DnD 5ed Auto-calculating Fillable Character Sheet based on Dragon's Lair Design

DnD 5ed Auto-calculating Fillable Character Sheet based on Dragon's Lair Design


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DnD 5ed Auto-calculating Fillable Character Sheet based on Dragon's Lair Design

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This is fillable auto-calculated pdf form character sheet designed to be used with Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition.

Excellent for beginners because most math is autocalculated and there are lot of tooltips so there is no need to check PHB all the time

Sheet is designed with these in mind:

  • easy to use and intuitive UI/design
  • online play (file size is relatively small for easy sharing with cloud service like cubby, dropbox, sugarsync etc.)
  • customization (sheet is not limited to inbuilt choices, so you can input whatever you want in most of the fields)

If you like the sheet, please take a moment of your time and rate it with . Thank you!

If you like the sheet, you can show your support by buying me a beer. Just click on Donate button. Thank you very much.


Feel free to comment, report any bugs, ask for features etc.
Best way to do it, is to post in main thread
You can also use Comments section, but I don't get a notification for that so it might take a while for me to answer.

Supported software

Form is created with Foxit PhantomPDF. Sheet is tested and is working in Acrobat Pro, Acrobat Reader, Foxit Reader and Foxit PhantomPDF.
For best experience use Foxit. Sheet is much faster if you use Foxit than Acrobat.
Sheet isn't tested in other PDF readers or readers for mobile devices, so use at your own discretion.
Please note that you can not use sheet with browser preview or stuff like that. You must use some kind PDF reader.


Sheet contains buttons for export and import form data. Buttons are working in Adobe Acrobat Pro, Foxit Reader and Foxit Phantom (maybe also in other readers but it isn't tested)
In Acrobat Reader this don't work because Acrobat Reader must have "Rights" that requires the Reader Extension server to enable this feature, which is very expensive.
Also there are third party tools which can help you to export/import in Acrobat Reader. Just google it.
Also if you have problems with that, just let me know and I'll try to help you.

Tips for use

Almost all fillable fields have a tooltip if you hover the mouse cursor over that field. Some Dropdown choices also have tooltips so check them out (like Backgrounds, Armors, Shields and protective items).
Some backgrounds from Sword Coast Adventurers guide book (like Cloistered Scholar, Inheritor etc)have several choices for skill proficiencies so read carefully tooltip and select appropriate skill for yourself. Sheet will not choose for you
I'll repeat once again; sheet is not limited to inbuilt choices, so you can input whatever you want in most of the fields.
Every section of data has a CLEAR button which will reset values to default for that section
Reset button will reset whole sheet to defaults
Reset and Clear buttons are not visible in print
Ability generator fields are also not visible in print
If you want to keep file size in check, use the Save As command often. You can overwrite the old file to avoid having many files. When you “Save” a PDF file, incremental updates are appended to the file. This allows the document to be saved more quickly but contributes to the overall size of the file. Choosing “Save As” will completely rewrite the file and result in a smaller file size.

Ability Generator

These are the steps how to use generator

  1. Choose method of rolling or point-buy
  2. Click on Generate Abilities button
  3. Info field – Here are values that are rolled. If point-buy method is selected, here will be amount of spent points
  4. Rolled Values – If point-buy method is selected, write here values for ability scores you wish to buy. Note that allowed values for point-buy are 8-18.
  5. Check checkboxes to select to which ability you wish to assing value
  6. Assign Scores button – Click to assign selected values to ability scores fields on sheet.


This sheet is based on sheet design from Dragon Lair, as it is written on sheet itself (D&D 5th Edition Character sheet by Dragons’ Lair|4 pages version|v.1.02en september 2014|www.dragonslair.it), so I'm not taking any credit for design and not holding any rights for this sheet either.

In this way I want to thank you Zelgadis for gaving me permission to use this beautiful sheet, so thank you very much!


Ver.1.17 (March, 06.2016.)

  • Added "Misc bonus to Inititative" field to be able to customize Initiative score

Ver.1.16 (November, 13.2015.)

  • Added subraces and backgrounds from Sword Coast Adventurers Guide book
  • Updated Duergar entry according to Sword Coast Adventurers Guide book
  • Revamped AC calculation and fixed custom AC calculation
  • Added Mithral and Adamantine checkboxes with tooltips
  • Added magic armors, shields and protective items from DMG
  • Point buy Max stat now is 18
  • Added time stamp and number of rolls for ability generator
  • Added Show/Hide button for ability generator
  • Added Clear Ammo buttons
  • Added Save As button for easier use
  • Fixed Passive Investigation tooltip
  • Added and enhanced various tooltips (backgrounds, class, multiclass, armors, shields etc)

Ver.1.15 (July, 07.2015.)

  • Added Misc bonus fields for Spell DC and Spell Attack.
  • Fixed dwarf race features based on PHB Errata.
  • Fixed couple of typoes.

Ver.1.14 (April, 16.2015.)

  • Added big text box fields. Added toggle buttons for those fields. Toggles between line by line mode or big text box mode.
  • Added button which inserts race traits in Race trait box. It depends on current race/subrace selection.
  • Languages are now automatically selected based on race/subrace selection.
  • Speed is now automatically selected based on race/subrace selection.
  • Changed layout of HP fields.
  • Added Heal button and Clear HD button.
  • Added advantage/disadvantage checkboxes for Passive perception and Investigation.
  • Vision is not hardcoded anymore.
  • Ability score cap is now 30 instead of 20.
  • Fixed bug with Remarkable Athlete.

Ver.1.13 (March, 11.2015.)

  • Added races and subraces from Elemental Evil – Player's Companion supplement (Aarakocra, Deep Gnome, Genasi and Goliath).

Ver.1.12 (February, 08.2015.)

  • Added Bronze Dragonborn.
  • Added option to double carrying capacity for Barbarians who choose Aspect of the Bear
  • Fixed decimal places for Weight fields.

Ver.1.11 (January, 14.2015.)

  • Added Export and Import buttons.
  • Added Passive Investigation field.
  • Fixed Stealth disadvantage calculation for Medium armor master feat.

Ver.1.10 (January, 06.2015.)
  • Fixed unarmed defence (Monk and Barbarian) for second class (multiclass)
  • Jack of All Trades and Remarkable Athlete checkboxes can now be checked on/off regardless of selected class – multiclass reason.
  • Added Honor and Sanity scores.
  • Added Hero points box

Ver.1.09 (December, 16.2014.)

  • Added Ability scores generator
  • Fixed couple of visual glitches

Ver.1.08 (December, 13.2014.)

  • Sheet now works in Foxit reader and Phantom
  • Reduced file size for about 200kb
  • Added weight values for armor and shields
  • Added extra (double) fields for spells on fourth page
  • Added fields on fourth page (Spell DC, casting ability, spells memorized...) for multiclass casters (ie. Wizard/Druid)
  • Removed Sex/gender field on first page. There is gender field on second page.
  • Added two combo fields for calculating total weight on character (Coins weight, fourth inventory column weight)
  • Added button for clearing portrait image (doesn't work in Foxit, yet)
  • Reader version of sheet is no longer needed. One version to rule them all

Ver.1.07 (December, 03.2014.)

  • Fixed Gnome Darkvision

Ver.1.06 (December, 02.2014.)

  • Added Aasimar and Eladrin as race and subrace options
  • Jack of All Trades and Remarkable Athlete bonus added to Initiative value
  • Quick_Start_v1.xx.pdf renamed into ReadMe_v1.xx.pdf

Ver.1.05 (November, 18.2014.)

  • Now you can select additional Saving Throw proficiency, no matter which class is selected (useful for Resilient feat)
  • Added Remarkable Athlete class feature
  • Jack of All Trades moved below basic character information
  • Added Misc bonus fields for Saving Throws and Skills
  • Added Skill proficiencies based on Background choice
  • Couple of cosmetic changes for clear buttons

Ver.1.04 (November, 13.2014.)

  • Fixed Saving Throws for Paladin and Ranger
  • Fixed Charisma skill calculation.

Ver.1.03 (November, 13.2014.)

  • Added auto-calculation for vision
  • Fixed calculations of Passive Perception
  • Fixed readonly status for skill expertise if skill proficiency is not selected
  • Fixed race ability modifier calculation for Half-Elf, Human (variant) and custom race.

Ver. 1.02 (November, 10.2014.)

  • Added Monk Diamond Soul(proficiency in all S.T.) ) in auto-calculation

Ver.1.01 (November, 08.2014.)

  • Added Jack of All Trades
  • Fixed Warlock Saving Throw calculation

Ver.1.0 (November, 07.2014.)
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  1. Kaireis
    Hey, love the sheet!

    Just wanted to say that there seems to be a mistake where the CHA skills are being calculated using the Wisdom modifier. Thanks!
  2. Pedro Garrano
    Those sheets are beautiful.

    However, a bug: Paladins are proficient with Wisdom and Charisma saving throws, not Strength.

    Edit: Also, Half-Elves (and Variant Humans) should be able to adjust their racial modifiers.
  3. Kaireis
    Hey, thank you for the update!

    I noticed an error in the sheet where Charisma skills are being calculated using the Wisdom stat mod.

    Also, someone in the discussion thread pointed out that the Paladin has Wisdom and Charisma as saving throw proficiencies, not Strength like it is on the sheet.
  4. MadBeard
    Thanks for reporting. I'll check it out
  5. MadBeard
    Thanks guys for reporting.
    Unfortunately, I didn't notice this thread. I'm new here so I'm still picking things up

    I fixed all this things you reported. Now I'm thinking how to add skill choices based on class and background choice. Of course I'll also put bypass to override this calculations.
  6. MadBeard
    Fixed. Here you go

    Like I said in thread couple minutes ago, I wasn't even aware of thread

    Paladin and ranger S.T. somehow got mixed. And charisma skills, well c/p error during my experimenting
  7. Kaireis
    Thank you for all your work!

    I don't have Acrobat, so I'm not sure how you would program the default skills based on background and class. I do have access to Acrobat Pro at work but I'm not supposed to be playing with it...

    One suggestion/request I do have (not urgent) is to put in a check box for "Superior Athlete" Champion Fighter feature. It works sort of like "Jack of All Trades" but rounds up instead of down, and only works on physical skills.
  8. MadBeard
    I already have an idea how to implement skill choices based on class and background but its a enormous amount of code. Maybe I'll find some easier way.

    I'll check Superior athlete feature. I didn't read all of class features so please bring it on
  9. Pedro Garrano
    I'd say skill choices are flexible enough not to need automation, but that's just me.
  10. MadBeard
    Yeah I know and that's exactly my thinking. But I just must see if I can do it
  11. SLN

    Thanks for this sheet it's so much time saving.

    However I was wondering if you will allow to choose another Saving throw proficiency as the feat Resilient allow.
    I did chose this feat but I can't select the Characteristic which I intend to become proficient with.
    Except this little bug it's just super clear and easy to use.
  12. MadBeard
    Hi SLN

    I'll add this and Superior Athlete in my next update.
    And I just figured out how to set value to default inside javascript without clicking on button. So I'll fix race ability modifiers field for half-elf and human (variant). I'm still learning
    For now after you choose half-elf or human (variant), race ability modifier field is not read-only so you can type in bonus. But in some fields remains ability modifiers from race that was previously selected, so be sure to clear them.
    Also I'll fix this in next update.

    Thank you for feedback
  13. MadBeard
    Hi guys
    I fixed all things you reported. Hope you enjoy it


    • Ver.1.05 (November, 18.2014.)
    - Now you can select additional Saving Throw proficiency, no matter which class is selected (useful for Resilient feat)
    - Added Remarkable Athlete class feature
    - Jack of All Trades moved below basic character information
    - Added Misc bonus fields for Saving Throws and Skills
    - Added Skill proficiencies based on Background choice
    - Couple of cosmetic changes for clear buttons

    Please let me know if I screwed something
  14. Pedro Garrano
    How are you handling custom backgrounds?

    Specific example: my Paladin has the Acolyte background, but Insight didn't fit the character, so I traded it for Medicine.
    Perhaps if the Background proficiencies weren't read-only, that would allow for customization.

    Also, the Armor section needs options for Unarmored Defense (Barbarian and Monk versions).

    Other than that, tested the sheet with Foxit Reader 7.0 (the latest), works just fine.
  15. MadBeard
    As with all fields that have calculation, you can enter custom text and readonly status and auto-calculation will be disabled.
    So if you enter Acolyte_custom, Acolyte1 or whatever you want, you'll disable readonly and autocalculation for skill proficiencies. Just make sure that custom text is different from choices from dropdown menu.

    Unarmored defence is autocalculated. I wrote instructions in Quick_Start_v1.xx.pdf how sheet is calculating stuff, so if you are not sure how something work, please check there if I wrote instruction/explanation for that.

    This is c/p from Quick_Start_v1.xx.pdf

    This is a good news. For me and my friends sheet doesn't behave well in Foxit. I'll try again. Maybe latest version is working fine because I rewrite majority of code.

    Pedro thanks for feedback.
  16. MadBeard
    I just checked if sheet is working in newest version of Foxit.
    Like I said before and is noted in Quick_Start_v1.xx.pdf, in Foxit sheet is NOT WORKING properly. For example in Foxit Unarmored defence for barbarian and monk is not working so please use acrobat reader.

    I think that Foxit interpret javascript little different than in acrobat, but I'm not sure. Or maybe syntax is little different. I dont' know. I can't find anything on internet on that subject.
  17. Pedro Garrano
    Yeah, figures, had to be the one thing I forgot to check in Acrobat
    That's my issue. Acolyte* looks weird. I'm a neatfreak, so if something messes up my otherwise spotless character sheet, that sets off my OCD
  18. MadBeard
    Hahaha. I know how you feel. I have same problem
    You really bought me with OCD
    Just for you I uploaded v1.05 with this fixed. Now skill proficiencies based on Background are not readonly. You can customize skills however you want. Go crazy
  19. txshusker
    I DM using Skype with some people and they were using some homebrew rules from the playtest... this is extremely helpful to get them on track. Thanks for sharing!
  20. MadBeard
    You welcome Txshusker.

    I also DM/GM online campaigns for 3-4 years because in my town there is no one to play. We use TTopRPG virtual tabletop, hamachi for VPN and skype for communication. Try TTopRPG if you haven't already. The best virtual tabletop I tried and I tried all of them And it's free and very easy to use.

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