[5E] Engineer class - gadgets and guns!

[5E] Engineer class - gadgets and guns!


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[5E] Engineer class - gadgets and guns!

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  1. Jack Daniel
    Why does the engineer's proficiency bonus hit +6 a level earlier than everyone else?
  2. SkidAce
    This is good work...kudos to you and your artists.
  3. ko6ux
    Because: typos.

    Fixed now.
  4. robmox
    Hey! I just realized I never got back to you about this class. I love the new book! This is hands down my favorite homebrew class I've seen. Keep up the great work!
  5. fuzzymonkey
    Love this class! Great quality and well thought out. I'll be test driving my engineer in our next campaign.

    What happens when an engineer loses an equipped gadget? Does it cost him the same time and gp to rebuild as it does to learn a new schematic?
  6. ko6ux

    That's an area for DM fiat. I'd probably allow the Engineer to rebuild a "lost" gadget in half the time/GP cost assuming it's a gadget they already know how to make since part of the time/cost is assumed to be testing and tweaking to see what works and "get it right."
  7. 8D6Gamer
    Had a fellow GM direct me to this Custom Class.

    As someone who plays to craft and make things, this class is excellent.

    One of the few things I was looking for was an alchemist with mutations and alterations. The demolitions is fantastic, just was thinking a bit more versatility. Almost need a sub class with in the sub class, to do it though.

    The other one that came to mind, was a Jury Rigger. Essentially he solves problems based on what he has available. Some pre-made equipment but makes use of things on the fly. On the spot explosions, rigging a last minute spear, or launching a barrel of flaming oil. You need something repaired for a temporary use, this guy would do it.
  8. 1Mac
    Gave this a quick glance. Very cool! Some thoughts from my not-very-careful reading.

    -I'm not sure what schematics add to the class. The gadgets you may use are already limited by gadget slots, and by the fact that they need a long rest to reconfigure, and by time and cost to create them in the first place. If I'm reading correctly, you don't even get any gadgets at character creation; you get a hard number of gadgets you may create if you spend the time and money to do so.

    Why not say, "At first level, you have 4 trivial and 2 simple gadgets of your choice."? You still have to spend time and resources to create new gadgets, and you still can only equip a certain number per day; it seems to me those limits should suffice without a hard cap on the number of gadgets you can create.

    -I'm basically an anti-Vancian zealot, so I like that your class uses something different than reskinned spell slots for gadgets. I wish you had maybe gone in a further non-Vancian direction. I understand why a high-damage gadget like Disintegration Ray needs to recharge! But a lot of simple gadgets especially really don't need short-rest limits. Just looking at the top of the gadget list: you gain advantage on just one saving throw against being blinded, which you may or may not pass, and you can't use it again until you take a short rest. Depending on the DM, that may be the next encounter, or considerably longer. And that's one of just two simple gadget slots you have at first level. Why not, "You gain advantage on saving throws against being blinded when using this gadget."?

    The Engineer has much fewer gadget slots than the wizard has spell slots. That's great, and helps distinguish the two, but I think you should trade that relative lack of diversity for greater reliability.

    -Contrary to that last point perhaps, I really like that many gadgets are basically reskinned spells. No reason to come up with different rules for the same effect. You could have used this to same some space; e.g. the text for Discombulation Ray could have simply read "This functions as a Confusion spell with a range of 50'." I see why you didn't do this: pixels are free, and cross-referencing is annoying, so why not include all the rules you need in the same document? On the other hand, it saves ink and paper for anyone who does print it, plus it makes for a shorter, less overwhelming body of text if you do cross-reference. It's not a big deal, but I had the thought.

    I really do think this is a cool class. The core gadget mechanic works very well, and the secondary abilities are all purposeful and evocative. I haven't looked at the archetypes closely, but they are all good ideas. I just think it could benefit from a little more flexibility and still be balanced.
  9. Bedouin
    I'm new to this site, and I'm sorry if I'm ignoring something obvious. But how do I download this file?
  10. Tquacken
    Way to go with this class! This is definitely the most fun and balanced homebrew class I've seen, by far!

    I do have one question, though--is the Demolitions sub-discipline too underpowered? It seems like everywhere I've seen someone comment that they are playing this version of an engineer, they say they are playing a kinetics engineer (which I am, too). I love the idea of the Demolitions Engineer, since it offers so much in the realm of battlefield control and fun, I just wonder about a few things:

    -for every ticker thrown, you have to succeed on a ranged attack to get it even in the right spot, then every creature in the area also gets to make a ST to avoid half the damage.

    -a level 5 character deals a flat 2d6 damage in a 5' radius and 1d6 in a 10' radius, about 5-8 times per long rest (a 40% chance to hit with full damage, assuming decent stats). The fire bolt cantrip itself deals 2d10 at 5th level, with only one roll, at will (a 60% chance to hit with full damage, assuming same stats).

    Since it seems like the sub-discipline has great effect on the standard damage dealing method of the engineer, I just wonder if this sub-discipline would be more fun if a small change were made. Some of my (completely underdeveloped) ideas to maybe make things a little better:

    -make Volatile Overload feature available off the bat, or some variation that would make demolitions engineers really good at controlling the battlefield and debuffing, offsetting the low damage output?

    -for attacking with the ticker, maybe reducing the amount of successful rolls to deal decent damage (I love the option for the ticker to land in the wrong spot, it's just a little too common for it to not do damage to the right people, I feel)?

    -Increase damage scaling or radius of effects?

    -maybe a remote detonation feature? That would make sneaky engineers super fun

    Some things I really like about demolitions:

    -timed detonation (super fun with a sneaky character who, before combat even starts, rigs up 6 to blow up at the same time, then knocks someone prone into the middle of the bomb ring for 12d6 damage of 6 different types)

    -the overcharged effects (the ultimate debuffer)

    Anyway, those are just my inexpert opinions! Thanks so much for making the class, I've enjoyed it a ton!
    Hopefully others have seen something similar and can offer better advice.
  11. ko6ux
    Thanks for the reply. I appreciate the feedback and I am glad you are enjoying the class.

    In regards to the damage output of the Demolitions spec, you have to take the AE nature of the damage into consideration. A 5th level character fighting against other medium sized creatures can hit 1 creature for 2d6 (7) damage and an additional 8 creatures (in surrounding squares) for 1d6 (3.5) damage each, before saving throws. That's a total of 39 average damage with one attack, compared to 2d10 (11) damage against a single target for the Fire Bolt. Of course, in practice, the damage will be lower than this because you won't always have 9 creatures clustered up, you won't always hit the creature you are targeting, and some creatures will make their saves, etc. Still it's a high risk/reward play and it rewards planning and crowd control strategies. I'm wary of adjusting the damage upwards any higher, although if the damage seems low, you could always remove the save for half damage and just make the attacks always hit for full (leaving the save in place for the overloaded debuff effects).

    Really appreciate the suggestions. I am currently working on a "final" update of the class wish I hope to push out in early 2017 on the DMs Guild.
  12. BubbaGrim
    I can't send you a PM.

    I've started a Fantasy Grounds translation of this, mostly as a learning exercise. I can send you a copy when I'm done if you're interested.
  13. ko6ux
    That would be excellent!
  14. BubbaGrim
    I've finished everything but gadgets, are you familiar with FG?

    Rather than building items for each gadget I'm going to render them as spells, mostly because many of them are spell-like effects.

    If you decide to revise this version of the document could you send me a list of the diffs (assuming you'd like me to update the FG version), that will save me going through the document line by line for changes.
  15. BubbaGrim
    Quick question could you explain:
    While this gadget is equipped the weapon it is integrated into
    gains the Reload (6) trait instead of the loading trait.
    My Google-Fu has failed me I can't fine "Reload (6)"
  16. BubbaGrim
    Almost done, going to go back and revisit gadgets as items, won't work purely as spells or spell-like ability.
  17. BubbaGrim
    Clock work trap you sure you want the secondary effect to be dexterity saving throw to avoid?

    eg. Necrotic;Deals 1d10 necrotic damage at the beginning of each affected creature’s turn. Affected creatures may make a Constitution saving throw at the end of each of their turns to end the reoccurring damage.

    You have necrotic requiring a Con save to end the effect, why not a Con save to avoid the effect the first time around instead of dexterity?
  18. BubbaGrim
  19. d3g3n
    This is really cool! Just wanted to know if a mech sub-class (not Gundam, more like the magitek armour from ff7 or the mechanic on Maple Story) is possible? Like you get/build it, you maintain it like the clockwork companions, you get big ac from driving it (maybe separate health pool), use Intelligence modifier for Strength checks, but are slower and only have three slots for equipped gadgets. Just so theres a sub-class to go the more meat-shield direction, you know?
  20. MrRoboto

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