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ForgedAnvil D&D 5E Character Generator

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Designed to be used with Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition
V2.00 Beta16 15 Apr 2017 [Excel Mobile for iOS, Android, Windows 10, Excel 2010-16, PDF]

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V1.00 07 Mar 2015
- First Release


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  1. Vin
    Thanks for this great tool!

    I've entered a few characters and so far the only problem I've encountered is that Rogue with the Arcane Trickster archetype shows the spells known as #N/A.
    If I could somehow get the sheets in A4 that'd be most awesome.
  2. psychocazza
    Am I the only one having issues with this file?
    I can enter the stats easily which is great but nothing is showing up on the character sheets.
    I have tried re-downloading the file but still the same problem.
    Someone help please?
  3. limelight
    Thanks so much for your generator, great quality. Is it possible to have a way to enter a custom Deity? I have a home brew world with its own cosmology. Thanks in advance
  4. ForgedAnvil
    Many fields are user definable (to an extent). For example typing the name of a custom Deity is accepted and will be shown on the Character Sheet, however no detail will show on the Start worksheet regarding, domains, symbol etc.
  5. ForgedAnvil
    Try the 1.01 BETA version posted today, this fixes the #N/A error (also affected Eldritch Knight).

    Changing the paper size to A4 in the print option will work, you will have a larger space at the bottom of the A4 paper when it prints.
  6. Dale Libby
    Thinks for this.

    I've tried entering my dwarven character, but this points do not look right. I don't think the Dwarven Toughness is adding to hit points.
  7. ForgedAnvil
    Bug, Hill Dwarf should receive +1 hit points per level. For now add the additional 1 hit point in the ROLL column. Corrected for version 1.02 BETA.
  8. limelight
    Many fields are user definable (to an extent). For example typing the name of a custom Deity is accepted and will be shown on the Character Sheet, however no detail will show on the Start worksheet regarding, domains, symbol etc.

    Read more:

    I did see that I was able to add the name of the deity but was hoping be able to select one of the Domains listed in the PH and DMG- In converting over to 5E I basically just assigned a domain to a listed Diety in my campaign world. This way I can still have the program understand the domains, etc...

  9. JTorres
    This is a fantastic sheet, thanks for sharing.

    I noticed that the elven weapon proficiencies are not calculating for the Eladrin. I was making an Eladrin wizard and when I entered the longsword and longbow as weapons in the Attacks portion of the Start tab the calculated data lists the character as not having those proficiencies. I think that might be a mistake because racial weapon proficiencies trump class limitations.
  10. ForgedAnvil
    You're correct, it's an error (for now just override the value as proficient). Corrected in 1.02 BETA. Thank you
  11. ForgedAnvil
    FYI. Currently the 1.01 BETA Human is not functioning correctly, this is fixed in version 1.02 BETA.
  12. ForgedAnvil
    The Deity detail (e.g. domain, symbol etc) shown on the Start worksheet is for user information purposes only, it is not used or referenced during the character generation process.
  13. Dyabolique
    Love this tool! Easy to generate a character and the layout made it quick and easy to find the info I needed during my first 5e game. There are a few issue's I've encountered(all Bard related as that's what I'm playing) and a few asks I'd like to request for a future version.

    1. When Bard is selected as class the "Cantrips Known" section does not display properly. No matter what I do it says 0/0. I can still choose a cantrip and it copies over but it's not generating on the "Spellcasting" tab properly
    2a. Bard's Jack of All Trades skill doesn't automatically account in the "SKILLS" section under the "Proficiency Bonus" category. It's easy enough to adjust in "SKILLS" section with the "Other Modifiers" but it would be nice if it actually filled in under Proficiency Bonus to properly account for the bonus and to avoid bonus confusion.
    2b. Jack of All Trades also does not adjust initiative and the "Initiative Modifier" box is fully non modifiable. If it could either be included automatically or have the "Other Modifier" box editable that would be great(for the same reasons as above).
    3. Expertise and "Proficiency Bonus" not actually being accurate. Same info as Jack of All Trades it can be adjusted manually but would be nice if it was automatic.
    4. Some way to edit Hit Points either an editable box or even another box where you could just add additional would be awesome.

    Thanks again for the work you've done on this tool.
  14. ForgedAnvil

    Thank you for the feedback,

    1. Issue found, corrected in next BETA version
    2a. Issue found, corrected in next BETA version
    2b. Jack of All Trades does not appear to change Initiative in the PHB. If you can point me to the details that would be great.
    3. Issue found, corrected in next BETA version
    4. Updated for next BETA version
  15. Dyabolique
    The relative bits of data....

    PG 177 of the PHB under the main category Dexterity: Initiative check is listed underneath the heading of Dexterity checks along with all other Dexterity check skills and it states specifically "At the beginning of every combat, you roll initiative by making a Dexterity check." it then further reiterates that again on page 189 PHB under the combat section "When combat starts, every participant makes a Dexterity check to determine their place in the initiative order."

    and a picture of the relevant tweet.

    Attachment 67332 (so you know I'm being honest and with a bit more info on why it doesn't apply to Saving Throws)

    Initiative being a Dexterity check is also what allows it to by targeted by the Bard's Cutting Words ability.
  16. ForgedAnvil
    Thanks, will add (notice this also affects level 7 Fighter Champion with Remarkable Athlete).

    Jack of All Trades and Remarkable Athlete should not be cumulative though.
  17. ForgedAnvil
    FYI, fixed issue with Resilient feat in BETA 1.04. It now correctly assigns the Saving Throw proficiency.
  18. Dyabolique
    Ah yes correct. I'm playing a Bard and my wife a Warlock so yeah a bit narrow in my scope.

    As a secondary with that, obviously Rogue Expertise should do the same as I suggested in point 3 above. I don't know if you had it doing that. If not I'm sure the Rogues would appreciate that too.

    Thank you not only for your quick responses and willingness to add to your work. As well as again for doing the work in the first place. This is a super tool.
  19. Yonner
    A few issues with 1.02 BETA

    Charlatan background, sleight of hand is misspelled as slight of hand

    Taking any second class (multiclassing) is also granting the additional save proficiencies for the class. You should only be getting the original classes saving throw proficiencies. Example, first level as wizard, second level as barbarian. The sheet is granting proficiency bonus to STR and CON saves, and it should not be.
  20. ForgedAnvil
    Thanks for the feedback. Rogue Expertise functions correctly, only the Bard had an issue.

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