Modos RPG Version 1.4 Update

Modos RPG Version 1.4 Update


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Modos RPG Version 1.4 Update

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Want 32 pages of new play demos, revised spells and monsters, and codified, easy-to-access rules?

Welcome to Modos RPG version 1.4. This rules module plugs directly into version 1.3, in continued pursuit of the original game's goal: to provide fast, simple, and free roleplaying game rules.

This module debuts new contest rules, emphasizing that contests (d20 resolution rolls) are not based on pass/fail - a creativity stumbling block. Instead, contests work on a Pro/Tie/Con system, with a more flexible favorable/unfavorable outcome as a result.

Additionally, the magic system has been unified with the range rules of the core rules module, which means that there's no need to count squares or draw lines-of-sight to cast spells - if you don't want to.

As before, this game is freeware: take, modify, and share it. Add your own module or just play with the original rules, but above all: have fun!

This file contains the 1.3 rules catalog, but the 1.3 rulebook is here:
  1. DMMike
    If you're curious, some playtester praise with new magic module focus:

    Evee: Once we got the mechanics down it was fun xD I can't wait for next week

    Kathy: Good! Been too long since I played a straight wizard-type!

    Maggie: I really enjoyed it. I've always liked playing a mage.

    Barb: Cool! Can't wait to find out what's up in the ruins!
    Note: these are character customizations; there are no rules for "wizards" or "mages."

    And a look at how one player is tinkering with the open-source rules:

    I've had to create a spell for her shapechanging ability, since Alter wasn't really what I was looking for, so I need to run that by the DM (sic) . . . Say that because her shapechanging is a natural ability rather than a spell per se (and because it already has a built-in mental damage disadvantage which has fairly serious consequences) . . . That would allow me to ditch Spell Maintenance for Mystic Ward.
    Magic and tinkering questions or comments are welcome right here!
  2. DMMike
    Five rules modules, one game. Now updated on an easy-to-surf wiki:

    My favorite update: when you roll higher than your opposition, you don't have to waste breath calling it a "favorable contest outcome." Just call it a Pro, and hop straight into customizing your victorious result!

    Note: this catalog represents the base rules with a rules module added, which is why some of the rules have an M code instead of an R code.
  3. DMMike
    Free to download, easy to learn, and now easy to play! I'm running a campaign over at Roll20 if you're curious:
  4. DMMike
    Happy 2017!

    To celebrate, I'll be continuing the 30% off sale for the month of January. This is for both the 1.3 rulebook and 1.4 rules module (suggested retail $0).

    New house rules for 2017:

    - Defend (parry) skill: when you get a Pro against an opponent attacking you with a Fight skill, that opponent's turn ends if it was initiating. (This can disrupt combined actions and allow you to get an initiative advantage.)

    - New perk, Nova: You may add damage to a spell that deals Physical or Mental damage for each voluntary point of Metaphysical damage you take, in an amount up to your level. Usable once per round.
  5. DMMike
    New year, new goals:

    - Streamline the rules. The fewer rules you have to follow is the more free you are to roleplay.
    - Fill the gaps. Half-baked spells, monsters, and modules don't help anyone. Provide quality content throughout.
    - Be free. Roleplaying comes from the gods. Who are we to charge for that?
    - Apply finishing coat. While you normally get what you pay for, with Modos 2 you'll get more than what you pay for ($0). Streamlined rules will come with art, internet reference and dialogue, and a hyperlinked, highly-portable pdf, making Modos 2 the easiest game to learn and play that you never paid for, and the best game for tacking on your house rules to provide the customized experience you want.

    If you know an artist who might like to help this cause, drop a line!

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