[5E] Engineer class - gadgets and guns!

[5E] Engineer class - gadgets and guns!


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[5E] Engineer class - gadgets and guns!

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I present: the Engineer class for D&D 5E, a gadget based "expert" class. The class has lots of influences including gadget based super heroes like Batman, Dragonlance's tinker gnomes,, plus a bunch of steam punk and dungeon punk fantasy like Arcanum. I put this together for my own amusement as a way to bring a technology based class into my campaign. I thought that perhaps someone else might get some use and/or amusement out of it.

This class can support many, many different archetypes including masked vigilante, quirky gadget user, spacey bounty hunter, paranormal investigator, crafty gunslinger, amphibious special forces, mad scientist, and more! This version now has descriptions of OVER 100 different gadgets!

Feedback is appreciated. =)

Update on 6/17 includes the following:

*Text is now selectable/searchable
*The PDF is now optimized and is a much smaller file size (2.5 MB, down from over 12 MB)

*Slightly increased the number of Schematics Known that the class receives as it levels up
*Changed the progression of Advanced and Intricate gadget slots received
*Engineers now get their first Intricate gadget slot at level 15
*Shifted the levels class features are received slightly. Subclass features are now received at 3rd, 7th, 10th, and 14th levels.
*Expertise is now received at 2nd level. The class no longer gets the expertise feature a second time at a higher level.
*Skilled Craftsperson is now called Master Crafter and has been rebalanced so that it scales with the engineer's level.
*Added a feature called Junkyard Hero at 3rd level which gives the engineer way to salvage crafting materials. This should help offset the cost of building gadgets, clockwork companions, ticker bombs, firearms, etc.
*Academic Savant has been renmaed Academic Literacy and has been rebalanced slightly.
*No class feature is now gained at level 15 since this is now the level when intricate complexity gadgets become available.
*Engineers no longer get Use Magic Device (except for Technomancers)
*Added a feature called Indomitable Mind at level 18.
*The level 20 capstone ability Machine Mastery has been rebalanced to be more in line with the wizard class capstone.

*New ticker damage types are now gained only at levels where you gain new subclass features

*Kinetics engineers now get medium armor proficiency.
*Kinetcs now gets Fighting Style: Archery at 7th level.

*Technomancers now get a bonus to their number of schemetics known instead of getting bonus gadgets like the other two subclasses.
*The technomancer spellcasting feature has been replaced with Techno Magic. This is similiar to the warlock Pact Magic feature, but has a slower, more limited spell slot progression.
*Technomancers no longer get Arcane Recharge.
*Technomancers instead get Use Magic Device at level 14.

*Added new Automated Turret gadget

*Added two new firearm feats
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  1. bedir than
    I kind of wish for a discipline that is more springs/waterwheels/perpetual motion machines/steam than two that are essentially based in explosives, but that is a minor quibble. Several of the devices feel too electronic in nature, but I can scrub those if I use this, or I can find a way to write around what they are using (sound waves rather than light feels more steampunk to me).
  2. ko6ux
    Well one subclass is explosives, one is guns and the other is magic-tech.

    I tried not to fluff the devices too much because I felt it was better to let the player/DM decide what exactly the devices look like and how exactly they function. It should be pretty simple to reskin any of the gadgets to match whatever sort of cogs/steam/tech level you want.
  3. Kuato
    This is easily the most unique, well laid out, and fun custom class that I have seen for 5E. Great work! Really, really solid and completely play-ready.

    A few comments for editing, etc:

    * Many occurrences of "minor action" in the document - there is no minor action in 5E. I suggest replacement with bonus action or object interaction where appropriate - but honestly I think I would just standardize it across the board for simplicity. Bonus action feels right for me.
    * pg 4, Fast Activation - this is clunkily worded; all players get a bonus action every round anyway, they don't need an ability to give them one. I would reword this to match "Cunning Action" from the Rogue and then limit the extra action (as you have already) to the specific actions listed.
    * On pg 7, the heavy gun does not have the heavy trait - seems like it should?
    * On pg 8, the Rapid Fire ability should specify that the firearm holds two shots to begin with, right? I guess it specifies two-handed firearms and all of yours have two shots.
    * pg 12, Battering fists states a +2 bonus, and increasing to +2 at 5th level - did you mean +3 or +4? Remember that +5 is mechanically very close to advantage (statistically), which is what you get at 11th level for this gadget.

    Things I loved:

    *Use of downtime for schematics and gadgets - great!
    *The three subspecialties are amazing.
    *This class feels completely different from all the other classes, and seems like it would mesh well into a party without outshining them - this is a very common problem with homebrew classes, and this one does not suffer from that downfall (IMO).
  4. ko6ux
    Thanks for your feedback, Kuato.

    I incorporated many of these suggestions into the version updated on 3/30/15.
  5. robmox
    I played this class in a lvl 4 one-shot campaign today. I loved it!

    My GM at first had a problem with Entropy Reducer. He said that once per short rest was too strong. I argued, basing this off Lucky racial (every single roll) and Lucky feat (3 times/long rest). Just curious how you picked once per short rest? Is this intended to be more or less often than the feat? (Because the feat is more of an investment.)

    I think Mechanical Fan needs a bit of an edit. It doesn't list a time length for the effect. I assumed based on your other gadgets (and spells) that it's intended to be one minute. Also, I think it's worth adding a size limit on it, like Large size creatures and smaller. It just doesn't make sense for me to push a gigantic creature with this thing.

    Honestly, I think Skilled Craftsperson is a bit underpowered. Some other classes get their defining abilities at second level (Action Surge, Channel Divinity, Wild Shape, ect.) So, although 10 gold/day is pretty nice, it won't be that valuable at later levels (or considering that many people ask about there being too much gold in 5th Edition).

    I played a Kinetic, and I loved this class. It played like a reskinned Warlock. But, I think the theme kept me more involved with describing how my gadgets all worked. I think because of this comparison to a Warlock (having "spells" that recharge on a short rest) it's very balanced, and that went a long way towards me picking this class. Great work! Keep it up!
  6. robmox
    Also, just thought of this. I remember reading that Mearles ect intended for short rest to happen every three encounters. I think because the trivial gadgets are intended to replace cantrips, although this includes passive abilities, more should be at-will abilities and not "once per short rest". The nature of having different gadgets and not "spell slots" makes it so there's inherently less virsatility. Maybe there's a way to let you use gadgets in a way similar to spell points so that you don't have to worry about equipping your universal translator and not using it. I know this clashes with the theme a lot, but I just kept running into the problem of running out of class features. Maybe something like batteries? So that you have a limited number of times you can use them? Or an arcane power source?
  7. ko6ux
    Hi Robmox,

    Glad to hear you enjoyed the class.

    #1. The Entropy Reducer gadget is intended to be used less often than the Halfling racial Lucky trait or the feat. The effect is actually fairly powerful, so I made an attempt to weaken it so that it wasn't an automatic must have. Unlike the racial/feat, you have to invest a reaction to activate it and you can use it at most 3 times per day (assuming 2 short rests and 1 long rest). Even with these restrictions, it is still probably the single most powerful trivial level gadget that the class has, but its not so strong that it is an automatic pick.

    #2. You are correct that Mechanical fan needs some edits. I will see that this gets updated in the next update. Thanks for pointing this out.

    #3. Most of the trivial gadgets have at will effects. Some have both a minor at will effect and an activated effect that recharges every short rest. Only six of the 29 trivial gadgets have ONLY activaed effects that recharge with a short rest (Clockwork Messenger, Entropy Reducer, Fire Extinguisher, Floatation Device, Water Condensor and Weapon Flinger).

    #4. While I understand that the Skilled Craftsperson downtime feature isn't overtly useful in a one-shot type environment, it can actually be quite powerful in a campaign, especially if you aquire proficiency in artisan's tools other than tinker's tools. For Demolitions engineers or those with Alchemists Tools proficiencies, for example, crafting Healing Potions at 1/3rd the normal cost, can be very useful.

    I am glad you enjoyed the class. I will definitely take you feedback into consideration and I really appreciate you taking the time to let me know you enjoyed it and to give me your opinion on ways it could be improved.
  8. Jack Daniel

    Version 10 is simply gorgeous.

    I've got a feeling that by the time my present Rules Cylcopedia/Engines & Empires campaign wraps up, this class will be honed to a fine point of balance with the core 5e system, and I'll be all ready to finally run a game with the new rules.
  9. grimm1989
    This is amazing. Now to see if my DM will allow me to rock this baby when we start to play ...Btw how did you make it look like the real deal? Like what program did you use?
  10. ko6ux
    The layout work was done in Adobe Photoshop.
  11. fallenkonflict
    This class is amazing, my DM allowed me to play and so far its amazing, but i have one question. Are the guns attack bonus based off Strength or Dexterity? Besides that I am loving this class. Thank you
  12. ko6ux
    Firearms are ranged weapons and by default ranged weapons use Dex.
  13. BlastoTheHanar
    THANKS YOU SO MUCH! This is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for all the hard work youput into this.
  14. ko6ux
    You are welcome! Glad you are enjoying it!
  15. warsprite
    Excellent work! This is almost exactly what I was needing for my campaign. What I like most about this class is that you've (mostly) incorporated magic as a sub-discipline. A minor tweak hear or there and it will fit perfectly into a world without magic, well, no magic yet...

    Thanks for sharing! I'll be using it as a template for building a magic-less Alchemist class. Unless you already have one in the works?
  16. ko6ux
    Hi Warsprite! Glad that you like the class and hopefully it integrates well into your campaign. I have some ideas for an alchemist class but I haven't done any work on it and I don't have any immediate plans to. I'd love to see what you come up with for it.
  17. pu6elist
    I let one of my players test it. He's currently about to reach 13 lvl. My thoughts:
    - Very good for RP;
    - Gadgets are basically toned-down useful abilities and spells that are supplemented by some other "stuff";
    - Damage-wise it is a bit underpowered and if the most suitable gadgets are not prepared, feels a bit useless in a battle;
    - Great fluff, will definitely use it in my upcoming Diskworld campaign. Also, the game needs more INT based classes.

    I would either get some more damage gadgets, increase the number of gadgets for greater sustainability or variety, or will increase the potency of the sub-classes' eficiency (e.g. maybe the damage or add. effects of the tickers; the damaging abilities of the Kinetics (that Multiattack features are not that great for 14-th level and Archery comes way too late to make it feel good about being an actual gunslinger).

    Anyways, just my feedback. Still, a very impressive job.
  18. ko6ux
    Hi pu6elist!

    Thanks for your feedback. I hope that both you and your player are having fun with the class.

    If you feel that the kinetics damage output is low, you can swap the level 10 and level 14 abilities so that the character gets multi attack earlier. I've toyed around with doing this in previous versions of the class, but my idea has been to intentionally keep the damage output below baseline because of all the utility that the class has. Demolitions is in a pretty good place damage wise and Technomancy has low damage output but a lot of additional utility due to the Techno Magic feature.
  19. liedros
    Hi, congrats for your work, your stuff have an amazing look, it seems official stuff. Any chance you can share the image you use for background?
  20. bedir than
    Quote Originally Posted by ko6ux View Post
    Well one subclass is explosives, one is guns and the other is magic-tech.
    I missed this reply ages ago. I think guns are just channeling explosives differently.

    One of my players is going to pick this up. He's going to be in the explosives subclass. Some of the items will be off limits due to the type of tech, but the basic framework you've built is where we are headed.

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