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Wednesday, 16th May, 2018

  • 03:28 PM - Pauper quoted martinlochsen in post Dark Sun confirmed for 5th edition
    In the last "Mike Mearls happy fun hour" on Twitch, Mearls confirmed that there will be Dark Sun material for 5e at some point. I think the OP's optimism has been thoroughly trampled by this point, but I'll just chime in to say "Dark Sun material" does not mean a campaign setting, any more than "an adventure set in Ravenloft" meant a 5e revision of the Ravenloft Campaign Setting. -- Pauper

Saturday, 28th April, 2018

  • 01:34 PM - gyor quoted martinlochsen in post Part of Mordenkain's Tome of Foes ToC previewed.
    We're finally getting Dark Halflings! :cool: Ghostwise Halflings are kind of the Dark Halflings, but ones that atoned for what they did so hard that some how it made them telepathic. These are the one race of Halflings that I wouldn't find boring to play. The truth Dark Halflings, perhaps so evil even the Drow find them distrurbing are Jerren to survive brutal wars against goblinoids they turned to dark magic and commiting atrosities so vile even the gobliniods were disguisted. Maybe the Jerren and Ghostwise were tge sane race once with the Ghostwise atoning, and the Jerren staying evil.

Monday, 23rd October, 2017

  • 08:29 PM - Elfcrusher quoted martinlochsen in post The Actual Table of Contents for Xanathar's Guide to Everything
    (egad! previously quoted posts deleted. how does one clear the multi-quote queue?) So how much reprinted content is in Xanathar's Guide? ~4-5 pages of subclasses ~10-14 pages of spells 37 out of the 77 wizard spells in XG are reprinted from Princes of the Apocalypse (the same spells also appear in the Elemental Evil Player's Companion). Every wizard spell from POTA is being reprinted and, based on that, I think we can expect that every other classes' spells will be printed in full as well. Since 3-5 spells tend to fit on a single page, we can expect ~10-14 pages' worth of reprinted spells. When you subtract 14-19 pages of reprinted material and 20 pages of appendices that many people find useless, Xanathar's Guide is a mere ~155 pages. Ouch. Then there's the fact that almost all of the content is taken from UA. Frankly, I don't expect the DM tools to differ all that much from their UA versions, so I feel like I already own a large portion of this book. For that matter, the free D&D 5e st...
  • 01:41 PM - Elfcrusher quoted martinlochsen in post The Actual Table of Contents for Xanathar's Guide to Everything
    Start off my morning with a mega-response... I also know quite a few people who don't have SCAG who will be thrilled to have Xanathar's. Count me in that camp. I don't own SCAG because it's mostly about a setting I don't like. Huh? If my character had no name, then no NPC could address him/her! ("Hey, you there" doesn't really count.) The name lists are also useful for DMs improvising NPCs. Or, heck, creating NPCs in between sessions. To my eye, the most outrageous thing on that table of contents is a separate rules entry for tying knots! Seriously? Now we need rules for whistling, and maybe for getting dressed. (Oh, wait, we already have a chart for that.) I pondered that, too. Maybe it's not about the knots themselves, but about their uses. I.e., what skills and what DCs you use to either tie somebody up, or to escape from being tied up? But, yeah, it seems odd. The question I want to ask is if Wizards, despite doing surveys and asking peoples opinions, might still be loosing touch w...
  • 02:39 AM - Mistwell quoted martinlochsen in post The Actual Table of Contents for Xanathar's Guide to Everything
    Sorry, I just missed that one. Those where just random examples drawn out of a hat. Yeah, I didn't mean subclasses in general were controversial. I was probably a bit imprecise there. What I meant was that a lot of people seem to be unhappy with those spesific sublcasses that mixes martial and arcane concepts, the sword mage archetype. I think many of these people would be more happy with a new class that was intended for this purpose from the start, as the design space in available in the subclasses is limited. That's all. Disregarding the name you'd prefer, what exactly would you want this gish to do, that one of the existing classes/sub-classes doesn't already for the most part accomplish?

Sunday, 22nd October, 2017

  • 07:13 PM - Satyrn quoted martinlochsen in post The Actual Table of Contents for Xanathar's Guide to Everything
    I play a lot with teenagers, and you know what? They don't go to the internet to find names. They use the ones in PHB (the most popular one is the elven name "Faen", which means Satan in norwegian and is a commonly used swear word, naturally). I have no idea why. They're supposed to be "digital natives" and all that, and they spend most of their lives online. Still, that's the way of it. I'm sure they are going to look at the lists of names in XG, and say "Wow, cool! New names to choose from!". Aye. I've taken to naming my characters that way, too.
  • 03:15 PM - Mistwell quoted martinlochsen in post The Actual Table of Contents for Xanathar's Guide to Everything
    There are so many things people seem to be asking for in the forums around the net, and none of that is in the book. Rules on psionics, better crafting rules, Uh, there is a section on crafting rules. What makes you think it's not better crafting rules? perhaps a full blown Gish class, instead of the plethora of subclasses that seem to be rather controversial, most of them, just to name a few. I don't think sub-classes are controversial. There seems to be demand for them

Monday, 15th May, 2017

  • 07:46 PM - FitzTheRuke quoted martinlochsen in post The New D&D Adventure Storyline Will Be Announced On June 2nd-3rd
    What they should do is release one single rules expansion including race options, classes, monsters and whatever you need to play in all the settings (or at least the most popular ones). That way, you'd be able to use all the old settings without doing all that conversion work yourself, just using the old books for setting information. Also, you'd have one book to satisfy fans of all the settings and avoid the problem of them competing against each other, while this book would be an interesting buy for anyone playing homebrew and FR because of the new options. Oh yeah I think "Midway" will be this, or something similar. Sent from my LG-D852 using EN World mobile app

Sunday, 30th April, 2017

  • 10:50 AM - mflayermonk quoted martinlochsen in post The Dilemma of the Simple RPG
    Ok. That's fine. But... the reason for this is that rpg rules are too complex? I don't get it. How are those two things connected? A steep learning curve keeps people from getting involved in your game, but to make money you need more rules, making your steep learning curve steeper. I guess its like Bowhunting.

Sunday, 3rd April, 2016

  • 09:19 PM - Ryujin quoted martinlochsen in post The D&D Movie Finds Its Director
    Not sure I agree. The brand would still get you attention and a core audience. It's probably easier to market, though perhaps a bit riskier. I've said this before, in another thread about this topic: The core audience won't support this movie. To make money and have a hope for further productions, you need people who aren't already tied to the concept. The question is, "How do you do that, especially if the property still suffers from the 'nerd' factor?" Pop culture has co-opted many of the things that, a mere 10 years ago, would have been considered nerdy. They still refer to them as nerdy but when more people are involved in them than not, they're no longer nerdy. Pen & paper RPGs don't fall int he co-opted group.
  • 07:05 PM - Ryujin quoted martinlochsen in post The D&D Movie Finds Its Director
    Or you could make something awesome and turn everyone's attitude around. It's been done. Not that I think that is what's going on here, though. You could, but then it wouldn't matter if it was based on a D&D property or not. Then we're back to the "Generic Fantasy #253" scenario.

Wednesday, 27th January, 2016

  • 10:01 PM - Ralif Redhammer quoted martinlochsen in post OD&D Now In PDF on DnDClassics
    Oh the days of “I’ll start downloading this file and go to sleep.” I also splurged on the premium re-release of a few years ago. Would love to give it a run for a couple of adventures, but there’s no way my group would go for it. Heck, 1d6 damage for all weapons alone would be enough to send them running. You know, I'm a bit tempted to dig up an old dial up just for the sake of downloading these books through it.

Monday, 25th January, 2016

Friday, 8th January, 2016

  • 05:39 PM - Bloodsausage quoted martinlochsen in post Which Games Were Most Played On FANTASY GROUNDS In 2015? (Hint: D&D!)
    Looking at the chart, it seems like FG has gotten a massive boost in membership numbers due to gaining the official license for 5e. Insane boost, in fact. I don't think it's just the licensing that's granted an insane boost. It's the fact that they have worked hard to completely port the official WoTC modules into Fantasy Grounds. It lightens the workload for DMs exponentially. For most (myself included) that's even worth the hefty price. I don't even play a game online. I use FG at the table. It makes everything so much easier. Of course, none of that would have happened without the licensing.

Sunday, 4th October, 2015

  • 05:25 PM - GMforPowergamers quoted martinlochsen in post Here's That SCAG Table of Contents!
    I feel more or less the same way. I really want those new character option though, so I might just buy the book anyway. Makes me feel like I'm being tricked into buying stuff I don't need. Not a very fan friendly strategy, in my opinion. Yea, the 3.0 realms book was the last time I bought one thinking I would run the realms... in 3.5 I skiped everything realms, and in 4e I didn't buy the campaign guide just the players guide to the realms (for swordmage mostly)
  • 05:00 PM - tsadkiel quoted martinlochsen in post Here's That SCAG Table of Contents!
    I feel more or less the same way. I really want those new character option though, so I might just buy the book anyway. Makes me feel like I'm being tricked into buying stuff I don't need. Not a very fan friendly strategy, in my opinion. *Glances over at the 3e FRCS and the 4E FR Player's Guide on his bookshelf.* It has always been thus. Forgotten Realms setting books have always included player crunch usable in other settings, like dark elves and genasi and swordmages and so forth. (The difference for me is that I've stopped buying big hardcover game books altogether, so it's a pretty moot point.)

Wednesday, 9th September, 2015

  • 09:58 PM - Sacrosanct quoted martinlochsen in post Unearthed Arcana: Another New Ranger Variant
    But that's a very modern idea. ??? It's been around for at least 300 years, if not longer. Though I think that kind of ranger has it's place, and those who like it should be able to play them, I don't like the fact that the concept has been baked into the basic concept of the class. That makes it impossible (or at least a bit clunky) to play a ranger that is NOT that type. To me, and I think to many others, the first image that comes to mind in relation to the ranger it that of Aragorn, and he is most definately a defender of civilization. I wouldn't want that idea to overshadow the whole class of course, there should be other options, but removing such an iconic character from the base of the class seems wrong to me. I get that that's your iconic ranger. But the mountain man is my iconic ranger. Point is, people have different ideas of what it should be and you're no more right than I am, so having a mix of abilities pulled from all three is OK. I mean, I could say that not everyone...

Friday, 20th February, 2015

  • 12:11 PM - delericho quoted martinlochsen in post Third Party Character Creation iOS App Removed
    Having a legal right to do something doesn't make it morally right, and it does not make it wise. I know this is a tired old argument, but Paizo is handling cases like this in a very different way, and they are making a lot of money. You don't have to beat down on your fans to make money. Really. And for the record, I'm talking primarily about the Pathguy site here. In cases like these, the details matter. In particular, it matters whether the generator is produced within the bounds of IP law or if it does not. In this case, it looks like infringement; in the Pathguy case it looks a bit different, and so my reaction is a bit different. (But, of course, not being an IP lawyer, and also not knowing every detail of both cases I stand ready to be corrected on any point - always a peril of working with incomplete information.) Originally, he also removed his Pathfinder generators because the letters he got demanded that as well. But after a few days, those were back up. The generators are very muc...

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