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Monday, 27th March, 2017

  • 05:28 AM - RangerWickett mentioned Klaus in post What does your group look like (version 2)?
    Nifty photoshopping. My current party is a pair of eldritch knights (one android, one human), a tiefling favored soul cowboy, and a blacksmith monk wearing a spacesuit. I once commissioned Klaus to illustrate a party we played in Red Hand of Doom. These were the four core PCs - Jehosophat (the fire genasi who was oh so fat), Hibiscus (the elf duskblade), Achaea (the human knight), and Grim (the human ranger on his horse). 82744

Saturday, 19th March, 2016

  • 05:49 AM - DEFCON 1 mentioned Klaus in post Curse of Strahd spoiler-filled general discussion
  • 05:48 AM - DEFCON 1 mentioned Klaus in post Curse of Strahd spoiler-filled general discussion
    .... As the ruins of Lysaga Hill are on the road from the Village of Barovia to the Castle... it will introduce the concept of the Barovian Witches early, as well as indicate there is Lysaga out there. I think I might also re-introduce the three fanes of Barovia... the three unhallowed landmarks that need to be cleansed in order to help weaken Strahd. I'm afraid that since I intend on doing a live tarokka reading that I might very well get like five areas that are all in the village or in the castle proper, thus reducing the reason for the group to venture west past the castle to find Vallaki, Kresk and all the other locations. But if I move some of the fanes... like change the fane at the Vistani camp at the Tser Pool to the werewolf caves, and the Lysaga Hill fane to the Ruins of Berez... and then make mention of them in the Tome of Strahd... it'll help sending them out throughout the land. I also am thinking of re-introducing a few things from the Fair Barovia adventure that Klaus did for 4E. I really like the Ba'al Verzi assassins guild, and think having a few breadcrumbs for them might be a cool hook-- especially since I intend on putting character creation on a long leash... meaning that if a player wanted to be a Rogue and then be an Assassin, they'd need to find a trainer/method to learn the trade. So dropping hints of the Ba'al Verzi might inspire a PC or two. Plus... I also like the idea of Leo Dilysnia perhaps finding his way back to undeath and remain a thorn in Strahd's side, rather than just be a pile of bones in Wachterhaus. Also add in the ideas of a new Dukkar on the hunt for the Vistani, plus adding in the location of the Monastery of the White Sun somewhere along the road heading towards the Ruins of Berez would give potential Monk players a location to learn/get trained/gain influence. By combining info from Curse, Expedition, Fair, plus a handful of other modules that have a distinct Ravenloft flair. I'm definitely incorporating A Rhyme...

Friday, 18th March, 2016

  • 07:02 AM - I'm A Banana mentioned Klaus in post Dusk elf stats?
    I blame Klaus . In a Dungeon adventure cited as inspiration for the adventure, he put a group of dusk elves in the forests near Vallaki. Kasimir and his sister are basically ripped right from that adventure, so he'd probably be the person to ask. :) The elves themselves were introduced in 4e in a Dragon article by Robert Schwalb, and in the presumed setting there they were eladrin who refused to take Corellon's side in the war against the drow and, when his anger turned on them for that, they were protected by Sehanine (who, I guess, wasn't as angry at the Drow as Corellon was?). They're now all emotionally dead and suspicious and kind of emo about not being eladrin anymore. In the fiction, I suppose Barovia was one of the places they fled to in the war against the Drow, and then they just hung out there until Strahd came along. Mechanically, they were an attempt to do something a little experimental in 4e - make subraces based on feats (4e did Vistani the same way, actually...). As a dusk...

Friday, 4th March, 2016

  • 08:10 PM - DEFCON 1 mentioned Klaus in post CURSE OF STRAHD Is Out Today (In Some Stores)
    The thing I find most intriguing about the book is that it uses Lysaga as an actual entity in the adventure, but yet doesn't include the Lysaga Hill Ruins as a location... despite being quite prominent in both Expedition To Castle Ravenloft and Klaus's Fair Barovia article for Dungeon (both of which are listed as sources of inspiration in the front of the Curse of Strahd book.) As that location is perhaps the closest "adventure site" to the Village of Barovia, I might go ahead and add it back in as a locale, especially considering I'm going to start my campaign at level 1 and don't want to just use Death House as the single leveller to get the players to 3. Perhaps the coven that is used there in EtCR might be a suitable addition to the adventure for my lower level players (to get them out of the village proper but before making the long trek past Lake Zarovich where the rest of the locales can be found.)

Wednesday, 3rd June, 2015

  • 10:00 PM - Staffan mentioned Klaus in post So, 5e OGL
    ...e, such as editing, layout, ordering artwork and maps, etc. The impression I was under (and I admit that it's just an impression) was that WotC was contracting other companies - rather than individual freelancers - so that they could have them do a lot more than that; that WotC was basically having those companies handle everything involved with the writing, development, production, etc. Princes of the Apocalypse lists the following under Sasquatch Game Studio: Lead Designer Designers Editors Interior illustrators Cartographers Typesetter And the following under Wizards of the Coast: D&D Lead Designers Story Lead Managing Editor Producer Additional Design Art Directors Cover Illustrator Graphic Designers Proofreading Project Management Production Services Brand and Marketing Playtesters I recognize many of the names on the Sasquatch side as being sub-freelancers - for example, I'm fairly certain that Ed Greenwood is not employed by Sasquatch, and neither is Klaus. I'm also a bit uncertain as to why the Art Director is listed under Wizards and the illustrators under Sasquatch - my impression was that the AD is responsible for deciding what illustrations there should be, and the illustrators are responsible for actually drawing those pieces so in my mind, they should be on the same line of the divide.

Wednesday, 4th March, 2015

  • 04:06 PM - steeldragons mentioned Klaus in post Second 5th Edition Survey! Plus Results of the First Survey: The Ranger Gets Some Attention!
    That last concept seems bigger than Eberron's techno-tinker, but still, "part of a team" and "I like robots" don't seem like much of a distinction... Agreed. The thing here, Klaus, is...I'm reminded of that Star Trek quote, "Just because we can do a thing doesn't mean we should." I suppose we have 3e to "thank" for showing that pretty much any/every concept any/everyone can some up with can be turned into/"deserves" a class, no matter how minor/meaningless the distinction. And, as we all know, that way lies bloated madness. CAN the artificer (or a "Pet Class", as another discussion here is pursuing) be a stand alone class with various minor tweaks to flavor and ability making its own subclasses? Sure. Should it be? ...Looking at it through my understanding and interpretation of the [apparent] 5e design space, the answer there is "No." You have the "chassis" of flavor and ability already in the Wizard [and I'll add that I am perfectly happy with seeing the artificer presented this way]. The artificer doesn't do anything that is foreign to/outside that "class umbrella." Craft items, essentially. Learn and apply formulae (artificer's are not "innate ma...

Sunday, 1st February, 2015

Friday, 12th December, 2014

  • 01:45 PM - Giltonio_Santos mentioned Klaus in post What's the origin of the Nightmare?
    I thought about that too, @Klaus! Looking at the D&D description of a Nightmare and trying to find mythological equivalents, I saw the headless mule as the closest thing I could find (but without a head, of course :D).

Saturday, 23rd August, 2014

  • 03:03 PM - Morrus mentioned Klaus in post I'll make my own Fifth Edition.
    I think you'd need to be more clear about what "corporate embedded" artists are, in your mind. I don't think the folks who did art on the PHB, for example, are permanent employees of WotC, or Hasbro, or the like. So, not really "embedded" in a meaningful sense. Hey, Klaus, you did art for 5E! Are you corporate embedded?

Saturday, 2nd August, 2014

  • 03:17 PM - Thaumaturge mentioned Klaus in post A Bit More on Subclasses from the Escapist
    I'm now both happy and sad. One of my favorite things in an edition is character building. And Klaus and gyor (with help from Mouseferatu) have made my first character for me. Thanks guys. :confused: :erm: :D Thaumaturge.

Monday, 28th July, 2014

  • 11:45 AM - Ruin Explorer mentioned Klaus in post 5th Edition: How to Make My DM Cry
    ... to some panicked ranting I have seen online, simply get gauntlets of ogre power. That should do the trick. :p Magic items in general do look like the big area for making DMs cry. That and rolled stats, because everything people have said here about over-optimized PCs causing a problem is also true of PCs who happen to have stats entirely out-of-whack with the rest of the group. If 4/5 players have barely a 15 among them, and one PC doesn't have a stat below 14, bounded accuracy is going to ensure Captain Goodrolls will be pretty unbalanced. With magic items, I suspect we'll just go back the "Lol ur a bad DM 4 giving them that..."-type advice of the 2E era, which is pretty unhelpful, but there you go. Plenty of ways to "break" 2E with innocuous-seeming magic items. Gauntlets of Ogre Power don't break the game, but they do mean a PC with zero investment in STR suddenly becomes +1 less good at STR stuff than the guy with 20 STR. Not game-breaking, but definitely an issue. Klaus - Optimization has never meant that outside of rants (like the one Shawn Merwin was backpedalling on recently), so it's not much of a reversion. Normal optimization and min-maxing always have and always will be synonymous. Breaking the game is breaking the game, not optimization. Also, note that a lot of stuff people call "broken" does not, in any way, actually break the game. PF has an amazing example of this where there's a book of supposedly impossibly overpowered feats. Only here's the thing - the vast majority of the ones for non-casters are absolutely not overpowered. They absolutely do not "break the game". They merely mean that non-casters can do somewhat better damage, and certainly more damage than expected. So, let's keep "break the game" stuff to actual "game-breaking", with examples of how it happened, for real, in a real game, rather than broad assertions and high-handed claims. Most "game-breaking" charop doesn't happen in reality, it happens on forums, because DMs...

Thursday, 24th July, 2014

  • 01:31 PM - samursus mentioned Klaus in post D&D Spellbook Cards Preview
    These actually look pretty nifty. Beats the heck out of putting stuff together with MS Publisher from pdfs. BTW Beautiful artwork Klaus! Now if the price is right... :)

Monday, 21st July, 2014

  • 11:24 PM - ppaladin123 mentioned Klaus in post Lots Of Art (and some Warlock stuff)
    Warlock. I don't know what's going on with warlock magic, but it certainly looks like it'll be more...complicated...than we've seen with the wizard or cleric. Good thing I like warlocks. My first thought was literally, "Whoa, @Klaus drew that? I've gotta give this guy's stuff another look. That may be a bit of a backhanded compliment, but it's the truth. At any rate, I was seriously impressed. It is a nice piece. I think, and I mean this in the best possible way, that Klaus has gotten better over the years that I've seen his stuff posted here. And I imagine that the kind of money that comes with a commission from wizards for a core product allows an artist to sit down and really work on a piece for a while. That lets us see what he is capable of and it is clearly a lot.
  • 07:40 PM - doctorhook mentioned Klaus in post Lots Of Art (and some Warlock stuff)
    ... people like country music? :p Yeah I agree, it's a trivial sentence. Stuff like that is annoying, like someone saying " Well it may or may not ....". Of course it may or may not, WTF other possible choice could there be!? Its a sentence people say to act as though they are contributing to the conversation but clearly have no meaningful input.Chill, Winston. I'm pretty sure he was being deliberately noncommittal for comedic effect. Mordenkainen's Sword: This one gets a resounding "meh" out of me, which is actually pretty good considering I normally can't stand WAR's artwork. It's not bad, but it doesn't do anything for me either.I don't mind WAR and I don't mind this piece. That said, he definitely got overused (especially in 3.5E Eberron) so I can understand why folks are sick of him. Is that why they dumped him onto Pathfinder? Cloudkill: Doesn't really fire me up, but it's pretty well done. The cloud looks more like an explosion though.My first thought was literally, "Whoa, @Klaus drew that? I've gotta give this guy's stuff another look. That may be a bit of a backhanded compliment, but it's the truth. At any rate, I was seriously impressed. High Elf Wizard: Ooh, that's a really nice piece. I think this is the first blond-haired yuan-ti I've seen. But why is there a slippered foot hanging off the snake tail when I scroll down?looool. The image is well done, but what the hell is she doing? Why is she standing that way? Is this Fischer guy the same one who used to sign his pics with the little fishbone and who drew that goofy blackguard pic that got replaced between 3E and 3.5E? (Note the replacement artwork: much evil-er.) Okay, I can't actually find an image of that awful blackguard picture from 3E, but if you've got a 3E DMG, look for the drawing of the lazy, overweight cosplayer holding a skull.
  • 05:14 PM - DMZ2112 mentioned Klaus in post Lots Of Art (and some Warlock stuff)
    Aside from Klaus' bugbears, who look great, this selection doesn't inspire a lot of confidence in me. Most of it is technically sound, but it is so /flat/. Where are the glistening scales, the shining fur, the glint of chainmail? Where's the /light/? The color? The detail and sharpness? This is all so muddy! - Contrast that red dragon with these red dragons. - WAR's owl is nice, and it doesn't even have its beak open, but I still can't get over the blatant asymmetry of the sword itself, right in the focal point of the image. I could do better with crayon. Contrast these swords. - That elven city looks like Ralph McQuarrie just /lifted/ it straight out of one of John Howe's notebooks; it's evocative, but it's not a finished piece of artwork. It's quality halfway point to a movie set or matte painting. Contrast these locations. - If the elven wizardess is what we have to look forward to in terms of female art, I'll take my chainmail bikinis back, thanks. Easily in the running for the ugliest ...
  • 03:27 PM - kettite mentioned Klaus in post Lots Of Art (and some Warlock stuff)
    Well, I just had an art-gasm. Great stuff all around; I am a huge fan of the concept/design art collections for movies (like the Lord of the Rings and Star Wars trilogy various art books) and that wood elf village seems straight from one (which makes sense considering what Klaus wrote). I'll just leave the book open and stare at the picture for a while and let my imagination run wild as I did when I was a child. Congrats to Klaus for the beautiful artwork and the accomplishment of getting published. Really superb stuff. I'm very excited to get the book in four short weeks!
  • 02:44 PM - Ruin Explorer mentioned Klaus in post Lots Of Art (and some Warlock stuff)
    Woah. Let this post serve as my requisite "whine about how goofy tieflings look" post, and we can move on to the other stuff. ;) ALSO! Klaus . Holy smokes, dude. Wicked piece. Elf City - Generic but bitchin'. Good stuff random Chinese concept artists! (I assume) EDIT - Apparently not! Good job Thom Tenery! Red Dragon vs PCs - Ooooh jesus that Tiefling's tail... he's practically a kangaroo... I argh... Seriously ruins the picture for me. Not a great picture start with, though. Mordenkainen's Sword - I swear I've seen this before. Regardless, it's boring WAR at his most boring with a sub-dungeonpunk (not edgy enough to reach even the heights of actual dungeonpunk!) sorta-colourful-but-not really MOR button-wizard with ridiculous accoutrements in an XXXXXTREEEEMEMEMEME pose casting an XXXTRREEMEMEMEME spell. Cannot roll eyes hard enough. YMMV. I do like the Owl though. Almost saves the piece. Almost. Cloudkill - It kind of sucks that Klaus did this because the fact that it is the best piece will make it look like we are sucking up to him :p , but yeah, it's the best piece here and definitely very cool. Love it ...
  • 02:06 PM - I'm A Banana mentioned Klaus in post Lots Of Art (and some Warlock stuff)
    Woah. Let this post serve as my requisite "whine about how goofy tieflings look" post, and we can move on to the other stuff. ;) ALSO! Klaus . Holy smokes, dude. Wicked piece.

Friday, 4th July, 2014

  • 04:21 AM - pemerton mentioned Klaus in post Blog Post by Robert J. Schwalb
    Klaus and others: I think it's one thing to say "I enjoyed 2nd ed AD&D more than 3E or 4e." Even to say "And that's because I found the 2nd ed play more creative." But the post says: Clever play now occurs in isolation. The player earns the greatest reward not from having a good idea at the table or thinking to look behind the wardrobe and finding a magic item, but from the discovery of a winning combination of mechanics . . . The prize for being the best player goes not to the creative mind, the cunning tactician, the burgeoning actor, but to the best mathematician. That is not just talking about personal preferences and experiences. It's talking about other people, and generating implications about their roleplaying. It's not surprising that people who think it's an unfair description of their roleplaying are going to post comments - particularly when the remark comes from a prominent and respected designer.

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Friday, 11th May, 2018

Saturday, 5th March, 2016

  • 12:11 PM - CapnZapp quoted Klaus in post Just checking: Hordebreaker Ranger
    I'm guessing it's 1d6+Dex from hand crossbow, plus 1d6 to the target of a Hunter's Mark spell. Assuming all attacks hit, and Dex is maxed at 20, the character in the OP deals an average of 33 (11 + 11 + 11) to the main target, and 8 to the second target. With an attack bonus maxing at +13 to hit (+5 Dex, +6 prof, +2 Archery). Yes, Hunter's Mark. Again sorry. The +2 from Archery makes Sharpshooter even better than Great Weapon Mastery by the way, since it's effectively only -3/+10 rather than -5/+10. God knows what the designers were thinking...

Tuesday, 1st March, 2016

  • 10:43 AM - spectacle quoted Klaus in post Self Publishing: What's An Artist Worth?
    Just be sure the license of the stock art you purchase allows for that kind of intervention (most don't). That's just plain wrong. Stock art wouldn't be of much use for anyone if you weren't allowed to modify it to fit in your product.

Tuesday, 23rd February, 2016

  • 09:25 PM - Greg K quoted Klaus in post Self Publishing: What's An Artist Worth?
    But all of these numbers are examples of how to reach what consists a "fair" rate. Your teacher's suggestion of not working for less than US$10/hour is a good rule-of-thumb. That was nearly 20 years. $15-20/hr is probably a living wage these days,. However, the US now requires health insurance (or be fined) and freelancers need to factor in material costs and periods of no work (as do painters, plumbers, electricians, and mechanics). So, probably, the minimum should be $25-40/hr depending upon where one lives (maybe more). The $25-$40 above is also before sales tax. I am not a lawyer or accountant, but I have been told that in many US states, art work changing hands of ownership is subject to sales tax unless the purchase is for reproduction rights only (meaning the publisher only has use for a limited time and purpose and the artist maintains ownership and can sell the work again at a later time). Again, I am not a lawyer or accoutant, but a tax preparer told me that if I didn't c...

Monday, 4th January, 2016

  • 10:28 PM - DEFCON 1 quoted Klaus in post New Year Unearthed Arcana Brings Back Those Old 2E Kits
    Now THAT is an idea I can get fully behind. I was a fan of an early version of SD where the character could spend an action reassessing the battle, and recover 1 SD. Getting SDs from different actions (say, begin with 1, and build up your SD as you go) would be a very interesting notion! The Battlemaster begins with 3 (or 5, or 7) and recovers with rest. A Scout begins with 1, and gains 1 through movement (max 3, 5 or 7), while a Cavalier begins with 1, and gains 1 when facing a single enemy, or when charging a mounted opponent, etc (max 3, 5 or 7). Must still to be easy to track, though. Maybe "earn and expend"? Were it to be this way... the "earn and expend" format for Scouts and Cavaliers to gain and use SD... I definitely would then think you'd need to make sure the non-Maneuvers they spend them on are not comparatively so powerful to the ones the BM gets to have. Because (for example) I'd have to believe the Scout would earn (and then expend) SD from each of their movements per comb...
  • 10:10 PM - I'm A Banana quoted Klaus in post New Year Unearthed Arcana Brings Back Those Old 2E Kits
    Not that it would be wrong to have them as Maneuvers. But if you start having Maneuvers that got nothing to do with combat, why still calling it a BATTLEmaster? I'm personally inclined to believe that things that give a fighter more noncombat options tend to be positive additions - under that criteria, I don't see much reason to limit "use SD dice to enhance a skill" to particular subclasses and not allow a BM to get it. With relation to the Cavalier and Scout specifically, the FIRST ability of each is not combat-related, although it can be used in combat if needed. So it sounds better to me they are unique to these subclasses Yeah, I wouldn't propose those become manuevers, but by themselves, they aren't really enough to make a subclass feel distinct. Supported by better mechanics, maybe; or given to a feat, almost definitely. Now THAT is an idea I can get fully behind. I was a fan of an early version of SD where the character could spend an action reassessing the battle, ...
  • 08:44 PM - I'm A Banana quoted Klaus in post New Year Unearthed Arcana Brings Back Those Old 2E Kits
    The extra actions are big part of lots of classes, of varying origins (from bonus action spells to expending spells to convert points, to additional attacks from a Fighting Style, to more effects). But the Battlemaster's Superiority Dice arose as the most different, uniquely-5e aspect of the Fighter, something that arose from the first alpha playtest and remained until the final product. It is a new mechanic (as opposed to extra attacks, which were in previous editions, to one degree or another), and it managed to incorporate 4e's martial exploits into a new ruleset, without them feeling too similar to spells (thus avoiding the "all classes play the same" criticism 4e suffered). They're not an aspect of the Fighter, though, they're just an aspect of the Battle Master, and they're not an aspect of any other martial subclass. And now that we have it, I think a fighter subclass that wants to use SD needs to figure out how it is NOT a Battle Master. I'm not sure these do it. Their SD o...
  • 08:16 PM - I'm A Banana quoted Klaus in post New Year Unearthed Arcana Brings Back Those Old 2E Kits
    There's room for lots of types of BMs! I've had more than a few myself over the years. :) That's part of why the Scout and the Cavalier are having problems here I think! :) Everyone else who uses the BM manuevers is saying, in some way, "your BM CAN'T be this." Expanding the BM manuever suite is saying instead "BMs are a flexible subclass that lots of different characters can be." Not *everyone*, but the Superiority Dice is possibly the most iconic expression of "martial" power in this edition. I don't know that I'd totally agree with that. It's one subclass. I know spellcasting is pretty ubiquitous in 5e, but SD doesn't seem any more part and parcel of "martial power" in 5e than the Champion's improved crits or the assassin's Assassinate. From where I'm sitting, "action economy" is where martial classes dominate - through Extra Attacks, through Action Surge, through "bonus action actions" (from the monk and the rogue), characters that don't use spells tend to fit bigger ef...
  • 07:37 PM - I'm A Banana quoted Klaus in post New Year Unearthed Arcana Brings Back Those Old 2E Kits
    Y'know, I *like* that the Cavalier and Scout aren't 100% different from the Battlemaster. They're a play at a "fixed maneuver list" battlemaster, as it were: less flexibility, but going deeper into a given archetype. I'd prefer more novel mechanical expressions of these ideas. Let the BM be the BM. Not everyone should be a BM.

Sunday, 20th December, 2015

  • 09:21 PM - doctorbadwolf quoted Klaus in post Star Wars Spoilers Thread [Spoilers]
    She doesn't need to learn it from a wookiee, she could have been taught by someone else, like Max Von Sydow's character (whose voice we hear when we get the flashback of young Rey being left on Jakku). If she is Luke's daughter, and the Empire (and later the First Order) was actively hunting him, it'd make sense for him to leave her in the care of a trusted ally, with no knowledge of her real heritage, trusting that the Force would bring them together at some point. Hadn't thought of that. GOod point! I personally find that new is not a very major selling point, in and of itself. I think of it this way - we've each had many meals in our lives, many dishes. You've had lasagna before, you'll have it again. There's nothing *new* in lasagna. But, when someone hands you are really good plate of lasagna, that can be an excellent meal. Also, Star Wars has always been a cyclical epic saga. The story of how the new generation takes the torch from the old is going to have call backs to the story...

Wednesday, 25th November, 2015

  • 12:13 AM - Minigiant quoted Klaus in post 5th edition Ranger: Why does every class have to have it's own schtick?
    You'd still be free to choose whichever weapon you want, and the Fighting Style you want. These would just be additional benefits. I could just say that green dragons deal poison damage, but instead I'll say that Rangers are wilderness warriors, and there are hundreds of poisonous creatures out there. Not to mention bad water, poisonous plants, etc. All still apply, and this would be an *option* to the spellcasting ranger. Consider it a complexity dial: you can take the easy, pre-selected package, or go with the full, choose-your-own-spells version. More options than (pick one from each column): - Spellcasting or spell-less? - Two-weapon, Duelist, Defense or Archery? - Hunter (Colossus Slayer, Horde Breaker, Dragon Hunter) or Beastmaster? That's 2 x 4 x 4 = 32 options. It works as a prepackaged version. For a more customizable version. The better way for a martial ranger is to pick one of the more subtle spells of each level in the rangers repertoire an...

Tuesday, 24th November, 2015

  • 07:19 PM - Minigiant quoted Klaus in post 5th edition Ranger: Why does every class have to have it's own schtick?
    Hunter's Mark is closer to Hunter's Quarry in mechanics (assign it to a single opponent), and is available to all Rangers, while only the Colossus Slayer feature offers the extra damage we've come to associate with Favored Enemy. They're both there to fill the same space, but with different "opportunity" costs (a spell, or a feature). Getting at-will Hunter's Mark at level 2, advantage/resistance to poison at level 5 (= Protection from Poison), an "area" attack with bow/crossbow at level 9 (= Conjure Barrage), immunity to difficult terrain and movement-reducing spells (= Freedom of Movement) at level 13, and "two ranged attacks with bonus action" stance (= Swift Quiver) at level 17, is enough to fill out a "spell-less" Ranger's repertoire. And this can be summed up in a single sidebar. But half the rangers I saw in play or post were melee. And some were dragon hunters, they don't need poison resist. They need fear and Fire resist. Then there was the desert striders, the wild riders, ...
  • 06:37 PM - AaronOfBarbaria quoted Klaus in post 5th edition Ranger: Why does every class have to have it's own schtick?
    Hunter's Mark is there to fill up the space left from 1e/2e's bonus against giant-kind/evil humanoids, 3e's Favored Enemy, and 4e's Hunter's Quarry.I think that the Hunter's Prey feature is what is meant to cover those, and the hunter's mark spell is just gravy.

Monday, 23rd November, 2015

  • 12:09 PM - Minigiant quoted Klaus in post 5th edition Ranger: Why does every class have to have it's own schtick?
    I prefer the cunning like a fox robin. I do believe the the most recent robin I saw was the Nobel no magic variant was in 2010 by ridley Scott with Russ crowe No, I am not kidding. In many stories Robin was a noble and fought in the Crusades. He returns to find his family land stolen by Prince John. So at the start he is a fighter. Notice that I also said that I would create a subclass or multiclass him ( if I multiclass him it would be as a rogue or I might do a swashbuckler figher subclass). His fighting skill and how much he loses depends on the version you use as your source. Now, if I go with the versions where is not a noble and never fought in the Crusade, yeah, rogue all the way! Are you kidding? Rogue. All the way. Robin Hood stories are not about surviving the harsh wilderness or winning fights -- Sherwood comes across as almost ridiculously hospitable and he actually tends to lose fights. They're all about tricking the authorities and stealing stuff. While no...

Friday, 11th September, 2015

Tuesday, 21st July, 2015

  • 07:56 PM - Tony Vargas quoted Klaus in post The Legacy of the Fighter in 5 to 10 years
    Re: the generic feel of the fighter mentioned upthread, I think that's intentional as well, because unlike all the other classes that are pretty specialized archetypes, the fighter has to cover much more. Everything from the mercenary, to the soldier, to the brawler, to the samurai, to the knight, to the archer, etc etcYep, the fighter has more arechetypes to cover than any other class, and less to do it with. Arguably, the majority of heroic characters from fantasy, myth & legend, don't cast spells or have a lot of other supernatural abilities. 5e handles them with the Berserker (pretty specific), Rogue (the less prevalent 'trickster' sort of hero), or Fighter. D&D has two fighter archetypes, the hard-hitting Champion, and slightly nuanced hard-hitting Battlemaster, to cover all of them, with a lot of attacks/round, Second Wind, a handful of minor class features, and 18 maneuvers to try to cover all of 'em. So, yeah, necessarily pretty generic. If you look at the last three ed...

Monday, 20th July, 2015

  • 04:56 PM - Jester David quoted Klaus in post New WotC Layoffs?
    Only to a point. You'd be surprised at how much work WotC does even before outsourced studios enter the process. And the WotC art directors work throughout the process, guiding the outsourced studios and their artists. I'm sure they do. Especially with Sasquatch Games. But is it three people's worth of work? And once they get the look down and build style guides, it's easier. And, arguably, a lot of it could be done freelance. That's office space costs and benefit payments that go to profits.
  • 02:38 AM - Mistwell quoted Klaus in post The Legacy of the Fighter in 5 to 10 years
    But the self-healing can also be used outside of combat, adding that to the hp recovered by spending Hit Dice. Meh. And? It's still a paltry amount. At even mid levels, much less high levels, it's a rounding error.

Thursday, 2nd July, 2015

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