game Design 117: Adventures
    @Fetfreak : The idea about handouts is awesome! I've loved using them in a few adventures, and the players think they're absolutely great, too. Writing down which parts of the adventure were too hard and too easy would be a great learning tool. Thanks so much for mentioning it! I've had a few adventures with bland combat as well. I usually just try to think out the monster's mentality a little farther and it opens up all kinds of interesting situations. @ExploderWizard : Excellent points. I especially like your idea about the timeline in an adventure. It really does help a lot and I think that's one of the things missing in quite a few otherwise great adventures. @Johnny3D3D : Well said, I totally agree. Plot hooks for later adventures are one of my favorite things to include, too. I really like good cliffhangers at the end of adventures as well. @alms66 : I agree that they're tricky to find. There are one or two out there with some really neat stuff. I tend to just 'steal' things rather than use them outright most of the time.

Saturday, 15th June, 2013

  • 05:37 AM - DMMike mentioned Johnny3D3D in post What is the downside to simple systems?
    Couldn't find this when I made my last post, but here it is; it seems like an interesting point for discussion: Mearls' first point goes back to another point from the beginning of the thread: what is not regulated, must be adjudicated. Since rules regulate, they reduce the amount of adjudication that the DM must do. Also, I took Mearls' second point to heart when creating my RPG. If all characters have the same options, then those options are perfectly balanced. Johnny3D3D: if I were your GM, that rake would have broken if it ever did more than one damage. Just sayin'. Meatboy: I've always had the philosophy that the core D&D classes, Fighter, Cleric, Rogue, and Wizard, should be more than enough to multiclass into anything a player could want. Now a little bending here and there goes a long way, but the simple option of multiclassing really should have been the end of any classes beyond the 9 or so that they already included in the PHB.

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Friday, 20th July, 2018

  • 07:36 AM - Charlaquin quoted Johnny3D3D in post Pathfinder 2 Character Sheet #4: Seelah, Human Paladin
    I have seen a few things which look more similar to 4E than I'd expect from PF. (not saying that's either good or bad) I'm not sure that feeling "like 3rd Edition" really helps me a whole lot either. I loved 3rd, but it wasn't always internally consistent either. I don't mind a game being flexible, but -from a storytelling and world-building point of view- a clearer idea about the general ballpark of the game would be nice. It is, like I said, a nebulous feeling they’re chasing. But it’s the feeling whose absence doomed 4e, and PF2 will live or die by their ability to capture it. Sorry I can’t be more specific.
  • 07:06 AM - Charlaquin quoted Johnny3D3D in post Pathfinder 2 Character Sheet #4: Seelah, Human Paladin
    I've seen a few interviews which talk about a more "cinematic" style. However, I also see rules such as damage to shields -which would imply touches of something a little more gritty. Likewise, I see the idea of backgrounds and story being highlighted, but then the mechanics do not appear to support that very well. If there's anything available which details encounter design, I haven't seen it. I have not been following PF2 very closely. I feel as though I have virtually no idea what type of game I'm looking at or what the design goals are. I see. I would say the gameplay feel they are going for is something a bit more nebulous than “cinematic” or “gritty” or “background/story focused.” The feel I think they’re going for is “like Pathfinder,” which is to say, “like 3e D&D.” Their design goals, I think, are less about changing the feel of the game, and more about making the game more approachable, without sacrificing the current gameplay feel. “Cinematic” just sounds like a buzz...
  • 06:14 AM - Charlaquin quoted Johnny3D3D in post Pathfinder 2 Character Sheet #4: Seelah, Human Paladin
    I feel as though I don't have a very clear idea of what playstyle PF2 is attempting to achieve. Could you be more specific about what you mean by playstyle?
  • 06:12 AM - mellored quoted Johnny3D3D in post Pathfinder 2 Character Sheet #4: Seelah, Human Paladin
    I feel as though I don't have a very clear idea of what playstyle PF2 is attempting to as I can tell.... Just a bucket of abilities to choose from. And plenty of fiddly bits so each ability has it's niche.

Sunday, 17th December, 2017

  • 11:46 PM - pemerton quoted Johnny3D3D in post Losing HP as you level up
    Having that low of a CON would (likely) mean you have health problems. Slowly losing HP makes some amount of sense. But if hp are luck, skill, etc - as well as meat - then it looks a bit odd again. It's one thing to say that some hp are sheer toughness, and so good CON leads to more hp; but another to say that the feeble are so feeble that the god's curse them as they struggle through life!

Tuesday, 19th September, 2017

  • 06:25 PM - mellored quoted Johnny3D3D in post Count of 5e saves from MM and PHB by stat and class
    That's less flexible than I'd prefer. For me personally, the idea of using the abilities rather than the three saves (fort, reflex, and will) was an improvement. It reminds me of how GURPS has ability checks and quick contests. I feel that it allows for a lot more flexibility in how to define the challenges faced in an adventure and how the characters can respond to them. Though, I do think that requires D&D to define what the abilities mean a little more consistently. The idea of adding two abilities together isn't what I would want to do, but it is an idea which touches upon a though I've recently had. I think there are times when it makes sense that more than one ability should be involved in a check. I can imagine a scenario in which using the average of a character's dex and wis could be used to test their reflexes in response to something. There are other combinations I can imagine making sense as well. Flexible attacks against static defenses tends not to work too well...

Thursday, 14th September, 2017

  • 02:09 AM - mellored quoted Johnny3D3D in post Count of 5e saves from MM and PHB by stat and class
    I think the save system in 5e is an improvement over both 3e and 4e. IMO: Stats should be added to make a save. Str + Con + 1/2 your proficency = Fort save Dex + Wis + 1/2 your proficency = Reflex save (wis to notice, dex to move). Int + Cha + 1/2 your proficency = Will save (also, concentration saves). Each class gets's 1 save at full proficiency. Casters DC's increase to 10+stat+proficency.

Thursday, 7th September, 2017

Monday, 4th September, 2017

  • 09:24 PM - mellored quoted Johnny3D3D in post Lizardfolk Rogue 1/Paladin 4 - not sure what to do next
    I thought Rogues got more Expertise at 6. Maybe I have an older printing of the PHB? You are correct, their extra feat is later. That's what i get by going from memory. So I would stop at rogue 5.
  • 07:00 PM - Imaculata quoted Johnny3D3D in post Any advice for better vehicle rules?
    Does D&D treat the entire vehicle as one creature for the sake of HP or would different sections of a ship have their own HP? The latter is how third edition handled ship damage, specifically in the book Stormwrack. And then you would need to "hole" a certain number of sections, before the vessel had to make a sinking check. A holed section would also flood, causing adjacent sections to immediately drop to half hitpoints. Its not a perfect system, especially once it got to multiple ships fighting at the same time. But for one on one battles it did the job. How much does enchanting a vehicle cost? Depends on the enchantment, and presumably the size of the vehicle. If the vehicle has sections, you could charge a fixed amount per section. In D&D worlds, how do you ensure that vehicles and structures aren't easily blown apart by D&D-style magic? By having a mage onboard your vehicle to counter any offensive spells. Apart from that, upgrading sections of your vehicle with fireproof coating wo...

Tuesday, 22nd August, 2017

  • 04:40 PM - Ralif Redhammer quoted Johnny3D3D in post GAME OF THRONES #6 :-BEYOND THE WALL--Season 7 EPISODE #66
    I agree. It feels like the spectacle is driving the writing, whereas it used to be the other way around. I still absolutely love it, but the breakneck pace of this season definitely is showing some cracks, in both the plot and characterization. Part of what made the last season so satisfying is that we finally got the answers to so many questions that had been plaguing us as the wait for the next book stretched on and on. But now we’re in completely unknown territory. I still enjoy the show. However, it's hard to not feel as though the quality of writing has dropped significantly since passing the point of being completely without the books. A lot of what made the show great was the small details which helped bring the fantasy setting to life. I understand that the scope of the story is now bigger and more epic, so it makes sense to gloss over a lot of things. That being said, I feel as though the fight-logic is (at least to some extent) hurting the story by too often embracing what loo...
  • 12:23 PM - Tonguez quoted Johnny3D3D in post GAME OF THRONES #6 :-BEYOND THE WALL--Season 7 EPISODE #66
    I still enjoy the show. However, it's hard to not feel as though the quality of writing has dropped significantly since passing the point of being completely without the books. A lot of what made the show great was the small details which helped bring the fantasy setting to life. I understand that the scope of the story is now bigger and more epic, so it makes sense to gloss over a lot of things. That being said, I feel as though the fight-logic is (at least to some extent) hurting the story by too often embracing what looks cool in a 10 second preview or a still shot rather than what actually feels narratively right while watching the show. absolutely, GoT became the huge cross over hit that appeals to my rugby loving father as much as it does his fantasy geek son because of the indepth story and character development that was able to unfurl over long episodes of travel and exploration. Thats been replaced with leaps of logic, forced exposition and the hope that the Epic shots of Dragons ...

Wednesday, 9th August, 2017

  • 03:23 AM - Nathan Gaudry quoted Johnny3D3D in post WotC's Mearls Presents A New XP System For 5E In August's Unearthed Arcana
    I think it's interesting to see different numbers associated with XP, but I feel that I do not understand the benefit of using the alternative system. I honestly don't think there is one. On the other hand, though, the Social and Exploration rules map really nicely to Milestone Experience (not Story-Based Leveling that people commonly call Milestones). Just award a Hard Encounter's worth of XP for the triggers they list (or two encounters if it's a tier above). I appreciate having the triggers, and I think it'll help ensure my players and I are on the same page about what Milestones are supposed to achieve. But, no, I don't see a good reason to use the 100 point scale (and a few good reasons not to).
  • 02:26 AM - fjw70 quoted Johnny3D3D in post With D&D Beyond has D&D Leap Frogged the Competition?
    I usually just look at the index in the book. Though, truth be told, that's one area in which I find the 5E books to be occasionally poor in user-friendliness, so perhaps a digital tool might be better. I can perhaps see lists of spells and things of that nature being useful. (But I'm inclined to say that I find those useful because of areas of the book that I find lacking in navigational information.) Being able to sort spells by class, level, and whether or not they are rituals is nice. I do use a few pdfs in other games that I play because being able to search for things is helpful. On the other hand, I tend to quickly memorize where things which I use a lot are located. As said, I think the tools are nice. I imagine that many people have many uses for them. I just don't believe I'm among the target audience. I agree. I don't think you are innhe target audience for this. :-)
  • 01:19 AM - fjw70 quoted Johnny3D3D in post With D&D Beyond has D&D Leap Frogged the Competition?
    Is it weird that I find using a pencil and a piece of paper faster than using the programs? I think having the tools available is great. I also imagine that someone who grew up with digital books being the norm likely leans toward using digital products more than I do. So, with that in mind, maybe the tools will help generate some sales. I can't say. For me personally? I'm barely aware that the tools exist outside of the occasional discussion here. For a character that uses one book to make then yes I think paper and pencil is faster. The electronic tolls allow you to more quickly look at options across multiple books. I like having my character on an online tool so that it is with me no matter where I go. However the character builder is just a small piece of DDB to me. I am more interested in the ebooks and the ability to search things like monsters, magic items, and spells.

Thursday, 20th July, 2017

  • 04:38 PM - seebs quoted Johnny3D3D in post Shadow step out of a grapple?
    I think you'd have line of sight, but not line of effect in that situation. Yes, and I thought this was obvious, but there were a significant number of people asserting that nothing says you can see through an invisible thing, only that you can't see the thing anymore.
  • 02:42 AM - FormerlyHemlock quoted Johnny3D3D in post Survivor Worst Spells: FIND TRAPS IS THE WORST!
    Wouldn't the opposite side be outside of my line of sight? Assuming no, I'm of the impression I'd still need to make the same skill rolls anyway if I wanted to disable it or avoid it. Though, I'm open-minded to the idea that I simply haven't witnessed the spell being used as effectively as others may have. The opposite side of the archway would be outside your line of sight--but the area affected by the glyph on the opposite side of the archway would not. Hence why Find Traps would be able to detect the trap. Maybe. As I said, it's not fully clear. Ask your DM. Sent from my Moto G (4) using EN World mobile app
  • 02:00 AM - FormerlyHemlock quoted Johnny3D3D in post Survivor Worst Spells: FIND TRAPS IS THE WORST!
    What does the spell do that making a skill check and disabling the trap doesn't do? Assuming that you're talking about Glyph of Warding here, because otherwise I don't know what "making a skill check" means in this context: (1) It's more reliable. (2) It can give you more information ("Books! Fire!") which simply detecting a Glyph of Warding won't do. (3) It's fast, a single action to cast. Glyph of Warding doesn't say how long it takes to detect glyphs using Investigation but there's no guarantee it will happen that quickly, and Investigation is generally considered to be a closer, slower investigation than Perception is. If you're checking a whole room for near-invisible glyphs it could take a while, and since "seeing/reading the glyph" is a common condition for triggering the glyph (according to the Glyph of Warding spell text), you may just get a Wall of Force + Cloudkill to the face. Find Traps may not do that, depending on how the glyph is worded. Ask your DM for details. (4) It's not...

Tuesday, 18th July, 2017

  • 08:08 PM - TheCosmicKid quoted Johnny3D3D in post 2.5 ft grid spaces - crazy idea?
    You could steal the GURPS idea of 1 yard (3 ft) spaces. edit: I suppose this gets a little wonky with some of the move speeds used in D&D, but that's only true if you're using a grid. IIRC, Star Wars d20 just bit the bullet and converted everything from feet to meters, rounding to the nearest convenient numbers in the new system. It shouldn't kill anybody if a 30-foot move speed becomes a 9-meter move speed, even though a pedant might point out that they're losing 14.4 centimeters of motion. (And of course, if you're using yards instead, that particular quantity does convert precisely.)

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  • 09:31 AM - Cap'n Kobold quoted Johnny3D3D in post Does any one else think staff is overpowered and houserule it?
    I imagine using a staff one-handed while using a shield to be pretty similar to using a sword or swinging a baseball bat. It doesn't seem unrealistic to me. Quarterstaves however, are longer than the wielder is tall and weigh more than a two-handed sword. You need the leverage of both hands, set quite wide apart in order to control it effectively. Remember that combat isn't a matter of "Am I able to swing this?" or "Can I spin this around in a pattern?" Think about what happens when your opponent blocks it dead, or knocks the weapon off-line: you need to recover control, and don't have the time to build up the kind of speed and momentum or leverage with a one-handed grip. As another example: Two-handed swords are easily swingable one-handed. But without the leverage from that second hand, you don't have the control and support to adjust aim mid-swing, or resist an opponent's beat etc. That would be fine with the East Asian Jo Stick - thinner, lighter, about 4-5' in length. But to this Brit...

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