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    Thursday, 18th April, 2019, 06:46 PM
    Treantmonk's grid templates for dancing lights are incorrect. If you place a 10' radius AoE on the center of a grid square, it can only illuminate 9 squares (3x3), because every square beyond that distance has less than 50% coverage. In general, it's both more effective and easier...
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weekday evening game, various systems, almost always looking for 1-2 more players.


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weekday evening game, various systems, almost always looking for 1-2 more players.

Thursday, 18th April, 2019

Wednesday, 27th March, 2019

Thursday, 9th November, 2017

  • 07:02 PM - Mistwell mentioned Frankie1969 in post The State of D&D: Products, Psionics, Settings, & More
    I can think of a unique genre for Greyhawk that would work - Oldschool Adventuring. That would mean much more difficult natural healing rules, xp for gold, a lot more save or die elements to the game, followers, morale and loyalty rules, stronghold rules, a much wider and less balanced range of wandering monsters, etc.. Much like this thread by Frankie1969. They could even make it a lower magic setting. I think the look and feel of that type of setting and associated rules is as much a "genre" as any of the other genres mentioned by Mike Mearls during the panel.

Sunday, 5th November, 2017

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Tuesday, 11th September, 2018

  • 06:50 PM - hirou quoted Frankie1969 in post Any issues with rearranging these ZG chapters?
    That's a good point. I'm rearranging things so Borne isn't physically present, which also eliminates the problem of a partially magical construct (witchoil power) in the dead zone. It was my understanding that Borne is specifically partially powered by witch oil and not by usual golem means to be able to operate in the apex of the ritual, where all magic is going haywire, but a sturdly built machine will continue to function. Also I think Borne only properly enters the city (the true dead magic zone) when Arc of Reida starts to partially restore it to its former glory, i.e. to the time of magic functioning properly, but this may be head canon.

Thursday, 16th November, 2017

  • 08:41 AM - FlyingChihuahua quoted Frankie1969 in post High Level Zealot Barbarians Immortal?
    Aw yes, now I know for sure, my next character will be a Half-Elf Zealot. Party face barbarian and manic street preacher. "Hail and well met, new friends! Let us drink ale together and revel in the name of Ishtar. Oh, you haven't heard the good word of Our Lady of Love and War? That's no problem at all, here's some literature about her majestic strength and beauty. No? What did you just say? Oh, dear, that's too bad. If your ears aren't willing to receive Ishtar's blessing, then instead they'll get MY WAR AXE!!!" Consider that idea officially stolen. Thank you very much.

Monday, 13th November, 2017

  • 10:46 PM - BookBarbarian quoted Frankie1969 in post High Level Zealot Barbarians Immortal?
    Aw yes, now I know for sure, my next character will be a Half-Elf Zealot. Before they changed Elven accuracy to not work with Strength, this was my plan. Though his power was going to come from being cursed by a god(s), so he wasn't one to go about proselytizing.
  • 10:46 PM - Yardiff quoted Frankie1969 in post A Proper Ability Score Generation Preference Poll
    You're completely neglecting that stats worked differently in AD&D compared to 3E & later. An old-school 15 stat gave you a +1 modifier, which is what you get from a 12 in this millennium. A character with all 14s for stats would be terrible in AD&D, but in 5E that would be entirely playable, actually well above average after a couple ASIs in the primary stat. The shift in bonuses doesn't make that much of difference, earlier editions had lower overall numbers. HD max's were lower 9-11 HD, while now a days 20 is the usual max for HD. 20 dice of falling damage threatened most character with heavy damage or close to deadly damage, while now 20 dice is just hp tax. etc.. You believe an all 14 stat character is a good while I believe its barely fair and will require several ASI to only become a good character. As I've always said this is my opinion only.
  • 05:30 PM - Mephista quoted Frankie1969 in post High Level Zealot Barbarians Immortal?
    Except that HPs are not the only, or even most common, arbiter of death. Death saves are. So if you hit three failed death saves you're still dead. Immediately. Regardless if you were conscious or not at that time. The ability in question specifically says "However, if you would die due to failing death saving throws, you don’t die until your rage ends, and you die then only if you still have 0 hit points." You can't die until your Rages are used up, or you're knocked unconscious by other means. Wait, wait! This thread is all based on a misunderstanding. Persistent Rage Beginning at 15th level, your rage is so fierce that it ends early only if you fall unconscious or if you choose to end it. Emphasis added. The original 1 minute time limit on Rage still applies. Persistent only removes the "if you don't attack or take damage" part. And this is also true. You have, at most, 10 rounds before you die without healing magic. Strong, yes. Unbeatable? Not usually. The enemy has to t...

Wednesday, 8th November, 2017

Tuesday, 31st October, 2017

  • 10:06 PM - Blue quoted Frankie1969 in post Question about feats in 5e.
    It is not physically possible for a 14 year old to have run D&D games "for a very long time". Which one is true? Frankie, please no personal attacks. He may have been playing D&D longer as a percentage of his life than you or I, or not, but regardless let's focus on the merit of the ideas.
  • 03:03 PM - Li Shenron quoted Frankie1969 in post making 5E more "old school" (updated)
    Ability Scores: roll 4d6k3, max of 18 at 1st level (including racial That one doesn't sound very old school to me... Not sure what specific edition or playstyle you have in mind but I'd rather say "roll 3d6 ability scores, in order". Also no death saving throws, and bring back save-or-die and level drain, or it didn't happen.
  • 07:13 AM - ad_hoc quoted Frankie1969 in post making 5E more "old school" (updated)
    Ability Scores: roll 4d6k3, max of 18 at 1st level (including racial modifiers). You lost me.
  • 06:56 AM - extralead quoted Frankie1969 in post making 5E more "old school" (updated)
    Things I'm still thinking about: henchmen, retainers & followers. They were a big deal at some tables. Was just thinking about the topic and found this thread. Loyalty is covered in Tomb of Annihilation and in the 5e Dungeon Master's Guide, but nowhere to the degree it is covered in the 1e AD&D DMG. I was initially thinking of keeping the 5e system, but using all of the factors in 1e Loyalty to affect the numbers in 5e (translating the 1e percentage system to the x-to 20 5e system). Seems too-simple. I am definitely interested what others have to say on the matter. What I long for most: the 1e AD&D Bard. The intricate Non-lethal and Weaponless Combat Procedures. The Construction and Siege system and how everything in the 1e AD&D economy logically fit. What I like about 5e: Subclasses and Feats, especially how they integrate to the underlying Ability Score system. There is a ground truth in 5e that 1e could never muster. Well, except the economy funny enough. There is an ontologically-c...

Sunday, 29th October, 2017

  • 09:13 PM - jaelis quoted Frankie1969 in post making 5E more "old school" (updated)
    What else? Level caps? Way more weapon variations, and limited weapon proficiencies?
  • 05:32 PM - hejtmane quoted Frankie1969 in post making 5E more "old school" (updated)
    Over in the "What adventure are you playing?" poll thread, I started thinking about simulating older editions within 5E, so here's a first draft: Restrictions for 1E/2E: roll for stats. use XP. race/class options: Dwarf -1 Dex Elf -1 Con Gnome -1 Wis Halfling -1 Str Half-Elf -1 Cha standard Human Half-Orc -1 Wis Life Cleric Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Trickery Cleric (C/T) Y Y Y War Cleric (C/F) Y Y Y Y Arcana Cleric (C/M) limited Y Land Druid Y Y Champion Fighter Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Eldritch Knight (F/M) Y Y Devotion Paladin Y Hunter Ranger Y Y Y Thief Rogue Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Assassin Rogue Y Y Arcane Trickster (M/T) Y Y Y Wizard (school) Y Illusion Y Y Valor Bard Y Y Open Hand Monk Y Berserker Barbarian Y Battlerager Barbarian Y Thieves Tools are only for Rogue. Sleight of Hand is only for Rogue or Bard. Ranger must take Animal Handling. no Feats. Multiclassing: non-humans may alternate equa...

Saturday, 28th October, 2017

Monday, 23rd October, 2017

Sunday, 15th October, 2017

  • 06:30 PM - Blue quoted Frankie1969 in post [Guide] The Gentleman’s Guide to Proper Barbarism
    This guide is unfortunately out of date. Lots of new content since the initial PHB that isn't covered. This was rescued from the closing the the WotC forums and has no maintainer. If you look at the guide wiki stickied in the forum there are three other barbarian guides. We're always looking for more informed, passionate posters to replace the static and outdated guides with updated ones that include the newer options and will continue to grow as new information comes out. Maybe you want to step up to either help out an active guide or make a new one.

Saturday, 14th October, 2017

Wednesday, 20th September, 2017

  • 06:47 PM - ro quoted Frankie1969 in post PHB Feats taken - RESULTS
    p.s. if we rate thieves tools at 2 points along with skills, I'd argue that disguise kit is almost as useful, possibly also alchemist, herbalism, and poisoner, since they can craft things with significant adventuring utility. They're all more likely to matter than cobblers tools, chess, or flute proficiency. Good point. Clearly there are some tools that are generally useful, and others that are mostly useless. Maybe they could be grouped into "crafting tools" and "adventuring tools".
  • 05:30 PM - DeJoker quoted Frankie1969 in post PHB Feats taken - RESULTS
    Also agree that expertise is worth a point more than proficiency. Another factor to consider is thematic consistency. There should be a slight bonus when all of the features make good sense together, or equivalently a small penalty if the combination of benefits is an a la carte mishmosh. IMO, an ability point and three skills is too much value for a feat. Maybe if the skills and the stat all fit together perfectly, like +1 Wis, nature, animal handling, survival. Maybe. Now there is a solid point -- if you take a Feat you get the +1 Attribute and 2 Skill Proficiency governed by the attribute you selected.
  • 03:27 PM - ro quoted Frankie1969 in post PHB Feats taken - RESULTS
    After going through the thread, here's a fully generalized version of Skilled that subsumes Linguist, Weapon Master, and ordinary ASIs. TRAINED You gain any combination of the following benefits, adding up to 8 points: 4 points: Increase one ability score by 1, to a maximum of 20. 3 points: Gain expertise in a proficient skill. (You cannot select this benefit more than once.) 2 points: Gain proficiency in a skill. 1 point: Gain proficiency in a tool, language, or weapon. Personally I think Rogue level 6 is underpowered and should get another 2 points worth of stuff. I like this. It goes along the lines of my earlier post comparing Cleric domain features: It seems that class features are often roughly equivalent to feats. The Cleric domains seem well-balanced overall, and so using them for reference, in comparing Cleric domains, it seemed to me that 1st level features, excluding domain spells, are roughly designed on a 5-point scale. Some features are noticeably worse, but this se...

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