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Friday, 3rd October, 2014

  • 04:48 AM - Li Shenron mentioned Warren LaFrance in post Dungeon Raiders: The Wolf's Den
    The two centipedes on the ground take a little while to understand Sulannus' command, then crawl over the shield (the third one is still standing on Tock's arm). Nothing happens. [OoC: Warren LaFrance informed me they are busy in the process of moving house but will come back to play. I am restraining myself from taking control over his character as long as I can, but will do so (partially) if it takes too long for him to come back]

Tuesday, 23rd September, 2014

  • 10:07 AM - Li Shenron mentioned Warren LaFrance in post Dungeon Raiders: The Wolf's Den
    [OOC: I hate to ask, but is there any meta info the DM wants to give us here? I mean, no way would Rejik start fooling around in a room which has obviously cursed some poor sod to a life as a giant centipede...but I'm also aware that we have a new player who, I'm sure, would prefer we didn't just finish the rest of the adventure before coming back to risk de-cursing him!] [OOC: I didn't expect we would get a bit stuck here, but it seems Warren LaFrance hasn't checked into ENWorld for a couple of weeks, and his/her character can definitely help you figure out how to break the curse. I just don't want to take over and run the character myself too soon, so let's wait a few days more to see if we have her/him back]

Monday, 14th July, 2014

  • 01:13 PM - Li Shenron mentioned Warren LaFrance in post Old-school dungeon crawl using 5e playtest rules
    Another thought: Earlier, Li Shenron had said there was another potential player who would like to join our group, and asked whether it would be alright for another PC to be in the party. We now find that we're lacking a Rogue. Would it be too cheesy for us to conveniently "find" a rogue just when we need one? (Of course, that would make the party 6 PCs instead of 5. . . .) I won't force Warren LaFrance into any specific character, so it will be up to him/her :) only that s/he'll start at level 1. The game is playable with or without a Rogue anyway. If wanted, any class can take such proficiency anyway, the only problem is that currently that has to be chosen at 1st level.

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Thursday, 9th May, 2019

  • 06:41 PM - Abstruse quoted Warren LaFrance in post Bethesda Pulls Promotional Elder Scrolls D&D Module Following Plagiarism Accusations
    Just hire the original writer of the copied module and have them adapt it. All will be happy and paid fairly. The writers of the module have said as much. If they'd been approached, they would've loved to write an original adventure for them. Though they may not be able to do an adaptation of the DDAL module directly due to the terms of DM's Guild...but still, this could've been avoided very easily and cheaply.

Tuesday, 16th October, 2018

  • 11:26 PM - LordEntrails quoted Warren LaFrance in post Fantasy Grounds Toolset Usage Report
    With the current spat roll20 is having with a few youtube and twitch broadcasters I wonder if there has been an increase in FG user base...? Yes, I know of a dozen or so. But that's not statistically relevant. This data is only through the end of September. So the Roll 20 fallout won't be shown. Next quarter data for FG, and especially Roll 20 (if the Orr group releases it), will be what actually indicates the significance of the spat.

Wednesday, 15th November, 2017

Tuesday, 20th December, 2016

  • 02:57 PM - lynnfredricks quoted Warren LaFrance in post How 3D Printing is Upending the Miniature Industry
    Well, they can either go the way of the record companies or they can work with the many hobbyist and figure out a means to make few cents from each modelers 3d model. Then give them a place to officially sell their models and do something like Apple did with the app store. There are already sites like Shapeways that lets you upload STL or other 3d files, then generate money from 3d "prints". I don't see 3D printing 'upending' anything at this point. It is giving mini companies a much more cost effective way to prototype, so it has produced value for the manufacturer. But that is just one improvement in the existing process, not creating a great, new, viable alternative of printing high quality minis at home without a lot of trial and error and cleanup. Creating an attractive 3D model just for 'digital purposes' such as art or animation takes time and skill. Then you have to structure the model in a way so that it prints without a bunch of errors. Then you have to have a printer and material combi...

Tuesday, 29th December, 2015

  • 09:50 PM - Atlatl Jones quoted Warren LaFrance in post So This Just Arrived...
    Looks like Amazon has a version of it - Not sure it is the 5e version Nope. The PF stands for Pathfinder, and the 13th Age version is pretty self explanatory. I'm really looking forward to seeing this at my FLGS. They have the PF version but I've been waiting for the 5e. Can you spoil how the heroic narratives work?

Sunday, 31st August, 2014

  • 12:53 AM - wedgeski quoted Warren LaFrance in post Dungeon Raiders: The Wolf's Den
    Cautiously moving up the arm of the one called Tock, Swift pauses hoping she is not smashed like a common pest... After a momentary pause, she arches up and hisses at ceiling... [OOC: Hah! Didn't see that coming. Nice one.]

Friday, 25th July, 2014

Sunday, 31st March, 2013

  • 03:01 AM - I'm A Banana quoted Warren LaFrance in post Deep Dive: D&D NEXT Exploration
    Honestly, though I like exploration, your approach feels much too controlled and board-game to me. I prefer free form; situation resolution rules are helpful (environmental hazards and such) but actual exploration rules are unnecessary. Seems like extra complexity and rules to deal with.. They made these rules for players like me. They made them optional for players like you. Modularity, dials, rules for things you need, no rules for things you don't, etc., etc., etc. They don't add anything to the story we're telling, they just waste a bunch of time (even if the combats are 5 minutes long, it's 5 minutes wasted) I think this deserves a slightly longer response on how you can use random events and encounters to build a more interesting story, but lets start out by pointing out that not everyone goes into a D&D game with a storytelling agenda. Some appreciate the story as an emergent property, but it isn't necessarily a goal of gameplay.

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