New Class: Gadgeteer

New Class: Gadgeteer


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New Class: Gadgeteer

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Hi all. I created a few new 5e classes for my Steampunk/Spelljamer 5e game. Here's the first, the Gadgeteer.
  1. Afrodyte
    This is a really neat class, and I would love to try it in one of my more experimental games.

    Quick question: Is there a reason why the gadgeteer only gets one saving throw instead of two?

    Also, I notice that the skill list is slightly different. Will you be updating that anytime soon?
  2. RhaezDaevan
    I would give them proficiency in either constitution saves or dexterity saves in addition to intelligence.

    I'm guessing their HD are d6s because the gadgeteer is a mage of sorts?

    Also, the omnigun mentions it uses the stats of a dragon rifle. What's a dragon rifle and where would we find stats for it?
  3. Negflar2099
    I missed that about the saves. It was supposed to get two. I initially went with Intelligence and Wisdom but I like the idea of Intelligence and Dexterity better.

    The skill list needs to be updated too. For sure.

    Rhaez - Yeah, I went with d6's because I figured they were sort of wizard like. I was shooting for that power level so I went with that HD to balance, but I could pump them up though if the feeling is they are too weak.

    I cribbed the dragon rifle and hydra rifle off of a doc Monte Cook put out a few years ago.

    Here's both (converted to 5e):

    [table] [TR] [TD]Dragon Rifle
    [/TD] [TD]250 gp
    [/TD] [TD]1d10 piercing
    [/TD] [TD]7 lb.
    [/TD] [TD]Ammunition (range 150/600), loading, two handed, special
    [/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]Hydra Rifle
    [/TD] [TD]400 gp
    [/TD] [TD]1d10 piercing
    [/TD] [TD]7 lb.
    [/TD] [TD]Ammunition (range 150/600), loading, two handed, special
    [/TD] [/TR] [/table]
    Dragon Rifle: This firearm is a larger, longer-barreled version of the dragon pistol with better range and inflicting greater damage.

    Hydra Rifle: This variant dragon rifle gets its name from the fact that it has three barrels. Each barrel has a separate trigger; thus, one can fire the weapon three times without loading—it’s like carrying three loaded rifles at once. However, for an extra 250 gp, one can fit it with a master trigger that allows the user to fire all three at once. All three attacks are rolled independently, and all must be fired at the same target. It is not possible to fire only two barrels. Each barrel must be loaded separately, each taking an action to reload.

    In my game I've been giving firearms these properties:

    Properties of firearms:

    Accuracy: All firearms receive a +1 to hit due to their accurate (and slightly armor piercing) nature. They do not receive this bonus to damage, only to hit.

    Improved Critical Hits: Firearms do more damage when they score a critical hit than other weapons do. When you score a critical hit using a firearm add an additional dice of damage to the critical hit roll equal to the damage dice of the weapon. So if you fire a pistol that does 1d6 damage you add another d6 to the damage roll. This is in addition to the maximized damage and the extra dice you’re already adding for the critical hit itself.

    Noise: Firearms are incredibly loud. The noise the pellet makes when it leaves the barrel is literally deafening. If you fire a gun outside it can be heard for miles. If you fire it in an enclosed area everyone in that area must make a DC 10 Constitution save or be deafened for 1 minute.

    Barrel Jam: Sometimes the pellet doesn’t fly out of the barrel straight. Either it hits the Aether at the wrong angle or the pellet itself is off and is attracted more to one side of the barrel than the other, or it could even get jammed in the mechanism assembly that puts it in the barrel. Either way when you roll a natural 1 with a firearm that firearm now has a barrel jam. It’s considered broken until repaired, which normally takes 1 minute to do and must be done outside of combat. For this reason some keep multiple guns on hand, grabbing another one if the first jams.

    Irretrievable Ammo: Unlike other ammunition, bullets launched from firearms cannot be recovered after the battle. The force of striking a surface destroys the ammunition and contaminates the special chemicals that allow it to work.

    It's been working out okay. I got the noise idea off of Walking Dead and man it really makes them not want to use guns. In fact in the few months we've been gaming I think one person fired a gun once. They aren't really a ranged group but still. I might have put too much sauce on that one.
  4. RhaezDaevan
    I'm guessing that's taken directly from the article you mentioned, since critical hits don't work that way anymore. This must be from back in the playtest.
  5. Negflar2099
    No, that's after an update although I might be getting the crit rules wrong.

    I thought it was when you score a critical hit you roll the weapons damage twice and add them all together and then add modifier. This would just add 1 more dice to that.
  6. RhaezDaevan
    This is the part that sounds like the playtest. Back then it was max damage plus an extra die.
  7. Negflar2099
    I must have missed the word maximized. Good catch. Thanks.
  8. Negflar2099
    I'm thinking about adding two new subclasses/signature inventions for the Gadgeteer. One is a Clanker Companion (Clankers are basically robots). That would work just like the Ranger's animal companion. I'm just worried because people have been saying it's so weak.

    I also want to add a Spark Reactor. It would either be an implant or something you wear and it would absorb magic energy letting your Gadgeteer cast spells (basically a Gadgeteer version of the Arcane Trickster or Eldritch Knight. Still working out the details on that one.

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