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Monday, 5th March, 2018

  • 10:31 PM - robus mentioned Rel in post Napoleon's Army with Magic and Air Support and More
    I'd also check out the Temeraire novel series which features dragons as aerial warships and describes many interesting combat scenarios: His Majesty's Dragon: A Novel of Temeraire by Naomi Novik Link: Edit: And now I see Ralif Redhammer already noted this :)

Thursday, 7th May, 2015

  • 02:03 PM - Morrus mentioned Rel in post AMA Russ Morrissey (Morrus) (EN World, EN Publishing, ENnies, WOIN)
    You have done this for a long time and through going to conventions, running the ENnies, and in general being around people in the industry you must have some real good memories of time spent gaming or talking games with a few giants in the industry, can you tell us about a couple of those times? I know Gary Gygax was a poster here and did a couple AMA type things, did you ever get to just hang out with him? I can tell you about the time I FAILED to game with Gary Gygax! A few years back, Gary ran a game for the EN World moderators. It was on Wednesday night at Gen Con. As has happened every single year I've ever been, flight delays and immigration made me completely miss what was happening on Wednesday night (that's included a WotC D&D press dinner when 4E was announced, an event with Trapdoor Tech last year, and, og course, a friggin' game with Gary Gygax!) All I have to remind me of it are the gloating jeers of the likes of Piratecat, Henry, Rel, etc. Damn them. But no, I never got to actually game with him.

Monday, 17th February, 2014

Wednesday, 6th November, 2013

  • 03:09 AM - Henry mentioned Rel in post Tell me about Savage Worlds
    For "plot points", think of an adventure path if they only gave you just enough meat to string together a series of coherent adventures, and it's up to you to fill out the "in-between" adventures, like the difference in a season of an American TV show between the "key plot episodes" and the filler episodes. Oh, by the way, very important lesson: Next time you ever find yourself in the same room as Rel, hang on to him like a rabid wombat until he agrees to run a Savage Worlds one shot for you. ;)

Wednesday, 9th October, 2013

  • 08:05 PM - Fiddleback mentioned Rel in post Fit-beards Revisited
    Hi Rel, I would be interested, given your background and experience, in hearing about ideas for 'gamifying' fitness and excercise. Beyond the general health benifits, it is often difficult to find motivation for regular and consistent excercise that is not tied to a sport or athletic game. Being that we are all, to one degree or another, tabletop gamers and enjoy gaming of this nature, is there a way that we can take our gaming motivations and extend them into the realm of health. Note that I am not talking about games that 'teach' health principles. No one, I think, genuinely enjoys those sorts of things and they don't necessarily help motivate people to do more in maintaining their own health. So, how about it? Are there ways to gamify fitness and health that feed into our already highly motivated gaming interests?

Tuesday, 2nd July, 2013

  • 01:53 PM - Morrus mentioned Rel in post Deleted Posts

Monday, 1st July, 2013

  • 09:04 PM - Morrus mentioned Rel in post Deleted Posts

Saturday, 12th January, 2013

  • 06:29 PM - the Jester mentioned Rel in post The Monster Project
    Hey various mods, this thread and all the threads linked in the first post should probably move over to the House Rules & Homebrews forum. Eridanis, Darkness, keterys, Rel, Plane Sailing, Hypersmurf, Umbran

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Saturday, 4th March, 2017

  • 04:52 PM - Henry quoted Rel in post Gaming with Gygax
    Raising a glass to Gary tonight. These are memories that I'll carry with me all the rest of my days. Me too, bud. I was actually going to start a new thread about memories of Gary today, but saw this. For the short time I knew him, I was most struck by how he genuinely enjoyed chatting with every gamer he came across. Man wasn't shy with his opinions, but he always seemed genuinely pleased to chew fat, even if he had completely different opinions.

Tuesday, 9th February, 2016

  • 03:09 PM - Plane Sailing quoted Rel in post Social Conflict In Space - STARGUILD Is Space Opera Noir
    Since then I've played in his games several times and it is truly impressive how he manages to keep a consistent theme (Who can you trust? Can we all survive this without working together? Can my character survive and meet their personal goals?) while showcasing a broad array of settings and scenarios. If I sound like I'm gushing, it's because I am. Alex is the kind of fundamentally decent human being I hope to see succeed in all his endeavors. But, aside from all that, he's created a really fun game that tackles complex ideas with elegance and excitement. I'd encourage anybody to give it a look to see if it sounds like their sort of game. Thanks Scott! I ought to mention that the basic 'diplomats on a space station' is one of the adventures which I have included in the rules. It doesn't have the trading resources element which I included in the convention game, and has the principle characters stated up as NPCs in this occasion, but per wise contains all the key elements of ...

Tuesday, 26th November, 2013

Wednesday, 13th November, 2013

  • 08:11 PM - Dungeoneer quoted Rel in post Going shopping...
    I've become a huge fan of this system for a whole variety of reasons, most of which have been discussed here. But one thing I haven't seen mentioned much is how the game emphasizes cultivation of a really positive relationship between players and GM. It is something that many of us have picked up on in different places along the way but 13th age pulls a great deal of that wisdom into one package. Things like finding ways to say "yes" whenever possible. The fact that Backgrounds are a great way for players to tell a small story to get a small bonus to a roll. The game urges both players and GM to broadcast their intentions with the intent of empowering others to take your idea and run with it rather than play your cards close to the vest and then say, "gotcha!" It promotes the "fail forward" concept of a bad roll not stopping the story but instead making it more complicated (hopefully in ways that are really fun). The players get to describe how and why they related to the Icons. Then characters become tied deeper into the setting through the use of Icon Rolls. And of course the One Unique Thing is a way for player and GM to agree on a powerful hook for plot lines specific to that character. ...

Friday, 25th October, 2013

Monday, 21st October, 2013

  • 02:16 PM - Wednesday Boy quoted Rel in post Fit-beards Revisited
    Beyond that, I find that simple camaraderie is often the best motivator. I mentioned my wife's path toward her half marathon and she's had a friend going to her running group with her every step of the way. Our housemate is currently getting her fitness regimen back on track and she and I are challenging each other to provide motivation as well. In my experience the three things that make me keep up with exercise are regularity, camaraderie, and variety. Regularity: I worked into my schedule an hour to work out during my lunch break. It means that I have to wake up an hour earlier, which means I have to go to bed an hour earlier. Now that I've made it an established part of my routine I exercise consistantly because that time is already set aside for exercise. Camaraderie: Twice a week I take a high intensity interval class at the gym with a handful of coworkers and another day a week I weight lift with them. Having other people to exercise with makes the workouts more enjoyable because...

Thursday, 26th September, 2013

  • 03:24 PM - Umbran quoted Rel in post Hidden
  • 01:12 PM - delericho quoted Rel in post What makes a Milestone?
    What milestones are on your horizon? What have you recently celebrated? I passed 25 years playing D&D at the start of this month. How often do you take an Extended Rest? Every night, if I can. Though even an Extended Rest (that is, a full night's sleep) doesn't get me back to 100% - that generally requires several more days away from the office.
  • 11:28 AM - Jhaelen quoted Rel in post What makes a Milestone?
    How often do you take an Extended Rest?Never - I can rest when I'm dead! What have you recently celebrated?The laying of the cornerstone of my new home. What milestones are on your horizon?Moving in :)

Monday, 23rd September, 2013

Friday, 6th September, 2013

  • 06:58 PM - Ketherian quoted Rel in post What are we forgetting to remember?
    How are you storing your stuff? Then: Giant 4-drawer filing cabinet of doom; many (many) 3" 3-ring binders. Duo-tangs and pretty blank-paper books. Now: Tiddlywiki, directories full of PDFs, and Obsidianportal. Do you revisit those old pictures, and gaming materials? Often, especially when seeking inspiration. I'll go through the remnants of the black filing cabinet (now just a few loose folders I've not yet scanned), sources in print that I don't have the digital versions of, old game logs (written in blank paper books). And I'll run searches on PDFs, stumble on old files, load old images... Does looking at them on a computer feel like something is lost in translation? The first few times, yes. But that feeling has faded. Now I can get just as nostalgic over computer files as over hard-copy. Sometimes I think it's more a mood thing. Some days I want paper. I write in my blank-paper books, make lists, print out copies to mark-up; and other days I just keep notes in files...
  • 04:46 PM - sheadunne quoted Rel in post What are we forgetting to remember?
    I wonder if part of this is generational. I'm 42 now and I'll bet a gamer who is 25 has a lot fewer hangups about storing all of their stuff digitally. They may also be more used to going back through old stuff in a digital format because it is the norm for their generation. While it may be true generally, don't really know, the last group I gamed with, all 30-50 year olds, were all digital.

Thursday, 5th September, 2013

  • 10:04 AM - Jhaelen quoted Rel in post What are we forgetting to remember?
    Does looking at them on a computer feel like something is lost in translation?Not really. I get much the same feeling of nostalgia when reading some of my old texts filed away on my pc. One of the first things I do after getting a new pc is to copy the entire content of the old pc onto the new one. Since hard drive space increases by about 8 times from pc to pc, this is no problem at all. When browsing folders looking for something, I stumble over all kinds of stuff: excel sheets with esoteric calculations, inventory lists, game aids and guides, photo collections, notes, articles and letters. From time to time I get lost in the past and start searching the internet for things that used to mean a lot to me, e.g. not so long ago I installed an emulator to re-play decades-old favorite arcade games of mine. Luckily, pretty much everything is preserved on the internet, even if I haven't been able to hold onto it until today.

Wednesday, 21st August, 2013

  • 09:56 PM - RichGreen quoted Rel in post First Time 13th Age
    Really fun read! I'm getting geared up to run a 13A campaign and it sounds like the group is making characters tonight. So far I like almost everything about the system. Although I am contemplating allowing more monsters to use the Escalation Die. Cuz I'm a Rat Bastard DM like that. Glad you liked the write-up! Let us know how your game goes! Cheers Rich
  • 08:00 PM - Blue quoted Rel in post First Time 13th Age
    Really fun read! I'm getting geared up to run a 13A campaign and it sounds like the group is making characters tonight. So far I like almost everything about the system. Although I am contemplating allowing more monsters to use the Escalation Die. Cuz I'm a Rat Bastard DM like that. They say that if you want to take out the Escalation Die all together to drop monster numbers by 1 because it's already figured in the math. If you want to add it to more monsters to make them stand out, you may want to drop them by a point so as not to be overwhelming. Or if your group can handle it, go for it. :) "Fair" means whatever the table likes, and that's definitely not one size fits all. I like the "hacker ethic" that seems embedded in the rules. "Play with it, make it your own" seems to come across strongly.

Friday, 9th August, 2013

  • 01:42 AM - Mark CMG quoted Rel in post Is gaming your gateway?
    (. . .) except you don’t get to keep any of the loot. And they bought that, eh? ;) Not surprisingly, gaming is a huge part of my life (as well as a portion of my business life) and, as such, many of the folks I know and befriend are gamers. Though I hasten to add that I have several distinct circles of friends and acquaintances that have very little overlap. For instance, none of my family are gamers nor the extended friends and relatives that occupy that circle. I know of many gamers who have immediate family (spouses or siblings) who are gamers as well as whole families with several generations who are gamers.

Thursday, 1st August, 2013

  • 06:32 PM - Fetfreak quoted Rel in post Do your campaigns have a theme?
    Are your philosophies about life reflected in your GMing style? Is the way you plan your life similar to how you lay out the course of a campaign? I think they are. For one, religion in my campaign setting is based on faith. Gods never showed themselves and I never said to my players that they do or do not exists. This is probably because I'm conflicted on the matter myself. A lot of my villains are simply misguided characters whose desire and power got out of the control. And many of my story lines are about eternal life. I guess those are my usual themes.
  • 03:22 PM - Radiating Gnome quoted Rel in post Deleted Posts

Wednesday, 31st July, 2013

  • 08:33 PM - Ahnehnois quoted Rel in post Do your campaigns have a theme?
    Are your philosophies about life reflected in your GMing style?Yeah, heavily. I work in a lot of thematic material based on my own life and professional experiences. Sometimes in the foreground, often in the way the world is constructed in the background. Of course, like with any good piece of art, it's important that the players be allowed to act independently, form their own opinions, and not have stuff shoved down their throat.

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