9bit's 5e Sheet - 3 page form-fillable

9bit's 5e Sheet - 3 page form-fillable


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9bit's 5e Sheet - 3 page form-fillable

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A high resolution custom edit of the official 5e D&D character sheet, changed for aesthetics and flow. All 3 pages of the vertical version are form-fillable. I like a lot of things about the official character sheet, but I felt the design was inconsistent and could be improved upon. Specific changes and preview images are below.

Use 7-zip to extract the files if you download from one of the mirrors.

7/20/2015 - Updated form-fillable vertical edition, added 3rd page
9/30/2014 - Now with a horizontal (landscape) version!

• This is a modified version of the official 5e character sheet (3 pages). I re-arranged some elements to improve the readability and consistency. High resolution.

• Changed the fields in the box to the right of Character Name
• Added room for Inspiration, Proficiency Bonus, and Passive Perception to fit without looking terrible like on the official sheet
• Made the Ability Score information in the Skills box grey so it doesn't stand out as much
• Completely re-arranged / re-designed the AC & HP boxes for usability
• Moved the Personality Traits boxes to page 2 and replaced them with a section containing Hit Dice, Death Saves, Initiative, Speed, and Vision
• Widened and added lines to the Attacks & Spellcasting, Features & Traits, and Inventory & Equipment boxes
• Re-sized and moved some stuff on page 2 to better match the style of page 1 (particularly the box outlines)

• My Hit Dice box is set up to accommodate multi-classing
• In the left blank spot, you write the number of hit dice of that type that you have i.e. _4_​ d6 _____ to show that you have 4 Hit Dice available.
• In the right blank spot, you use tick marks to check off how many you've used i.e. _4_ d6 __l l l__ to show you've used up 3 of your available 4 Hit Dice.

  1. 9bit
    If you have any comments or suggestions please feel free to post them. So far I've only shown these sheets to my own group but, while they all seem to enjoy them, they are a pretty small sample size. The sheets also haven't been tested at higher character levels.

    But either way, I hope you enjoy them!
  2. playerbob
    Very nice! Any chance we'll see a landscape version?
  3. 9bit
    @playerbob I haven't thought about doing a landscape version, but I could look into it. If there isn't too much work involved, if I don't have to basically remake the entire thing to make it work, I might put one out. Thanks for the compliment and the suggestion!
  4. dangerdude
    I really like this! I liked both WOTC's ToD sheet and the primary one introduced on the website but it just seemed a little out of order for me. This one is pretty much perfect!
  5. playerbob
    Any luck on the landscape version?
  6. flagidibu
    Perfect sheet. Only modification you should do is to add a line for description/special stuff after each weapon line.
    Like this:
    Name attack Damage Range Ammo Used
    ___________________ __________ ___________ ________ _______ ______
    __________________________________________________ ______________________

    That will be helpfull for advanced game when weapon will have special stuff on it and that will fill the blank space
    Like if my weapon is named: The intelligent yet dumb frosty fork of lie +2, give 1 advantage a day when using deception.
    If you know what I mean.
    Thanks you.
  7. 9bit
    @playerbob I whipped up a quick landscape version for page 1, to see how it would look. Overall I'm pretty happy with it and will probably start work on page 2 soon. Let me know what you think: preview

    @flagidibu I have been thinking a lot about the Attacks & Spellcasting section since starting this project. My original thought was that if anybody needed a description area they could either use the blank space at the bottom or just use up one of the existing lines for the information. As for your suggestion, what do you think about this as a "fix": preview

    @dangerdude Thanks! Glad you like it. Stay tuned for more tweaks.
  8. playerbob
    Spot on, very well done.

    Thanks for the great work.
  9. 9bit
    I think the sheet is finalized enough for me to start making a form-fillable version.

    It's going to take a while because I am a perfectionist and the fillable box sizes will all have to be pixel perfect in size and position, but stay tuned for this update!
  10. flagidibu
    Nothing else to say. It fit all needs, get everything useful, have a nice touch for people who like to draw a little bit during dead time and got a simple but nice looking sheet.
    Keep up the nice work.
    Double thumb up for you.
    *Tips for printing: In my case I had to force the black and white ratio as the grey line wasn't printing.
  11. playerbob
    Any news on the form fillable versions?
  12. 9bit
    @playerbob I've nearly finished page 1 of the vertical style. Right now I'm trying to get all the boxes lined up so that you can easily tab through them (and deciding how I want to handle the big boxes like Features & Traits and Inventory & Equipment: whether I want a box for each line or get rid of the lines and make one giant box taking up all the space).

    Hopefully things will move a lot faster after I sort that stuff out. But damn is it tedious! Heh.

    Thanks for your continued support!
  13. Jeff Carlsen
    I know this thread is a couple months old, but I just wanted to let you know that I like what you've done here. These make for a solid option for those who like the official sheets, but want a few concerns addressed.
  14. Wepwawet
    This is brilliant, I love it!!! Will start using your sheet instead of WotC's, which I liked, but yours is 3 levels higher
  15. 9bit
    The vertical style is now 3 pages and form-fillable! Please let me know if you find any "bugs" with it.
  16. redwullf
    This is almost the perfect character sheet. The only feature missing is the ability to select an image or pdf to drop into the character appearance and symbol boxes, rather than text entry. Add that, and this will be glorious!
  17. playerbob
    Will there every be a form fillable Landscape version? Our group is getting ready to start D&D again and it would be nice to have.

    Thanks again for all the great work.
  18. Emily Carrington
    I just love this sheet! So much more usable space

    Just one query, I modified the form sections to be one square-ish text box rather than individual single lines, but now the lines don't match up (I had extra detailed text in there!) which makes it difficult to read. Could you perhaps do an extra background without the lines?

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