Beast Cards For Druids

Beast Cards For Druids


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Beast Cards For Druids

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First, the necessary acknowledgement to damattage's NPC/Monster Cards @ These are based on this format. These are 2.5" wide by 3.5" tall.

Second, I would appreciate any feedback about any inaccuracies or suggestions.

4/5/15 Added Fey.

9/6/15 Added Elementals.

912/15 Added Druid Summon (All) Cards, Saves a few trees.

I think this is all the creatures that a Druid can Wildshape into or Summon.
  1. damattage
    Awesome work. Thanks for the shout!
  2. MadBeard
    Great work. Thanks for contributing to community
  3. ParagonofVirtue
    Tremendous! I wasn't aware swarms were an option, pretty cool.
  4. was
    Looks, helpful. The only thing that I'd recommend is maybe formatting them so that you could print them out and put them on 3"x5" cards.
  5. ParagonofVirtue
    If you do this, please make an A4 size for the image too for us Europeans who don't use US paper standards. :-)

    EDIT: Seems it works perfectly on A4 size as it is! So nevermind! :-)
  6. flwad
    ParagonofVirtue: Swarms will probably not be allowed by your GM, but I included them for completeness.

    Was: The sleeves I use are for 2.5 x 3.5 inches. I doubt I will reformat. Sorry.
  7. Greybird
    Very nice. However, the triceratops has a Passive Perception of 101. He can see you coming from two continents away!
  8. sazyanti
    Any chance of getting a PDF or ODF version of this? opening this file in Libreoffice is horrid. It slams all the text onto the first page.
  9. Bardic Dave
    Beast cards are great! Thanks so much for this! How are the fey/elemental cards coming along?
  10. flwad
    sazyanti: as requested.

    bardic dave: slower than hoped due to RW. Fey soon.
  11. flwad
    triceratops fixed.

    added .pdf as requested in thread.
  12. flwad
    Finally, the Fey. Please review and comment.
  13. Bardic Dave
    Looks good! This will be very helpful, thank you!
  14. flwad
    Many apologies for the delay. The Elementals. Please review & comment.
  15. flwad
    Someone Just PM'd me about the cards, but I do not have any new conversations so I guess that part of the system is down too.

    I will repost when that system is up. In the mean time I don't know what else I can do.

    Edit: Seems like everything is back up. Will check again to confirm.
  16. I am Jack's username
    Many thanks for this - it's excellent and allows me to put everything needed for my druid into a folder with some 9-pocket pages.

    I don't have the MM (or VGtM), but according to and Polar Bears have INT 2, WIS 13, and CHA 7. Is the MM different? (This doesn't affect wild shaping or "Animal Friendship", but may affect other things.)

    Would it be possible to upload an .ODT version of the "Druid Summon Cards (Full)" file? The .docx is weird in LibreOffice.
  17. flwad
    Great catch. Files Updated.
  18. I am Jack's username
    2 more typos: Elk's INT is 2 not 10, according to which is important for the druid's Animal Friendship spell. Also WIS =10, and CHA=6. The ankylosaurus doesn't have blink dog's keen hearing and smell: Would it be possible to put the moon and land druid levels required to wild shape into them, on the cards? This would be especially useful for the swim and fly speed beasts.
  19. akr71
    These are great! Thanks so much for sharing
  20. flwad
    Updated errors. Will not be adding druid levels. Sorry. Included .doc files for user customization. Not sure where you will put them. Some cards very densely packed already. Please share if you do add.

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