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D&D 5E player, decades of other RPGing
About Me:
I'm Riley. I live in California, USA, near San Francisco. I first played TRPG with AD&D in the 1980s. I've tried The Fantasy Trip, GURPs, Hero System, Shadowrun, World of Darkness, and a few others. I prefer point-based, skill-based systems, rather than classes and levels; but class/level can work fine. Game systems are tools, to be used well or poorly. The user's skill matters more than the tool's quality.
Currently, I'm in a D&D 5E group, which has gathered via a DM running Adventurer's League games at a local store, and drop-in players. We're having fun, and the rules aren't cumbersome; deciding what a character does, and resolving whether they succeed, has, for the most part, happened relatively quickly.
I also enjoy board games from chess to Settlers to to OGRE to Snit's Revenge, and the MMO "Kingdom of Loathing."
San Mateo, California, USA
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Over 40
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Details of games currently playing and games being sought.

San Mateo
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What, only one of them?
Currently running 5E CG half-elf bard, College of Lore.


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San Mateo
My Character:
What, only one of them?
Currently running 5E CG half-elf bard, College of Lore.
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Saturday, 20th April, 2019

  • 07:33 AM - aramis erak mentioned Riley37 in post Is RPGing a *literary* endeavour?
    Literary in the sense of "relating to books".... Many aspects of RPGs are, to me, Literary - writing the rules and adventures technically are literary endeavors. So is reading them. But play? Only when playing via textual media. Which is VERY doable. Or writing after-session reports. (Also very doable.) And many of my players have been unwilling to apply themselves to the literary side of the hobby. Riley37 - the distinction is mostly relevant for external justifications; irrelevant to the player, but not to those critical of, or dubious about, their participation. People like parents, supervisors, background investigations.

Friday, 15th June, 2018

  • 01:36 PM - Coroc mentioned Riley37 in post Your Suspension of Disbelief: SHATTERED!
    Riley37 If a cultural and technological Level on which a class is based upon is conforming to you as being a stereotype ok, let us take the example of Conan. The first thing when confronting those shiny Knights from 1000 years in the future is surely not the Axe which blade is to small for his taste, but their shiny perfect Fitting armor as soon as he downs one who is about his size. Oh wait he is barred by class Definition from wearing it because of cultural Level ... ah wrong because of stereotype of course. And do not argue he got unarmed defense and can move faster and yadda: You can even swim in full plate armor and you are less likely to drown than doing so with hide and kilt and layered linen which soaks with water. Besides that you can high jump, far jump climb ladders, run alsmost as fast as without armor with sophisticated plate. And what is the weapon of choice to Counter plate? A halberd. There we got it. Is it stereotype again? No it is technological and cultural Level and...
  • 11:10 AM - Coroc mentioned Riley37 in post Your Suspension of Disbelief: SHATTERED!
    Riley37 "For me, the distinction between "finesse" and non-finesse melee weapons shatters suspension far more than dual-wielding. Dagger, sword, spear, club, axe - with any of those, it's good to strike strongly AND good to strike accurately AND good to outpace (and anticipate) the opponent's moves and countermoves" That is of course true, but would require a different Approach e.g. dex to hit and str for damage in most cases (except crossbow that is). But were you never bothered by a halfling wielding a halberd? Imagine a size of a kid Person with a 6ft melee weapon. That would be liek a human using an 12-18 ft pike for (Close) melee, It simply would not work due to momentum and leverage so this is (b.s.)^2 and gets houseruled in my campaigns. I must admit that my dwarves tend to be 4ft rather than the 5ft dwarves of these days. My houseruling tends to be Floating, e.g. one of my Players wanted to Play a dwarf barbarian with a halberd. I said to him "Ahm a dwarf and barbarian is com...

Friday, 18th May, 2018

  • 08:37 PM - lowkey13 mentioned Riley37 in post Harassment Policies: New Allegations Show More Work To Be Done
    Riley37 Okay, googled it. People suck. I did like this comment I found while researching the topic- "the only reason these topics are divisive is because a loud minority of terrible people support other terrible people." heh
  • 07:56 PM - lowkey13 mentioned Riley37 in post Harassment Policies: New Allegations Show More Work To Be Done
    Riley37 I read your whole post a few times, and I am still not sure what the issue is (was?) that you are referring to. If I am understanding you correctly, this guy Correia was uninvited as a guest of honor from the convention (Origins), and then people started harassing the convention organizers for uninviting him? Is that right?

Thursday, 10th May, 2018

  • 07:34 PM - lowkey13 mentioned Riley37 in post Harassment Policies: New Allegations Show More Work To Be Done
    Riley37 I appreciate you taking the time to write the long, and thoughtful, response. I would like to articulate my perspective- These internet conversations are, for the most part, meaningless. What matters is what you do in your real life to help achieve the type of change that makes society better. That isn't something that everyone is equally able to accomplish, but even practicing kindness on an individual level can help. I am comfortable with my contributions to help people in real life, as I am sure you are. So why bother? Well, for the most part, on this website, I don't. I prefer to get away from real life and discuss things of pure joy; the shared love of our hobby. That is why I am appreciative of this website's "no politics, no religion" rules. And, just as importantly, good moderation and a good community. Sure, we have some trolls, but compared to almost every other website out there, the combination of community and moderation makes this a better place to talk. So as...

Tuesday, 10th April, 2018

  • 10:03 AM - pemerton mentioned Riley37 in post Do We Still Need "Race" in D&D?
    ..., heredity, culture, capabilities and (elements of) worth. This is not a use of race that falls "outside" of racist theories; it's a use that emulates those theories. It doesn't mitigate the emulation to say "But in the gameworld all that's true, so the use is accurate". That's just doubling down on the emulation! the problematic elements pemerton was identifying were not language based. Change the word "race" in Howard's or Gygax's writing, and it doesn't get any better.But take away the word "race" and you at least loose the conceptual pressure towards the current features that I identified. As I posted upthread, there are ways of loosening this connection between "species" and capability, and also of loosening the connection between "species" and culture. I think changing the way the rulebooks talk about "race" might be one part of such a loosening. While the language of "race" is retained, I don't think it is going to happen. EDIT: I think this is an instance of Riley37's point about necessity and sufficiency.

Saturday, 7th April, 2018

  • 12:40 PM - pemerton mentioned Riley37 in post Do We Still Need "Race" in D&D?
    There is absolutely no evidence that the use of the word race in the way it is used keeps anyone away.Two things. First, I thought that Dannyalcatraz posted to the contrary upthread, namely, that he had reason to believe there are some Black potential gamers (not him) who are turned off by use of the word "race". (Or did he just say that they don't like it but put up with it?) Second, "keeping anyone away" is not, in my view, the test for what is desirable in a cultural artefact. Riley37 had a really good post about this not far upthread: the racism in LotR doesn't keep me away, but the novel might be even better without it (I'm not sure you can get rid of all of it and still have it be the story that it is, but the bit about the "half-goblin" Southerner clearly is not fundamental to the story being what it is). As I've already mentioned in this thread, few of my family and friends are RPGers. I don't think they would play FRPGs if the treatment of "race" was changed; and if they wanted to play, I don't think the treatment of "race" would stop them. Nevertheless, I would prefer a game that doesn't require me to make apologies or acknowledge problematic elements to family and friends. And that I was more comfortable sharing with my children.

Monday, 27th April, 2015

  • 07:37 PM - redrick mentioned Riley37 in post Non-Lethal Damage in 5E?
    Yeah, definitely have to declare before-hand. That being said, getting rid of "non-lethal damage" as a concept is a welcome simplification for me. Players still have to be in melee for it to work, which is something of a limitation, particularly for groups that rely heavily on ranged and spell attacks for a lot of their damage. Personally, I'm all for encouraging player characters to leave opponents alive for questioning, etc. I don't have any reason to discourage or penalize a little extra role-play. That being said, if it became a problem, adding a penalty like what Riley37 suggests might be the way to go. I also bring in PC-style death rules for NPCs whenever it makes sense. It's easily done, and since most opponents aren't walking around with cure wounds spells, it only ever works to the advantage of PCs. (For instance, if PCs want to question an opponent, I'd let them tell me this before making a ranged attack. Then I'd say, "the goblin is bleeding out. You have 3 rounds to stabilize him before he dies.")

Wednesday, 22nd April, 2015

  • 04:01 PM - steeldragons mentioned Riley37 in post LE Paladin in Adventurer's League
    Just, as a point of order, Riley37 , are you the DM of this Adventure League game? Otherwise...or even so, if you are...I am curious/confused as to why you would "anticipate a discussion" about the PC's oath when the time comes. This is not your PC, right? As a player or DM, other than basic notification if the player felt like sharing, I don't see how/why that would be something I would ever "anticipate" or have any expectation of, at all, let alone discussion about...Particularly in an open-to-anyone type AL game. What the other player is doing with their character is...not my business or place to say. That's for the respective player to decide and implement in the game world in a way that reveals it to my character/the rest of the party. So...yeah...why do you anticipate/expect a discussion on what oath this character is going to take?

Thursday, 1st January, 2015

  • 05:24 AM - pukunui mentioned Riley37 in post roleplaying the Oath of the Ancients
    Riley37: Good stuff. Thanks! EDIT: BTW, I feel I should admit that I was getting a surfer dude/hippy vibe more from a paraphrasing of the oath's tenets that I found on the Giant in the Playground forums rather than the tenets themselves. Here it is if you're interested: 1. Be kind yo, and fight against sadness 2. Find places where people are cool dudes and shield them from the bogus ones 3. Keep real chill and awesome, can't spread coolness without being cool yourself, dude 4. inspire others to be real cool and chill and thus spread the coolness In other words: "Be excellent to each other."

Wednesday, 24th December, 2014

  • 12:05 AM - Tormyr mentioned Riley37 in post BREAKING 5th Edition!
    Falsehood dressed as truth, and you know why. I've gotten more such positive feedback than you have, so there's that. :erm: You have the same amount of XP, but Riley37 has done it in half the posts and less than 1 month.

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Sunday, 19th May, 2019

  • 06:04 PM - hawkeyefan quoted Riley37 in post Is RPGing a *literary* endeavour?
    Or in non-verbal, non-linguistic forms. You mentioned the Tomb of Horrors picture gallery. Any map which is more illustrated than the "no-frills" minimal map. If I draw a picture of my PC, that's also presentation of material. Use of figurines; if a figurine is more expressive than a chess piece, then that figurine is part of presentation, because it influences the mind's eye. Mercer uses a lot of voice sound effects; those are not words, and they are part of his attempt to give players a shared understanding of what's happening in the story. Isnít it more a case of the quality of the gallery art or map or pawn or GM voice? All the things youíve described, youíve made a distinction between the base requirement for such a thing to be part of the game, and then an improved version designed to enhance the experience. A bare bones map is certainly sufficient, no? Especially since it may only be the GM who actually sees it. A basic pawn is sufficient to play on a grid if thatís the kind of game y...
  • 01:41 PM - Bedrockgames quoted Riley37 in post Is RPGing a *literary* endeavour?
    I've done a lot of TRPG that's squarely within the stock genres, such as Western, superhero, swords & sorcery, science fiction, horror; and a bit outside those genres, such as a Fiasco game set in the newsroom of a TV news team. But even that Fiasco game involved tropes: the idealistic journalist who wants to bring The Truth to The People, the ruthless career climber, the secret extra-legal government program, Who's Got The Tape (as if no one would make backup copies), the villain digging himself into tragic ruin, and so forth. Not what I am arguing
  • 01:37 PM - Bedrockgames quoted Riley37 in post Is RPGing a *literary* endeavour?
    BRG, you don't use any genre tropes when you run games? Who are these "lots of people" who run TRPGs without using genre tropes? Could you name, say, five of them? I've done a lot of TRPG that's squarely within the stock genres, such as Western, superhero, swords & sorcery, science fiction, horror; and a bit outside those genres, such as a Fiasco game set in the newsroom of a TV news team. But even that Fiasco game involved tropes: the idealistic journalist who wants to bring The Truth to The People, the ruthless career climber, the secret extra-legal government program, Who's Got The Tape (as if no one would make backup copies), the villain digging himself into tragic ruin, and so forth. I definitely use genre tropes. Tropes are not literary techniques like foreshadowing, which is what I had in mind. But again just because something in literature is used, that doesnít make RPGs literary endeavors. There is a lot more to literature than tropes. And literature isnít the only thing that has t...

Wednesday, 15th May, 2019

  • 11:03 AM - pemerton quoted Riley37 in post Good, Evil, Nature, and Druids
    does this match your understanding of True Neutral? <snip> Over all these Druids one presides, who possesses supreme authority among them. Upon his death, if any individual among the rest is pre-eminent in dignity, he succeeds; but, if there are many equal, the election is made by the suffrages of the Druids; sometimes they even contend for the presidency with arms. <snip> They likewise discuss and impart to the youth many things respecting the stars and their motion, respecting the extent of the world and of our earth, respecting the nature of things, respecting the power and the majesty of the immortal gods.The religious teachings could be TN, or not - from what's said we can't tell. But at least we have a canonical grounding for the need to fight a combat to gain an upper-level title! Sustare? No anagram? Not so much as backwards?Would Chariot of Eratsus have the same ring to it?

Monday, 13th May, 2019

  • 03:11 PM - Celebrim quoted Riley37 in post Good, Evil, Nature, and Druids
    One can consider Gygax's favorite novels, and make reasonable guesses at how and why he wrote up various classes, spells, monsters, etc. in D&D. In the case of the Druid, I would bet long odds that Gygax was trying to write rules for the druids depicted in L. Sprague de Camp's stories about Harold Shea. Which is to say, Gygax wrote a class and a spell list based on a few paragraphs about people whose main relevance to the plot is their interest in human sacrifice. IIRC the Harold Shea stories don't have *any* examples of druids casting spells, nor assuming animal form. There is one major problem with that; Gygax didn't write the class: Dennis Sustare did. I've seen some attempts to reconstruct what Sustare's sources were, but the truth is that Sustare himself didn't remember exactly what they were and its likely from variety of vague ideas coming from early 20th century fantasy literature, and the intention to make them masters of plants and animals, that he came up with the druid mos...

Saturday, 20th April, 2019

  • 09:27 AM - aramis erak quoted Riley37 in post Is RPGing a *literary* endeavour?
    Ah, so it's for explaining D&D to people whose conception might come from "Dark Dungeons" by Jack Chick, or from the "Dungeons and Dragons" movie? (And of those two, which is worse?) Are movies literary? There are movies which are works of art, and there's also "Ishtar", "Gigli" and "Waterworld". Are books literary? Keeping in mind that "books" includes Harlequin Romances and Twilight. If you started with Melville's novel Moby-Dick, and changed *only the epilogue*, adding a choice, "If you join the crew of the Rachel, turn to page 588; if you never sail again, turn to page 590"... ...would that remove all literary value from the previous 585 pages, because this revised edition is now a Choose Your Own Adventure, and has somehow crossed into a category which *fundamentally and innately* cannot overlap with literature? You might as well ask "Are numbers prime?" Some are, some aren't. it is axiomatic to a pedant: a book is never cinematic, a movie never literary. Not in the stri...

Friday, 19th April, 2019

  • 04:44 PM - DMMike quoted Riley37 in post Vampire's new "three-round combat" rule
    Haven't played Vampire in, um, decades, but it looks like the dead horse has been thoroughly beaten by now. . . Providing a three-round rule as an option seems sort of pointless; doesn't the storyteller have the discretion to end a scene at any time? I guess the tenets of Naming Magic provide that creating a rule for it makes it more likely to happen. Burning Wheel has a pretty nifty one-roll resolution option. If it's not worth a full combat, narrate the general approaches, and use the help mechanics, one roll, and narrate the result. Had a campaign twist "badly" due to one such. (Was a great story twist. Bad, bad, badda boombad bad for the PCs.) Yikes. One-roll conflicts are a great idea, but probably not if it could go bada-boom bad for the PCs. I dream of a rules set which supports those scenes, and also the Nine Walkers fighting their way through Moria, and also Usual Suspects. Errol Flynn and Basil Rathbone, playing Inigo Montoya versus Wesley... Modos RPG provides r...
  • 03:58 PM - Celebrim quoted Riley37 in post Vampire's new "three-round combat" rule
    You hold yourself (sometimes stubbornly) to a standard of rigor, in the search for precise understandings of the relationships between preparation and play, between process and narrative, and so forth, which exceeds anything I could impose on you; so IMO it matters less whether *I think* my examples of Pandemic and basketball actually overturn your claim, and more whether you find yourself usefully nudged towards your goals. Oh, I do. I certainly find your comments vastly more useful than the majority of comments I get when someone disagrees with my ideas. If I could award you 10 XP to the comment rather than 1, I would. You are correctly assuming that I wanted a rigorous answer, but you are going in the wrong direction regarding the sort of rigor I was claiming. I wasn't merely stating that because combat had unique qualities related to a cooperative activity that existing RPGs uniquely treated the concept of combat, but that all possible RPGs uniquely treated the concept of combat...

Thursday, 18th April, 2019

  • 11:08 PM - ParanoydStyle quoted Riley37 in post Vampire's new "three-round combat" rule
    Player curation has given me excellent results. When I run a convention game, "Please be ready with your action" is an early recourse, and "Apparently you spent those six seconds pondering your options. Next player, what's your action?" is not far behind. That's not player curation, player curation (or at least what I meant by it) was choosing carefully who you game with. You're talking about player conditioning which I approve of and wish I could do myself, but I'm afraid to. Generally my players have NOT reacted well. Several hissy fits have happened over people losing their turns to indecision, even when I only gamed with a group of close, close friends. Considering the embarrassingly bad-behavior I've seen from squawling angry manchildren at conventions over far more minor GM "transgressions" than skipping their turn, I'd be terrified to try this at a convention. I mean, I'm sure that 4/5 players would be fine with it but that 20% that would freak out at me is not worth the risk. ADM...
  • 06:16 PM - Saelorn quoted Riley37 in post Vampire's new "three-round combat" rule
    That's true in a duel, when there's no one and nothing else involved. If those two experts are blocking each other's blows, clang clang clang, in a burning building, then perhaps the roll which ends the fight is the DM roll on round 5 determining that the second story collapses into flaming rubble. Or perhaps Horatio held off the Etruscan vanguard, long enough for other Romans to ignite the bridge, denying the Etruscan army entry into Rome; the collapse of the bridge into flaming rubble ends Horatio's life and also meets his victory condition.Which is another reason why I don't consider high parry values to be a flaw of the system (in either GURPS or BESM). The long duels where two master keep each other engaged, while they ignore important things going on around them, are some of the best and most engaging parts of a story. A good rule set should be designed in such a way as to facilitate those encounters (without relying on narrative coercion to make them happen unnaturally).
  • 04:21 PM - Dannyalcatraz quoted Riley37 in post Brainstorming: Lord of the...WTF?!?!
    Darren Watts ran a Golden Age Champions game, in which the Tunguska Event also involved Baba Yaga. I think it knocked her for a loop, then she revived in 1939, but I forget the details. Several players in that group also had roles in his acquisition of Hero System in order to publish 5E. I was, briefly, vice-president of the corporation, and co-signed one of the key contracts. Optimus was my PC, largely inspired by Ozymandias but with a rather different moral compass. Cool! Gotta say it- if I havenít yet- HERO is my favorite RPG system, bar none. Played it since Champions 1st.

Wednesday, 17th April, 2019

  • 08:05 PM - Saelorn quoted Riley37 in post Vampire's new "three-round combat" rule
    Heck, I could just tell the DM "whenever my initiative comes up, I cast Fire Bolt at +5 to hit", and then just watch the fight play out, unless a change in the situation inspires me to override "auto-play mode" with fleeing, offering the foe a parlay, or some other interesting decision. During the attrition phase, my player agency becomes less interesting, to myself or to anyone else. I'm happy for the DM to hand-wave the outcome of attrition.It sounds to me like this goes back to problems with the HP mechanic. Due to massive HP bloat in D&D, torching an enemy for 3d10 fire damage doesn't feel like it changes anything; the only difference is that they're slightly more singed than they were before you hit. Is that a problem with Vampire? Last I'd heard, these sorts of games didn't really have an "attrition phase" of combat. Every hit was meaningful in itself.
  • 02:56 PM - Celebrim quoted Riley37 in post Vampire's new "three-round combat" rule
    There are boardgames such as Pandemic, which are (and which simulate) a more or less dynamic cooperative activity that involves meaningful decision making by all parties... but not in the ways unique to combat. True. But I had completely forgotten about Pandemic and it is a good call out. I'm not sure it overturns my claim by counter example (you seem to think it doesn't) but it does come at least close enough that I'm going to spend some time thinking about applying the lessons of Pandemic to RPG minigames. Team sports such as basketball involve pacing and coordination which is somewhat like combat. A basketball game, and a six-on-six SCA match, have similarities of movement and flow. Also a good call out. However, this goes back to you could make basketball as important to your RPG as combat is to most RPGs, but only by having a system that invested as much in the mechanics of basketball as RPGs normally invest into combat and only if all the characters were basketball players. ...
  • 10:04 AM - Dannyalcatraz quoted Riley37 in post Brainstorming: Lord of the...WTF?!?!
    One difficulty in the transition is high technology and the relationship with the past. In JRRT's LotR, people generally don't increase in power by innovation. The Three Rings were powerful, Sauron learns from them and creates the One Ring, and then no one, in centuries, improves on the Three or on the One. It would be thematic for the BBEG to have made the One Thing for WWII, then it was captured by the Third Reich, then moved to the USA during Project Paperclip... but that's kinda incompatible with the One Thing as cutting edge technology in the 1970s or 1980s. It can't even have transistors (invented in 1947). See "Cryptonomicon" for WWII coding serving as a McGuffin in modern times. Perhaps the One Thing has a core built in the 1940s, a one-time pad or cipher wheel, and the BBEG used the same control code when he built the Orbital Mind Control Satellites, decades later. Then someone replaces the One Thing's vacuum tube radio with a modern transmitter-receiver, kicking off the plot...
  • 09:53 AM - Dannyalcatraz quoted Riley37 in post Brainstorming: Lord of the...WTF?!?!
    The Tunguska Event could have a role. If it involved aliens, and/or awakened some Siberian trees, perhaps that's your Bombadil: older than the BBEG, and unimpressed with the BBEG's power, and also not going to solve the problem for the heroes. I wish I could XP you more than once for that! That is really good. I donít know the exact shape or form, but that fits- consider it yoinked!

Sunday, 14th April, 2019

  • 07:42 AM - Ancalagon quoted Riley37 in post Magical adept level 1 spell.
    So, depends on redundancy. Going from 0 familiars in the party to 1 is worthwhile. Going from 1 to 2 not so much, depending on use for advantage in combat. That "0 to 1 vs 1 to 2 (3...)" is a very good point indeed. Find familiar is great, but I was looking for alternatives.

Saturday, 13th April, 2019

  • 01:20 PM - UngeheuerLich quoted Riley37 in post Magical adept level 1 spell.
    I think the Life Cleric bonus on Goodberry is cheesy, because Goodberry is a Transmutation, rather than a healing Evocation, but the ruling is the ruling, and a level one Life Cleric, variant human, handing out super-goodberries, would be quite popular with the rest of the party. . Noce catch. If they added evocation to that feature we would not see that cheese again...

Saturday, 16th March, 2019

  • 12:18 AM - Bedrockgames quoted Riley37 in post Brainstorming: Lord of the...WTF?!?!
    Today I Learned: I see parallels to Jedi training, and the call of the Dark Side. If you read Return of Condor Heroes, or watch series based on it, it has a lot in common with the first Star Wars Trilogy (at least to my eyes). I doubt Lucas was directly influenced by it. But still some stuff feels kind of similar.

Friday, 15th March, 2019

  • 02:38 PM - Bedrockgames quoted Riley37 in post Brainstorming: Lord of the...WTF?!?!
    Lower tech option for the HUD to highlight pressure points, for precisely targeting strikes: goggles. What are some other ways to apply technology to Chinese medicine, wuxia magic, and so forth? Or other synergies? How do we implement the Ringwraiths? I guess that might depend on the nature of the Ring-analogue. They might not actually be bonded with the Central McGuffin, but they should at least be minions of its creator. If the One Thing is the control chip for the Orbital Mind Control Laser satellite system, then maybe they're early test subjects of the mind control device, thus their fanatical loyalty. What about their mounts - are they still animals, that is, horses and then pterosaurs? or motorcycles and then flying motorcycles? The Ring Wraiths could be cultivaters with fire deviation. Or they could have cybernetic implants that block some acupoints and empower others to an extreme degree. Maybe tech somehow opens up the world of ghosts and spirits? You could bring in some Chin...
  • 12:33 PM - Bedrockgames quoted Riley37 in post Brainstorming: Lord of the...WTF?!?!
    When I put "because subtlety is the notable trait of Hammer movies" as an aside, with ellipsis (...) before and afterwards, I meant those ellipses as markers that I was switching tone: from straightforwards, to sarcasm, back to straightforwards. If I said the sentence out loud, I would pause at the ... to help signal my intent to the listener. I didn't realize ellipsis were used to denote sarcasm. By the way, my initiate response was meant to be humorous, not challenging.

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