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Friday, 14th August, 2015

  • 03:47 PM - gamerprinter mentioned ShadowAssassin in post RPG/D&D cafe suggestions
    IME, every game shop offers hot/cold drinks, candy and chips. I wouldn't call that a "cafe", since the title of the thread regards a D&D cafe, my assumption was that you were talking about something more significant regarding food. Otherwise, I'd just call it a game shop and not attach "cafe" to the concept. So if my ideas were beyond your consideration, I apologize, but your title pointed in me in that direction. Since you're not talking a true cafe, then all the concerns regarding health inspections and kitchens have no part. @ShadowAssassin, I don't dick wave, I only offer suggestions based on real life experience. If you're not talking based on experience, you're just talking out your rear as some stranger on an RPG board. I think straight forward advice based on experience is a good thing. In the end we love our hobbies, and many people visiting this site often ask considerations regarding opening their own game shop. As mentioned on my first post in this thread, many game shops struggle to survive in this very niche industry of ours, and if one is looking to start a successful business with any serious investment, I personally wouldn't recommend opening a game shop - most don't survive, and consider that more and more close each year. Losing at any business venture is expensive.

Saturday, 1st August, 2015

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Friday, 16th November, 2018

  • 06:00 PM - HawaiiSteveO quoted ShadowAssassin in post Cubicle 7 - where did they go..?
    Gone to Dublin IIRC I don't know what you mean? I'm not referring to their physical location. They seem to have gone dark, nothing on twitter, facebook, website for +30 days. *edit* spoke too soon website now has post dated today Now Hiring*

Thursday, 13th August, 2015

  • 08:08 PM - gamerprinter quoted ShadowAssassin in post RPG/D&D cafe suggestions
    There's is no way that anyone can run an RG shop and have a cafe such as you suggest in the UK without finding they run the risk of finacial collapse in half the time of any normal store. Honestly, half the shops without food suffer financial collapse just the same - I don't think there's a difference in the risk, with or without food sales, RPG shops are risky operations, no matter what other conditions are met. There's the health and safety rules covering food prep that require the preparer to have appropriate certification (to avoid poisoning the customers) that's a considerable cost and makes the shop subject to periodic inspections. Next assuming you find someone cheap enough then the matter of zoning rear's it's ugly head. It may not be possible to change the zoning for the shop to accommodate a cafe. In the US, a food health certification is like $50 and a 90 day class at the local community college (its no big deal), and most health inspections happen once at the start of operations and p...

Wednesday, 12th August, 2015

  • 10:05 AM - Deathstrike quoted ShadowAssassin in post RPG/D&D cafe suggestions
    For any sort of business plan you'll need to know about business rates and what discount, if any, you'll get as a new business, What the ground rent or purchase costs are for the actual shop (if it includes accommodation will that suit your situation). Most new shops last about 3 to 6 months before the weight of taxes and operating costs take them down in the UK. Do you have any experience of running a business or even any retail experience? I'd suggest talking to all the game/RPG shops still operating in the UK (very few IIRC) and find out if they can make suggestions or offer advice. Talk to a Small Business Advisor to see what help they can provide. Yup. Plan Plan Plan. Pray for success, prepare for failure, and hope for a happy medium.

Tuesday, 11th August, 2015

  • 10:57 AM - GHammy26 quoted ShadowAssassin in post RPG/D&D cafe suggestions
    There are any number of folks starting board game cafes near me (Bournemouth/Southampton/Portsmouth corridor) with an increasing number UK-wide taking the plunge. You'll need a good business plan before the bank will give you any money and that includes more market research than 'there are schools nearby'. You'll need to actually sell MtG cards to make any money off them and possibly offer some sort of trading option. Talk to the distributors about this. I suggest that you will need to have some edibles on sale without going to the expense of having someone in trained to deal with food i.e. candy machine, soft drink machine so talk to a drinks distributor about this. The cost of stock will be considerable and you'll need a business account and company set up to deal with this aspect. It's no more than any new business needs and you may be able to get government grants as it could count as rural for example. Talk to a small business adivsor for more details. Thanks for the advice, I have already s...

Tuesday, 14th July, 2015

  • 01:20 AM - Nytmare quoted ShadowAssassin in post A Hit and a Miss
    Also, in an apocalyptic world where the value of life fluctuates so frequently, a person could use sex as barter just as much as a means of vamping/controlling an NPC. The grim, gritty reality of an apoc setting (to me) is that the concept of romance is removed from sex; sex then becomes a means to an end, whatever that may be. But (and forgive me, I no longer have the book and I'm flying by two year old memories at this point) sex isn't used in the game as a means to barter or control an NPC. The moves only work between PCs, and only one character class would have the "have sex with a player character to have them give you an item" move, and a totally different class would have the "have sex with a player character to control how they act" move. The rules didn't seem to be about how sex affects interactions with the game world, it was about how sex affected the interactions between a handful of character archetypes. The real stumbling block for me to taking the idea more seriously was the B...

Tuesday, 19th May, 2015

  • 07:38 PM - Bluenose quoted ShadowAssassin in post Looking for some System suggestions.
    I'd go for Runequest 6. Level-less, classless, tons of magic systems, decent chargen system, fate points and you can get the cut down version Essentials for PWYW to see if it fits your needs. There are settings for Greek-type city states/S&S, Plane hopping with Luther Arkwright, Mythic Britain, the Griffin Island campaign setting. Rules are available for gunpowder weapons and blasters so you can do just about everything setting-wise. Runequest was my thought too, although you could try Chaosium's Basic Role Playing system. There's several games based on the system, some more complex than others - RQ6 is rather on the complicated end in that respect.

Monday, 22nd July, 2013

  • 10:13 PM - Umbran quoted ShadowAssassin in post An Open Letter to Fantasy Flight and Cubicle 7 -- Cut the "Foreplay" and Give Us the Good Stuff
    The IP owners control what the companies release and when. The IP owners want a steady revenue stream throughout the period of the licence and in order to guarantee that steady income stream the material is approved in such a way as to maximise that outcome. I would expect a bright IP owner, dealing with a niche market product like an RPG, would go for something far more predictable than sales-based payment on that license. If you know the product will be a huge hit, then you take a percentage. But if it is small potatoes (as an RPG would be as compared to the whole of the Star Wars property), you'd go with something more like a flat fee. And while I am sure the owners hold a right to review content published using their IP, dictating exact product and schedule is likely outside the terms of a sane licensing agreement. The IP owner, honestly, probably doesn't know enough about the market and product to exercise that kind of control. Remember, a license is what you do when you don't want to...

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