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Edit 3/14/17: Was informed that weight when doubled in capacity did not double encumbrance, heavy encumbrance,and the max push, pull, lift. Which I fixed. I also made sure to make a fix to the Unarmed weapon on the main page so it reflected a weight that didn't mess with the weight total at the bottom of the page.

Version 1.0 vs Version 2.0:

The documents are exactly the same except that v2.0 has an additional section added to the bottom of the spell page where you can list spells known. Thought I'd bring that to folks attention. If you don't want that section then go with v1.0, if you don't then go with v2.0
Printer Friendly:
Added a printer friendly option for this character sheet in case you are the type who enjoy keeping track of your sheets manually. There is a form fill-able printer friendly option and another that is just blank spaces.



I created this character sheet, because Forged Anvil's was just a bit much for my iPad to handle on it's own as the Excel program and the tablet itself couldn't handle it. So, I went about creating a character sheet that worked well with my tablet and I re-purposed an old Shadowrun character sheet that I used via Google Spreadsheets that worked amazingly. Now when I originally built this I was only going to build it to have all a person could need for their character sheet, but once I had completed the layout my brain began to think, "I can do better." So I did.

Drak's 5e Character Sheet v1.0 - Google Sheets
Drak's 5e Character Sheet v2.0 - Google Sheets

This spreadsheet will work in both Google Spreadsheets and Excel. I've provided the link to the Google Spreadsheets version above and I'll upload the excel version here. It should be noted that if you use the Google Spreasheet I can't lock down the cells once you make a copy for yourself, so be careful when selecting certain cells. The Excel spreadsheet provides that protection for you. This spreadsheet is a semi-automated spreadsheet, wherein you provide the changing vitals and everything else changes with it. So for example: You don't put in your character's skill score, you simply put in your stat score (which will calculate your modifier), your level (for proficiency bonus), check whether you are proficient, and lastly check if you have expertise and the spreadsheet does the rest.

When I built this thing, it was intended that once you inputted your characters statistics and details that'd be it. But after many hours working on it, I wanted to make it so you really wouldn't need to go back to the books. The pages I built and included here are:
  • Main Page: What this page does is function as your primary viewing page. It contains your stats, skills, equipment list, proficiencies, and other vital stats to play. Only white spaces are editable on this page. MULTICLASS does work on the main page as well as in the spells page. The class and level of the second class are selected in the same manner as your primary class. Sorry, this spreadsheet will only handle two classes. There is not intention of adding a third or fourth class options right now. AC - when you select an armor it will automatically calculate your AC based on your armor selection, if you are using a shield (second armor slot), your dexterity modifier, and any AC added to the AC column in the Magic Items sheet. In addition, if you look at the Armor Class column, next to your armor selection, it will not calculate your AC. Instead this shows you the math it uses to create the AC found in the AC box underneath your attributes. Initiative, like AC, is automated. It'll factor in your Dexterity modifier and if you have select the Alert Feat, Jack of All Trades class feature, or the Remarkable Athlete class feature from the drop down menu in the Passive skills section. Barbarians and Monk, you will find your Unarmored Agility in with the armor list and Sorcerers you'll find Draconic Resilience there as well. EXP - Experience points will be totaled on the main page, but they have no effect on the level that you are. You have to make that adjustment yourself by upping either your primary or secondary class's level. Doing that will alter your Total Level.
  • Features&Feats: This page is there to input the larger chunks of details about your class features and feats. Some class features, such as the ranger's class features, don't fit nicely into most character sheets because you are only meant to put in the title of the feature or feat. I wanted to provide a space where you can put the whole thing in there. Cause I don't like looking it up every time I wanted to check a detail. If you wish to put in line breaks you can do so by pressing Ctrl or Alt+Enter to add said line break. This moves you to the next line IN the box vs to the next cell. This page is controlled by you. You alter this page how you wish, it's completely up to you. I won't make this a predefined page because I want you to lay it out how you want the data to be laid out for you when viewing it.
  • Details: This page is there to put in your character image, the results of your Background choice and the details to your backstory. Some of the fluff stuff, like height and the like will be automatically taken from the top of the Main page.
  • Magic: This page is devoted to spells. At the top you'll select your spell casting class and your spell caster level. From there it'll take that to determine the number of spell slots you'll have available to you, which will appear under the spell slots category. You level, your class, and your filled in stats on the main page will generate things like your total prepared spells, spell casting bonus, and Spell Save DC. After that you'll be able to select the spell from a drop down menu that is specific to each level. Selecting a spell will populate the range, type, and such of the spell you selected, with the exception of the ACTUAL details of what it does. That space is left blank for you to put in your own notes that you understand. For example I use a lot of abbreviations that mean something to me that may not mean anything to you.
  • Magic Equipment: This page is dedicated to your magic items. You can input them there. I did automate this page only slightly. AC takes any static AC bonuses and applies them to your total AC. Attack and damage from a magic weapon for example will only effect the appropriate slot. Range Weapon 1 will only effect the top ranged weapon slot on the Main page and Range Weapon 2 the bottom ranged slot. Same goes for Melee weapons. The other magic items will not add themselves to your total damage/attack roll. I advise making use of the + column on the main page next to the damage and attack columns (it's there for the fluctuating bonuses, like Bracers of Archery only give a +2 to dmg when using a longbow or shortbow).
  • Contacts: This page is there to provide you with a location to write notes on the various NPCs and locations you encounter through your adventure.
  • Loot&EXP: This page is to track your monetary and experience gain in your adventure. I advise using this page either by adding the earnings by the date of the session or by notation of where you got the gold/exp. Either way I provided a lot of rows for this one. The coins and experience points you add to the rows will be automatically totaled at the top and represented on the Main page so you don't have to keep coming back to this one for your totals. It's a nice place to put a note of how you acquired it as well as non-coin based loot. To reduce the total just put a minus (dash) symbol in front of the number you want to minus from your total.
  • Lookups: This page is devoted to being your one stop resource for a lot of information. Through the use of the drop down menus you'll be able to find details on hundreds of armor, feats, items, mounts, potions, services, spells, and weapons. I left out Magic Items because some DMs may not want their players going through all of the magic items. Now there is a million and one different ways to find those magic items, but I thought I'd leave some wonder for any new players out there.
So, please enjoy the fruits of my labor building this and please comment so I can hear what you guys think. I'm always open to constructive criticism and ideas that could go into improving this character sheet.

NOTES ON PRINTING!: This was brought to my attention and I wanted to address it. I have not designed this with the intent of printing. This is designed with a laptop or tablet in mind. Now I'm not an unfair designer. I have made some instructions in regards to printing. I typed out each pages printing instructions in the editable margin of pages I'd expect one to print (everything but lookups). I give suggested layouts of pages as well as what to scale them to. This is only on the excel version unfortunately. For those with it downloaded I'd just advised downloading the current version and using the instructions on your filled out workbook.

NOTES ON MULTICLASSING!: This was brought to my attention and I wished to address this early. This character sheet is not built to go beyond multiclassing into two classes. I'm sorry, but that won't change about this character sheet. At this point the work needed to go into adding a third or more classes to the sheet would require overhauling multiple sheets, the spell casting sections would take ages. Call it lazy or call it a successful sanity check, but if you need a sheet that can handle more than two classes I sadly have to direct you elsewhere.

Edit 10/16/15: I made changes to the Magic page. Now multiclassing should work as it should in regards to the appropriate number of spell slots. If you are Warlock and you are multiclassing into a Spellcasting class, set the 2nd class (bottom) to be the Warlock class and the spellcasting class you are multiclassing into as the 1st class (top). This way the formulas calculate your spells properly as a Warlock multiclassing is a little wonky.
Edit 10/16/15: I also fixed Damage and Attack in the weapons area of the Main page. It now adds any damage and attack bonus granted by any magic weapons you put into the magic equipment page with your magic modifier. This gets added to your damage and attack columns, but only from weapons. Any other items like Bracers of Archery, you will manually add to the the + column next to the attack and damage columns on the Main page.
Edit 10/19/16: Added Unarmored Agility (Wis) and Unarmored Agility (Con) to the armor lists for Monks and Barbarians to choose from. I also adjusted the feats page so it's one line at a time and it'll auto-fit to the text that you put in.
Edit 10/19/16: It was brought to my attention that my Armor archive on the lookup page wasn't working properly on the excel sheet. I went back in and fixed my mistake. Now armor look ups work properly.
Edit 10/19/16: Fixed an issue on the excel sheet that produced a #VALUE in the Current Weight section when you set any armor or weapon to "MELEE," "RANGED," or "ARMOR."
Edit 10/20/16: Made two changes to the sheet based on some feedback. FIRST: I removed the need of selecting you have the Expertise feature AND THEN select which skills you have expertise in. Now you only need to select which skills you have expertise in and it'll do the work. SECOND: I replaced the Expertise cell with Remarkable Athlete from the Fighter's Class features. This will add half your proficiency rounded up in all Strength and Dexterity skills that you aren't proficient as well adding to Initiative checks. Any additional checks made outside of these in relation to Remarkable Athlete will needed to be taken care of by the player.
Edit 10/20/16: I have also correct the issue of Remarkable Athlete stacking with Jack of All Trades and I've made sure Jack of All Trades adds to initiative.
Edit 10/20/16: Added just one thing in this update. I threw in a new cell below Carrying Capacity called 2x Capacity. I added this due to features like Barbarian's 6th level Bear aspect that doubles carrying capacity. But this could be applicable to any magic item that may apply the same way.
EDIT 10/27/16: Hey Folks, another update to the sheet. Fortunately this one doesn't do too much. In this update: I have added the Draconic Resilience as an armor that is an option for Sorcerers. The other is I added the Fighting Style: Defense as an option to select, which can be found under the Passive Skills section of the main page. The reason for adding more AC things recently is that my ideal situation is that you don't ever have to touch your AC in regards to calculations. Now that is to say static bonuses to AC will be added where I find them. It will not do any calculations for situational bonuses. Those are still kept track of by you, the user, much like situational damage modifiers (ex. Favored Enemy [Revised Ranger]).
Edit 10/28/16: Added a Spells Known section under the level 9 section. This is where you can add all your known spells. This is going to be v2.0.
Edit 11/4/16:​ Found an error in the ranged weapons section of the main page. I have fixed it so that ranged weapons that use strength to throw them actually add their strength to the modifiers.
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  1. Reshy
    There doesn't seem to be any support for Resilience when you get proficiency in saving throws, can that be added?

    EDIT: Nevermind, I found it.

    Alright, the Total Weight seems to be stuck on #VALUE so that might need to be debugged. Furthermore the Armor archive seems to be broken, as it only has "Armor1" as the choosable values.
  2. drak273
    Hey Reshy,

    Thanks for the feedback. I went back in and adjusted the Armor archive. I missed an = sign in there during data validation. It should now work as intended. As for the weight coming back faulty. Could you confirm that in the weight column of the "Carried Equipment" section that it only has numbers (Ex: "5" or "5.5"). If you put in the "lb" for pounds or something to that effect it'll probably kick back that value.

    I've uploaded the new copy of the sheet and made sure to add weight to each of the spaces to function as an example. I hope it helps. But please respond again if it continues to produce a #VALUE on you. I want to make sure it works for you.
  3. drak273
    *Edited due to a double post by accident*
  4. Reshy
    Attachment 77592

    What am I doing wrong exactly?
  5. drak273
    Hey Reshy,

    Super sorry about the hiccups, but I'm glad you are saying something as you are catching them. The reason the #VALUE is happening is because I'm guessing you set your Weapons or Armor to be blank and/or to MELEE or RANGED. In my equations for the weight on those objects I had it set to be blank when those options are selected. This in turn produced an improper value for the equation for carried weight. Now they are set to produce a 0 (zero) so the weight equation works.

    This should work properly now. Please let me know if it does.
  6. Reshy
    Attachment 77597

    Yeah that looks like what happened. I was wondering at first if it was a choking on adding 5 and 5.00 together, since I know that in programming you generally can't do that because they're considered different types of values.

    PS, is there any way to make a printer-friendly version of this for when you have an in-game game? Currently the print options tries to spit out upwards of 26 pages.

    Lastly, is there any way to add line breaks to the Feats section or anything? Because if there is that'd be preferable to several fixed-sized boxes, because you're either wasting space or can't see the information without going into the cell.
  7. drak273
    I'll see what I can do about improving the Features and feats page. As for a printer-friendly version I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to make one. The primary intent of the character sheet is to be used via a tablet or laptop versus a printed version. Regardless I'll look into it and see what I can come up with.
  8. Reshy
    Might be worth mentioning in the Feats and Features section that you can add line breaks with Alt + Enter. Personally I think a handful of fields would be better than a long list of unutilized ones.

    Example: Attachment 77605
  9. drak273
    That does look nice. I wanted to keep the lines separated as this would allow a user more customization on a very customization capable page. I also wanted to leave the option to separate things by color as well. For example on my own character sheet I am multiclass'd as a ranger and a rogue. So my background feature is highlighted in orange, ranger features in green, and rogue features in a light gray. That way when I bring up the page I right away see where to look. I can also divide those up as I see fit for the sake of visual organization that works best for me. Like so:
    Attachment 77606
  10. Satyrn
    I gave it a quick look. Very nice work. It runs nice and quick on my tablet, and it I think I very well could use it at the table without hassle. The color coding looks like it should making finding things quick, too.

    So, very positive feedback . . . now on to the bugs and requests.

    The one weird thing I found was having to select the Expertise option found below the Jack of All Trades option before The Expertise option beside each skill would register. It's just rather redundant (and unnecessary) to have to select the "I have Expertise" option first before the "This Skill Gets Expertise" options trigger.

    And I sure you're not really going for completeness with all class features, but it feels off to me that the Bard's Jack of All Trades is provided, along with a couple feats, but the Champion's Remarkable Athelete isn't. It's essentially Jack of All (Physical) Trades. I on,y actually bother to mention this because you could slot it into the main page right beneath Jack, replacing that "I have Expertise" option.

    that's niggling stuff, though.

    What I'd like most from the sheet is quick hit point tracking. Like a macro that displays a dialog to enter the value of my damage or healing and let it do the math and update my current hp.

    Again, awesome work.
  11. drak273
    Hey Satyrn,

    Thanks for the feedback. It's really appreciated.

    You know I do not have any idea why I didn't make that adjustment to the Expertise before. Although that is why I posted it here so I can get suggestions and fixes. I really like the idea of removing the need for expertise to be checked.

    I'll look into adding the Remarkable Athlete, could be a replacement box for Expertise.

    Again, thanks for the feedback.

    EDIT!: Changes have been made, feel free to redownload the character sheet with the update. I implemented both suggestions because they were great suggestions that applies to any user of the sheet.
  12. Satyrn
    Thumbs up for noticing that Remarkable Athelete rounds up while Jack of All Trades rounds down. I noticed that weirdness last night while testing your sheet.
  13. Reshy
    Doesn't seem like the sheet supports things like modifiers to Armor Class. Defensive Fighting Style and Draconic Skin for instance are unsupported. Defensive is relevant since Sword and Shield is often used in conjunction with one another, but there's no third slot for other modifiers.

    Also as for the color coding thing, while that's all good, how often is someone going to need the 70 different fields to fill out for information? Might as well order them as Background -> Racial Abilities -> Feats -> Class 1 Abilities -> Class 2 Abilities -> Class 3 Abilities -> Class 4 Abilities -> Anything Else. But it's unlikely to see more than four classes on any one character, so if it's a concern for you that there be enough fields to support any number of possible combinations, then add support on the main page for more than two classes. Again I'd recommend four since I doubt anyone will have more than that. Still I don't think more than 10 fields is really necessary in 99.9% of cases.
  14. drak273
    Thank you for bringing up more defensive based stuff. I'll more than likely add Draconic Skin as an armor that Sorcerers can select. As for Defensive fighting style I'll figure a way to get that in there. In the mean time until I do, just add a 1 to the AC column somewhere on the magic sheet. It'll give you the effect until I can add that in there somewhere.

    As for the Feats&Features page, I deliberately kept it blank and unorganized. On this page it's specifically there for you to set it up how you want it. Some people may want to organize their features, for example, by level, by combat potency, by class, or maybe by memory (placing the the features you don't remember well at the top). I left that deliberately up to the user. The excess fields can be removed or maybe they want to go the route I originally set it up where you combine cells vs each feature going to a single growing cell. Ultimately that page is completely and totally up to you and how you as a user of the sheet wishes to make use of the page.

    As for multiclassing, I'm really stopping at two for this character sheet. If multiclassing beyond two classes is something someone is going to do I'm going to not advise my character sheet. Thank you for bringing it up though, I'll make sure to update my front page so that way people are aware when they read it (if they read it).
  15. Reshy
    Minor Quip: There's some Typos, Persuasion is spelled with an extra S, you have brint instead of print, and a couple other minor mistakes.
  16. drak273
    Yeah, there's bound to be some typos. My bad on the Persuasion misspell. To expedite the process there are most likely a couple typos in there due to copy and pasting stuff. I tried to catch as much as I could, but some things got past me.
  17. Reshy
    Doesn't seem to be enough spell slots available for multiclass characters. Only 6 1st level slots for spells, which four paladin four bard at paladin 2/bard 1. I'd probably increase the spells per level to 10, since you can't add more rows.
  18. Satyrn
    Quote Originally Posted by Reshy View Post
    Doesn't seem to be enough spell slots available for multiclass characters. Only 6 1st level slots for spells, which four paladin four bard at paladin 2/bard 1. I'd probably increase the spells per level to 10, since you can't add more rows.
    You can add rows if you unprotect the sheet. Then select a row from the same spell level and paste that over the new row to get the functionality and formatting.
  19. drak273
    I'll look into expanding the number of rows. As for classes like the Paladin, Cleric, Druid, and Wizard where they either know all of their spells or can know all of their spells, I'll add a reserve off to side where all of the spells can be listed and you can simply select the ones that will be in active use. You will use the Prepared column to determine which spells require preparation or not. After a couple levels when your spells known and spells prepared becomes thinned out between multiple levels, the necessity for a lot of spell rows becomes unnecessary. Which for bards who can learn a whole lot of spells and they are always at the ready so long as the spell slots are available, it'll be prudent to make notes on the ones you're actively using regularly. As for the rest if you want to cast it you can lookup what you have in the "reserves box" and then look up the spell via the "Lookups" sheet and use the spell from there.
  20. Reshy
    I'm getting a corruption error when I open the sheet.

    Attachment 77949

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