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V1.64 06 Jan 2016 [Excel Mobile for iOS, Android, Windows 10, Excel 2010-16, PDF]

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July 29th, Windows 10 has launched and with that comes Excel Mobile - a free (at least for devices of 10.1" or less) touch friendly version that the ForgedAnvil 5E D&D Character Generator is designed to compatible with from the beginning. For those using iOS and Android these apps are already available free to download and use.

Limitations with Excel Mobile and the Character Generator
- Macros are not supported (reset sheet and character transfer tool will not work)
- Image replacement is not supported

Platform Support
Designed for 2160x1440 resolution, Windows Text Size 100%
Excel 2010-2016 required to run Reset macro [CTRL+SHIFT+S]
Excel Mobile for Windows 10 (free download). Tested on Surface Pro 3 with Windows 10 build 10532
Excel Mobile for iOS (free download), designed for iPhone and iPad. User tested (thanks to the_eaps) with V1.13, works very well.
Excel Mobile for Android (free download). Untested, but should work - let me know if you have tested it.
OpenOffice or LibreOffice (not tested but user feedback confirmed it mostly works)
Printable PDF

Language Support
Spanish (Character Sheet I, II, III) - Currently in beta
Italian (Character Sheet I, II, III, IV) - Currently in beta
Japanese (Character Sheet I, II, III, IV) - Currently in beta
Hebrew (Character Sheet I, II, III, IV) - Currently in beta
German (Character Sheet I, II, III, IV) - Currently in beta

For other languages, let me know in the discussion thread if you're willing to help with translation
Refer to the ForgedAnvil D&D 5E Character Translations vX.XX.xlsx for required translations

Release Notes
V1.61-V1.64 06 Jan 16 - Fixed issue with all weapons shown as proficient
- Corrected City Watch, Investigator, Urban Bounty Hunter and other backgrounds
- Corrected issue with Winged variant Tiefling and cantrips
- Corrected issue with Half-Wood Elf missing Elf Weapon Training
- Corrected spelling for some backgrounds
- Users can now create a "Dropped Backback" in CSII. Use 0 for QTY and enter this formula in the Weight Override =SUMIF(BU14:CP150,"Backpack",CR14:DA150)to drop the backpack enter -1 in QTY
- Moved Saving Throw and Skills "other modifier" to Start sheet - called "adjustments"
- A lot of work done in the back end to prepare for v2.00 and simplified user customised sheets
- Corrected Variants lists for "Standard" infernal Tiefling
- Skills no correctly show for Barbarian and Tiger Totem at level 6
- Fixed bug for Monks - Disciple of the Elements feature, displays details correctly
- All Pantheons from SCAG added
- SCAG cantrips now appear in dropdown list for Eldritch Knight and Arcane Trickster
- Entering 0 in QTY now sets weight to 0lb, if QTY is left blank sets QTY to 1
- Added Investigator variant to Backgrounds
- Fixed Perception skill of Half-Wood Elf and Half-High Elf
- Support for 3 Custom Subclasses
- Added Saving Throws proficiency for Custom Subclasses
- Fixed reset bug which removed some text and formatting in CSII
- Corrected Paladin Oath of Devotion which was missing some text for Channel Divinity
- Corrected "Standard" Tiefling "Infernal Legacy" options, now correctly list all options available in SCAG (Feral Tiefling already had these options)
- Corrected transfer tool, will now transfer Adventurers Log detail
- Corrected missing text for Session # in Adventurers Log
- Added The Faerūnian Pantheon from SCAG in the Deities drop down list on Start sheet. If someone has the time to add other Pantheons from SCAG that'd help a lot, let me know!
- NEW FEATURE Added Custom Subclass feature
- NEW FEATURE Added all Sword Coast Adventurers Guide content. Races, Subclasses, Backgrounds, Spells etc...
- Redesigned Adventurers Log sheet (also increase number of pages to 3, using the filter to show the required number of pages)
- Redesigned Character Summary sheet
- Added the ability to rename the base class (Class 1, Class 2, Class 3)
- Added many named variables for custom Character Sheet design
- Improved Japanese translations thanks to Fighter-KOU
- Fixed issues with custom races not showing languages and tools correctly in the details section of Start, CSII, Summary
- Various bug fixes, spelling corrections and tool enhancements

Version History
V1.51-V1.60 03 Oct 2015
- Added Rogue Archetype > Mastermind
- Added Cantrip > Greenflame Blade (note you will need to type this into your spell list as there is currently no classes assigned to this cantrip)
- Added Background > Urban Bounty Hunter
- NEW FEATURE Added the Adventurers Log sheet. Enter initial XP, Gold, Downtime, Renown, Magic Items and each game enter Earned only and the sheet does the rest!
- Corrected Ranger Archetype selection to be at level 3
- Made the feat level gains clearer per character class for multiclass characters
- Corrected transfer tool not transferring location in CSII
- Fixed Additional Feat not showing the correct stat adjustment in the Ability Scores section of Start sheet
- Fixed Wild Shape sheet stat bugs and corrected Elk Charge DC
- Fixed Barbarian's Berserker subclass is misspelled as "Beserker" - NOTE for characters that are transferred with a Beserker subclass, you will get #N/A values until you correct the spelling of your subclass.
- Fixed Half-Orc's racial stat bonuses misspell Constitution as "Constition"
- Improved the Barbarian's Unarmored Defense text to make it clearer
- Fixed bug with Clothes, Fine having a space at the end of the text which caused incorrect weights to show if the a user typed the text in manually
- Fixed bug with multiclass Warlock / Spellcaster incorrectly seeing the class Warlock as a spellcasting class.
- Added Quiver of Ehlonna to weight reduction list
- Fixed issue with CSIII spells above 3rd level always printing on a second page
- The Skin detail in CSI now autoscales to text length
- Fixed issue with transfer tool not transferring Magic Initiate feat correctly
- German language supported (thanks to bromleylaerchen)
- Character Sheet IV is now higher density which allows more items to be added
- Redesigned Familiar or Animal Companion section on CSIV added a small notes area.
- Language Translation now occurs for CS I, II and III (IV, V and Wild Shape can be done if someone want to look into it)
- Added Warlock Pact Magic Level, Number of Spells and Used to CSIII for Multi Class characters with 2 or more Spell casting classes.
- Fixed bug for Custom Races with and without spells not displaying spell drop down lists correctly
- Wrapped text is now standard for Armor, Shield and Weapon properties.
- Fixed bug when Eldritch Spear invocation is selected the range of the eldritch blast cantrip on Character Sheet III now changes to 300ft (and 600ft for Spell Sniper feat)
- Fix bug for multiclass Sorcerer, now gains spells points correctly at level 2.
- Fixed bug, tool now works correctly on Excel Mobile on all platforms
- Fixed bug on CSII for missing weight calculation in cell CR47
- Added weights for all animals, tack and trade goods, these can be selected in the dropdown list in CSII
- Added Portable Hole to the weight deduction detection and to the location drop down list
- NEW FEATURE There is now a filter in Character Sheet III to filter and remove blank rows between spells. This compacts the sheet significantly, even down to 1 page or possibly printing in landscape mode for larger text. See Example Character Zenith for examples
- NEW FEATURE All equipment, tools, weapons, armor AND all magical items are now in the drop-down list in the Equipment area of Character Sheet II. See Example Character Zenith for examples
+ Character Sheet II is now higher density which allows more items to be added.
+ All items now have weights included, once selected or typed the weight will appear. You can override the weight in the cell to the left of the weight.
+ All magical items have magic rarity (Common, Uncommon, Rare, Very Rare, Legendary, Sentient and Artifact) as well as Attunement requirement. Items will now change color depending on its rarity.
+ Weights are now auto calculated and can be overridden
+ Magic Item Rarity and Attunement requirement can be overridden
+ Improved locations list, if an item location is Bag of Holding or Handy Haversack the weight of those items are not included in your overall weight
- Character Sheet V is now higher density added more rows, also the sheet has moved from 3 columns to 2.
- Corrected minor illusion cantrip for Warlock drop down list
- Disabled calculation of subrace if a race had no subrace
- Added details for size, stats, vision etc. for custom races so they now appear in the Race, Background, Class, Feats detail.
- Fixed bug that caused net, bolas etc. to use Str instead of Dex
- Fixed bug that caused Spell Attacks overrides to not work correctly
- Corrected Draconic Bloodline Sorcerer Hit Points gained per level as 1 in the detail section. Though it correctly calculated in Character Sheet I
- Correct Monk KI save DC calculation
- NEW FEATURE Wild Shape sheet, try it out! Contains all Wild Shape possibilities from the MM, auto links with your Character stats, etc.
- Added underwater properties to weapons that can be used underwater
- Added Japanese translations (Beta)
- Updated translations sheet with Japanese and new translations for Character Sheet II, III
- Various bug fixes, spelling corrections and tool enhancements
- Fixed issue with some Ranger feature drop down lists not functioning as intended
- Fixed issue with Wood Elf incorrectly displaying speed as 30ft in the Race section (though correctly calculated in Character Sheet I)
- Fixed issue with Alertness feat incorrectly enabling Martial Ranged proficiency (as well as other issues found in the same area)
- Fixed issue with custom races not enabling some proficiencies correctly
- Fixed issue with printing anomalies in Race, Background, Class & Feats section (alignment) - let me know if there are any issue with printing.
- Added missing Cleric cantrip Mending to the spell drop down list
- Expanded Custom sheet. 3 Races, 3 Backgrounds, 10 Deities, 8 Spells
- Added Italiano language option for Character Sheet I (thanks prangel)
- Fixed some spell issues (e.g. Locate Object for Druid)
- Added override for character size
- 120ft Darkvision for Deep Gnomes now displays correctly in the Race, Background, Class & Feats sections
- Fixed Barbarian Unarmored Defense feature to work when "none" is selected for armor and the override is used.
- "White" now appears correctly in the drop down for Dragon Ancestry for Dragonborns
- Drop down for Other Armor now works as intended
- Passive Perception now calculates correctly when using Proficiency Dice
- Updated/Corrected some spell descriptions
- Fixed Goliath Athletics skill addition
- Various bug fixes, spelling corrections and tool enhancements

V1.41-V1.50 23 Jun 2015
- Includes changes in PHB errata
- Fixed issue with not displaying Race correctly
- Huge update for Character Sheet III, it spans two sheets which make things easier to read. All short spell descriptions overhauled to provide more detail and reference pages for spells included
- Fixed bug with feat drop down and Half-Orc Menacing Trait
- Fixed transfer bug and issues with some animal companions / familiars
- Massive changes to the Familiar Animal Companion. Added all beast for the Ranger Beast Master
- Familiars and Animal Companions will now dynamically update values for skills, attack modifier, damage based on stats and if you're a Ranger Beast Master.
- Added Equipment List drop down in Gear section of Character Sheet II
- Added Spanish Language translation to Character Sheet I, it is in BETA so try it out. If you would like other languages let me know in the forum, though I will need your help to localize.
- Corrected formatting issues with Feats not fitting correctly in the Race, Background, Class, & Feats sections.
- Re-uploaded v1.46 of the generator and example character to fix image issue on certain sheets
- Massive overhaul on Race, Background, Class and Feats section - mainly to improve readability (increase font size and changed to Arial font).
- Added options to show/hide sections of the Race, Background, Class and Feats section in the Start sheet - affects all sections through the tool
- Added option to hide details such as languages, tools, these are shown on Character Sheet I. This optimizes the viewing area of the Race, Background, Class and Feats section(s).
- Added spell lists for Arcane Trickster and Eldritch Knight to Spellcasting sheet in the Class Feature section. These lists display Wizard spells that are not already part of the Subclass spell list.
- Corrected Sorcerer Draconic Bloodline displaying the damage at level 6. It now displays (correctly) once you choose a level in this class.
- Certain cells in the Start sheet were not visible until they met certain criteria. These cell are now greyed out until they meet certain criteria. Helps with compatibility with other platforms.
- Corrected Dragonborn resistance and breath weapon bug.
- Refined Character Sheet III further, correct some formatting issue
- Corrected multiclass subclass selection list issue
- Added Warhorse, Riding Horse to Familiar / Animal Companion list
- Minor changes to Character Sheet III layout and fonts.
- Merged Race and Subrace, these will now appear under the Race heading in the Start sheet, Character Sheet I and Character Summary sheet (Subrace heading is removed for space saving)
- Improved some fonts (replaced Arial Narrow with Arial) in Character Sheet I for readability
- Added Character Summary sheet (i.e. "Stat Block")
- Added Class Features in Spellcasting sheet
- Added Cantrip selection for Cleric (Death, Nature), Warlock Pact of the Tome
- Added Spell selection for Bard Magical Secrets
- Added selection for up to 6 additional Cantrips
- Added Spell selection in Start Sheet for Spell Sniper and Magic Initiate
- All spell selected above will now appear in the spell list for each level
- Updated Character Transfer Tool to 1.41, improved step by step instructions
- Various bug fixes, spelling corrections and tool enhancements

V1.31-V1.40 24 Apr 2015
- Added printable PDF to the download area
- Added Faction, Faction Rank, Renown to Character Sheet IV. Select or type your own!
- Added Faction symbols - Harpers, Lords' Alliance, Order of the Gauntlet, Emerald Enclave and Zhentarim. User selectable & editable via Selection Pane (or "change" it with your own symbol)
- (Re) Added Elemental Evil skin, now with high resolution images (should print much better). Refer HERE to see how to show/hide the skin.
- Added ᵍᵖ to spells with material components that require GP. For example VSMᵍᵖ.
- Added ᵍᵖᶜ for spells that required GP and material components are consumed.
- Increased resolution of images used (only Dragon skin at them moment), printing to PDF should be much better. Let me know if you have any issue with print quality (600+ dpi)
- Temporarily removed Elemental Evil skin until I update the images for this skin
- Added Vision override on Character Sheet I
- Fixed bug with Feats list not moving to next line
- Fixed transfer of Feats from version 1.31 onward to latest version in transfer tool
- Greatly enhance ForgedAnvil Character Transfer Tool, now takes seconds to transfer a character. Corrected minor issues.
- Added Speed adjustment on Character Sheet I
- NEW: ForgedAnvil Character Transfer Tool! Requires Excel 2010-2013, supports transferring characters from ForgedAnvil D&D 5E Character Generator V1.31 onward
- Fixed issue with Magic Initiate feat in Start sheet
- Corrected bug in feats that needed to be fixed (displayed FALSEFALSEFALSE), corrected Paladin Aura of Protection Charisma bonus (minimum of 1) to saving throws when 6th level or higher.
- Users are now able to show and hide new Elemental Evil skin - see the 1st comment in the thread HERE to see how to do this.
- Refined Dragon theme skin and added Elemental Evil theme skin
- Improved Feats, Ability Score Improvement and Elemental Adapt will now only show once but will show x1,x2,x3 etc each time you choose the feat again. This is a space saving exercise.
- Massive readability improvements across all sheets, maximising fonts and contrast for readability. Let me know what you think.
- Added Faction, Faction Rank and Renown to Character Sheet IV (added Defeated Enemies also) - these can be deleted if you don't use them.
- Added new colour coding to Character Sheet I
- Massive overhaul of sheet "skin" design, character sheets now look awesome
- Added "additional" feats for up to two feats in the Ability Score & Feats section
- Cleaned up skill proficiencies - hopefully they are still functioning as before (let me know)
- Enhanced Proficiency Dice implementation, it now shows dice (including 2 dice for Expertise/Knowledge skills) in the Skill proficiencies, Passive Perception and Saving Throws sections.
-- If you know how Jack of all Trades works with Proficiency Dice, let me know!
- Added base armor, armor proficiency, resistances and spells to custom Race
- Various bug fixes, spelling correction and tool enhancements

V1.21-V1.30 06 Apr 2015
- Added Damage Resistance and Damage Reduction for Race, Subrace, Class, Subclass and Feat abilities (Character Sheet I)
- Cleaned and updated Armor and Shields section
- Re-arranged Character Sheet IV placing Familiar or Animal Companion at the top, added area on this sheet for writing a character backstory
- Cleaned and formatted printing areas, sizes etc.
- Moved Familiar or Animal Companion to Character Sheet IV
- Increased Cantrips (+2 = 13) 1st (+5 = 25), 2nd (+5 = 25) and 3rd (+5 = 25) level number of selectable spells in Spellcasting sheet
- Character Sheet III now shows more spells as per the Spellcasting sheet
- Added Carrying column for Carry Capacity in Character Sheet I
- Added ability to rename the type of Ammunition in the Attacks section (e.g. "Charges" for a wand)
- Added Character Sheet V (Adventure Notes only)
- Added option for Standard encumbrance rules (Option: Variant Encumbrance). Variant Encumbrance is checked by default
- Enhanced Encumbrance calculations:
-- Calculates for Standard and Variant Encumbrance options
-- Calculates for Tiny, Small, Medium and Large characters (as well a Goliath and Barbarian Aspect of the Beast - Bear)
- Added one custom race (Warforged is the example race)
- Added cell for additional spells known/prepared in Spellcasting sheet
- Fixed bug in Attacks section that caused showing of 0's in Character Sheet I
- Added default zooming and sheet positioning on reset
- Added one custom Deity
- Added two additional custom spells, total is now six (Frost Nova is the example spell)
- Added a three step guide when building a new character (after resetting)
- Added selectable ammunition tracking slots, though they are now reduced to 20 slots
- Added Dueling option for each weapon that can use this style in Attacks section (Start sheet)
- Added Temporary Hit Points (Character Sheet I)
- Added Hit Dice type per class, with small dividers shown for multiclass (Character Sheet I)
- Rebuilt Attacks section, should be cleaner now
- Added various dropdowns list for touchscreen usability in Excel
- Various bug fixes, spelling corrections and tool enhancements

V1.11-1.20 31 Mar 2015
- Added Frost Nova spell to Custom sheet as an example of a custom spell (my design)
- Added Option to reset Custom sheet
- Added Cleric Death Domain and Paladin Oathbreaker to subclasses
- Added Custom sheet, added one custom Character Background and up to four custom Spells
- Added Proficiency Dice to Options on Start Sheet
- Added Rename to Race, Subrace and Background
- Added Hero Points to Character Sheet II and option to disable to Start sheet.
- Added Background Cusomisations to Start sheet
- Improved spell casting Race and Subrace details (e.g. calculated save DC)
- Added Feat selection lists for Elemental Adept (multiple times) and Weapon Master on Start Sheet in the Ability Score Improvement & Feats section
- Added languages Aarakocra, Auran (Air), Aquan (Water), Ignan (Fire), Terran (Earth)
- Added monk increased damage to monk martial arts weapons
- Monk's now correctly use Dex or Str (whichever is higher) for monk martial arts weapons
- Fixed Draconic Bloodline spell damage, works when character is level 6 or higher
- Reorganised Start sheet for improved usability
- Added option to override saving throw proficiencies on Start sheet
- Redesigned Character Sheet I Proficiencies section
- Added Exhaustion calculations to Character Sheet I based on Character Sheet IV Exhaustion Level
- Various bug fixes, spelling corrections and tool enhancements

V1.01-V1.10 23 Mar 2015
- Massive overhaul of all classes and subclasses
- Reviewed all spells and corrected issues
- Added more automation and auto calculations
- Added all Elemental Evil races and spells
- Large number of bug fixes and enhancements

V1.00 07 Mar 2015
- First Release


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  1. JackChance
    Sent you this private message, reposting here as well to hopefully grab some attention:

    "I've recently posted on reddit here:

    To summarize the post: I'm looking to create a 5e character generation web app. It wouldn't have the complexity to maintain your stats as you continue to play the game, but it would walk a new player through basic questions and populate their player stat sheet as they answered them. (Sort of like a tax software that fills out forms by asking you simple questions)

    I was pointed to your character generator as reference material, and I'm impressed by how in-depth and maintained it is! It's my hope to deliver a fraction of this complexity but hopefully in a very disarming and simplistic way to new players.

    One of my (and other peoples it seems) largest concerns are the legal ramifications of providing data that is outside of the SRD to a player. I'm wondering how you've addressed this concern in your generator (if you have) or if you've ever been reached out to by a Wizards of the Coast representative about the program you've created.

    I've seen instances of people creating similar services like this and ending up having to censor their content:

    I'm hoping with your input I can proceed carefully enough to have this be a useful tool to first time players, while remaining uncensored enough to be valuable to people who've played before as well."
  2. rpicard
    The spell casting ability is not being properly calculated per the book. It should be: Spell attack modifier = your proficiency bonus + your <class(int,wis,chr)> modifier. My Sorc has 20 in Char and is only showing a bonus of 5 when it should be a 7. Please check the calculations in the sheet.


    P.S. Love your character creator, thanks for taking time to make it.
  3. Paul_Char
    This character generator is amazing! Thank you for all your hard work. I was wondering if you were going to include the Underdark character sets at some point?

    Thanks again for the work. As far as I'm concerned, this is the only character generator out there.

    Paul C
  4. ForgedAnvil
    Please add any comments to the main discussion thread here >>ForgedAnvil D&D 5E Character Generator (>1400 comments as of January 10, 2016)

    I rarely check these comments and won't respond, thanks!

  5. mithralsmith
    This is a great spreadsheet. I tried to click the rating up but the site pops up "invalid download".
  6. Crimson Tiger
    This is a great resource and I appreciate all your hard work. $20 sent!
  7. EvilGeniusPrime
    Hey, I can't figure out how to turn on Feats. Little help? :/
  8. Sean David Rotter
    Hey ForgedAnvil,

    Just wanted to thank you for this amazing resource.

    Please enjoy a few beers on me


  9. ForgedAnvil
    Please add any comments to the main discussion thread here >>ForgedAnvil D&D 5E Character Generator (>880 comments as of September 12, 2015)

    I rarely check these comments and won't respond, thanks!

  10. Randomtask
    Our whole group absolutely loves this character sheet. Thank you so much for making it!

    One observation with the latest version (1.57) - I think DC for Monk abilities (Stunning Blow, etc...) are being miscalculated. I have a level 8 monk with a 16 Wisdom. I believe his DC for Monk abilities should be 17 (10 + .5 Monk Level + Wisdom Bonus). The sheet is calculating it as 14. Maybe the Wisdom bonus is being left out...
  11. Dannyboy7702
    Each update is greatly improving the character sheet. Keep it up.

    Just noticed that the Skin slot on CSI does not shrink text to fit what is written. Other than that everything is great!!!!
  12. talon125
    Fantastic Product. Great job.

    Quick question though.
    Do you have any plans to implement the optional spell points system as described in the DMG?
  13. ForgedAnvil
    Please add any comments to the main discussion thread here >> ForgedAnvil D&D 5E Character Generator (>500 comments as of June 22, 2015)

    I rarely check these comments and won't respond, thanks!

  14. skoorb
    This character sheet is incredible!

    I'm having one issue though. When I go to select Feats, the list goes blank after "Inspiring Leader." Not sure if it's a bug, or if there's some restriction I'm unaware of.
  15. GraciousGoblin
    Thanks a lot for this, you rock! Best generator I have ever seen, will save me hours!!!
  16. kevsurp
    can you add in animals into like wolf ,bears ,etc for durid for wild shape
  17. Arrgg67
    I am a bit slow, can't find where to enter Invocations for Warlock. Awesome creator!
  18. redkobold
    Excellent work!
  19. cdavis77
    This is a great sheet. Well setup. I seem to have found a couple bugs but overall excellent work

    1. Armor and Weapon weights are not auto added to weight carried. I could ust add them to "equipment" but the weights are already being autofilled from the dropdown list..
    2. Can't manually change Initiative. Would like to be able to have another "other" cell that can be manually filled. I had a sorcerer add an enchantment to my greatsword, it adds +2 to initiative (and has a downside that it disgusts me, holding it makes me want to puke...bad roll)

    That's it, great work guys!!
  20. morepurplemorebetter
    Besides making a very nifty character sheet you had the bright idea of shamelessly asking people to upvote your work. I'm stealing this if you don't mind Keep up the good work!

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