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    Wednesday, 17th October, 2018, 07:13 AM
    Indeed. The DM's Guild keeps surprising me by releasing things I wasn't expecting to ever see in digital format. This is a good thing!
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51 years old, 4E Eberron and RPGA player and DM. Have an Eberron home game I run.
91 Sunrise Drive, Pottstown, PA 19464-5017
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Over 40
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Pottstown, PA
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An Eberron campaign using the Wizards Adventures
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Mike Mearls on how 4E could have looked Wednesday, 7th November, 2018 03:27 PM


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My Game Details
Pottstown, PA
Game Details:
An Eberron campaign using the Wizards Adventures
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Wednesday, 7th November, 2018

  • 03:43 PM - Jester David quoted benensky in post Mike Mearls on how 4E could have looked
    Good point. and why beat a dead horse. Everyone knows he did not like 4E, why can't he let it go. He created his edition. Why isn't he happy with that? 1) When did he EVER say he didn't like 4e? He worked on 4e for the entire lifespan of the edition and is credited with over a dozen 4e products, including the very first one: Keep on the Shadowfell. 2) He was answering a direct question. While he worked on 4e, he wasn't the designer of the ruleset. Someone asked him what he would have done differently. He replied. 3) I'm sure he is happy with his edition... to an extent. He's a creator. Creators are inherently unhappy with their creations, only seeing the flaws and stuff they didn't have time to fix, the problems they missed, and stuff they came up with better ideals for later. Plus... creators like to create. He's not creating anymore, having "finished" 5e. Someone asked him a creative question. That's mental catnip...
  • 03:34 PM - Imaro quoted benensky in post Mike Mearls on how 4E could have looked
    Good point. and why beat a dead horse. Everyone knows he did not like 4E, why can't he let it go. He created his edition. Why isn't he happy with that? Wasn't he answering a question posed by someone else?

Friday, 6th May, 2016

  • 01:42 AM - Rich Baker quoted benensky in post AMA: Richard Baker, author of lots of stuff!
    Rich, Also a Phillies Fan so you were my favorite WoC employee and now are my favorite ex-WoC employee. Will Sasquatch Games have a booth at Gen Con? Will you be there? If so, will you post your schedule at the booth on the Sasquatch site when you know it? I would like to get my 5E Primeval Thule Setting Book signed and talk to you about it. I was glad to be in on the 5E Primeval Thule Kickstarter and the more I look it over the campaign setting the more I like it. I am thinking of running it in the future. I was glad to hear you have more adventures and a Kickstarter coming up. Hope it is available at the booth if you have one at Gen Con. I f you plan to have a seminar there would you give me a heads up so I can schedule it on the 15th? Finally, if you plan to be at Gen Con do you want me to bring along some Philly/South Jersey stuff for you like Fralinger's Saltwater Taffies, Tastykakes or a Phillies cap? Nice to meet another Phillies fan! Yes, we will be at GenCon. We're in Booth 6...

Friday, 29th January, 2016

  • 12:23 AM - n0nym quoted benensky in post Roll20 Updates To The D&D 5E SRD
    I am registered with Roll 20 and not part of any games. How do I access the 5e character sheet? It seems interesting and I wanted to play with the character sheet, but for the life of me I do not know how to get to it. Create your own game, select the "journal" tab and click "add : character". The character sheet needs some improvements though, because right now it's not as good as the community-made one. But it seems to me that they're not finished with it, so I'll hold on my critics for now !

Tuesday, 5th January, 2016

  • 05:11 AM - Sword of Spirit quoted benensky in post New Year Unearthed Arcana Brings Back Those Old 2E Kits
    Why would they pick the Scout kit to revamp rather than an other? Wasn't there a discussion involving Mike M. discussing how to make the ranger more distinctive? I believe the WoC D&D team wanted to do things to promote the Ranger's specialty. Then, here the scout is introduced. This seems to intrude into Ranger's unique qualities. In fact, it looks like the scout/fighter is given a Ranger class feature. I think the reasoning behind it is that there are people who want a ranger without magic, and people who don't. With the except of 4e (and every edition has its own weird exceptions) ranger has been a magical class. D&D ranger = magical ranger. Say it with me everyone. But some people don't want a D&D ranger, they want a wilderness warrior or wilderness rogue. Okay, no reason not to you let have that. Hence, the Scout. Whether or not the Scout ends up meeting the needs of those who want it, Mike Mearls did indicate months ago that he thinks coming up with something like that (an non-ma...

Wednesday, 2nd September, 2015

Monday, 27th July, 2015

  • 10:39 PM - chibi graz'zt quoted benensky in post RAGE OF DEMONS Minis From WizKids
    Thanks for these pictures. Where were they taken? Your welcome! I took these at San Diego Comic Con. Wizkids always previews their upcomming line of products at their booth, including the new prototypes for all their table-top minis, including Pathfinder. I dont follow PF, so I focused on taking pics of the D&D ones, which, gotta say, that beholder is freakin AMAZING!!

Friday, 24th July, 2015

  • 12:11 AM - Jester David quoted benensky in post Who Makes WotC's Adventures?
    For what it is worth, this may help people understand the process between Sasquatch and WoC you can listen to this Tome Show Podcast: The WoC & Sasquatch part is between Minutes 29:50 & 36:00 Thanks, I was looking for that. I hope Mistwell gives it a listen too.

Monday, 20th July, 2015

  • 06:57 PM - Morrus quoted benensky in post The City Under the Mountain - A D&D 5E Adventure!
    I think this is a good deal. 220 pages of original content for $17.00. That is why I let Morris know about this. Sorry! Forgot to thank you in the post. I'll add it in now; but you have to promise to stop calling me "Morris". :) I think we've given him his biggest day yet, according to Kickstraq.

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