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Friday, 13th July, 2018

  • 11:41 PM - Harzel mentioned lowkey13 in post Survivor the Good, the Bad, and the Fey- THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE!
    Correction for lowkey13's overwritten vote... Bheur Hag 24 Blink Dog 22 Boggle 23 Dryad 26 Green Hag 23 Korred 20 Meenlock 21 Pixie 27 Satyr 24 Sea Hag 17 Sprite 26 Yeth Hound 16
  • 03:22 AM - Hawk Diesel mentioned lowkey13 in post Multi classing Objections: Rules vs. Fluff?
    ...others. Suddenly a Paladin is no longer about their code, and is transformed into someone born with their powers like a Sorcerer. Same thing with a Fighter. I look at those mechanics, and I can easily reflavor it into a Monk or a Ninja. Sure, fighters use weapons, but a warhammer can be reflavored into brass knuckles and it works the same. And you change it to versatile by the classic move where you bring your interlocked fists down upon an opponent's head. So yea, a multiclass Sorcerer/Paladin may not make sense if you only subscribe to the lore that we associate with those mechanics. But the Paladin levels could easily be explained as an extension of the sorcerer's bloodline based power. Or the Paladin may describe their sorcerery powers as an extension of their will to remain faithful to their oath. Or, it could be a really wiry inventor that wears a power armor suit and uses their gadgets to replicate all the powers of the sorcerer and paladin (especially if it's a gnome, eh lowkey13?).

Tuesday, 19th June, 2018

  • 03:29 PM - Aldarc mentioned lowkey13 in post Everybody Cheats?
    Where do you draw the line on DMing for a cheating player?Any notions of the game's "integrity" strikes me as farcical levels of over seriousness here. If these are the sort of things that makes a person stop DMing, then maybe they should not be in the business of DMing to begin with. Out of all the issues to kick someone out of a tabletop gaming group, this one seems kinda miniscule, especially if they are your "friends." If I ever did that, I would think that my priorities in life were wildly out of whack. There are ways to deal with a serial cheater. If they cheat with dice, then you put them in situations where dice can't save them. Give them other dice to use. You don't call for a roll. You provide greater incentives for those who aren't cheating. DMs should not be in the business of playing lawful stupid gnome paladins with their players. No one likes paladins. Just ask lowkey13. So for me this is less about the "cheating," and more about when the person's playing becomes unreasonably disruptive for the group. I don't know where that arbitrary line in the sand is either, because this line tends to vary person to person and group to group. But if I am given the choice between a periodic cheater who gels well with the group and brings a lot of fun to the table and a Grade-A :):):):):):):) who never cheats and admonishes others when they cheat, then I will pick the serial cheater every time. If this serial cheater is being disruptive to the group, then I suspect that there are other issues apart from from the cheating that are at play here, with the cheating simply being a pretext. Cheating takes away the genuineness of the game experience and I'm not going to put work and effort into DMing for a person who would do that to the rest of the players(including me).

Wednesday, 13th June, 2018

  • 07:02 PM - OB1 mentioned lowkey13 in post Dropping to 0 HP - Alternate Rule
    ...ore cinematic feel. At this point, Iím definitely changing exhaustion level 6 to be unconscious with the need to make a Death Saving Throw every 6 seconds (or 60 seconds?) if at 0HP and every hour if above 0HP. Exhaustion 7 will then be Death. As for the fidly bits, I think I might just make any action require a Death Saving Throw while at 0 HP and get rid of the dodge reaction mechanic. While I liked the idea that you could focus on defending or escaping while at 0 HP, it maybe feels a bit too gamey. Instead, players will just have to balance the risk of taking dodge or disengage and making a Death Saving Throw vs simply running and potentially getting an opportunity attack against them. As that change makes things a bit more deadly, Iíll think I might add the ability to spend half your level in hit die immediately following a short or long rest to remove 1 level of exhaustion. That should help mitigate against one unlucky encounter leading to a certain death spiral as well. lowkey13 - Death at 0 HP or say -Con HP is something I considered as well and would certainly help with the goal of making combat riskier, but those are still very binary states. Iím looking for something a bit more cinematic and blurry to give room for the PCs to have that last desperate chance to push on when it really counts.
  • 04:46 PM - Oofta mentioned lowkey13 in post Paladin oath transgression thoughts.
    When I hit this, I simply told the PC they had violated their oath and had no special abilities. No spells, no lay on hands, nothing. The gods had withdrawn their support and they were no longer a chosen warrior until they had made proper atonement. I could see going half way on this, when they go to use their ability they need to make a charisma save for example. Depends on how egregious the transgression was. As far as whether or not paladins are particularly powerful, I guess that depends on a lot of factors such as how many combats you have between short rests and other factors. Any spell caster is going to be relatively more powerful if you have a lot of long rests relative to the number of combats. P.S. Ignore lowkey13, he just can't handle the aura of awesomeness that paladins naturally exude. Especially for Sir McStabsalot, Order of the Holy Owl. 98406

Sunday, 10th June, 2018

Friday, 8th June, 2018

  • 05:56 PM - TwoSix mentioned lowkey13 in post The final word on DPR, feats and class balance
    Oh! And thanks for the XP! That put me in 2nd place over Morrus, and behind only Gary Gygax himself, and with less than 5000 posts myself. I win an award!!!! :) Or maybe not lol. What can I say, my entire life is around the validation I get from an internet forum and the opinion of random strangers :P Congrats! I tend to only whore myself out for Laugh points, but not nearly as shamelessly as lowkey13. :)

Thursday, 7th June, 2018

  • 06:31 AM - Harzel mentioned lowkey13 in post DM Best Traits
    I'm going with communication with adapability in second, because the relative importance of all the others depends on what the players are seeking. Communication, on the other hand, is what (maybe, eventually) allows you to determine what the players are seeking, and adaptability is needed to (maybe, eventually) deliver it. In other matters... Also, apparently there are only two people on this forum who have more XP than me (Morrus and Gary Gygax himself), so I'm pimping myself out to catch Morrus. :D I'm kidding of course, I really am curious to see how people view good DM traits lol. 1) lowkey13, ironically the first to respond to your thread, has more XP than you. Did he not mention it because he is gracious or just oblivious? Inquiring minds want to know. 2) I don't believe you're kidding. (Just kidding. :)) 3) *musing to self* So now that he has made an issue of it, do I give Sacrosanct XP because being nearby I may bask in his reflected glory, or do I withhold, hoping to someday catch up and be King of the Neighborhood? Choices, choices...

Wednesday, 30th May, 2018

  • 08:44 PM - Harzel mentioned lowkey13 in post SURVIVOR Supplement Edition--Volo's Guide Wins!
    Incidentally: does "The Magic Encyclopedia (2e)" mean "Encyclopedia Magica"? That is a good and pertinent question. "The Magic Encyclopedia" was published first, and was just a listing with no descriptions. "Encyclopedia Magica" followed a couple of years later and contained descriptions. The difference would certainly affect my votes. lowkey13, which did you intend to include in the list?

Friday, 25th May, 2018

  • 09:12 PM - doctorbadwolf mentioned lowkey13 in post Paladins in 5e: a Web DM video
    ... Even a Crown Paladin can consistently be a rebel leader, or just let rebels go because she knows their cause is right, or stand in front of a corrupt or overzealous official/lord/guard/judge/whatever to protect someone from an exaggerated response to a crime. "They committed a crime, and the law must be upheld, but Mercy is the sister of Order, and both exist to serve the good of The People, not your personal resentments. Stand down. The punishment for their crime is not death, and I will not allow you use the law as a weapon against our people." -Your Oath of The Crown Paladin, maybe. I love the part where they talk about seeing orcs and drow and such and seeing a person who has been corrupted by their society or god, who can possibly be saved, and starting there, rather than starting with violence. I love that idea not only for a Redemption, but for Devotion or Ancients as well, or even Crown or Vengeance, though each will express that differently. Anyway, great video! lowkey13 what kind of Paladin are you gonna make, homie? :D
  • 03:36 AM - Shiroiken mentioned lowkey13 in post Dice Rankings - The Poll
    I gotta say, lowkey13, you are cracked. The d12 is BY FAR the worst die in the game! The only people who like it are barbarians and orcs :p For all the love you have for the d20 (which I'll grant, does have a game system based on it), you seem to forget that it's almost as round as the d100. I've seen those suckers roll like a ball, never wanting to stop... I want to love the d4. I really do, but I've stepped on far too many for that. In addition, I feel it's the easiest die to "roll" in a specific way to control the result, due to it's limited edges for bounce. I gotta say that the d6, the old classic, is the superior die. Not only is is common enough that non-gamers understand it, but you can pick them up by the bucket-full. Not to mention that two of them create that magical 2d6 :cool:

Friday, 11th May, 2018

Wednesday, 9th May, 2018

Tuesday, 8th May, 2018

Monday, 7th May, 2018

  • 03:01 PM - jasper mentioned lowkey13 in post Harassment Policies: New Allegations Show More Work To Be Done
    OK. ALSO lowkey13 said about SSN. That is over the top but not harassment. But I work in a field dealing with SSN. My firewall/email filters are so tight I sometimes can not download stuff in unsecured fiction documents because the ship name or planet name/number comes close to looking like SSN's,

Thursday, 26th April, 2018

Sunday, 15th April, 2018

  • 11:39 PM - Harzel mentioned lowkey13 in post Survivor Caster Subclasses (Best of the Rest)- CIRCLE OF THE MOON WINS!
    Corrections... Circle of the Land 11 - CleverNickName incremented by 2 instead of 1 Circle of the Moon 15 College of Lore 14 College of Valor 12 Shadow Magic 13 The Archfey 4 The Celestial 11 - lowkey13 incremented by 0 instead of 1
  • 08:08 AM - Ancalagon mentioned lowkey13 in post If you could only play one---
    Cleric has a lot of variability, and dwarf is my favourite class so... There can be only 1 answer. Sir McStabsalot, dual rapier wielding gnomish paladin, Order of the Owl. 96410 How strange, you piked lowkey13 's favourite combo to the letter! :D

Tuesday, 10th April, 2018

  • 05:21 PM - Paul Farquhar mentioned lowkey13 in post Mechanics of Revived Settings; your thoughts?
    As lowkey13 says, D20 was specifically a 3rd edition thing. It didn't exist before, and is no longer supported by WotC. Thus, Metamorphosis Alpha, Gamma World, Star Frontiers, Dark Sun etc where not "D20" (although D20 versions may have been made), and anything produced by WotC henceforth is also not D20. So far as WotC are concerned D20 is dead. Personally, I don't care what they call it, I just want something - anything - that doesn't have ******* elves and pseudo-medievalism. But from a commercial perspective, putting D&D 5e on the packaging makes the most sense.
  • 04:30 PM - Blue mentioned lowkey13 in post UA: Order Domain Cleric.
    Something I find funny because of how the theme and existing mechanics interact is that a really good use of your Voice of Authority free attack is to give it to a Rogue. They will get their Sneak Attack damage since it's a different turn. Player A : Hey, I'm a lawful knight, why does your god keep blessing that shifty nerf-herder of a thief instead of me?" @lowkey13 : You're a gnome paladin with a rapier. Even my god doesn't like you. DM : *snicker*

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Wednesday, 18th July, 2018

Thursday, 12th July, 2018

  • 02:44 AM - Polyhedral Columbia quoted lowkey13 in post WotC: Stop sitting on Rich Burlew's setting (you own the rights!) - publish it for 5E too!
    But not to put too fine a point on it, but just ... well, just look- Forgotten Realms Nentir Vale Dragon Fist Thunder Rift Ghostwalk Planescape Ravenloft Pelinore Council of Wyrms Dragonlance Birthright Mahasarpa Jakandor Dark Sun Eberron Spelljammer Greyhawk Lankhmar Mystara Those are all full campaign settings that they haven't released yet for 5e that they could*, and this is before getting into sub-settings (Al Qadim, Kara Tur, etc.). I like your list - and I'm for all of those being released too, and soon! The two Setting Search worlds would be in addition to, and perhaps after, the classic worlds are released. Yet so many people at ENWorld have called for "new worlds" - well, why not publish these two as-yet-unseen (and thus "new-to-us") WotC worlds? Just to niggle with your good list: I believe Chris Pramas now owns Dragon Fist outright, so I think it'd take a license agreement to make the Tianguo setting fully a part of the D&D Multiverse....

Wednesday, 11th July, 2018

  • 10:04 PM - Parmandur quoted lowkey13 in post WotC: Stop sitting on Rich Burlew's setting (you own the rights!) - publish it for 5E too!
    But not to put too fine a point on it, but just ... well, just look- Forgotten Realms Nentir Vale Dragon Fist Thunder Rift Ghostwalk Planescape Ravenloft Pelinore Council of Wyrms Dragonlance Birthright Mahasarpa Jakandor Dark Sun Eberron Spelljammer Greyhawk Lankhmar Mystara Those are all full campaign settings that they haven't released yet for 5e that they could*, and this is before getting into sub-settings (Al Qadim, Kara Tur, etc.). So ... it is REALLY HARD to get excited about a product no one knows about, that we can't even name, and was never developed, when there are already tons of campaign settings to use. Not to mention probably being able to easily license other classic settings (Wilderlands of High Fantasy). Follow me? *I'm assuming; I don't know, for example, if they still have the license to Lankhmar. Goodman Games has the exclusive RPG rights to Lankhmar at the moment, I believe.
  • 06:06 PM - Polyhedral Columbia quoted lowkey13 in post WotC: Stop sitting on Rich Burlew's setting (you own the rights!) - publish it for 5E too!
    This was directed at the OP. In other words, it is really hard to get fired up for a concept that was never released and doesn't even have a name that is known to the public. I'm sure RB had a name for it. Yeah, it's hard to get fired up. But the 2nd and 3rd place worlds are probably pretty good - they beat out thousands of other entries. And they're owned by WotC. And apparently, WotC is planning to release a bunch of settings. So it's natural to make a call for them to be released alongside (not instead of) the Classic settings.
  • 04:29 PM - Mistwell quoted lowkey13 in post WotC: Stop sitting on Rich Burlew's setting (you own the rights!) - publish it for 5E too!
    But one of those things is ... not like the others. Burlew's world, as far as you know, doesn't even have a name. It's just a pitch. If he cared enough, he could ask them to release the rights back so he could release the pitch idea. But whatever it is, isn't going to be all that. Actually second place not only had a name, but it had a pretty full outline. The further you got in the contest the more details you had to provide, and second place provided a lot of details. Definitely a name. Heck, most initial entries had a name I believe. I know mine did (Resonance).

Thursday, 5th July, 2018

  • 10:43 PM - Mirtek quoted lowkey13 in post D&D: The New Poker?
    How about ... D&D is the new curling? You know. A little obscure. Popular within a very niche group. Every now and then, the mainstream kind of pays attention and goes, "Hey, that looks cool," but then lets it sink back into obscurity. Sounds about right

Wednesday, 4th July, 2018

  • 09:17 PM - Maxperson quoted lowkey13 in post Survivor Blood War- DEMOGORGON WINS!
    Objective categories that can be used to make the list? I was just thinking fey monsters from various monster books across the editions. Brownies, pixies, dryads, etc. Another idea would be themed gods. You could do the various pantheons as a whole, or individual themes like war gods. You'd have Ares, Thor, Tempus, Athena, etc.

Tuesday, 3rd July, 2018

  • 08:42 PM - ad_hoc quoted lowkey13 in post Would you marry a party member for +2 AC?
    OTOH, any time you begin to introduce these types of "ribbons," you have to worry about powergamers and optimizers. Other than the edge cases, this spell will likely have almost no impact on most campaigns, and the danger of including this type of spell for "gamist" reasons is that someone will try to abuse it. Or you could just not. It's better to make a better game. Being paralyzed by the fear that some players might 'abuse' the game doesn't benefit anyone. Those players will still ruin the game for the groups they are in unless... That is what the entire group finds fun, and then, it's also fine. I think the spell is good for the same reason backgrounds are good. Character backstory doesn't exist until it comes up in game. Backgrounds help that. Ceremony helps to make events in game matter. I could see 2 characters (PCs or PC + NPC) getting married at the end of a campaign just before diving into Hell to combat the forces of ultimate darkness. Ceremony lends weight to that even...
  • 04:11 AM - Jester David quoted lowkey13 in post Would you marry a party member for +2 AC?
    Protection for your honeymoon? Silly Lowkey. Shotguns are for weddings, not honeymoons.

Monday, 2nd July, 2018

Monday, 18th June, 2018

Friday, 15th June, 2018

  • 09:36 PM - Wulffolk quoted lowkey13 in post How Mainstream is Dungeons and Dragons with 5e? Vox Mainstream.
    Is now the time for the coup to finally remove the hated Paladin class? Personally, i have always loved Paladins, and even more so now in 5e. I can understand the hatred of certain Players that are drawn to the Paladin class, but they are still more tolerable than anybody that would ever consider playing a Gnome. Once a Paladin learns that Gnomes are the source of all EVIL, and are part of a global conspiracy to undermine whatever oaths the Paladin has sworn, then the can pursue the righteous Oath of Gnome-icide! We just must avoid any time-travel shenanigans.
  • 05:26 PM - Gradine quoted lowkey13 in post Survivor Elves, Elves, Elves- WOOD ELF WINS!
    Impossible. Paladins are the lowest common denominator of insults; you cannot go lower. Perhaps you meant to call High Elves the Rapier of Elves? Super lame, but still annoyingly common. No, I meant that with the addition of a more diverse set of Oaths in 5e, Paladins can now be at least a little more interesting, which is more than you can say about High Elves.
  • 02:30 PM - Bradley Hindman quoted lowkey13 in post Survivor Elves, Elves, Elves- WOOD ELF WINS!
    No elf should ever have gone above 20. Well, then. Allows us to only downvote! I would have used that option exclusively.
  • 02:11 PM - Sadras quoted lowkey13 in post Survivor Elves, Elves, Elves- WOOD ELF WINS!
    No elf should ever have gone above 20. Well yesterday you said 30 so you're shaving off 10 a day on these declarations?

Thursday, 14th June, 2018

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