Complete revamped 5e sheet (2.0)

Complete revamped 5e sheet (2.0)


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Complete revamped 5e sheet (2.0)

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I saw so many different sheets that had some features I loved but also features I didn't, so I took the time to combine what I considered the best parts of others' work, then build some stuff from scratch that I thought would be more useful. I don't have a cool name for these sheets, but my goal was to reduce page-flipping during a game. I typically have my players print out a spell sheet rather than use the one on page 3, but I kept this upload to be more universal. This is a pencil-and-paper sheet with the intention of being simple and elegant, nothing flashy or gaudy, and I welcome anyone to fork a form-fillable version if that's what you prefer. I would love any feedback the community might have. Components were inspired from elements in yazgang's, Valton's, and SpadaBastarda's character sheets. I have also included the Adobe Illustrator source files. Please rate and enjoy!

Form fillable variant available here!


**Update 4/21**
Added spaces for skill values.
Proficiency and perception is larger
Backpack has columns for quantity and weight
​Expertise bubbles added
Point-Pool added beside spell attack/DC for things like Lay on Hands, Sorc Points, Ki Pool, Barbarian Rage, etc.
  1. akr71
    Interesting... any chance of you posting a form-fillable version? Also, what are the two little circles beside the the larger Ability Score circle for? I get that one is for the modifier, but the other?...

    Edit: I'm guessing one for base score and one for adjusted (eg. spell or magic item improved) ability score & big circle for modifier...

    If I could move the Movement, Senses & Carrying Capacity boxes from page 1 to page 4, it would awfully close to my ideal sheet.
  2. pdimens
    I liked your idea, so I had to think on it a little. I was able to change the sheet to incorporate your suggestions.

    Also, the jpg of the first page gives you a little hint regarding how I intended the sheet to be used.

    Additionally, I have no intention of making it form-fillable because my players all do pencil-and-paper, so the incentive simply isn't there. If you have Acrobat or a similar software, feel free to try it yourself! I'm distributing this sheet because I spent some hours on it in Illustrator to get it how I wanted it and thought maybe the community as a whole might like it too, but you're absolutely welcome to edit it, create a fork, recolor, whatever.

  3. akr71
    Looking good!

    I've always found it a bit odd that the Personality Traits, Ideals, Bonds & Flaws sections were right there on the first page when the rest of the character background and personality stuff is page two. I mean, I made my character right? Don't I remember who he is? I've always let my players choose rather than roll that stuff.
  4. DeadshotOmega
    Great work! I love that you've kept it clean and easy for beginners.

    I came across the below sheet on Reddit just a few minutes ago after seeing your sheets, and I thought it would make a fantastic addition to your style. - Created by: /u/gcook725 on Reddit

    I'm just getting some friends together to start playing D&D (I'm pretty much the only one with experience, and that's limited, and it'll be my first time being a DM...) and I will be using your sheets for everyone. They're all new, so I don't want to bog them down with overly complicated sheets or try and suggest they have a freaking laptop with them.

    Anyway, thanks a bunch for your great work in putting together these sheets using some of the other excellent ones and your work and style!

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