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    Sunday, 17th March, 2019, 02:05 PM
    J. Michael Straczynski has reported on his Facebook page that Larry Ditillio has passed
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    Thursday, 14th March, 2019, 01:22 AM
    I don't mind if they squeeze off the occasional fart joke and I prefer dry humor.
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    Thursday, 14th March, 2019, 12:22 AM
    According to Stephen Buonocore, who has posted this news to Facebook, Brian "Big Mac" Mccarthy has passed.
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April 24, 1979 (39)
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My friends joke that my roleplay switch is stuck on "paladin."

The truth is I love stories with heroic heroes. The two movies that most influenced me as a child were "Glory" with Matthew Brodrick and "Transformers: The Movie" with Peter Frickin' Cullen. Both movies featured noble protagonists, charging into battle to fight for their beliefs, and placing themselves into mortal danger for the sake of their comrades. Both died in what 8-year-old-me thought was the best way possible. I think I may be the illegitimate son of a viking?

Anyway, I play characters a lot like that. I don't want gold or treasure: I just want the best possible death for them. It's amazing what a party can accomplish when they chuck the 10' foot pole and go all in.

In reality, I am a pretty boring software developer. I throw a lot of dinner parties, cook extravagant meals, drink a lot of wine, and smoke pipes and cigars with my friends over scotch.

But I'd rather be gaming.
Augusta, GA
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Complete mixed bag of odds and ends: casual gamers, power gamers, and amateur thespians that get together on Wednesdays, kill monsters, and take their stuff.

Some people dress up. No, it is not normal. =P


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My Game Details
Game Details:
Complete mixed bag of odds and ends: casual gamers, power gamers, and amateur thespians that get together on Wednesdays, kill monsters, and take their stuff.

Some people dress up. No, it is not normal. =P
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Friday, 30th October, 2015

  • 09:13 PM - El Mahdi mentioned Halivar in post Warlord Name Poll
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Wednesday, 6th May, 2015

  • 09:07 AM - perrinmiller mentioned Halivar in post Melisande, Paladin
    ...f) (+2 vs Sunder/Disarm) Fort: +18 Reflex: +11 Will: +14 Special: Immune to Fear, Disease, Charm Current Conditions in Effect: Power Attack (-4Att/+8(12)dmg), Jingasa Luck (1xday, Immediate neg Critical/Sneak Attack), Aura of Good/Courage/Resolve Current Weapon in Hand: None Lay on Hands (6d6): 12/12 Remaining Smite Evil (5x/day, +4 Att, +17 dmg, +4 Deflect AC): 5/5 Remaining Alter Self: 1/1 Remaining Divine Bond (+3): 3/3 Remaining Spells Remaining: 1st Level 4/4+2 Pearls (Protection from Evil, Hero's Defiance, Bless, Divine Favor) 2nd Level 3/3+1 Pearl (Effortless Armor, Blade Tutor's Spirit, Righteous Vigor) 3rd Level 2/2 (Greater Magic Weapon, Greater Magic Weapon) 4th Level 1/1 (Resounding Blows) DTís adventure is really for the two new players (MerryMortician & Grumblyarcher), Auraís Tamarie, Francis John, Leira Olren and GEís Qalabash. Yosephus is technically too high for that adventure and has a place saved in the 3-4th level one coming. I am just waiting on Halivar to be present and Mowgliís character, then I can begin recruiting for Donít Let It Go for Charity, Yosephus, Delvin, and Darvus.

Tuesday, 10th March, 2015

  • 07:38 AM - pemerton mentioned Halivar in post What separates a sandbox adventure from an AP?
    ...y of 4e says "Roleplaying Game" on the cover, too. These games were invented by roleplayers for roleplayers. They are roleplaying games. They may not be your favourites, but hey - I don't like by-the-book 2nd ed AD&D, and I think it's advice and overall tone that the players should subordinate themselves to the GM at every point produces terrible gaming (and has absolutely nothing in common with the sort of game that Gygax published), but I don't go around posting that it is not an RPG. And it's not as if the techniques that games like BW use came from nowhere. I worked out various techniques for myself, which designers like Luke Crane and Robin Laws have taken to places I wouldn't have been able to on my own, playing Oriental Adventures in the mid-80s (it being the first version of D&D to make PC background a core aspect of PC building, and hence a key anchor for GM choices about how to frame conflicts and player choices about how to engage them). This thread was started by Halivar wanting to talk about how to avoid AP-style railroading. What would prep look like, what would relevant GMing techniques be, etc. I don't see why you object to me pointing out a well-known, widely-used approach to preparing and running RPGs that might be relevant - especially because they also tend to avoid the "player paralysis" issue that Halivar is concerned about.

Tuesday, 13th January, 2015

  • 01:27 PM - perrinmiller mentioned Halivar in post [LPF] Return to Boar's Ridge
    OOC: Reporting in from vacations, will try to fix up a ministat block and an avatar. Somehow, however, I'm not able to attack avatars embedded in the post anymore...Welcome back. :) Here is the link to use the [IMG] BBCode: I just put him in my LPF folder of pictures for you to use. How's this for a ministat block? Actually, if you use Donall as a template from our Resurrection game, you would be exactly what I am looking for. Mostly it is to track the dynamic stuff that can change. From a GM perspective, all I need is the following: Link to the character sheet ACs & CMD Saves HP Total & then Current HP Weapon in hand Spells & Abilities Uses Remaining Conditions in effect The link to the sheet allows quick reference for over 50% of the things you put in your version. Some GMs like Initiative and Senses included. resrick & Halivar; are you still with us?

Friday, 15th August, 2014

  • 04:21 PM - Markn mentioned Halivar in post Paladin Over Powered?
    KarinsDad The math makes sense and maybe its not as bad I fear. But once you add other classes to the mix that grant Advantage on attacks, extra damage from other spells, and if its an undead or a fiend, it seems to get pretty high oh so quick! It still leaves me uneasy and something that I think will get over powered pretty quick... Halivar Yeah, I get that. Still seemed to be pretty strong to me. I guess now that the books are out, once we get back to those levels we will see how it plays out....

Monday, 4th August, 2014

  • 02:27 AM - the Jester mentioned Halivar in post I can haz WILD MAGE and the first DRAGONBORN art?
    ...fter all there needs to be something like: "An enraged giraffe bursts out of the ground carried by a mob of purple monkeys..." For you Chaos-lovers, and forgive me if you've seen this before, I present my insane Chaos effect charts: It isn't quite a wild surge chart, as it assumes a single creature is gaining a... actually, gaining or losing... well, is being affected in some way. BEWARE!! These charts require that you generate a number from 1 to 500 to start with, with the possibility of rolling on one or more of 25 subtables, including the Leg Replacements subtable, the Radom Battlecries subtable and the infamous Chaos Babies subtable. Also, there are several references to a "d34". That is a real die, and I have possession of one that a friend loaned me long-term some years back because I made some d34 subtables just so there would be a need to use it once in a while. :) There is a 4e conversion done by Halivar over here, and in that thread I clarify what the term "semiclone" means.

Thursday, 10th July, 2014

  • 01:36 PM - Ruin Explorer mentioned Halivar in post Is Anyone Unhappy About Non-LG Paladins?
    ...s pretty much a form of Chaotic Evil (because it's all about self-gratification and will rapidly destroy the fabric of society). pemerton - My group includes an employment lawyer (who is thus very familiar with and interested in human rights), TWO senior people from international charities which deal with war-torn areas (who are thus very interested in such issues), a senior child psychiatrist, and er... a day trader (but he's a really good person!). Oh and occasionally a human rights barrister and a guy who runs social-enterprise-based universities in Africa and used to work for UNICEF. As much as you might think you overthink that kind of stuff, as DM to that group, I tend to think about it a lot myself, because I don't want to lead us into some sort of elaborate moral argument. Hilariously, the day trader's PC is probably the "most good" out of the lot of them. The UNICEF guy, who is perhaps the nicest person in the world IRL, is incredibly devious and scheming in-game! Halivar - Yeah, it's generally more fun long term to let the PCs be Big Damn Heroes rather than dealing with complex moral quandaries in D&D, but my experience is that Paladins (of any alignment) and the like tend to attract moral quandaries like flies to honey. Also sometimes these sort of things naturally emerge in play.

Wednesday, 9th July, 2014

  • 08:13 PM - TwoSix mentioned Halivar in post Is Anyone Unhappy About Non-LG Paladins?
    None of those are chaotic principles (indeed, the very idea of "principles" is inherently lawful). That sounds like a LG paladin to me. And any paladin in my game that did NOT uphold those principles would lose their powers. That sounds like a Good (any ethos) cleric to me. The point of the paladin (according to the multi-edition fluff) is that they have innate divine abilities from their devotion to The Cause, whatever it may be. Which again devolves into another discussion of "What does each alignment even mean?", which then means players at the same table can have completely different takes on whether a character can actually be a paladin or not. I mean, the character Halivar just described as LG was the character Lalato used as a paragon of CG! That leads to a situation where Halivar comes to the table with a cool idea for a paladin who fights off the scourge of tyranny and frees oppressed slaves, and Lalato says "Sorry, man, that's a chaotic character, can't be a paladin". (Not that I think Lalato actually runs that way, this is purely hypothetical.) To my mind, I'd restrict the paladin to any good and LN. Gives the idea that the paladin is supposed to be a champion of civilization and the common folk, but allows for some freedom as to how the player might want to express it.
  • 06:43 PM - Lalato mentioned Halivar in post Is Anyone Unhappy About Non-LG Paladins?
    Well that escalated quickly. Xodis and Halivar... calling an edition of D&D a card game is going to sound very edition warlike to many people. I suggest you refrain from doing so, and try to keep your arguments to Paladins. If you read upthread, I mention the Dragon article (A Plethora of Paladins) that officially introduced multi-aligned Paladins in 1e. This is not a new concept. Prior to that, the concept of Anti-Paladin was around. Back in the day, the alignment restriction and code seemed necessary to keep a character with obviously awesome stats and abilities in check. The need for that "balance" is gone in the more recent editions of the game. The archetype that is trying to be portrayed can be done by any class through feats... and furthermore... I would argue that the Cleric can already handle the niche better than the LG-only Paladin anyway.

Wednesday, 4th June, 2014

  • 01:26 PM - Bluenose mentioned Halivar in post Mike Mearls did an interview for Escapist Magazine and reveals PHB classes, races, and much more
    You got some figures for that? You can bet WotC have. No figures at all but Halivar a couple of posts later rather suggests there are people who won't touch it because FR. They're not idiots, despite what people seem to think. They wouldn't be doing this if their figures said it would be dangerously unpopular. Even here, the people who dislike the FR don't show signs of rejecting the edition (plus is the logo even on it?). Now that's an interesting question, but I suspect it would annoy both FR fans who aren't seeing "their" logo on FR products and people who really dislike FR and don't want anything to do with it if FR material was published without any identification. As for the latter, it gives newer/casual players an obvious route to a setting. I suppose one thing I question is why they need a setting at all? DIY worked for me back in 1980, at a time when adventures didn't rely on existing settings.

Thursday, 24th October, 2013

  • 08:50 PM - Mercurius mentioned Halivar in post We're Getting Old - and is WotC Accounting For That?
    Halivar, I think the best way to "fix" that is to have a comprehensive starter set for an affordable price (say, MSRP of $40 or so, thus $30 or less on Amazon). The Holy Trinity can remain relatively unchanged - except perhaps a few tweaks, like returning magic items to the DMG (for chrissakes!), and maybe including an expansive appendix with stuff like monster charts, like in the 1E DMG. But if that starter set has everything you need to play, say, 1st-3rd or (preferably) 1st-5th level, that will cover a lot of mileage.

Wednesday, 25th September, 2013

  • 09:39 AM - Scrivener of Doom mentioned Halivar in post ToEE: Help me flesh out the elemental caverns!
    Damn, I wish Celebrim had been ToEE's designer! Great stuff! (snip)The big problem with ToEE is that its state of the art dungeon design for about 1975 rather than 1985. (snip) More accurately, it's what happens when your mismanaged company is so desperate for cash that you punch out a piece of incomplete design that was, until then, vapourware and you call your inability to complete your work a design feature that requires just a few random number rolls. Halivar: What is the purpose of the elemental nodes (and even the temple) in your game?

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Wednesday, 11th July, 2018

  • 01:36 AM - Les Moore quoted Halivar in post 6e? Why?
    It's not too late to get it: I was looking for reprints of the 1e Pamphlets. You know what they're getting for an original box, complete ? AD&D, I still have from the 80s.

Saturday, 24th December, 2016

  • 01:59 AM - MechaPilot quoted Halivar in post Christmas magic items for your holiday gaming
    Do you guys have any Christmas themed magic items? Sadly, no, I don't. At least not this year. However, in the past I've done some holiday reflavoring of magic items, including Santa's Bag (of Holding). I've also created and used Frosty's Hat (of snow golem creation), and mistletoe that blesses people who kiss under it, but I didn't get around to incorporating them this year (my last game before Christmas was on the 21st, and our next session is on the 28th).

Saturday, 10th December, 2016

  • 12:03 AM - Brandegoris quoted Halivar in post WotC's Nathan Stewart: "Story, Story, Story"; and IS D&D a Tabletop Game?
    I like what I'm reading, with one caveat: There does need to be a psionics product, if only for the support of previous edition campaign conversions. But yeah, I agree that splat needs to have purpose. 75% of all the prestige classes in 3.x were gimmicky, silly, and contrived. There were a few gems, but these were highly thematic and probably best belonged in a campaign book or adventure path. I never did like Psionics. it just seems redundant? I mean we have spell asters so WHY Psionics. It just seems to re-tred it all. I just find them unnecessary I do think 5th Edition is way more STORY focused. You can see it in the way the streamlined and Simplified the system. I like it quite a bit

Thursday, 14th April, 2016

Wednesday, 13th April, 2016

  • 09:15 PM - ZzarkLinux quoted Halivar in post All Change At WotC: New President Arrives From Microsoft As Greg Leeds Resigns
    A lot of those concerns are from the "old guard" era. There's a certain amount of unpleasantness that I "expect" from large corporations, especially around patents. It's like politics I understand the "old guard" reference. IMO after the ... tech landscape changed (putting it politely) ... then Microsoft changed for the better. That company is much different now. Ce La Vie and all that. I guess the Microsoft-vs-Apple-vs-Google debate is kinda like the 2e-vs-Pathfinder-vs-4e debate. Maybe Chris Cocks's experience in the tech wars will help him with the edition wars :-) I don't know what's worse, the kindergarten word-plays, or the fretting over Microsoft "cooties". EDIT: This topic might come up during discussions, it just seems unavoidable. Back On Topic, I wonder if/when Chris will address the D&D community. If his twitter is usually quiet then that indicates he knows how to manage information. Do you think Mike Mearls will tell Chris "Be careful what you say: the D&D community ...

Friday, 1st April, 2016

Wednesday, 23rd March, 2016

  • 06:24 AM - Demetrios1453 quoted Halivar in post Dawn Take You All
    In Asimov & Silverberg's Nightfall, a modern world with 6 suns and continual daylight has a total solar alignment every 300 years. Archaeologists find a dig site with burn marks at strata associated with these events, and struggle to survive the pandemonium that happens when night falls and civilization falls into chaos. They burn everything in sight to create daylight. The survivors of the new dawn struggle with PTSD and paranoia and all that good stuff. That would make a fun D&D game. Maybe a campaign set in 30 days of night, or somesuch. This was the point I was about to bring up - what happens to recharging magic items on a world with two (or more) suns? One could say it would be dawn for the "main" sun, but there are cases where the stars in multiple star systems are very similar in size, so picking a "main" one may be problematical in such cases...

Friday, 4th March, 2016

  • 10:51 PM - Maxperson quoted Halivar in post Was I in the wrong?
    On the evil axis, vandalism doesn't really register, or only registers in so far as it is malicious. No amount of vandalism can be as evil as a murder. On the chaos axis, vandalism approaches its diminishing returns too quickly to ever equal a murder (really, the difference between vandalizing a 50 buildings and a hundred has negligible impact on your alignment). If someone tried to play a chaotic evil character in my game on the basis that they were a mad vandal, I might suggest chaotic-ish neutral was probably more their speed. Malicious vandalism would rate as evil for a lot of people. Same with theft. If something rates as evil, enough of it can equate to a greater evil like murder.

Tuesday, 1st March, 2016

  • 11:55 PM - Morrus quoted Halivar in post Start Your Sci-Fi Campaign!
    I like what I see. Is WOIN Future now pretty much done for the hardcover? Or are there still chapters to write up? All is written and illustrated. The final chapter is in layout. Although I am adding a little monsters appendix reminiscent of the 1E DMG.

Wednesday, 24th February, 2016

  • 03:03 PM - AriochQ quoted Halivar in post Self Publishing: What's An Artist Worth?
    To be fair to Morrus, he also thinks freelance writers should also demand fair pay in this thread: What's a Freelance RPG Writer Worth. And that is why we ended up with unions. Of course, certain lawmakers are legislating unions out of existence in the U.S., but that is topic not appropriate to this forum.
  • 08:42 AM - Plane Sailing quoted Halivar in post Self Publishing: What's An Artist Worth?
    Thanks for a great article, Morrus! I'm in the last 38 hours of using Kickstarter for exactly this purpose - to fund professional artwork for my sci-fi RPG which I'm just in the process of publishing. I'm currently 166% funded (why not take a look? The one additional thing which is worth mentioning is that for a kickstarter you may want to prime the pump by investing in some professional art before the kickstarter to show what you are intending to get. I'm really glad that I got a cover done by the magnificent Claudio Pozas; I wish I had had more confidence in my kickstarter and had ponied up for a few additional pieces of work up front :) Now running a KickStarter, as you very well know, is a full-time job. I fear many self-pubs won't be able to do that and hold down their day job. I think that is an unfounded fear. I have an extremely demanding day job, but I've had no problem giving my ...

Tuesday, 23rd February, 2016

  • 04:54 PM - Morrus quoted Halivar in post Self Publishing: What's An Artist Worth?
    Yikes. Does that mean for DMsG you can only use work-for-hire art? No, the usage terms have an exception for art.
  • 03:54 PM - Morrus quoted Halivar in post Self Publishing: What's An Artist Worth?
    If a self-pub has the means for paying a fair price for something, for instance via KickStarter, they absolutely should, no questions asked. Now running a KickStarter, as you very well know, is a full-time job. I fear many self-pubs won't be able to do that and hold down their day job. I would be interested to know how many self-pubs still need to be bi-vocational; for my part, the most successful publisher I personally know is a group of three guys that still have to work day jobs. Maybe it's different if you're only doing digital? You would know better than me. But it's still a lot of work on top of the work on top of the other work. It looks like a high barrier from the outside. Well, I can't get on board an escalation from "I can't afford it" to "it's too much effort". Yup, it means work! :)
  • 03:42 PM - Morrus quoted Halivar in post Self Publishing: What's An Artist Worth?
    If the lesson we give self-pubs is, "ethically, you should not use art at all" rather than using an artist desperate for commissions of any sort, then I don't know that we have served anyone. That's not the message. The message is "find another way to pay for it". Kickstarter is an excellent resource, and many people avail themselves of it. It's a wonderful way to ensure that all contributors get paid. Start a Kickstarter, then hire the desperate artist for a fair wage! It's more work, sure, but publishing is a lot of work. And your starving artist comes out of that a whole lot better. Stock art, too, is a great solution. It lets artists use a different model (selling the same art to lots of people) and make their money that way; at the same time it lets the publisher pay very low prices. There are solutions!

Thursday, 18th February, 2016

  • 07:48 PM - Maxperson quoted Halivar in post Was I in the wrong?
    You have to separate PC knowledge from player knowledge; otherwise it's meta-gaming, and meta-gaming leads to ridiculous narratives. The PLAYER forgot about the ring and gauntlets; but did the player's CHARACTER? You need to decide what makes rational sense, and retcon where necessary. The fear of retconning can sometimes lead us to double down on silly narratives that leave players and DM's alike disappointed and bitter. Fix the situation with a retcon so the outcomes are sensible and non-metagame. We don't know if the PC forgot or not, that's why I would have given the PC a roll to remember.
  • 02:04 AM - Flamestrike quoted Halivar in post I hate problem players
    I may be missing a thing. How is an australian accent "racist" any more than, say, any of the many other accents people use for RP purposes? Accents can be used to belittle other ethnic groups when used in a derogatory manner. That said, you wont find too many Australians that would care (we generally find it hillarious). In fact, we find most efforts to ethnically stereotype us pretty darn hillarious (and generally play up to them for added effect). I've lost track of the amount of tall tales told to my American friends that they genuinely believed. I think my favorites are stories about drop bears, and the fact we have 10 day weeks down here (becuase of the metric system). Always gives me a chuckle. My issue was more with the suggestion that Australian accents dont exist in fantasy settings. Australian is as much in Faerun as is American english (both colonial accents that have nothing to do with Europe) and for that matter any European accent (Faerun has no England for English to arise)....

Wednesday, 17th February, 2016

  • 10:37 PM - devincutler quoted Halivar in post D&D's XP & advancement system is a bit broken. I have a solution.
    This. D&D is not and never was a simulation. Seems RuneQuest would be a better fit for that style of play anyhow. Yep. For those not in the know, Runequest is a completely classless system, abiding solely by skills. Everytime you use a skill in a stressful situation you get a check mark for that skill. When you have a chance to rest and reflect you have a chance to go up in that skill (chance diminishes as you get more skilled in the skill). The RQ system is, IMO, the most simulationist and works well as long as the DM stops shenanigans like PCs trying to use every possible skill each session just to get a check mark. But it doesn't work for D&D. D&D is not simulationist. It is more heroic and "legendary".
  • 09:23 PM - Saelorn quoted Halivar in post D&D's XP & advancement system is a bit broken. I have a solution.
    This. D&D is not and never was a simulation. Seems RuneQuest would be a better fit for that style of play anyhow.It was pretty simulation-y during the AD&D days, apparently moreso in 2E than in 1E, but I guess it could also vary wildly between DMs (as it still does). From what I gather, Gygax was never one for simulation, or really for role-playing at all. I seem to recall his once suggesting that advanced players should just go ahead and create characters at high levels, since character level was supposed to correlate to player skill. Much of what was coming out in the late eighties and throughout the nineties was designed as a reaction to Gygaxian Game-ism, just as modern day has so many games that seem to be a reaction to the predominant Simulation-ism which took its place.
  • 05:03 PM - FrogReaver quoted Halivar in post Expedition based adventuring
    I would not bother writing mechanics for how the laborers perform, or somesuch. You can have inflection points in each expedition where the players have to make a choices about who to protect, and what loot to seek out, and what dangers to take, and each one has an impact on what they an reasonably accomplish later. Beyond that, hand-wave it. Definitely don't stat it out or come up with fiddly resource management that requires bookkeeping of either the players or you. Laborers give a naturally occuring time limit to an expedition. Their usefulness to the PC's in finding and acquiring treasure serve as incentive for the PC's to protect them. I'm not sure PC's in a game without such mechanics would leave the dungeon on schedule or care to help the NPC's over leaving them to die and directly finding the treasure.

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