Complete revamped 5e sheet (form fillable)

Complete revamped 5e sheet (form fillable)


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Complete revamped 5e sheet (form fillable)

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7/15/2018 - untested v7 sheets added!

With a goal to reduce page-flipping during a game, these sheets were developed over a year of trial and error. I typically have my players print out a spell sheet rather than use the one on page 3, but I kept this upload to be more universal. The hope was to be simple and elegant, nothing flashy or gaudy.Components were inspired from elements in yazgang's, Valton's, and SpadaBastarda's character sheets. These were created intended to be printed duplex, although that's not a dealbreaker. Since it is no longer available, I made a fork of MPMB's Player Reference Sheet so my players can have easy-to-follow notes. My version of it leaves much of MPMB's text largely intact, with some occasional rephrasing, a changed aesthetic to match these sheets, added spellcasting info, and a new section explaining skills. Since I only adopted it, please give MPMB a big thank you for creating the original reference page (thanks!).

Variants included:

  • "Classic" pen-and-paper
  • "Classic" pen-and-paper non-caster
  • "Classic" form-fillable (works great with Mongolian Baiti font)
  • "Inky" pen-and-paper
  • Optional druid forms sheet
  • Untested: Restructured caster/noncaster forms with alphabetical skills (feedback apprecaited!)

Please consider showing appreciation with a review and rating. Thanks!

INKY (left) Classic (right)


v6.1c - 07/13/2018
Just because I could, I made an optional sheet for druid forms. Enjoy!

v6.1b - 06/30/2018
Form-fillable updated to match Classic (again). Apologies for the delay-- essentially the forms were built from scratch again because of the breadth of chances necessary. Enjoy!

v6.1 - 05/19/2018 - non-magic Classic variant
This variant is for non-casting classes, i.e. monks, fighters, barbarians, rogues, and a slew of homebrew classes (like werewolves!).

v6.0 - 05/17/2018 - Spatial Facelift and Spell Page Overhaul (Classic +Inky)

Started to update the form-fillable to include ammo, but creative curiosity sidetracked me. Several hours later:
Spell Sheet
  • Three columns for 10 spell levels doesn't make sense. Split spells into two sheets
    • Page 1: Cantrips - Level 5 (perfect for half-casters!)
    • Page 2: Level 6 - 9 and Scrolls/Wands/Items

  • Some cheat-sheet text for convenience
  • Spell area writing is taller, wider, and bubbles larger and clearer

Overview Page
  • Weapons and cantrips area overhauled
    • new box shapes, taller and wider
    • bubbles larger

  • All borders removed
  • All bevelled boxes changed to smooth round boxes
  • Proficiency section overhauled to more sane approach
  • All text-entry lines are roomier
  • Gear area touched up

  • boxes match overview page
  • more area to write text
  • made backstory smaller and stretched out + added aesthetics for background traits

  • Similar changes as overview minus box shapes

Lot's of effort was put into creating more space so everything is less crammed. Now that Inky is done, I will finally update the form-fillable version like I meant to in the first place.

v5.4 - Ammo! (Classic and Inky)

It took a lot of thinking to figure out how to incorporate an ammo tracker, make it fit with the general aesthetic, and make it fit at all (space is such a commodity!). After some soul-searching:
  • Death Saves merged with the health box (on either side)
  • buffs/conditions moved back to its former spot on the top-right
  • 1 additional weapon attack slot
  • 4 ammo trackers!
  • Spell "wheel" area for Inky was completely reworked
  • top banners and all boxes were updated to match the aesthetic

I am not kidding when I say the Death Saves box will be missed.

v5.3 - INKY Edition

Some months ago I made custom sheets for a local gaming bar when they host learn-to-play DnD nights. I wanted those sheets, which are "fancier," to be available to everyone who is a fan of the current sheets. The sheets are mostly the same with some obvious aesthetic differences. All things need names (I guess?) and so I named these the "Inky" edition. Also increased the size of the spell slots on Overview (in "Classic"), moved and increased size of currency, increased size of spell atk/dc and points tracker circles, homogenized appearance of some things. Touchups on the companion sheet. I made new spell-level-circles from scratch to homogenize appearance, add a personal touch, and [primarily] to reduce file size, since Spells is the biggest file. The Overall file size of the combined sheet is now cut in half!


It was pointed out to me that the sheets no longer resemble much in the way of the sheets that inspired them, which is kind of crazy (and cool). For purely aesthetic reasons, I decided to remove the DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS logo in the banners and replace them with the name of the page, i.e. "Overview", "Background", etc. and replace the images much like I did with the first page a while back. This also establishes that these sheets are not actually affiliated with WotC or DnD, and so shouldn't actually bear their name and trademark. I never touched that part before because I wanted them to resemble the official sheets as much as possible and be more like a "flavor", but a dozen iterations later, here we are, and I think it was time to finally remove it an just name the pages. Hope you enjoy it! Also made the Deity section on the Background section a little nicer, inspired by Adventures League sheets.


A reddit user forked the sheets to suit their campaign needs (yay!) and showed me their work. I rather liked how they increased the font size of the ability score names, something I've been struggling with figuring out how to do for months, and while I didn't copy their method (required cutting off the tops of the circles), it did inspire me to finally figure out a solution that was made available after opening up the space in the previous version.
  • Ability score names moved and made much larger
  • Returned the bubble-based method for resistances/vulnerabilities in a more compact way (I like this method better)
  • Spells page minor touch-ups in the header for consistency and increased size of M/V/S/P/C bubble guide
  • File sizes of combined pdf's down by half
  • form-fillable version now identical to pen-and-paper version (and thus has the same edits)
    • all bubbles on spell page now active
    • a touch of color on some bubbles
    • I haven't set the tab order yet

I'm always the DM, so I never had to fill one of these out. Rolling a character recently, I finally got to try these sheets, and immediately knew what needed improvement: space.
This update (hopefully the last?!) incorporates my best effort at maximizing space on these sheets without adding clutter or removing crucial sections.
  • Carrying Capacity and Inspiration moved
  • Ability score area expanded
  • Increased space for skill bonuses and made it more visually pleasing
  • Weapon ATK bonus section larger
  • Darkvision moved above initiative, other senses removed
  • Conditions swapped with Hit Dice / Death Saves (updated in pdf, but not in the Guide page)
  • Resistances changed to be more compact and remove erroneous options
  • Features/Traits modified to improve organization, with Languages on top, and class/background/race proficiencies below it, and empty space to write below that
  • Companion page got a little overhaul for consistency
  • form fillable variant now available!
    • text now auto-scales in forms​

  1. akr71
    Interesting... any chance of you posting a form-fillable version? Also, what are the two little circles beside the the larger Ability Score circle for? I get that one is for the modifier, but the other?...

    Edit: I'm guessing one for base score and one for adjusted (eg. spell or magic item improved) ability score & big circle for modifier...

    If I could move the Movement, Senses & Carrying Capacity boxes from page 1 to page 4, it would awfully close to my ideal sheet.
  2. pdimens
    I liked your idea, so I had to think on it a little. I was able to change the sheet to incorporate your suggestions.

    Also, the jpg of the first page gives you a little hint regarding how I intended the sheet to be used.

    Additionally, I have no intention of making it form-fillable because my players all do pencil-and-paper, so the incentive simply isn't there. If you have Acrobat or a similar software, feel free to try it yourself! I'm distributing this sheet because I spent some hours on it in Illustrator to get it how I wanted it and thought maybe the community as a whole might like it too, but you're absolutely welcome to edit it, create a fork, recolor, whatever.

  3. akr71
    Looking good!

    I've always found it a bit odd that the Personality Traits, Ideals, Bonds & Flaws sections were right there on the first page when the rest of the character background and personality stuff is page two. I mean, I made my character right? Don't I remember who he is? I've always let my players choose rather than roll that stuff.
  4. DeadshotOmega
    Great work! I love that you've kept it clean and easy for beginners.

    I came across the below sheet on Reddit just a few minutes ago after seeing your sheets, and I thought it would make a fantastic addition to your style. - Created by: /u/gcook725 on Reddit

    I'm just getting some friends together to start playing D&D (I'm pretty much the only one with experience, and that's limited, and it'll be my first time being a DM...) and I will be using your sheets for everyone. They're all new, so I don't want to bog them down with overly complicated sheets or try and suggest they have a freaking laptop with them.

    Anyway, thanks a bunch for your great work in putting together these sheets using some of the other excellent ones and your work and style!
  5. jhempy
    I downloaded your character sheet last night and had a great time transferring my warlock to it.

    One suggestion, though: I wish the deity and character appearance boxes on the second page of the form-fillable document were editable. I'd like to be able to put images in those areas.

  6. pdimens
    I want that too! Not yet sure how to do that. I'll read up on it when I update the form fillable one to match the current pen and paper.
  7. alienux
    Nice job, and I like the extra info on the sheet that isn't included on the official sheets. I'll definitely show these to my players.
  8. pdimens
    Quote Originally Posted by jhempy View Post
    I downloaded your character sheet last night and had a great time transferring my warlock to it.

    One suggestion, though: I wish the deity and character appearance boxes on the second page of the form-fillable document were editable. I'd like to be able to put images in those areas.

    Ok, I figured it out (I think!). Try downloading again and you should have the updated version with insert-able images for character and deity.
  9. jhempy
    It works! Thank you! :-)
  10. Wyldhart
    I'm running a Call of Cthulhu campaign, the d20 rules updated to 5th edition. Much more streamlined! We're using your Inky version for our character sheets and everybody loves them.
  11. Yaarel
    In your link, your ‘cheat sheet’ is also nice.

    I like your descriptions for Perception (use your 5 senses) and Investigation (make connections between clues).
  12. Top Rope Games
    Firstly, I really LOVE this sheet, its the only one I use. Thank you.

    Secondly, maybe I am missing something, but I do not understand why on the spell sheet on the slots expended there are 4 dots on the 5th level spells? Shouldn't it have 3? and if so can we get it fixed?
  13. pdimens
    Thanks for the feedback!
  14. pdimens
    Quote Originally Posted by Top Rope Games View Post

    Secondly, maybe I am missing something, but I do not understand why on the spell sheet on the slots expended there are 4 dots on the 5th level spells? Shouldn't it have 3? and if so can we get it fixed?
    That's a great question and a common one! Warlocks get 4 spell slots for level 5 spells, since their spellcasting is kinda different.
  15. Top Rope Games
    Quote Originally Posted by pdimens View Post
    That's a great question and a common one! Warlocks get 4 spell slots for level 5 spells, since their spellcasting is kinda different.
    Friggin warlocks.. always screwing things up! =)

    Thanks for the reply. I'll have to edit it for my own purposes then, I dont like the exception changing the rule. Thanks again for the sheet, its really great!
  16. Lawlerkats
    Love the sheets, especially Inky! Is there any chance a form-fillable version is in the works for it?
  17. pdimens
    I'm just past half done with updating the current form-fillable. This overhaul makes the whole process pretty much start from scratch, so it's taking a while. After I finish that, I'll consider whether I have the time to do the same for Inky.

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