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Playing Out of the Abyss. About to start running an FFG Force and Destiny game.
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Friday, 26th October, 2018

  • 04:23 PM - hirou mentioned RangerWickett in post [Spoilers] Title Revealed When?
    While we're at this topic... RangerWickett do you have any "official" headcanon on what exactly he is? I understand that being mid-teleportation in the range of literal godsplosion tends to produce peculiar effects, but, knowing my players, they won't be satisfied with "he's just a ghost with some unique properties and Place_of_death=basically whole Lanjyr". Nothing about needlewire is stated in details, as far as I could find. And at one point, I believe, McBannin clearly states that "whatever that Nicodemus is, he is no ghost".

Friday, 12th October, 2018

  • 08:10 AM - gideonpepys mentioned RangerWickett in post [ZEITGEIST] The Continuing Adventures of Korrigan & Co.
    BTW, RangerWickett, what benefits, if any do you think this should accrue? I'm thinking very few until the end of the campaign (assuming Uru does not want to leave the unit and ensconce himself in the mountains straight away). But would he enjoy any of the benefits of nascent titanhood before that point, do you think? And if so what would that look like? (My first thoughts were maybe the extension of his 'city's whispers' powers to the mountains, for all the good that would do, and maybe a small, slow amount of regeneration? Also - I was thinking he might nab the incorporeal half of the Voice of Rot's portfolio, since that's theoretically up for grabs. Maybe that could come about as a result of events in adventure #11?)

Wednesday, 10th October, 2018

  • 06:33 PM - Lylandra mentioned RangerWickett in post Lylandra's War of the Burning Sky continued
    hm, I'd say we're in transition from adventure 7 to 8 as the war council happened before the Temple episode because some elf wanted to draw the Shahalesti away from Ycengled ASAP. But yeah, the story will continue :) next up will be some more visions and chaos and chaotic visions for which I accidentally dug up some of RangerWickett 's earliest posts in these forums.

Sunday, 30th September, 2018

  • 08:22 AM - gideonpepys mentioned RangerWickett in post Session 67, Part Two Bibulous! Miraculous! Lubricious!
    ... to wonder if it really was Triegenes who had answered his prayer, or if the power hadnt come from within. ) End of Session *4XP! Sufficient to pay for one permanent character advancement. DMs Notes If anyone is interested, I based the voice of the Father of Thunder on Bert, Maria Bamfords pug in the sitcom Lady Dynamite. Also we didnt actually play out the second combat in full, we just narrated it. Once the titan had had his effective level reduced, victory was a foregone conclusion (as the unit had almost won when he was at full strength). Thanks to the Blood of Ostea, character death was out of the question, so it seemed like an unnecessary slog to run the second fight once the group had established a firm plan (and worked out how to get themselves back to full health too). It still felt satisfying, because it wasn't hand-waved and everyone got to pitch in ideas as to how their character would contribute. PS. RangerWickett - What happens to the Great Hunt now? Do they show up again?

Saturday, 2nd June, 2018

  • 06:25 AM - gideonpepys mentioned RangerWickett in post [ZEITGEIST] The Continuing Adventures of Korrigan & Co.
    RangerWickett - Having given Catherine Romana several rounds to monologue, and taken a slow dash across the palace (plus a couple more rounds to grab magic items) the PCs are now way over the number of rounds required for the palace to fully transition. Cypher System has a different round structure to 4e, so the time passes more quickly (with less being achieved in a round) so I'm going to be more flexible, but I'm pretty sure that at least two lamps will still be active when my extended time-limit is reached. I can't find any reference to transition to and from the Bleak Gate in the event that that happens. I'm thinking my players will have enough resources and quick enough wits to come up with something acceptable. (Or maybe Lauren Cyneburg can come with something if they don't.) But what is the 'canon' solution to this, if any? When the time limit is reached, does the Ob respond by sending in more undead? I'm also fairly sure that Leon will cause the roof lamp to become co-termin...

Tuesday, 29th May, 2018

  • 06:41 PM - Tormyr mentioned RangerWickett in post Age of Worms Adventure Path
    This and Savage Tide are some of the best writing and adventure that has been produced. I want to convert Savage Tide but just havent gotten to it. I have not read Savage Tides, but Age of Worms was a lot of fun. I appreciated that it hit almost every major kind of monster (except maybe for goblins). Interesting that those were number 2 and 3 of Paizo's adventure paths IIRC. I will have to say though that the EN Publishing's adventures, namely those written/coordinated by RangerWickett (and a host of other great authors) are some of the most interesting adventures I have ever read. Zeitgeist and War of the Burning Sky aimed to be unique, and I think they both hit that target very well, making memorable adventures.

Thursday, 24th May, 2018

  • 08:44 PM - Tormyr mentioned RangerWickett in post Witness The Mighty And Terrible Face Of War In A World Of Magic!
    I think I saw someone tweaking it for FR and it was centered around Thay/Rashemen. However, I don't think it necessarily requires a parent setting as there is much established lore and regional history in the adventures and guides and the campaign is designed for level 3-20 anyway. What the adventure setting lacks though are distinct deities. Yeah, I added a sidebar regarding the lack of an established pantheon. The adventures and guides refer to deities by their domain. So a GM can choose a pantheon and then use an appropriate deity as necessary from the pantheon. EDIT: This was for those unfamiliar with the adventures and setting. I think @Lylandra 's knowledge of War of the Burning Sky might only be topped by @RangerWickett. ;)

Saturday, 12th May, 2018

  • 08:20 PM - Garthanos mentioned RangerWickett in post A gathering of Martial Controllers - what do you think
    This noble should be on the list.. I actually like RangerWickett ,proposal for these special plucky minion mods on that thread. I think the fanatic loyalist aspect, is what makes this retinue a special of the class and not just anyone convincing normal minions, who go down and or flee after an attack. The idea of using them to make those arrow barrage attacks that Tony has mentioned would be a good idea... but they could also enable your allies to gain flanking bonuses and other similar benefits. They might take a hit to enable you or an ally not to... this combined with RWs ideas of 4 states would allow you to then recover them after the fight.

Thursday, 10th May, 2018

  • 06:17 AM - gideonpepys mentioned RangerWickett in post [ZEITGEIST] The Continuing Adventures of Korrigan & Co.
    A few questions about the alterations the Ob ritual makes to the multiverse, RangerWickett: At the end of adventure #9 it explains that the Green Knight loses her powers because of a disconnect with the Dreaming. I wondered how this might impact on others, including the PCs. One of our characters, Leon is a Dreaming Warlock (and now a member of the Unseen Court). Half of his skill-set derives from his ability to 'awaken dreams'. How far should the changes that affect Dame Jillian affect him, do you think? Another character, Korrigan, is connected to all of the planes that previously governed Lanjyr. Would his powers vanish, change to connections with the new planes that replace the old, or remain the same? Whatever you think, I intend to implement only those ideas which make the game more fun, I'm not looking to nerf these players but challenge them. I just wanted to know what the intention was. Also, are the fey titans wholly in the real world during adventure 10? And how does Beshela get to Lanjyr (given how hard it was for the players)? Can she come ...

Monday, 23rd April, 2018

  • 12:46 AM - Tormyr mentioned RangerWickett in post Best Campaigns to convert into 5e? Suggestions Please!
    ...her, or any other game system is welcome; just not looking for the current WOTC hardbacks. Here is one: Red Hand of Doom, from the 3.5 era of D&D. Great long adventure, epic fights in each portion, memorable opponents, a grand story to stop a hobgoblin army. I converted this to 5E and my players had a blast. Highly recommend! War of the Burning Sky is coming out for 5e. Chapter 1, the campaign guide, and the player's guide are in final review and layout to be released on DriveThruRPG and Roll20. WotBS examines war in a world infused with magic. It provides a core framework entwining multiple plot threads with a rich backstory to anchor PCs in the world and inform the running of NPCs. There is a core adventure path that runs directly from levels 3-20 while leaving enough room for the DM and players to take it in different directions. There are several big battles, but instead of turning into a wargame, the PCs embark on key missions to influence the battle to success or failure. RangerWickett was the campaign manager for both this and Zeitgeist (and wrote several chapters of each) and did a great job on both adventure paths. It includes chapters written by: Jacob Driscoll Wil Upchurch Wolfgang Baur Andrew Kenrick Jeremy Anderson Ari Marmell Ken Marable Shane O'Connor I do not know every adventure path out there, but I think this may be the closest a DM can get to a Record of Lodoss War​ style campaign in a prepackaged adventure path. For further information: You can also follow my campaign which is only a couple of sessions in: @Lylandra is running the 3.5 (or 4e?) version, is over halfway through, provides exceptional session writeups, and is reviewing the 5e product before it goes to publication.

Monday, 9th April, 2018

  • 11:32 PM - Lylandra mentioned RangerWickett in post The last Taranesti of Ycengled
    oops, seems like I forgot to complete my half-finished post! Thanks, RangerWickett and Cuin, for reminding me that I kind of neglected my WotBS post in favour of my Zeitgeist recap translations ;) Don't worry, I'm still on it and there's definitely more crazy stuff coming in adventure 7. And yes, this adventure is perfect for my group, especially Cuin'halar. There's so much you can do and expand upon once you got a PC who's got his own history with a place or a people. --- Fayne leads the trio on the long way through Ycengled towards the big Shahalesti encampment in the southernmost part of the forest. At first, she seems to be a bit dismayed at their slow pace as especially Torrent and her heavy armor keeps the ranger from taking shortcuts through the undergrowth. Also, dragging the captured Shalalesti soldiers with them takes time as well. Once they arrive near the camp, Tinuviel and Fayne scout ahead and find lots and lots of guards and patrols. Unfortunately, these Shahalesti know how to build an easily defensible base and once the two scouts retur...

Tuesday, 30th January, 2018

Thursday, 11th January, 2018

  • 04:15 PM - Obryn mentioned RangerWickett in post That's a wrap! Finished our Zeitgeist 4e campaign last night!
    ...scale. ;) Here's my spoiler-tastic roundup. NOTE: If you are on Tapatalk, sblock doesn't work. so... !!!!SPOILERS AHEAD!!!! After a while of figuring out the rules of the final ritual, and after taking out the Revolution zeppelin, the party made everything happen basically at once. The first key tonight was convincing Borne to back out of the conflict by revealing how Nicodemus arranged the death of Kasvarina's daughter. Rina was already completely on the party's side from Adventure 8, but this was the final straw. Most of the rest of the party finished up putting their desired planes into the various columns, and the Redemption and Completion endings hit simultaneously. William Miller (the one from Ascetia) possessed Nicodemus right before the party finished closing the seal. They let Kasvarina deal the finishing blow, and there was sunrise. We've immortalized the setup, and it's hanging up for the immediate future... (please ignore my unfinished basement walls!) RangerWickett - thanks for the .tiff; it was just what I needed to print this giant, gorgeous map. The planar configuration they selected was as follows. They cheated and gave the world a 2nd moon, so two planes occupy Life - Av and Iratha Ket. FIRE/JIESE AIR/CAELOON LIFE/AV and IRATHA KET. WATER/MAVISHA EARTH/DUNKELWEISS SPACE/APET TIME/ASCETIA DEATH/AMROU They also managed to resurrect all of the Eladrin women who died in the Malice, so that was kind of cool too. I am looking forward to making a new campaign set, say, 75 or so years in the future. It will be more industrialized than everything is currently; Iratha Ket will add some fun, and I'm thinking there'll be some massive criminal organization that controls all the booze - it's such a benefit, now, that enterprising people may want to lock it down.
  • 10:42 AM - gideonpepys mentioned RangerWickett in post [ZEITGEIST] The Continuing Adventures of Korrigan & Co. hadn't prepared for the full implications of this (low magic; enemy Empire). But that worked out nicely because the players were nervous, so it felt very much like they'd pulled a fast one when they extracted events from under the Danoran's noses. Crissillyiri locations are problematic too: bringing an eladrin matriarch into the heart of the clergy nation feels like it should be dodgier than the text implies. (Again, Leon's ability to teleport at will should smoothe things over for my lot, but other parties may get into trouble if the DM runs the authorities reactions harshly.) Also, the adventure can turn into a lot of exposition if you're not careful. I thought I would break it up with Uriel's memory events, but that just doubled the problem! Fortunately, my players are invested enough to enjoy it, or polite enough to pretend to. But I think I should have thought of more ways to disrupt the memory events and make the whole thing seem more fraught and time-sensitive. RangerWickett - Another minor 'problem' I have is that I quit playing the campaign after the drafts of these adventures came out, and didn't read the final adventures until recently. Does it make too much difference if Nicodemus plans to visit Odiem from the outset, as he does in the draft? I like the idea that he is always trying to cut the Gordian Knot with outlandish solutions, not just suing for peace, but as you made the changes, I thought I'd check there wasn't some implication I had missed. In my planned version, he needs Kasvarina to get past the clergy wards on the vault, and to take word of their success to eladrin leadership (from whom he has extracted a promise not to destroy Crisillyir when the clergy armies fall).

Wednesday, 13th December, 2017

  • 02:25 PM - Tormyr mentioned RangerWickett in post Setting Party level vs an Ancient Red Dragon
    I have never in all my many, many years of GMing used an "average" damage roll. The swinginess of the dice are one of my favorite things about D&D. On another note: I am starting to put together what the city lair environment is going to look like. A little digging shows that there does not seem to be much support for fiery hellscapes in the DMG. Even the section of the Elemental Plane of Fire is not especially helpful. The PCs are going to have to explore a little, and even during what i expect to be a long, extended encounter with lots of movement and breaking off they might run into various hazards and uncomfortable situations. Any recommendations on resources for building the fiery, volcanic city ruins? I seem to recall that RangerWickett had been working on ideas for a ruined city recently. Then you just add fire. (tm) Mostly in these environments I periodically have PCs roll Strength saving throws to fight against being moved around the terrain, Dexterity saving throws to avoid bursts of fire, and Constitution saving throws to avoid taking a level of exhaustion (disadvantage for heavy armor).

Monday, 13th November, 2017

Wednesday, 8th November, 2017

  • 05:39 PM - gideonpepys mentioned RangerWickett in post Session 30, Part One - Raiders of the Lost Arc ellicit further input from our illustrious Adventure Path Director, if possible. Needless to say, I was not expecting Leon to make a date with Benedict Pemberton. I have all sorts of ideas about how to play that out, but wondered what you think Pemberton would do, bearing in mind that in my campaign he hates the Ob more than he hates the PCs (but that they did thwart him in adventure 6, so they're hardly best of friends). If it helps, I don't really need Pemberton to show up on Odiem as I intend to have Ottavia Sacerdote disrupt that memory event instead. My initial thought was to have Pemberton play his cards close to his chest, and try to pump the PCs for information, while simultaneously revealing that Macbannin used him as 'back up' during Schism - plugged his head in and told him everything, just in case the PCs didn't make it. (To explain how he managed to figure things out even though his duplicant was exposed.) I'd be very grateful for any additional ideas, please, @RangerWickett.

Saturday, 4th November, 2017

  • 10:37 PM - gideonpepys mentioned RangerWickett in post [ZEITGEIST] The Continuing Adventures of Korrigan & Co.
    ...ent death throes had subsided they saw two small, bright, white flames lingering where the demons had fallen. Cautiously and curiously, Leon approached and found he could cup the cold flames in his hands. Bringing them together caused the vision to vanish, and they found themselves in a bare stone room with a washing basin and clean robes fitted perfectly for them. The fog at the doorway had vanished. They took some time to rest and heal up. Korrigan using his hurtloam-infused hands to soothe their burns. As this was easiest if they stripped off their armour, they decided to don the robes and bathe in the washing basin. The water blushed with dirt and blood from their hands and faces, but clarified almost at once. Uru took full advantage and, wearing only his bespoke robe, clambered into the basin and washed his entire body thoroughly. Despite the magically purified water, no one else used the bowl after that. End of Session Bit of advice for our next session, please, RangerWickett. I'm not sure I understand the Lance of Triegenes map properly - or if I do understand it, how it works tactically in the final battle of the adventure and the Vision of the Near Future. Is the whole central section 'covered'? If so, how high is the chamber? Is the entire central section - the black section - solid? How high does it go? How tall is the 'lance'? In the Vision encounter, it describes a shadowy figure in the centre of the chamber. If the middle is solid, where is the centre, or do you just mean inside? Are the Tragedies supposed to fly in and out of the chamber through the walls? In the final encounter, how does Borne affect the combat? Only on the outer platforms? Or can he attack PCs in the central chamber? In short, I don't get how the set-up of the map - as I am interpreting it - is supposed to work. PS. That's a real weakness of mine generally - and probably why I need to beef up most encounters!

Thursday, 2nd November, 2017

  • 05:51 AM - Wulffolk mentioned RangerWickett in post Dilemmas and decisions - an experiment in melee combat choices
    RangerWickett I think I would prefer Stances a little more than what you had initially posted. However, I had begun a thread a short time ago exploring the possibility of damage dice being based on the Hit Dice of a particular Class, and the weapons having specific riders that could be applied as tactical choices. Maybe a combination of Stances with weapon riders would offer a decent level of tactical choices without too much complexity. I like your intent, and completely agree that D&D needs more tactical choices to make combat interesting.

Thursday, 26th October, 2017

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Thursday, 6th December, 2018

  • 10:07 AM - Imaculata quoted RangerWickett in post Rate the Star Wars Movies
    The Force Awakens is better than original Star Wars. I mean, it's the same as original Star Wars, but with better acting and choreography, more emotion, arguably better music. The only thing it really lacks is an extra scene or two with Poe so we're more invested in his run on Starkiller at the end, and a bit more context and worldbuilding about why the First Order was opposed to the Republic. Yeah, I feel like I half-agree. Of course... yes, it copies the original Star Wars, yet it also has a more diverse cast, a villain with more depth, and an unexpected twist at the end. It does a lot of things better than the original Star Wars. However, apart from Rey's Theme I feel most of the music is forgettable (the Last Jedi's music is much better). I also feel the attack on the Starkiller Base feels incredibly tacked on. It did not invoke nearly the same excitement as the Deathstar Run. But I do like the world building. There's a lot to like about TFA. However, my appreciation of TFA has gone down sligh...

Wednesday, 28th November, 2018

  • 10:55 AM - gideonpepys quoted RangerWickett in post [ZEITGEIST] The Continuing Adventures of Korrigan & Co.
    Did Gupta get ruby slippers? Or just some casual loafers?[/url] They have been blessed by Adimel for comfort and ease of movement. But they look like normal shoes. Nice ones, mind, but not ruby or glass or anything. Hearing the parts about the Deep Ones is always interesting because I don't know what to expect, and I'm curious how you'll tie it into the published parts of the campaign.[/url] Leon's story (in my next few posts) reveals the direction I'm taking. But there are even bigger revelations about another subplot. Tying all the loose ends together for a straight run to the finish! I assume you know what musical selection I have in mind? I did not know that, but now I do. Useful, as I planned to have a musical theme for each of the acts of adventure #11, and wasn't sure what to choose for Act 2.

Friday, 16th November, 2018

  • 12:48 PM - gideonpepys quoted RangerWickett in post [ZEITGEIST] The Continuing Adventures of Korrigan & Co.
    *sheepish* The XP is just to let you know I'm reading and eager to hear about your group's exploits. I'm very grateful. I don't want to be an Enchanter forever! My point was intended to be self-deprecating. Re: Question 2, a wizard did it. It's like defending some VIPs with security guards. It's not hard if you have the manpower, but you don't have enough manpower to protect everyone the same way. So the nation of Risur could duplicate the precautions, but only in small, confined areas.
  • 09:57 AM - gideonpepys quoted RangerWickett in post [ZEITGEIST] The Continuing Adventures of Korrigan & Co.
    I'm curious, how did the group deal with being mostly bystanders in this scene? It was a challenge to come up with a way to present all the information in a way that wasn't just a report from spies or something. First of all, it's very kind of you to give me XP for cutting and pasting your own words from the adventure (although I did have to painstakingly change the tense from present to past). There's more of the same in the next report! I guess that speaks to the passive nature of this scene. I was very much aware that the players wouldn't get that much chance to act, which is why I devoted the first half of the session to downtime. They had lots of time to stretch their legs before entering the vehicle! Another thing that worked in our favour: only 4 out of 7 players were present, so there were fewer egos jockeying for Brakken's headspace! My players are also very much invested in the story, and enjoy watching it develop. I made sure to keep things moving, with conversations interrupted j...

Wednesday, 14th November, 2018

  • 06:40 PM - steeldragons quoted RangerWickett in post Why is Plane Shift Clr 5, Sor/Wiz 7?
    Teleport, a 5th level wizard spell, cannot be used offensively. Planeshift, a 5th level cleric spell, can be, if you send someone to the plane of fire. I'm curious if anyone here has any insight as to why clerics, who never get teleport except for the odd domain, get to travel to different planes more easily than sorcerers and wizards. "Insight?" Not per se. My guess would be (and personal rationale has always been) because Clerics are the "dealing with other planes" guys, in general. Their whole magic shtick is about contacting/receiving power from other (generally, the "higher" or "lower") planes. Makes sense Clerics get plane shift a little earlier. And, as you noted, the arcane "teleport" is a 5th level spell. So wizards are getting their "bop around at will" thing at the same level. It's just different/more difficult for them to get to another plane...and it's more "difficult" for clerics to get from one place to another on their plane. Recall, also, that Clerics get "Word of Reca...

Saturday, 10th November, 2018

Monday, 29th October, 2018

  • 01:12 PM - Tizbiz quoted RangerWickett in post Tizbiz Zeitgeist Campaign
    Ack, the mayor! I was trying to add some sense of danger. Auryn was handling the colossus like you would a handle naughty toddler or a playful puppy and some scenes got to serene. I believe i said Borne destroyed the mayor's residence and somehow the players believed the mayor was killed and as it suited the mood i did not object. The mayor was never a well liked NPC anyways.

Thursday, 18th October, 2018

Friday, 12th October, 2018

  • 08:00 PM - Tizbiz quoted RangerWickett in post Reoccuring Vilians ?
    Options. 1. Somebody resurrects him. Could be a friend, ally, family member (whom you would then want to involve in the story somehow, at least briefly, maybe in the investigation during Alais Primos). Resurrection is out of style of the Ob, since Nicodemus prefers having loyal ghosts. He is a man of great style. Wine and Cheese! Combining the two Ideas ... *working und thinking* Wine and women!!! Such a refined man has a lady that would die to have him notice her and do anything to get him back. She could be a relative or some sort of past lover and the mindmaker remembered Leone speaking of her as his last ditch escape or security measure? She might watch over a clone of Leone or pay, seduce, blackmail someone to resurrect Leone. Romance would be great to get Auryn involved emotionally and even Carlyle has had his past experience with love and regret. Thank you for the input!
  • 07:35 PM - gideonpepys quoted RangerWickett in post [ZEITGEIST] The Continuing Adventures of Korrigan & Co.
    I'm not sure incorporeality fits the idea of mountains (which I see as pretty solid), unless you want Uru to redefine the mythic undertones of mountains in Risur. Maybe make them far spookier, fog-shrouded, perhaps even shifting locations. That is exactly what I was thinking - a redefinition. Especially the underground parts. As for personal benefits, well, he's got to get bigger eventually. Though I would appreciate the irony of some future generation discovering the fey titan of the mountains is just a normal sized guy in a giant mecha suit woven out of caveshadow and all the mined metal ever abandoned and lost. Fabulous idea. Thanks!
  • 04:47 AM - gideonpepys quoted RangerWickett in post [ZEITGEIST] The Continuing Adventures of Korrigan & Co. (Uru's theme.)

Thursday, 11th October, 2018

  • 08:09 PM - gideonpepys quoted RangerWickett in post [ZEITGEIST] The Continuing Adventures of Korrigan & Co.
    Awesome demise! It really was. And it was one of those moments when random events, dictated by dice rolls, end up tying the story up with a neat little bow, as if they had been planned all along. The victory was all the more sweet because it was hard-earned too. It really did look like the group would have to surrender, flee or die; then suddenly, everything went in their favour for a couple of rounds, enough for them to swing it. Granny's curses were terrifying for a high-level group. This was one of the closest run things we've seen for a very long while. Also, it's a good job I have a habit of reading ahead, because there's a little tidbit of information in adventure #13 about what happens in the event of the death of the Voice of Rot, which I think applies equally well right here. ...

Thursday, 27th September, 2018

  • 08:55 PM - S'mon quoted RangerWickett in post How gonzo will you roll with?
    A friend of mine made a PC named Zardoz Darkhuman, figuring that if there are dark elves, there must be dark humans too. Maybe Humans are just Dark Halflings?

Sunday, 23rd September, 2018

  • 09:26 AM - Plutancatty quoted RangerWickett in post Yar! Would'n ye be in'ersted in nautical and sailing rules fer D&D 5E?
    So, in today's Dragon Talk, there is a Lore You Should Know where Perkins talks about a vampire named Artor Morlin: apparently, he was going to appear in Dragon Heist but got cut, has some small role in Dungeon of the Mad Mage, and has plans "which will be revealed soon-ish." Could be that he has a role to play in the next AP, based on what Perkins was laying down: not sure what that might mean. ...Irrelevant? I be tryin' to convince morrus to hoist the Jolly Roger and publish me rules for naval adventures for D&D 5E: Vessels & Voyagers. But me Admiral tells me, "Wickett, there be no way it sell enough t'warrant the cost." I wrote eight thousand words what any scalawag could use to set their course to high seas adventure. But I been done in by foul weather and fierce tides, for it seem I not be an auspicious investment. Now, it's like I have a treasure map to fabulous booty, but no crew to go and dig it up. Aye, there be plenty of folks subscribed to EN5ider on Patreon, for each month it prov...

Monday, 17th September, 2018

  • 09:36 AM - gideonpepys quoted RangerWickett in post [ZEITGEIST] The Continuing Adventures of Korrigan & Co.
    Okay, that's a weird frikkin' song. Screamin' Jay Hawkins was a very weird guy. (Or at least, he pretended to be.) Also, teaboarding is *horrific*! Holy cripes. Yes. It was all the more horrific when accompanied with gargling sound effects. Sound effects also accompanied the trepanning too. It's also worth noting that if anyone was in love with that salamander, they would now have fallen out of love with it, thanks to the effects of the cursed tea.

Saturday, 15th September, 2018

  • 08:43 PM - Karma Kollapse quoted RangerWickett in post [SPOILERS] Expedition to the [REDACTED].
    I believe adventure three was where the 'dark creepers' first showed up. There's a few that show up in adventure #2 working with Cillian Creed + Leone Quital, too. It was an odd thread that I realised never got explained, at the time they just felt like another Bleak Gate Twin Peaks reference. Players haven't really mentioned them but I might have Grappa mention they are a native people as you say... either subdued or inspired to work with the Obscurati. Maybe they think of them as liberators who will take them and Borne into the Dreaming in hopes of a better life? If the Bleak gate has a more abandoned city feel... maybe some sort of indication that it is mirroing Flint's construction? Maybe an abandoned building being built seemingly by no-one because it's real life mirror is being constructed at the same time?

Friday, 14th September, 2018

  • 01:32 PM - gideonpepys quoted RangerWickett in post [ZEITGEIST] The Continuing Adventures of Korrigan & Co.
    Uru is as always a gem. Agreed. There's some funny stuff in the next session report too, but it won't be the same as it was at the table, without the actions and sound effects. I'm intrigued by what you'll do with the aboleth here. Yes, I'm having fun stringing these early story-lines out into epic tier. I'm trying to do so in a way that doesn't intrude on the main adventure path too much, because we have such a lot to cover already! (Timing is a bit of an issue because, before the idea of returning to Zeitgeist was mooted, we signed up to the Invisible Sun Directed Campaign, which we have to at least start by July 2019. That will run for a year. I very much doubt we'll have Zeitgeist finished by then, but I'm hoping to leave us with just one adventure left. Depending on where we get to, we might play out the heavenly hex-crawl over the course of many months - simultaneous to Invisible Sun - to give it that truly epic, lengthy feel.) Oh, and of course I'm pleased to have a sufficiently t...

Tuesday, 28th August, 2018

  • 01:55 AM - Adslahnit quoted RangerWickett in post 4e monsters and NPCs mysteriously missing hit points?
    My experience, and advice I got from other GMs, was that fights in 4e take a smidge too long. MM1 stats for monsters had them not doing enough damage, and having too many hit points, so fights were like having people in those inflatable sumo costumes bouncing off each other. I think starting around adventure 4 we began reducing enemy HP and slightly upgunning their damage or attack bonuses. Mind you, it was, like, 4 or 5 years ago, so my recollection is fuzzy. Is this actually the case though? Looking at Rufus Hammerton, for example, he is a level 9 standard brute, which means that his at-will attacks should be dealing an average of 17 1.25 = 21.25 damage, yet he deals only 20.5 average damage on at-will attack. That is unimpressive, seeing how he is missing 20 hit points. The Kell-guild technologists are level 8 standard controllers who deal 16 average damage on an at-will attack, which is compliant with Monster Manual 3 math, and yet they are missing 20 hit points.

Saturday, 25th August, 2018

  • 01:40 AM - jeffh quoted RangerWickett in post onamdammin's stat block...
    I just grabbed a generic-ish CR 20 warrior type stat block, because the staging for that fight says that's his CR, and ad libbed minor spellcasting abilities because it mentioned him having a wand. With the benefit of hindsight, he's almost certainly too weak to be a threat at the level the party would face him. That's a problem with a LOT of encounters at that stage, he's almost the least of them. How exactly are the monks in that encounter even supposed to HIT? I'm using the plot and maps and redoing all the combat encounters on the fly. But I still like to have the original intended stat blocks to use as starting points.

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