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Friday, 22nd February, 2013

  • 11:51 PM - Razjah mentioned BriarMonkey in post Bring 'Um Back Alive?
    True, if the king is holding sentient being captive for show I guess it wouldn't be difficult to find a cleric to cast raise dead. I get the point about it getting repetitive but I don't look at it as being that different from delving into different dungeons. The overall effect become the same- find dungeon, loot it, sell junk to get ready for next dungeon. But, spacing it out would probably be best to prevent burnout, like BriarMonkey said.

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Saturday, 23rd February, 2013

  • 01:19 AM - Dozen quoted BriarMonkey in post Bring 'Um Back Alive?
    My point stands. And Dandu's point is still valid. Saying so is easy. Disprove my reasoning. Go ahead, and take your time.
  • 01:13 AM - Dozen quoted BriarMonkey in post Bring 'Um Back Alive?
    No offense @Dozen , but if I recall, the OP was asking for opinions, not someone to DM the game for him. Everyone here has been posting their opinions and you have done nothing but malign them. Let the OP, and presumably the DM, make the decisions for his world based on ideas as presented. Offense taken, if only for saying I have only maligned Dandu's opinions. I totally did that(I don't consider antagonism a negative trait) but also gave feedback and he responded positively. Besides, if Dandu's ideas are taken to heart, mine would become pointless. RUMBLETiGER on the other hand, is my friend, and we agree on how the campaign should be run. No secret, he said it two pages earlier. I have every reason and right to talk back you could possibly think of.
  • 12:56 AM - Dozen quoted BriarMonkey in post Bring 'Um Back Alive?
    And if you are going to have a zoo with sentient creatures, then guess what, morals and publicity go out the window as you are dealing most likely with a totalitarian state - and what the King says is law - there is no worrying about who thinks what. After all, if the King is putting so much money and resources into such a zoo, then he has more than ample resources at his disposal to allow for the "reinstating" of life into exhibits of value. Consider it part of the maintenance costs. I'd tend to think of such a set-up in the same way as how Caligula managed his empire. He did many outrageous things that the common folk loved. To them he was a fun and entertaining emperor. But, to the aristocracy, he was a living nightmare. Where that all goes is that he had power and money - he could do what he wanted. A King in this scenario is very similar here. Oh, sure, because there is nobody in the D&D world who'd throw over a tyrant. These sort of things happen exactly as frequently as in real...

Tuesday, 8th January, 2013

  • 06:10 PM - sheadunne quoted BriarMonkey in post Removing Bonuses from Ability Scores
    For all your reworking, I think you would be better served by finding a different system rather than trying to shoe-horn D & D into a framework that it was never meant to represent. Maybe something like the FATE system. 3x seems to work fine with what I'm doing, although I appreciate your suggestion. If there was already another system that worked the way I wanted, I would be using that system. Considering my changes are fairly minor I don't think there's any issue with using the d20 core, it's all just determining where the pluses and minuses are coming from.
  • 02:24 AM - sheadunne quoted BriarMonkey in post Removing Bonuses from Ability Scores
    I started thinking more about the idea that an ability score is "potential". Under this idea then, your ability score would be the cap - the maximum that you could achieve. If this is the case, then wouldn't you need another number that indicated the actual current score? I mean, if your "potential" is 18, then you don't know what your current score really is - unless you've reached your potential. Thus, you'd need to have ability scores like 13/18 - which indicates current and potential. Or, does "potential" mean something else? I don't think ability scores are representative of anything other than potential. If you want to be "strong" then take the "strong" attribute. I have never understood how an ability score actually represents some actual physical or mental capacity. There's not enough spread between the numbers to indicate how strong or smart someone actually is and in what capacity. Strength means so many different things that it's impossible for one score to represent everything th...

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