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D&D player from the red box days. We played a lot of D&D in the 80s and early 90s. Took a break from RPGs for about 15 years. Now, mainly playing with my family.

Currently playing 5e. Will also be playing DCC and Castles & Crusades.
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Details of games currently playing and games being sought.

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Currently DM'ing Curse of Strahd. Also DM'ing Legacy of the Crystal Shard.

I have been building up my collection of DCC and Castles & Crusades material.


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My Game Details
Game Details:
Currently DM'ing Curse of Strahd. Also DM'ing Legacy of the Crystal Shard.

I have been building up my collection of DCC and Castles & Crusades material.
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Thursday, 17th November, 2016

Tuesday, 8th March, 2016

  • 06:42 AM - AaronOfBarbaria mentioned ddaley in post DM's Guild: What Do The Customers Think?
    ddaley, 77IM, if you want e-mail informing you of new products uploaded to the DMs Guild, you can sign in to the site, click on any product for which Dungeon Master's Guild is listed as the publisher (putting on the page where you can see the full product description), and then look at the left side of the screen - just below the "Narrow Results" box, there is a box that says "Follow Your Favorites!" within which there is a checkbox to click that sets you up to receive periodic emails telling you what's new. It works the same on all the other online stores run by the same company, as far as I know - I use it for some other game lines that don't have frequent releases or reliable sources of release date information so that I can see when something has come out, and it works well enough for me.

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Wednesday, 12th September, 2018

  • 08:06 PM - FitzTheRuke quoted ddaley in post Pulling Off a Dragon Heist in Waterdeep: The Review
    My group likes action and some interaction, but they aren't going to go commando on people who don't pose a threat. They play good characters for the most part and don't randomly attack people without cause. I'll probably pick this book up at some point, but being a city based adventure, I am worried it'll be too much talking for them. No, I mean they can fight as opposed to try to negotiate their way out. I'm not saying they'd go killing every random civilian who wants to talk to them!

Tuesday, 11th September, 2018

Tuesday, 4th September, 2018

  • 03:06 PM - cmad1977 quoted ddaley in post Where Are All the Dungeon Masters?
    If WotC wanted to make things easier for the casual DM, they would release shorter campaigns... like Lost Mine of Phandelver. I try to DM for my family, but reading these long campaign books is a chore and very time consuming. Improvising in one of these campaigns is difficult unless you know for sure the impact it will have on the later stages of the campaign. LMoP was great and easy to run. I donít disagree. However, the thing Iíve done with the longer adventures(and I think that WOTC should say this on the first page of all of the APs) is use them primarily as a sourcebook and less like an adventure.
  • 04:03 AM - pickin_grinnin quoted ddaley in post Where Are All the Dungeon Masters?
    Having to learn the rules for AL and then having to buy "points" on top of that doesn't sound very encouraging to me. Organized play just doesn't interest me, as a GM or a player. It requires a whole extra level of bookkeeping and planning, and relies on pre-done adventures. For me, half the fun is the worldbuilding that goes with being a GM. Sadly, though, most of the calls for GMs I see in my area (particularly at game stores) want you to run organized play campaigns.

Thursday, 16th August, 2018

  • 04:05 AM - Zardnaar quoted ddaley in post Gail Gygax Sued By Movie Producer
    If the various Gygax's could have figured out how to work together, I a sure they could have released some great material to honor Gary's legacy. Too bad this is such a mess. Stepmom from hell issues. She is not the mother to Gary's kids and he cheated on their mother with her so they never liked her. Gail I think was a secretary or something at TSR IIRC. Bad blood there going back years. Gary left his estte to her and not Luke and his brother so yeah.

Saturday, 28th July, 2018

Friday, 20th July, 2018

  • 09:01 PM - Mercule quoted ddaley in post Torn Asunder: For That Friend Who Wonít Shut Up About Dark Souls
    I am an "old school" dad who misses a lot about old school D&D... but this book does not appeal to me. Ditto, but for different reasons. What I miss is actually the simplicity of AD&D. I could use a note card for a Fighter or Thief character, if I wanted to. As a GM, I could generalize what critters were in each room and wing the details because the stats were simple enough. PCs didn't have to have a new toy at every level and no one planned out their character to level 20 -- because you probably weren't going to make it there and, even if you did, it was its own reward. The last thing I want, to soothe my nostalgia, is even more complexity in the game. That was 3E, which isn't really "gray ponytail" land (those guys still have black hair, they're just old enough to grow it on their face, too). Look, there were a couple Dragon articles that had critical hit tables for AD&D, but those were pretty tame and easy to use. Crits certainly weren't "core" or even typical. But, if you really want ...

Monday, 16th July, 2018

Tuesday, 10th July, 2018

  • 05:09 PM - Les Moore quoted ddaley in post An Army in the Dungeon
    This... our groups back in the day had what I would consider to be followers... somewhere between hirelings and henchmen. Enter Hernchlingman!

Sunday, 8th July, 2018

Thursday, 28th June, 2018

Wednesday, 6th June, 2018

  • 01:40 AM - mellored quoted ddaley in post Here's The Pathfinder 2nd Edition Skill List!
    Seems a bit odd that a level 4 character who is untrained in a skill would have the same bonus as a level 1 who is a master...Bonuses aren't everything. The master could still do more things with their skill than a high-level untrained person. But overall I agree. I wish the +level bonus was reduced to +1/2 level, or +1/4 level (like 5e)

Friday, 18th May, 2018

  • 04:23 PM - Kobold Boots quoted ddaley in post Pathfinder 2's Armor & A Preview of the Paladin!
    All I can say is this thread makes me glad that I don't play with people who agonize over things like this and cannot spend 5 minutes making the game their own. I still base my games on the ideals of Greek Mythology, where even the gods were fallible and made mistakes. Funny thing is, as a DM I rarely need to bring up alignment conflicts. My players call each other out "Wait... aren't you lawful? You wouldn't be doing... blah blah blah" I'm pretty sure that anyone spending the time debating this stuff has the time because they're not actually playing in the first place. Work + Game Prep + Game + Family doesn't leave much time to really wax poetic about a game that isn't even out yet.

Tuesday, 8th May, 2018

  • 11:01 PM - MoonSong quoted ddaley in post Pathfinder 2's Armor & A Preview of the Paladin!
    PF2 is repeating the same grudge I had with the paladins in PF1. I'm rather disappointed by the perceived inflexibility that paladins have in both PF1 and PF2. all that PF1 had to offer was "The paladin is LG flavor with different shapes of sprinkles on it." That's a very narrow vision for what paladins are and can be, even for the core game (Especially when you say that the rogue, in contrast, is having her options and horizons broadened!) I hope that if and when they move on they'll be able to contemplate that quite a few people don't want to play the paladin because there's only one interpretation of it. the idea of different types of paladins are best off already in the core game, and not a peripheral, or perhaps obscure, supplementary product. On paper, If there was any room for interpretation for what LG is, and what their code of conduct should be. I might be able to tolerate it. if they gave out the code of conduct and stuck to just the anathemas and the other rules deities have (th...
  • 02:20 PM - Zansy quoted ddaley in post Pathfinder 2's Armor & A Preview of the Paladin!
    Paladins have never been for everyone. You have to want to play a paladin. I personally have never played one. I have been in a party where someone did a great job at playing a paladin. If you don't like what is expected of a paladin, then choose another class. No one says that you have to play a paladin. There is nothing special about clerics. Anyone can play one. Paladin is a more niche class. The problem is not that people don't want to play paladins just because they're a niche market. paladins aren't as big a niche as you make them. If paladins were such a niche, as opposed to something iconic that a lot of people want to play, then why haven't hey just stuck with a "knight" or a "cavalier" for the core book and put the paladin in a supplement? The real problem, my friend, that paizo isn't thinking about (or at least, are putting on the backburner) is what else a paladin could be - and it should be their every interest for paizo to make the class more accessible and attract a w...
  • 02:01 PM - Zansy quoted ddaley in post Pathfinder 2's Armor & A Preview of the Paladin!
    I guess I am just old school at heart... I like that Paladins are tied to being LG. That seems to mesh well with the intent of the class. As for the complexity, I think there is still a place for a more in depth rules system. I haven't been following the PF2 news that closely, so am not sure just how complex it is going to be. I have to admit, that reading about the paladin, some of it sounded Greek to me. "Panels to Str/Dex/Con?" No clue. "Image dice?" No clue. On paper, If there was any room for interpretation for what LG is, and what their code of conduct should be. I might be able to tolerate it. if they gave out the code of conduct and stuck to just the anathemas and the other rules deities have (their name eludes me at the moment. I apologize--) that would have been fine, it's weird to me that paladins have to follow more rules than, say, clerics of the same faith, but lose everything they have going if they break any of them. even if you put aside all those extra, universal rules...
  • 02:00 PM - Mouseferatu quoted ddaley in post Pathfinder 2's Armor & A Preview of the Paladin!
    "Panels to Str/Dex/Con?" No clue. "Image dice?" No clue. I could be wrong, but I'm about 90% sure that "panels" is just a typo for "penalties."

Wednesday, 21st March, 2018

  • 07:32 AM - barasawa quoted ddaley in post Fighter Class Preview
    I don't have an issue with fighters getting attacks of opportunity at 1st level or with negative numbers... but, I do like the dice chain concept from Dungeon Crawl Classics... that is a fun alternative to penalties. Dice Chain is really just a different way to do bonuses and penalties, but instead of increasing or decreasing the total by 1 point per, it instead changes the maximum possible value rolled by 1 point per. (Since the DCC dice chain includes the odd numbers as dice as well, such as d5, d7, etc.) Mathematically it's about a 1/2 point weaker per point of bonus or penalty than the Pathfinder and D&D bonuses and penalties.
  • 04:27 AM - Ancalagon quoted ddaley in post Fighter Class Preview
    Is there something listed for the fighter that would prevent you from role playing? Of course not. Thank you for the deep insight. I guess we don't need those stealth bonuses for rogues, rangers and monks, they can just roleplay that. Charm spells, divination? Useless, let's roleplay that too! That druid changing himself into a fish? Totally can roleplay that. etc etc Do you catch my drift? Of course a first level peasant can roleplay! But some classes have special powers, skills and abilities that the fighter has been, historically speaking, quite limited in his access to. Thankfully, it seems that, based on other posts (thank you Arakasius ) the fighter will be better rounded outside of combat in this edition of pathfinder.

Thursday, 15th March, 2018

  • 12:17 AM - barasawa quoted ddaley in post How Pathfinder 2's Resonance Reduces Wand-Spamming; & Comparisons to 5E Discussed
    How many fragile bottles full of liquid could you reasonably stuff in your backpack while trudging through a jungle or delving into a dungeon without having them break. How much gear can your backpack hold? Having a reasonable limit doesn't seem contrived at all. Why carry "fragile bottles" in the first place. There are other substances that bottles can be made out of, and unless the GM rules otherwise, there's no rule that a potion can't be stored in those. In fact, you often find them in other types of containers in many adventures. This includes silver flasks, gourds, and a sealed bamboo segment. For that matter, in the old D&D days, we loved the spell of Glass Steel for making VERY tough bottles. (And see through shields, and peekaboo armor, and really cool looking weapons....) You can always bring that old classic back. I often do, especially since it doesn't break anything (sic), and can up the cool factor. :cool:

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