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News Digest: John Wick Presents Layoffs, Big D&D Releases Finally Out, Pathfinder Playtest Updates, Fantasy Flight Games Recalls Offensive Products, and more! Saturday, 10th November, 2018 04:13 AM


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Sunday, 3rd June, 2018

  • 03:26 AM - Mouseferatu mentioned Abstruse in post The Next Dungeons & Dragons Storyline Will Be...
    WotC was very clear about what hour of what day the new book would be announced and made no further promises. This entire event was set up to disseminate infirmation. Does being press make you believe you are entitled to more information sooner than the rest of us? Or course WotC teased you the way they did. You basically asked if the final day was worth warching. Were they supposed to say 'No? " You know, given that Abstruse busts his ass for this site--hunting down stories, collating information, and writing it all up every week, plus trying to stay on top of big stories like this one--and given that WotC won't allow ENWorld access to advance info due to leaks that weren't ENWorld's fault, while still giving advanced access to other sites that have leaked info early--I think you can back the hell off and just say "Thank you for trying, I'm sorry your time was wasted."

Thursday, 22nd February, 2018

Thursday, 8th February, 2018

Saturday, 28th October, 2017

  • 07:42 AM - Mouseferatu mentioned Abstruse in post News Digest: PaizoCon Harassment, Dungeon Tiles Reincarnated, WizKids and Warhammer 40K, Fantasy Flight Interactive, and more!
    Could you maybe steer clear of the controversial news that your not 100% sure about. Recently the F-up with the Tom Vassel business and now with the Bill Web stuff. Stick with rehashing press releases, because investigative journalism isn't your best feat (or as powerful as it was in 3rd Edition ;-)... I am not Abstruse, but I know him outside of his position as a columnist here at ENWorld, and I can 100% assure you that he will never, ever stop posting about, or calling people out for, sexual harassment, abuse, or assault in the industry. He will report what he's learned, and he will correct as new information comes to him, as he should. But stop reporting it? Never. Nor should he.

Thursday, 24th August, 2017

  • 04:50 PM - LordEntrails mentioned Abstruse in post News Digest: Gen Con, ENnies, Diana Jones, Star Wars, Starfinder, and more!
    ...n June. Spiel des Jahres is a closed selection process for the jurors, but their names and identities are publicly known. As for what criteria they use. Ah, basically anything that they want. After several sentences, they come down and say this; The precise interpretation of ‘excellence in gaming’ is left to the discretion of the individual judges I mean, "industry insiders patting each other on the back" is pretty much the definition of an award regardless of the medium the award is for. This may often be true. But not all awards are this. Some are popularity contests open to the public. But credibility is not something an awards group can just grant themselves. And it is near impossible when they are secretive in both who they are and how they make their selection(s). If they were credible, then other sources besides themselves would actually cite them as credible. Where are those links? (So far, this question which is probably the most important has simple been ignored.) @Abstruse, note these questions or comments of mine are not meant to question your article. It is straight forward news (and I appreciate it, including this topic and others). I'm just trying to understand what the credibility of the DJA is.

Saturday, 12th July, 2014

  • 04:01 AM - pemerton mentioned Abstruse in post Will there be a 4.75 a la Pathfinder?
    I'm not 100% sure what you mean by "as an item" as that is not a phrase I'm familiar with as a legal term of art.It's not a legal term of art. "As a good offered for sale" is not really a legal term of art either, but would do as a synonym for "as an item". Restricting myself to federal law, trade dress is protected by §43(a) of the Lanham Act. (15 USC §1125 see also Two Pesos, Inc. v. Taco Cabana, Inc., 505 US 763)I think there are going to be complexities in comparing trade dress of a restaurant (or other commercial service provision, like M:tG online mentioned upthread by Abstruse) and trademarks and trade dress of goods. For instance, if a book or magazine is sold solely in shrink wrap, then it seems to me that that must suggest limitations on the extent to which material that appears only on the interior of the book can constitute trade dress or trademarks belonging to the publisher. At a certain point, such material cannot play a role in consumers distinguishing the goods of one producer from those of another, competing, producer. Or, from the point of view of a potentially infringing trader, at a certain point material that appears only within the interior of a book has not been "used in commerce", which is the statutory phrase that triggers liability. Here's an example: A 3PP makes a new monster: A 1 Eyed, 1 Horned Purple People Eater. They use the mechanics from MMIII to create the monsters stats, and they use the same colors and layout as monsters from MMMIII. While it's my position that (if it's protected at all) it's protected by trade dress a...

Saturday, 31st August, 2013

  • 06:41 AM - Morrus mentioned Abstruse in post Long interview with Cordell & Schwalb
    Conducted by Abstruse. There's a lot to get your teeth into in that interview; it's unusually candid and non PR-y for WotC. Great read. I'm surprised about how frankly they spoke about 4E. Equal parts good and bad. It's the sort of interview that is likely to reignite the edition wars, though. Plus lots of tidbits on the D&D Next playtest approach.

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Wednesday, 31st October, 2018

Friday, 26th October, 2018

  • 05:22 AM - FitzTheRuke quoted Abstruse in post News Digest: D&D Previews and Schedule Change, Pathfinder Playtest Update, DreamWorks Announces RPG Film, Asmodee Sold, and more!
    Could be way worse. In the 3rd Ed days, WotC released at least one and as many as three books a month, on top of the two magazines. And that wasn't counting all the releases from the third party companies under the OGL. This release schedule for 5e has been glacial compared with any other edition, where the number of books released since 5e started would've been released before the first year was out even with an August Gen Con release. It looks like they're focusing on quality over quantity and, by focusing on 2-4 books a year instead of 1-3 a month, they're able to more tightly control system bloat and consumer confusion over what they "need" to buy. I know! I've owned a FLGS for 25 years! (Yikes!) Second edition was still going strong. I remember late 3.5 ordering books wondering if we would move *ONE* copy, or NOT. This is, by comparison, awesome. I only have to worry about how *many* we will sell, not *if* we will sell any. (It really was *that* bad). It's one of the reasons I'm sur...

Thursday, 18th October, 2018

  • 09:29 PM - Flexor the Mighty! quoted Abstruse in post News Digest: More D&D Release Previews, Pathfinder Updates and Releases, Fantasy Ground User Statistics, and more!
    What do you mean? They just released a new one last year. I helped them sort out an issue with the subtitle timing for the DVD and acted as a test audience. I think I interviewed them for the column when the Kickstarter was live...or at least wrote about it... Didn't see that, and looks like a new cast compared to the last two. ZOE doesn't list that on their website either that I can see. Edit...yeah the trailer didn't do much for me. Was hoping for more of Cass, Lodge, Leo, Gary, and Joanna. Oh well. the first Gamers was amusing for a few parts but as a movie I really liked the last two. Should have been more specific.

Thursday, 4th October, 2018

  • 09:49 PM - Xaelvaen quoted Abstruse in post News Digest: Evil Hat Scales Back Release Schedule, D&D Errata Announced, Star Trek Adventures: DS9, and more!
    The good news is that there's at least the semi-official update through Unearthed Arcana and, unless you're playing Adventure League, there's no Game Police to kick down your door to arrest you for not sticking to RAW. And a lot more DMs seem to be willing to use non-official content these days as there's an entire generation who weren't scarred by the D20 System OGL glut of broken third-party sourcebooks. It seems AL is the reason it matters for a lot of people. My group uses a version we all chipped in and created based off of the UA version ourselves (we obviously don't play AL). When we start a new campaign, we typically make a lot of new variants for the classes or structures to the classes just to fit the world in which we're playing, sometimes to change things up a little, or to make a bit more sense for the world around the characters - just one of the many facets of 5E I love most. You illustrate the why quite well, Abstruse.

Sunday, 9th September, 2018

  • 05:17 AM - barasawa quoted Abstruse in post News Digest: D&D New Releases, Savage Worlds New Edition, Sequel to Tales from the Loop, and more!
    ...n of which one it is can only help. Had enough trouble with trying to find the correct errata between the 1st printing release, deluxe, explorer, etc. As to tacking on some kind of adjective or other random word, that's way too confusing for everyone. (Take note Android Devs, nobody knows what the sequence of Icecream, Jellybean, Gateau, and Popsicle are. Use freaking numbers so it's obvious to the users! Speaking of which, how many readers knew that other than being a french cake, gateau isn't a release of the Android OS, at least not yet) Also on the name front, you can only get away with a word based version delineation once, after that it's confusing, and PEGinc has used a lot of them already. Though if they used "Reloaded" as it's the current revamping name for settings, it might work, except it's not the same version as that in those various "Reloaded" products. So I guess that wouldn't really work either. I really hope some of the folks over at PEGinc read this post ;) Abstruse also mentioned POD (Print On Demand). Sure it might be an option, but after all costs for that, it'll probably be as expensive or more so than the kickstarter book. After all, I'm pretty sure that PEGinc will have a large enough print run to have a scale of economy price break from the printer, whatever company that is. As to run size, that's one of the great things about getting funding from a kickstarter for a product you ARE doing. It's like a preorder, so you have pretty much a guarantee of a certain sales level. You can of course add a bit more to handle those retailers didn't kick in and the stragglers that missed also the kickstarter for some reason or another. It's no where near the gamble that a blind production run can be. But I'm babbling far too much and going into the details about my thinking, but I guess those aren't really necessary. Boiled down to the basics: $30 is too much for just a mod of the rules they've been selling for $10. Maybe it has enough ne...

Friday, 31st August, 2018

Friday, 10th August, 2018

Saturday, 4th August, 2018

  • 05:20 AM - Umbran quoted Abstruse in post GenCon and "the Attack"?
    Or that someone who has made false claims of attacks previously that were found to be false (yes, in a court of law, even in a civil suit), went to a convention he is banned from attending, targeted someone for harassment (the reason he was banned), and made up yet another false attack. Okay. So, saying it friendly-like was not sufficient. Mod Hat On: This board WILL NOT be used as a court of public opinion against either Hambly, or his alleged attacker. We were not present. We do not know the truth. This is a matter for police and the courts, not the opinions of people on message boards who were not present for the incident. This story has political elements to it. Some people on both sides of those politics just love to besmirch their opponents. But, EN World is generally a no-politics zone. We are not going to engage in that game here. Is this perfectly clear to everyone? If not, please take it to PM or e-mail with me, or another member of the moderation staff. Than...
  • 04:54 AM - Umbran quoted Abstruse in post GenCon and "the Attack"?
    No it doesn't. Here's the quote from the article: You missed some crucial bits there. The article says: "IMPD told IndyStar Thursday afternoon they were unfamiliar with Hambly making a report at that time." (emphasis mine) It also says: "Shortly before 8 p.m. Thursday, hours after the video was posted, Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department officers responded to a "delayed assault" by meeting Hambly at a Downtown hotel." Emphasis again is mine. Of course, if the IMPD didn't speak to Hambly until 8 PM, they could not have had a report that afternoon! We play games about time travel, but we don't actually *do* it! The article is raising the point that Hambly did not speak to the police immediately. He did eventually do so, after posting his video. Now, let us all note that this supposedly happened at 1 AM, at a bar. What's the mostly likely scenario? One or more people got drunk, made some bad decisions, and got into a scuffle in which nobody seems to have been se...
  • 02:39 AM - Umbran quoted Abstruse in post GenCon and "the Attack"?
    Because there's nothing to report as there's no story. I checked with the local paper and the Indianapolis Police Department and there are no records of any police investigation or even a call to the police made concerning an assault anywhere remotely resembling the location, time, or any other details. And I mean nothing. The IndyStar does not agree with you. I won't quote them here, but the article above refers to a police report, and a meeting between the police and Hambly at a hotel.

Friday, 27th July, 2018

  • 07:24 PM - Ghost2020 quoted Abstruse in post News Digest: New D&D Books Leaked, Pathfinder Video Game Pre-Orders Open, Spiel des Jahres Winners, and more!
    Hasbro's issue with Dungeons & Dragons is that the movie rights are tied up in litigation and conditional settlements. That's pretty much all Hasbro cares about the property. That and the fact that it's doing well on a percentage growth quarter-over-quarter and year-over-year which means it's great to brag about in shareholder's meetings. Otherwise, Hasbro doesn't give a damn about D&D because it makes no money. To give you an idea of the scale we're talking about, ICv2's best estimates of annual gross sales for D&D put it at about $45-60 million, and that's being generous with the estimations. Hasbro's net revenue (which is to say their profit) is over $5 billion annually. Which means the gross sales for D&D (which means before any expenses whatsoever) is 1% of the total profit (which means after all expenses for every single department and subsidiary) of the company. If a video game or a feature film made as much money in a single weekend as Dungeons & Dragons makes in an entire year, i...

Friday, 29th June, 2018

  • 07:01 AM - FitzTheRuke quoted Abstruse in post News Digest: Roll20 Gets Big Update, Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay and Pathfinder 2nd Ed Previews, and more!
    If it's not for you...well, despite what some people seem to think, the Edition Police won't be kicking down your door to confiscate your old rulebooks. Not to mention, it being a playtest, there's a good chance that if enough people don't like "thing A", then it won't wind up in the final product anyway. So not only is it worth checking the Playtest Rulebook before judging anything, it's worth taking a look at the actual edition when it comes out. Being concerned about it or disinterested based on the blog-posts is fine, but giving up on it entirely seems a bit... premature. (Not that I'm suggesting anyone is actually doing that, but some people appear to be threatening it.)
  • 04:05 AM - vpuigdoller quoted Abstruse in post News Digest: Roll20 Gets Big Update, Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay and Pathfinder 2nd Ed Previews, and more!
    I'm not sure if that's a feature yet or not, but it's definitely something you should contact them about to add if it's not currently a feature. Just make sure to be polite when asking and explaining what you want and why you'd like it. Thanks! Yah will indeed contact them and ask nicely. As it is now you either share your entire compendium or not is just an on/off switch.

Thursday, 28th June, 2018

Friday, 22nd June, 2018

  • 09:14 PM - neuronphaser quoted Abstruse in post News Digest: Critical Role Leaving Geek & Sundry, Origins Award Winners, Pathfinder 2nd Ed Previews, and more!
    The short version is I don't promote people who are toxic elements of the community, particularly those that promote ideas like One True Way/"You're Playing Wrong", displays discriminatory attitudes, and harass designers on social media. But It's your money and your choice if you want to support it because you enjoy his writing. For me, I can't look past the fact I had to block him on Twitter for being a jerk to other people in the industry. I didn't know about that! Thanks for the info. I'll look into it: I do my best not to support toxic people, but I know some people get labeled unfairly based on an online persona or a misunderstanding. If you have any links to the problems you mention, don't hesitate to share them, but don't feel like you have to spend the time on that either; I can do my own research!
  • 08:45 PM - neuronphaser quoted Abstruse in post News Digest: Critical Role Leaving Geek & Sundry, Origins Award Winners, Pathfinder 2nd Ed Previews, and more!
    No. It's really not worth checking out. For a wide variety of reasons. Can I ask why? I've enjoyed some of their articles though I don't care for the overly verbose lead-ins. Is there something I should watch out for, as someone who was considering backing it but hasn't hopped off the fence about it?
  • 05:44 AM - Birmy quoted Abstruse in post News Digest: Critical Role Leaving Geek & Sundry, Origins Award Winners, Pathfinder 2nd Ed Previews, and more!
    There's not a lot of information yet and there are some miniatures in this, but they're less miniatures and more like highly detailed player pawns/meeples that just happen to use the molds for the miniatures. GF9's been doing the more euro and hobbyist style games with the license, while WizKids has been doing the more dungeon-crawl Adventure System ones. And Catalyst Game Labs has a deckbuilder. It makes sense because CGL repurposed the Shadowrun Crossfire game for Dragonfire, GL9 does the accessories so more card-based and strategy-based games work better with their other production, while WizKids is doing the miniature lines so making the big-box dungeon crawl simulator game fits their other production. Ah, I understand now! This makes sense. Thanks for the detailed answer.

Thursday, 21st June, 2018

  • 07:20 PM - Jester David quoted Abstruse in post News Digest: Critical Role Leaving Geek & Sundry, Origins Award Winners, Pathfinder 2nd Ed Previews, and more!
    I would have written that "Legendary has asked Eric Campbell....... to end SoT in favor of IP they can own and exploit." I doubt Eric wanted to stop the Star Trek show as, if you watch it, it is a dream come true for Eric and the cast to be playing Starfleet. Yeah. The story is ending, but they only started to make real progress to resolution recently, and could easily have started a second storyline. Critical Role had a half-dozen different storylines of varying lengths. They could have played Trek for years and were so excited to start. I was super surprised when they made the announcement. I don’t know if Eric was asked. But it makes sense that they’d want a new show they have more ownership of. It's also possible they had a limited cross-promotional deal going with Modiphius that's run out. I don't see any RPG company outside WotC, Paizo, or maybe FFG having the money to throw at a media company to advertise their game, but it's possible they could've piggy-backed on the Modiphiu...
  • 04:21 PM - Jester David quoted Abstruse in post News Digest: Critical Role Leaving Geek & Sundry, Origins Award Winners, Pathfinder 2nd Ed Previews, and more!
    This is pure educated guess, but they'll probably focus on RPG content and try to build a "new" Critical Role. RPGs are easier to shoot than board games because you don't have to focus on the table as often, which is a pain to light and shoot on a budget. It's also more character and story focused and offers more opportunities for merch (especially if the game itself isn't licensed - you can't do Star Trek or Star Wars characters on tshirts, but Generic Fantasy or Generic Sci-Fi you can). However, I doubt they'll try to compete on Thursdays. Their new push will be a different night of the week. Thursdays will probably be more board games, video games, or they may try to bring back the Magic: The Gathering show they tried to do I think twice now. But trying to go head-to-head with Critical Role for the RPG audience isn't worth the cost of the power for studio lights at the scale their production operates at. And ever so coincidentally, Erc Campbell of Shiekd of Tomorrow (the Star Trek RPG] and f...

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