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Artificer UA has been released! Friday, 1st March, 2019 09:16 PM


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Thursday, 9th May, 2019

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Friday, 1st March, 2019

  • 08:59 PM - Hawk Diesel quoted scottieboy86 in post Artificer UA has been released!
    I think arcane weapon is supposed to be more comparable to hex and hunter's mark. Those spells are exclusive to warlocks and rangers, both of which are not "full" casters. Sure, that makes sense. But I'm also against those spells. Hex, Hunter's Mark, even Eldritch Blast. If a 1st level spell or a cantrip is so tied to the concept of the class, then you find design space to incorporate it into the class. You don't cop out and make it a spell, eligible to be obtained via Magical Secrets or Magic Initiate. Allow those to be abilities with their own resource pool, rather than something that has to compete from a shared resource pool.
  • 06:23 PM - doctorbadwolf quoted scottieboy86 in post Artificer UA has been released!
    Regardless of anything else, I am just happy to see that firearms are only mentioned in an optional sidebar and not forced into the base class, which would not fit Eberron. Save the guns for future subclasses/archetypes that would fit other worlds better. THis makes no sense, to me. You're glad there isn't a gunsmith subclass, but you're fine with a future gunsmith subclass? You know you don't have to use any subclass, right? This. Not only moving the subclass to level 1 would fix the delayed proficiencies oddity, but it would also push spellcasting to 2nd level, fixing the other oddity of a non-standard half-caster spell slots progression. Cantrips can still start at 1st, as they are unprecedented to half-casters. Then maybe move Infuse Item to 3rd: 1st: Magical Tinkering, Artificer Specialist*, Tool Expertise 2nd: Spellcasting 3rd: Infuse Item, Artificer Specialist feature* *The Homunculus/Turret can stay at 3rd level I'd lose all interest in it if they did that. I see some people ...

Wednesday, 19th September, 2018

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