MPMB's Character Record Sheet (PDF form) + MPMB's Spell Sheets (Excel / PDF form)

MPMB's Character Record Sheet (PDF form) + MPMB's Spell Sheets (Excel / PDF form)


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MPMB's Character Record Sheet (PDF form) + MPMB's Spell Sheets (Excel / PDF form)

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Pdf form MPMB's Character Record Sheet v12.06 (23 Aug 2016)
Excel MPMB's Spell Sheet Generator v8.2 (19 Jul 2016)
Pdf form MPMB's Complete Spell Sheets per Class v11.95 (24 Jul 2016)

All are compatible with both A4 and Letter, and offer options to use either the Imperial or Metric system.
Please see MPMB's Changelog.pdf for a list of (recent) changes.
Unfortunately ENworld is currently not allowing me to change files or upload new ones. Please use the Dropbox link to find the latest versions.


This D&D 5e form-fillable PDF Character Generator allows you to store everything about your character into a single file.
The sheet will automatically fill in everything you need based on your selection of race, class, background, and ability scores. Create a character in minutes!

Features of the Character Record Sheet
Full support for
• Adventurers League
• Multiclassing (all official classes and subclasses supported)
• Spellcasters (all (sub)classes + all spells)
• Wild Shape (all beasts + elementals)
• Companion/Familiar/Mount (all beasts + extras)
• Metric unit system
• PHB, Elemental Evil, Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide, Curse of Strahd

• 1st and 2nd pages hold all the essentials
• Optional 3rd page: exhaustion, conditions, combat rules, magic items, and extra space for equipment
• Optional 4th page: character history, portrait, organization
• Optional Overflow page: more room for feats, magic items, limited features, actions, and proficiencies
• Optional Companion page(s) (you can add any number)
• Optional Notes page(s) (you can add any number)
• Optional Wild Shape page(s) (you can add any number)
• Optional Spell Sheet page(s) (can be auto-generated)
• Optional Adventure Logsheet(s) (you can add any number)

Auto-calculations for all numerical things
• Simple calculations (modifiers, proficiency bonus, saving throws, attack, attack damage, armour class, hit point average, initiative, spell save DCs, spell attacks, amount of spells to prepare, etc. etc.) and all these can be manually increased/decreased with a static number or an ability modifier
• Ability score tracking (class and racial bonus, point buy, magic items that override, etc.)
• Condition effects
• Weight carried and weight allowances

• Class, Racial, and Background features
• Possible Actions, Bonus Actions, and Reactions
• Feats and Spells
• Weapons, Armour, and Ammunition

Change the lay-out
• Change the colours of all coloured items to any of 11 different colours (only 9 with normal version, and not able to change all things)
• Add Honour/Sanity
• Use Proficiency Dice instead of Proficiency Bonus
• Add second ability save DCs
• Hide all the optional pages or add more pages as you see fit
• Change font (only bonus version), font size, and hide the text lines
• Change decimal separator and unit system (metric or imperial)
• Show or hide equipment and icon sections on the companion page

Easy selection for
• Class, Racial, and Background options
• Personality Traits, Ideals, Bonds, Flaws
• Equipment
• Proficiencies

• Spell Sheet generation
• Wild Shape calculation
• Limited Feature tracking
• Attack Cantrip damage die
• Ammunition tracking

• Import/Export the data into other versions
• Add your own homebrew material via custom scripts (see FAQ)
• Optional Unearthed Arcana subclasses via custom scripts (see link in bookmarks)
Note: This Character Record Sheet only works with Adobe Acrobat version XI or DC running on Mac OS or Windows (mobile versions of Adobe Acrobat do not support the auto-fill and auto-calculations).

Printer Friendly Version (on DMs Guild)
On the DMs Guild website you can now find an alternative version of this sheet that follows the design of the official character sheet by Wizards of the Coast. That 'Printer Friendly' sheet has all the same automatization as the sheet here, but has a very different design. Because of the DMs Guild user agreement I am not allowed to post the sheet anywhere else than on the DMs Guild website. Thus, you will have to go there to download it.

This D&D 5e Excel-based Spell Sheet Generator allows you to generate a PDF Spell Sheet based on your selection of classes, level, known spells, etc.
However, the abovementioned Character Record Sheet also has a built-in option to generate a Spell Sheet.

Features of the Spell Sheet Generator
Full support for
• Multiclassing (all official spellcasting classes and subclasses supported)
• All Spells from PHB, Elemental Evil, and Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide

Change the lay-out
• With a different colour for every class, selected from 11 colours (only 9 with normal version)
• Add a glossary

• Add your own spells
• Add your own (sub)class
• Add other spellcasting options such as feats

Note: This Spell Sheet Generator only works with Excel 2013 or newer (Excel 2016 preferred) and doesn't work on mobile versions.

These D&D 5e Spell Sheet PDFs have been generated using the Character Record Sheet mentioned above. They are provided as-is and offer the bare minimum in customization.

Features of the Spell Sheets per Class
Complete sheet for
• Arcane Trickster
• Bard
• Cleric
• Druid
• Eldritch Knight
• Paladin
• Ranger
• Sorcerer
• Warlock
• Wizard

• All fields are form-fillable
• Spell attributes are automatically filled out
• Insert or delete rows
• Add extra headers, spell level dividers, or glossaries
• Change the number of visible spell slots
• Switch between Imperial and Metric unit systems
• Add your own homebrew spells via custom scripts (see FAQ)

Please note that you can have the Character Record Sheet generate identical sheets to these inside the same pdf as your Character Sheet. It can even generate a spell sheet based on your exact selection of multiclassing, racial spellcasting, and feats. So if you are looking for a powerful tool that can do all that, try the Character Record Sheet.
Note: These Spell Sheets only works with Adobe Acrobat version XI or DC running on Mac OS or Windows (mobile versions of Adobe Acrobat do not support the auto-fill and auto-calculations).

Printer Friendly Version (on DMs Guild)
On the DMs Guild website you can find an alternative version of these sheets which follow the design of the official character sheet by Wizards of the Coast. Those 'Printer Friendly' versions have all the same automatization as the sheets here, but have a very different design. Because of the DMs Guild user agreement I am not allowed to post the sheets anywhere else than on the DMs Guild website. Thus, you will have to go there to download it.

If you donate using the PayPal button above or inside the Character Record Sheet, you'll get the bonus versions of the Character Record Sheet and the Spell Sheet Generator. Both add graphical extras, but are otherwise identical to the versions found here. The bonus versions allow you to change the colours of the HP Dragons and Ability Save DCs, add grey and pink as colour options, and allow you to change the font of the form fields. Both the regular and bonus versions will continue to be updated with all the new features, options, and rules.
I send the email with the link to the bonus versions manually, so please be patient if you don't get a response immediately.

The Character Record Sheet comes with a FAQ inside. Please use it to your advantage and look at the questions before contacting me with any issues.

There are two questions that I get asked so often, that I will answer both here.1) I will not add any unofficial material to the sheet (homebrew), but you can add it yourself using the JavaScript syntax I made. Also, myself and several people have already made custom materials for this sheet, including all Unearthed Arcana subclasses, which you can find here. If you decide to create something for my sheet and are willing to share it, please send me a copy.
2) The portrait and symbol fields on the fourth page only accept PDF files if you are using Adobe Acrobat Reader. This is a restriction put into place by Adobe and is not something that I can change.

If you are having issues with any of the files, think of something that is missing from them, or just want to say something nice about the files, please post a comment on the forum. It is preferrable if you use the forum and not the comment section in the downloads.
Before posting about an error, please make sure you are using the latest version posted here, tried the FAQ/manual included in the sheets, and updated your Adobe Acrobat/Excel to see if that fixes the problem.

If updating your software does not resolve your issue, there might well be something wrong with the sheet. Please contact me about the issue with the following information:• The version of the sheet you are using (version number and type such as “A4” or “Letter”);
• The software you are using to view the sheet (including the software’s version number);
• What you are doing when the error occurs (e.g. "Generating a Spell Sheet for a Tiefling Cleric level 12");
• In case of the Character Record Sheet: the JavaScript error code that the sheet produces (if you don’t see an error code, make sure that showing JavaScript errors is enabled. You can do this by going to: Edit >> Preferences (Ctrl + K) >> JavaScript; and putting a checkmark in the box labelled “Show console on errors and messages”).

Only the files starting with "MPMB's" are available.
Some older files are still visible but are unavailable (i.e. "Character Sheet v2.2 (Letter).pdf", "Spell Sheet generator", "Spell Sheet generator", and "Thumbnail_enworld.jpg"). This is an issue with EN world unfortunately. You can still find the newer versions of these files right here.

These sheets would not have been possible without to the work of two awesome people.
Thanks Javier Aumente for being the magnificent mind behind the design of these sheets! Please check out his collection of awesomely designed sheets for several different systems, in Spanish.
Another big thanks to Gretkatillor, as the code in this character sheet (since its redesign from v6.0 onwards) has partly been borrowed from and was otherwise inspired by Gretkatillor's brilliant 'Clean Sheet'.
Furthermore, some people here on ENworld deserve my thanks for their help with transcribing stuff: shmooel.yakov, Fitsou, Athinar, and Noah Ivaldi.
Lastly, Noah Ivaldi deserves a special mention for his help in making sure everything is proper English, which as a non-native speaker is very much appreciated!

Previous versions of the sheet had been falsely detected by anti-virus software as threads. This issue should be resolved with the latest version. However, if you are running anti-virus software that is not up-to-date, than you might still receive a false warning of this file containing a virus. This is especially true if you use any Symantec (Norton) or Avast software. Please make sure that you are using the latest virus database with your anti-virus software.
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  1. nazzeth
    This Character Sheet (For lack of a more illustrious term) is fantastic. Easily the best I've seen. Ashamed to say I download this over a year ago, but only started using it for the first time last week. I've since donated and Am super pumped to play my first new campaign using it.

    Thanks MPMB for a great tool.
  2. Boomerkoji
    This is the best character creator tool I have seen! Thank you! I have been spreading the word with all of my fellow players.
    I have noticed a bug though, in the newer versions. I do not know if anyone else has reported this, but in the feats drop down, the Resilient feats no longer self populate or update the sheet.
    Thank you again for all of your hard work!
  3. BennyG
    I think I may have found a bug.
    I am using the MPMB's Character Record Sheet (v11.2) [Letter].pdf using the latest version of acrobat reader on a windows 10 PC.
    I was making a wizard character and generated a spell sheet (This works GREAT, BTW!!!)
    This particular character has a war wand+1. So, to get my Spell Attack Modifier correct, I clicked on Mods and changed the modifier next to it from a 0 to a 1.
    This didn't work. The number changed to a 1 (with a ghostly image of a 0 behind it) but it didn't modify the number next to it. I tried changing it to all sorts of numbers, negatives, positives and the number never changed.

    I did not update to 11.26 since the change notes for .25 and .26 didn't seem to address this.

    Just wanted to let you know.

    Thanks for all your hard work, your sheet is amazing!

  4. XionDarkfire
    This is absolutely amazing I recommend it to all of my friends AAA+ Would have up voted it but the site kepps kicking out an error. However I did favorite it!
  5. JustALullabi
    Looking good. Design seems cluttered in the beginning and takes some getting used to, but after a while it seems more logical then the standard sheets. Thnx!
  6. morepurplemorebetter
  7. karthaugh
    Is there any way to keep the armor class blank when printing? outside of selecting a purely blank sheet. It's all I need to figure out to make the sheet perfect. Thanks for the sheet!
  8. CAFRedblade
    I have an older version which i love, but the lastest version is triggering Avast with an exploit detected on both the Letter and A4 versions. I prefer to simply print out
    a clean version and fill in things myself, can you upload a straight PDF without the Form Fill options. Thanks, would be awesome. Thanks again for the work.
  9. morepurplemorebetter
  10. wagnert
    I have found a problem with multi-classing. I created a rogue and that worked great. Next he leveled up and took cleric as his new class. The sheet added both saving throw proficiencies for cleric to what he already had. On multi-classing, a character should not gain any additional saving throw proficiencies. Also, it showed the new cleric abilities, but it also showed the abilities that a cleric gets a 2nd level as a cleric. He is only a 1st level cleric, although a 2nd level character. It appears to be treating his character level as his class level as a cleric.
  11. Nevaris
    I have noticed that in the armor section, if I have a bonus to my dex of 2 and wearing plate armor, the bonus to dex still applies when in the book it says I lose the dec bonus to ac.
  12. morepurplemorebetter
  13. Astromath
    Aha! Now, I understand.
  14. morepurplemorebetter
    @Astromath: I know you weren't asking for me to automate anything about the field and that was not what I was trying to say. I just meant that whenever I enter the height and weight for one of my characters I do it in both systems of units and I need the extra space (as do all my players). So that's why I'm not reducing the size of those fields, because I need them as big as they are right now.

    Concerning the backgrounds, I'm not going to copy any of the text from the PHB word for word, but everything will be transcribed (with the help of shmooel.yakov) to avoid the legal issue.
  15. Astromath
    I wasn't asking you to add the units. I was just making a comment that we, the users, don't need lines that long because we abbreviate the units. That's all.

    I also would hesitate adding too many more drop downs (e.g. backgrounds) as it might end up treading on WotC's legal toes. I would hate to have this excellent sheet to receive a cease & desist order.
  16. morepurplemorebetter
    @Astromath: Thank you for your suggestions (again)! I'm currently working on a big overhaul of the back-end of the character sheet as some functions were getting to unwieldy. I'll integrate your suggestion on adding a DCI, but I won't be making that many changes to the top of the sheet because it isn't as easy as it looks :P The changes you suggest will be done as follows:
    - Addition of optional DCI field;
    - I will swap Alignment and Faith;
    - Making the Height and Weight fields shorter would make it impossible for me to add those in both units, Imperial and SI (i.e. "5'11 (180 cm)") and I need that because I can't think/work in the Imperial System to save my life :P
    - The new sheet will have an automated drop-down system for selecting backgrounds and its subsection (like the type of guild artisan you are) that will require the whole length of the line. Thus there won't be any room left to add a subclass, but I feel like you could just see that as part of the class anyway (i.e. "Berserker Barbarian" or "Illusionist Wizard" or "Light Domain Cleric");
    - Some more mouseover information will be added.

    @Sasori: Thank you! Hope you have fun using the sheets

    @RangerJoe2002: I would love to test everything I make on Macs as well, but I don't own any. You're the first to comment on any Mac-related errors in a while, so I was totally unaware that any existed at all. Since version 3.2 I have added some code for which I had no idea if it would work on Mac or not, thus it is likely that therein lies the problem. Or did you have the problem with any version prior to v3.2?

    Edit: I found somebody to test the Excel on Mac and fixed the errors. Version 3.5 should now work on Mac without errors.
  17. RangerJoe2002
    Thank You for creating and maintaining these sheets!

    I did run into some difficulty with the (very awesome) Spell Sheet generator.

    I downloaded and ran v3.4 of the spell sheet generator on my Mac using Excel 2011. When I open the document, I get a dialoge box titled Microsoft Visual Basic. The error text reads:
    Run-time error '5':

    Invalid procedure call or argument

    One other Mac user in the group reports the same error. Has any other Mac user run into this? Is there a work around? An older version did work on the Mac at one point, though it predates the EE content additions.

    Any advice would be appreciated.
  18. Sasori
    This is great!

    I love the design and will use the Sheet for my online groups.
  19. Astromath
    The "Class and Levels" line does not need to be as long as it is. Just shorten it so that the "DCI" field can go directly below the "Player" field. If necessary, you can change "Class and Levels" to "Class & Levels" for a tiny bit more space. The only reason for "Class and Levels" line to be as long as it is now, is if in case of multiclassing into more than 2 classes.

    The following is how I picture the fields should be:

    Name: ____________________ Player: _____________
    Class & Levels: ______________ DCI: _______________
    Subclass: _____________ Background: ______________
    Race: _______________ Gender: _________ Age: ____
    Size: _______ Height: _____ Weight: _____
    Hair: ___________ Eyes: __________ Skin: __________
    Alignment: ______________ Faith: _________________

    Notice I added "Subclass" and shortened "Background". You can add a mouse over explanation for "Subclass" to be what the Path/Circle/School/etc. the PC chooses at 3rd level.
    I also moved "Size" under "Race" and shortened the "Height" and "Weight" fields. I shortened them because most players will use abbreviations, such as 6'2" or 1.5 m. Same for weight: 195 lb or 90 kg. There's some extra space at the end to put something else.
    I also reversed "Alignment" and "Faith" fields. Reason: Alignment is needed for all PCs. Faith is only needed for Clerics and Paladins and is optional for all other classes. Add a mouse over explanation that "Faith" can also be used for the Warlock's Patron.

    P.S. The length of the lines for the fields are only approximations, not exact per the pdf.
    P.P.S. The "DCI" field need only be long enough for 10 digits (and 2 dashes, which can be optional). Example: 1234-567-890
    P.P.P.S. Add an "Adventurer's League" toggle. That will toggle the DCI field & the faction fields. Or keep the toggles separate due to the fact that a player can choose a faction even if they are not part of the Adventurer's League.

    Note: Once Dragonlance comes out, factions will be even more important. The Wizards of High Sorcery will be a faction. The Knights of Solamnia is also a faction.

    One other P.S. I added a visitor message to your personal page.
  20. morepurplemorebetter
    @Astromath: This sounds like a good addition for Adventure League play, which I'm not at all familiar with. However, there really isn't any room left near the player's name. Or do you just mean that it has to go in the list with player name, character attributes, alignment, etc. etc? Can't this be added to where the fraction/rank/renown is located or is that not a handy place for it (because that would be a lot easier for me :P)?

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