Complete revamped 5e sheet (v4.5)

Complete revamped 5e sheet (v4.5)


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Complete revamped 5e sheet (v4.5)

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I saw so many different sheets that had some features I loved but also features I didn't, so I took the time to combine what I considered the best parts of others' work, then build some stuff from scratch that I thought would be more useful. I don't have a cool name for these sheets, but my goal was to reduce page-flipping during a game. I typically have my players print out a spell sheet rather than use the one on page 3, but I kept this upload to be more universal. This is a pencil-and-paper sheet with the intention of being simple and elegant, nothing flashy or gaudy, and I welcome anyone to fork a form-fillable version if that's what you prefer. I would love any feedback the community might have. Components were inspired from elements in yazgang's, Valton's, and SpadaBastarda's character sheets. I have also included the Adobe Illustrator source files. Please rate and enjoy!

Form fillable variant available here!


Update 5/22/17
Overview Page:Consolidated conditions with buffs/debuffs
Consolidated temp hp with current hp
Extended attacks and spellcasting to include more weapon attacks (4) and cantrips (6)
Added concentration bubbles to the left of cantrips on Overview page
Gave minor facelift to weapon attack area
Shield added to Armor Class area to indicate if player is using a shield to boost AC
Spells Page:
Added bubbles next to spells to indicate Material, Verbal, Somatic, and if it requires Concentration
Added little quick-reference of bubbles to the top of the Spell Sheet
Facelift for Spellcasting stats on top of Spell Sheet, with area to also jot down spells available through wands/items/scrolls
Generic points-tracker circle added to header of spell sheet

Update 4/21/17
Added spaces for skill values.
Proficiency and perception is larger
Backpack has columns for quantity and weight
​Expertise bubbles added
Point-Pool added beside spell attack/DC for things like Lay on Hands, Sorc Points, Ki Pool, Barbarian Rage, etc.
  1. akr71
    Interesting... any chance of you posting a form-fillable version? Also, what are the two little circles beside the the larger Ability Score circle for? I get that one is for the modifier, but the other?...

    Edit: I'm guessing one for base score and one for adjusted (eg. spell or magic item improved) ability score & big circle for modifier...

    If I could move the Movement, Senses & Carrying Capacity boxes from page 1 to page 4, it would awfully close to my ideal sheet.
  2. pdimens
    I liked your idea, so I had to think on it a little. I was able to change the sheet to incorporate your suggestions.

    Also, the jpg of the first page gives you a little hint regarding how I intended the sheet to be used.

    Additionally, I have no intention of making it form-fillable because my players all do pencil-and-paper, so the incentive simply isn't there. If you have Acrobat or a similar software, feel free to try it yourself! I'm distributing this sheet because I spent some hours on it in Illustrator to get it how I wanted it and thought maybe the community as a whole might like it too, but you're absolutely welcome to edit it, create a fork, recolor, whatever.

  3. akr71
    Looking good!

    I've always found it a bit odd that the Personality Traits, Ideals, Bonds & Flaws sections were right there on the first page when the rest of the character background and personality stuff is page two. I mean, I made my character right? Don't I remember who he is? I've always let my players choose rather than roll that stuff.
  4. DeadshotOmega
    Great work! I love that you've kept it clean and easy for beginners.

    I came across the below sheet on Reddit just a few minutes ago after seeing your sheets, and I thought it would make a fantastic addition to your style. - Created by: /u/gcook725 on Reddit

    I'm just getting some friends together to start playing D&D (I'm pretty much the only one with experience, and that's limited, and it'll be my first time being a DM...) and I will be using your sheets for everyone. They're all new, so I don't want to bog them down with overly complicated sheets or try and suggest they have a freaking laptop with them.

    Anyway, thanks a bunch for your great work in putting together these sheets using some of the other excellent ones and your work and style!

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