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Friday, 22nd February, 2019

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Friday, 29th December, 2017

  • 10:37 PM - rgoodbb mentioned mcmillan in post Any Land (Mountain) Druid players/DM’s of players out there?
    mcmillan @schnee I am glad to hear you are having fun with your land druids. It sounds as is if everyone here is the same. This provides me with great confidence moving forward, thank you. I don't intend on spending too much time on the front lines but Primal Savagery and Thorn Whip without the pull(I believe?) give me something up front should I wish to help share the damage around a bit. I actually had the same idea with Meld into Stone during rests but was unsure if it would work. Nature's version of Leomund's. I must confess, being Land and not Moon, I hadn't thought too much about wild shape other that stealth/recon. You have given me food. I was thinking of not using Conjure spells, as long ago I remember another player doing this and everyone else had one go to his six or eight. Only one person was enjoying that game! Aside from Absorb Elements (which I see as essential), How situational do you think things like Earth Bind and the other New spells are? Thanks for all the info input.

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Monday, 24th September, 2018

  • 09:22 AM - Jhaelen quoted mcmillan in post Need a system recommendation
    Shadowrun Anarchy might be worth checking out, it uses the Shadowrun setting with a different more narrative focused ruleset. +1. I really like the Shadowrun setting but the standard rules continue to be terrible and waaaaay too simulationist (and thus clunky). Shadowrun Anarchy keeps what's good and throws away the bad, imho, that is.

Friday, 17th November, 2017

  • 01:42 AM - RangerWickett quoted mcmillan in post Sell Me On WotBS / Zeitgeist
    I managed to run my group all the way through Zeitgeist (though with an accelerated epic tier that was basically just the most significant combats and narrating the rest due to needing to wrap things up before a move). I'd definitely recommend it to others. It has a strong plot with NPCs that are interesting with clear motivations, making it easier to adapt when players don't follow the expectations. As others said, combat plays to 4e's strength by making things varied with enemies that can show personality and get plot across through the battle. But there's also enough there to keep things interesting when the group doesn't want to necessarily fight their way through everything. On that note, I would suggest making sure you have buy-in from the group about the party. How did your game end? Also, I'm not doing the 5e conversion, but I was tempted to rejigger the requisition system to actually be more Q like, where each adventure the party would be given some new items that could be us...

Sunday, 22nd October, 2017

  • 08:24 PM - Yaarel quoted mcmillan in post News Digest: Empyrea Canceled, New Stranger Things Game, Warhammer 40K Comics, and more!
    It was not an abstract discussion, but a report of an actual event including a picture of the person who did the groping to help identify who the person was. Also questioning if something was sexual assault or groping is the wrong question since groping would be a form of sexual assault. It is unethical to fail to distinguish between ‘groping’ versus violent rape or child molestation. Probably we all know someone who was raped as an adult or as a child. To pretend such crime is the same thing as ‘groping’, is wrong on many levels.

Friday, 20th October, 2017

  • 01:27 AM - Xaelvaen quoted mcmillan in post News Digest: Empyrea Canceled, New Stranger Things Game, Warhammer 40K Comics, and more! Thank you for this exact link - I'm so horrible at Twitter (really everything but basic little forum typing blocks when it comes to the internet). This saddens me so deeply. You become torn between the innate belief that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and that no one should be judged based on the standards of someone else. As I said earlier, some people freeze up and others lash out - neither should be the 'normal' and the other 'wrong' - we are all just different people. I disagree greatly with his opinion in this case, so thank you once again for the proof, mcmillan. I hate having to be judgemental on he said / she said stuff; hell, I hate being judgemental period. Just so saddened.

Wednesday, 8th February, 2017

  • 05:35 AM - ProgBard quoted mcmillan in post NPCs: Where can I find more?
    Ultimate NPCs:skullduggery is a nice collection of NPCs with each being presented at different levels. Now available from the publisher but kickstarter page has some more details Second this one. It's a great book, and has both named NPCs built with class levels and a nice collection of generic statblocks as well.

Sunday, 11th December, 2016

Thursday, 8th December, 2016

Friday, 8th January, 2016

Thursday, 5th March, 2015

  • 02:01 AM - miatoromatic quoted mcmillan in post AngryDM Pdfs
    Looks like the Wayback machine has things archived up to last December Thanks so much man, I haven't thought of that!

Thursday, 19th December, 2013

  • 04:39 PM - Jester David quoted mcmillan in post Next D&D Next Adventure Scourge of Sword Coast will be PDF Only
    Not that it contradicts the possibility that this is an experiment, but Chris Tulach posted on twitter that printing with the newest playtest rules would have needed a delay in starting the adventure. Which is true except they're using the playtest rules from October. It'd have been close but they could have gotten those into print. OR they could go digital and upgrade the rules, which would be even better.

Sunday, 5th May, 2013

  • 11:57 PM - Roland55 quoted mcmillan in post Zeitgeist - Pretty Amazing
    Over in the En Publishing subforum there's a lot of discussion about a few of the different campaigns going on. Definitely worth taking a look through for some ideas of how people are running it. Excellent. On my way over. Starfox -- possibly, but I got this for contributing to the kickstarter.

Monday, 21st January, 2013

  • 03:23 PM - Obryn quoted mcmillan in post Re: Ehdrigohr is awesome!
    Another previous backer here. I don't have a group that seems too likely to switch to FATE, but this still looks great to mine for ideas I can use with setting up my new campaign. In case any of you are on the fence, just a reminder this is the last day Yeah, I have excessive doubts I'll ever get to actually play this one, but an RPG that takes tribal culture and non-European perspectives this seriously is worth backing. -O

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