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Saturday, 20th January, 2018

  • 10:47 PM - Lanefan quoted Dukey in post 6e, how would you sort the classes/sub-classs?
    Because a sorcerer uses wizardly magic and a sorcerer is not that much different from a wizard to justify a new class. A different class would have their own magic, like a cleric, who uses priestly magic.Truth be told, were it up to me I'd put all divine and arcane casters on to a variant of the Sorcerer mechanics (mostly because over the years I've developed a deep dislike of pre-memorization of spells) only with more spells in their repertiore than a Sorcerer normally has. This means the Sorcerer class as its own thing would disappear.
  • 05:38 PM - MoonSong quoted Dukey in post 6e, how would you sort the classes/sub-classs?
    I would do it like the 2nd edition class and kit system structure as much as possible. That structure was very solid I think as you didnt have to preplan your feats and skills levels ahead. Based on this structure you can redesign the classes and kits for 6e and make use of the new 6e mechanics. Paladin is a warrior class. Blackguard is a Paladin sub-class Assassin is a rogue kit, Ninja is a rogue class. Ranger is a warrior class. Rogue is a standard class. Sorcerer is a wizard kit. Wizard is a standard class. Druid is a priest class. Some druids can be focused more on shapechanging than others (Druid kits) Psionicist is a standard class. Telepathy is different than telekinesis. Soul weapons are spiritual and not psionic. Knight and Samurai are both kits of the warrior class. They use different weapons, armor and have a different philosophy. Bard is a rogue class. I don't get the reasoning. Why is sorcerer a wizard kit? why not a class?

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