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5E Access DB character sheet


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5E Access DB character sheet

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NOTE: Compatible with Access 2010/2013/2016 - 32bit and 64bit

I went through a number of character sheets and there was always something I didn't like about them. They were not generic, they were too long, they were too simple, they didn't auto calculate or they were print only.

So I created my own character sheet using excel: http://www.enworld.org/forum/rpgdown...ownloadid=1239

That wasn't good enough for me, after several months of work I have upgraded my simple excel character sheet to Access 2013.

Current Features:

Automatic Calculations
- Weapon Damage/Hit
- Armour Values
- Equipment Weight, calculations for Weight Reducing containers and gear that is not on your character
- Proficiency values
- Saving Throws
- Expertise (rogue)
- Jack of all Trades (bard)
- Observant (Feat)
- Alert (Feat)

Homebrew Options
- Proficiencies, Weapons and Armour Calculations have ability to adjust for homebrew classes/races and rules
- Free form text boxes,

Editable Character sheet (Not all fields)
- You can edit the character sheet itself, because sometimes when you fill out a form the data just doesn't fit right on the actual printout

Custom Fields
- There are 11 custom fields you can edit including 2 custom Attributes

Optional - Spell list
- For those classes that have spells
- Spell Groups - 10 total groups

Optional - Traits list
- For those people that want all their traits at their fingertips
- Trait Groups - 10 total groups

Optional - Contacts List
- Keep track of your contacts
- Same look and feel as the other print outs

Optional - Equipment List
- If your equipment grows to large to fit the character sheet, now you can print out a full page list


Update #1
Added a 2nd optional "attribute box" to allow both Honor and Sanity to be added as bonus attributes
- These optional attribute boxes are still fully configurable for other homebrew attributes
- There is an option to show or hide the "Mod" and "Save" value, if your homebrew attribute uses either

Removed the image from the Screenshot
- I think that image is copyrighted, didn't want to anger the author

Switched to a normal ACCDB format
- DB is not compiled and will run slower, but to be honest, unless you have thousands of characters you won't notice
- Compatible with Access 2010/2013/2016 in both 32bit and 64bit mode

Update #2 (2.0.0)
Fixed Bugs
- Other Armour drop-down was not re-querying
- Some drop-down boxes where not justified correctly
- When you deleted a bag before removing the items, those items would not show on your character sheet, even though they where still in your equipment list
- Items that where not in containers did not get added to your carry weight properly
New Features
- Import Utility, to import your data from older versions (USE AT YOUR OWN RISK)
- Spell groups; you can now sort your spells in separate tabs, meant for multi-class, but anyone can use them
- Trait groups; you can now sort your traits in separate tabs, meant for multi-class, but anyone can use them
- Updated the Trait printout to look more like the spell printout

Update #3 (2.0.1)
Fixed Bugs
- Optional Equipment Sheet - Second Column was not printing in the correct colours and was overlapping the header
- Optional Equipment Sheet - Sort order of containers was not being applied
- Optional Spell Sheet - Report was flagged to keep groups together, which wasted allot of space, changed to only keep header and first item together
- All Optional Reports - Now open to Print Preview Screen

Update #4 (2.5)
- See popup in the program for fixes and changes

Update #5 (3.0)
- See popup in the program for fixes and changes

Planned Features:

Companions and Companion printout

Donations Welcome but not needed:

The functionality of the DB has not been limited or locked in anyway and there are no extra features to buy or pay for. But if you want to buy me a beer/coffee for my work, you can do so from this link.

  1. MadBeard
    Hi Galdran.
    What MS access version did you use?
    I have 2010 and can open it. Keep getting message:
    This database is in an unrecognized format.

    The database may have been created with a later version of Microsoft Office Access than the one you are using. Upgrade your version of Microsoft Office Access to the current one, and then open this database.
    Can you save your database in earlier version?
    I don't have much experience with MS access so maybe I'm doing something wrong.
  2. Galdran
    Update on the Access Version Issue:

    I have uploaded a non-compiled version my character generator to solve the issue with compatibility that Madbeard was having.

    This version should be compatible with all versions of Access from 2010 to 2016, including 32bit and 64bit versions.
  3. Galdran
    New version (I'll be numbering them from now on, this is verison 2.0.1)

    I have uploaded a new version of my program based partly on some feedback and partly on something I just wanted to learn how to do.

    1) It now has a built in import utility, so you can import your data from a previous version
    - With the caveat, use at your own risk

    2) Better Multi-Class support
    - Traits and Spells are a bit of a pain to sort through once you start multi-classing, so I added multiple groups to help

    3) Fixed some big bugs I missed
  4. Galdran
    2.5 was a pretty big update.

    I spent allot of time finding and squishing bugs.

    I also tried to put int he framework to ensure that future versions you can use the import utility to copy your data and opitmized the db so I should not need to change the DB structure anymore, which makes importing very complicated

    Future versions will have the bug fixes and changes built into the program, rather than updating here.
  5. Galdran
    Just an update, to show i'm still working on this.

    Work got so busy I am doing it very slowly, but planned features that are either done or in progress:

    • Short Trait List
    • Short Spell List
    • Companion Printout
    • Fixed the bug where it keeps prompting you to save the program when you close it

    I have also squished many small little bugs, that are mostly cosmetic and made some slight changes graphically that most people won't even notice and I didn't even list them.
  6. Alyksandrei
    This looks really neat. Unfortunately, I keep getting an error when I try to open it: "Unrecognized database format <filename>. (Error 3343)". I'm using Office 2007 on Windows 8, and I've tried opening it both before and after unzipping. Can you check and see if any of these common causes (from the Help file) are the problem? Thanks.

    • The specified file name is not a Microsoft Access database engine database.
    • The specified file name is a device name, for example, a printer or a console.
    • The database file has invalid header information or an unknown sort order.
    • A commit is pending from another user but the lock file cannot be found.
    • During a commit, you are attempting to write a Long value larger than the 2K maximum page size.
    • The database is damaged. Compact the database and then try opening it again.
  7. Galdran

    I already replied to this previously but with the rollback my response is gone. I determined that I was incorrect when with my compatibility and this program is not compatible with 2007. The minimum requirements have been updated to 2010 to 2016.

    I have tested it in 2010, 2013 and 2016.
  8. Galdran
    It appears that EnWorld had a database issue and their backup was pretty old and did not contain the version 3.0 of my access db. I have reloaded it from the copy I think was the finished version 3.0 version.

    I am currently working on version 3.5, so if there are any bugs that I have reported fixed and are not actually fixed it may be because the version I uploaded was not the most up to date one. They will be fixed in version 3.5 which was created from the most up to date file.

    I want to thank randalar for emailing me and letting me know that my file was gone, I would not have noticed until I uploaded version 3.5 if nobody had told me.
  9. Galdran
    Just a short update. Life caught up with me and I haven't had a chance to work on this since late 2016.

    I still want to release at least one more version with the features i've mentioned, but It might be awhile.

    I"ll keep everyone posted if I get a chance to start working on this again.
  10. Meduna
    I love this tool but nothing seems to be autocalculating properly. Proficiencies for example, if I increase the relevant attribute, the skill total remains at 0. Any idea why this might be? Using 2017.
  11. Galdran

    I sent you a PM.
  12. NoisySpaceBalls
    Hello, I dont know if you still manage this database, but I was wondering if you would be ok with releasing the non-compiled version so we could add new or more information to the form. I absolutely love this database and would love to be able to add more information to it as time goes on.
  13. Galdran
    I actually do "want" to work on updating the program. Life took a detour on me, and I just haven't had time to do so. I don't want to release it public ally so that other people can take it over, at least not yet.

    I am assuming you are the person that sent me the 10 dollar donation?

    I will discuss this in email with you.

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