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Thursday, 19th October, 2017

  • 07:39 PM - Wulffolk mentioned Ry in post E6 in 5e
    Love it Love it Love it I am glad that it helps you. I have been grateful to Ry for writing this since I first discovered it. His rules variant helped save my interest in D&D back in the days of 3.5e.

Wednesday, 18th October, 2017

  • 04:31 PM - Wulffolk mentioned Ry in post E6 in 5e
    Quoting that Reddit post was just my attempt to take a short cut explaining the concept of E6. There wasn't any intent to insinuate that 5e had the same problems as 3e. I did also post a link to the original post by Ry, but I guess that I probably should have just quoted some of what he wrote instead of quoting the Reddit post.
  • 04:44 AM - Wulffolk mentioned Ry in post E6 in 5e
    There was a another poll recently concerning which levels people found most fun to play. I mentioned E6 and E10 in that thread. There were people that had not heard about it, so I thought I would share this for those that are interested. E6 stands for Epic 6. It is the name of a rules variant which was introduced by Ry back in 2007 (yeah, 10 years ago). u/Thomar posted on Reddit a good take on E6 for 5e, which I will quote here: E6 in D&D 5e u/thomar 5e D&D seems to support E6 pretty well, so this document lays out some guidelines for using it. The whole point of E6 is to declare that certain magical abilities are beyond mortal ken in a setting. Teleportation and bringing the dead back to life are the two greatest offenders, but this also cuts of a good chunk of the "linear warriors, quadratic wizards" problem, which is still around in 5e (although considerably nerfed by spells per day). Setting level 6 as the barrier is traditional because of the limitations it places on 4th-level and higher spells. Anlysis of different cutoff levels follows. Which one you use is ultimately up to you as a GM and you should discuss the ramification...

Wednesday, 16th March, 2016

  • 08:32 PM - Edwin Suijkerbuijk mentioned Ry in post some tweets
    MAZOshi1987 Can an Earth elemental Grapple with a creature and then pull them underground and leave them there to die? JeremyECrawford An earth elemental's Earth Glide is meant to apply to itself only. #DnD JJRTracy So do you need a focus to cast spells with only verbal and somatic components? JeremyECrawford The purpose of a spellcasting focus is to substitute for free material components. It's otherwise decoration. #DnD Ryrok if that’s the case, why have material components at all? JeremyECrawford Whether to use a material component or a spellcasting focus is often a question of how your spellcaster looks. #DnD JamesonCoase If attuned to an Instrument of the Bards and cast Charm Person, does the target make its save with disadvantage? JeremyECrawford Charm person doesn't benefit from an instrument of the bards, since the spell has no material component. #DnD Phoenix_Rion How/when would Elemenal Affinity bonus apply in these 3 cases: 1. Melfs Min Meteors 2.Scorching Ray 3.Twinned FireBolt? thx JeremyECrawford Elemental Affinity benefits one damage roll of a spell. (1. One meteor. 2. One ray. 3. One fire bolt.) #DnD Mariutti82 by rules, expending a superiority die when you move, you get its result as a bonus to your AC untill you stop moving. JeremyECrawford Evasive Footwork grants its AC bonus only during your current movement. #DnD

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Saturday, 14th April, 2018

  • 08:02 AM - Hussar quoted Ry in post Why Worldbuilding is Bad
    ...these types of threads... This thread is predicated on the presumption that world building is good. It's a reaction to the common wisdom that if you are a DM, you MUST world build and anyone who doesn't do it is running a bad game. A game that lacks consistency, a game that lacks depth, etc. You can find all sorts of quotes for those points all through this thread. The whole REASON for having threads like this is because there is a basic presumption that if you DM, you will world build. Heck, the Dungeon Master Guides presume it. How much ink is spilled in any editions DMG detailing how you should build your game world? Pages upon pages upon pages. 2ed was replete with world building stuff, to the point where the 2e Monster Manual was written with one monster per page (or sometimes more). Compared to 1e where you'd get up to four monsters on a single page. I mean, good grief, look at the reactions from the first page of this thread: Utter crap. RC This is very relevant advice for a sci-fi writer. This is terrible advice for most DMs. This is somewhat appropriate advice for a small number of DMs with a very particular kind of style. He's quite right - if you want the players to move through the world without really being in it. Personally, I like to know that there is more to a gameworld than a series of dungeons, a list of maidens to be rescued/deflowered (depending upon alignment), etc. Games I've played in which had no depth seemed little more than multiplayer Fighting Fantasy books. It would be interesting to have a poll on this subject. QFT. Although some of my favorite sci-fi and fantasy authors defy that advice--Edgar Rice Burroughs, for instance. J. R. R. Tolkien. But I can see his point for an author. It's not really relevent for GMs. Running a game takes place in something closer to "realtime" than writing a story, so you need to have some details already in place when your players encounter them, becuase if y...

Tuesday, 30th January, 2018

  • 12:45 PM - pemerton quoted Ry in post Is D&D Too Focused on Combat?
    All the ways a player can assert himself in logistics and exploration fail in the face of an opponent. Part of the difference between our play selves and our real selves is that in the universe of the game, something's actively trying make you unsafe, cause you harm. Maybe we all should have just tried harder to talk with our opponents, but when it comes down to it they will kill us if we don't respond. Combat, and skill in combat, is a kind of tangible, measurable source of security and also agency. If the vampire refuses to be convinced by my argument that I should live, at least I can fight the vampire.But this really begs the question - in that you assume that it is inherent in combat mechanics that they deliver finality in resolution, but social mechanics can't have the same character. Classic Traveller doesn't have a universal social resolution system, but it has a few social resolution subsytems (especially for dealing with officials). And it delivers finality of resolution in those areas. One result is that Traveller players don't have their PCs blow up all the police and customs inspectors, because they know that a successful Admin or Bribery check can result in them being convinced. Of cou...

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