The Clean Sheet flexible and auto-calculating

The Clean Sheet flexible and auto-calculating


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The Clean Sheet flexible and auto-calculating

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The Clean Sheet is a 5th Edition character sheet that can be used both for print-outs and as a purely digital sheet. It designed to be compact, easy to use, customizable and uncluttered.

This thread provides detailed info on the sheet. You are very welcome to post comments, questions and suggestions there.

Hi everyone, I made the sheet and all the source files available at I did this because real life doesn't allow me too much time to work on it anymore, while knowing that there's much to be added and improved. Those who feel so inclined are invited to change the sheet to their hearts' desire and freely share their versions of it.

The Clean Sheet was inspired by Mad Irishman's sheets for 3rd Edition.


5/11/2017: 2.51: added Thunderclap weapon, added Circle of the Land spell recovery (thanks to Schnee!), improved class parsing
6/7/2017: 2.5: fixed details of finesse weapons and scimitar
11/6/2017: 2.47 BETA: several minor fixes
7/6/2017: 2.46 BETA: added monsterous races from Volo's Guide..., improved/fixed descriptions of racial features
25/5/2017: 2.45 BETA: ugly blue fields and borders are now automatically disabled
23/5/2017: 2.44 BETA: fixed spelling error
14/5/2017: 2.43 BETA: fixed spell sorting, minor improvements to spell descriptions
7/5/2017: 2.42 BETA: added player races from Volo's Guide..., improved tooltips, doubled capacity for Goliaths and Firbolgs
5/5/2017: 2.41 BETA: fixed Wood elf traits and spell sorting (cantrips)
4/5/2017: 2.40 BETA: more dynamic armor/weapon entries, improved coin tooltips, and more
2/5/2017: added missing rituals and Observant bonus, fixed dwarves' tooltips, and elven trance description (v2.39)
15/11/2015: fixed Remarkable Athlete rounding (v2.38)
5/3/2015: fixed the hidden prof bonus mod (v2.37)
4/12/2015: fixed rituals not being shown as such
6/11/2015: fixed minor bug that temporarily doubled total weight
27/9/2015: fixed save profs barbarian and fighter, xp box
10/8/2015: fixed print visibility of menu button
9/8/2015: fixed typo
31/7/2015: fixed martial arts damage on level 5
30/7/2015: fixed the alert button (v2.29)
19/6/2015: improved armor list; added Mage Armor and Dragon-like scales (v2.28)
12/6/2015: new option: add "*" after item in inventory to ignore its weight (v2.27)
12/6/2015: added cantrips as weapons; bugfix (unarmed strike) (v2.26)
11/6/2015: applied official errata (v2.25)
1/6/2015: added "all of the above" (items) button; number of spells known added; fixed item sorting
31/5/2015: added spell sorting option; slightly improved spell descriptions
30/5/2015: added minotaur; spell menu can also add individual spells; minor improvements & bugfixes
29/5/2015: several minor improvements; fixed weapon list
28/5/2015: clearer distinction spells slots; cleaner weapon list; added lance tooltip; bugfixes
27/5/2015: all monk weapons recognized as such, more detailed weapon tooltips, bugfixes
26/5/2015: big update
1/4/2015: minor fix
31/3/2015: weight of coins now added to total weight
30/3/2015: added sample portraits
29/3/2015: complete make-over
3/1/2014: added versions with spellcasting disabled by default
12/11/2014: added aasimar and eladrin to the list of races
20/10/2014: changed Dex cap calculations to correctly account for heavy armor rules
18/10/2014: major update
11/10/2014: corrected typo
7/10/2014: now possible to add con mod and/or wis mod to ac
5/10/2014: primary info bold, total xp bold if >= xp for next level, total weight bold if overburdened
4/10/2014: major update: added auto-calculation, third page, tweaks
29/9/2014: enabled custom text in background field
25/8/2014: enabled auto-sized text in most fields
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  1. Yamatoblaze
    I like it a lot, but why no place for either electric or platinum pieces?

    How about an optional page for traits, bonds flaws, description, and a big box for miscellaneous notes?
  2. JEB
    Community Supporter Subscribers only, eh? Pity.
  3. asorel
    This may be a stupid question, but how did you intend the 'Dexterity (capped) entry to be used in the AC table?
  4. prellin
    Nice PDF. All of your PDFs say the following in adobe reader X
    "Click "sign" to fill out and sign this form. When you are done, you can save a copy by clicking "Done Signing".

    This includes the "forms (legacy)" one. Other forms on the site like when you open them are simpler and say "Please fill out the following form. You can save data typed into this form" which is much more convenient. Is it possible to construct your pdf so it behaves in adobe reader X like those other ones do?
  5. Gretkatillor

    I think I managed to disable Acrobat's notification bar. If it still appears, you can temporarily disable it by clicking the icon on the left (the one in the bar itself). Or use the registry modification offered by Abobe: I tested it and it works for me.


    That line is now used for indicating the dex cap imposed by armor (0, 2 or unlimited). It did not have a clear function before. Sorry if it was confusing.


    Thanks for your feedback. I've added the option for a big box o' notes on the second page (use the layers for this), with an extra third page solely for spells. Please check out the latest version of the sheet.
    As for electrum and platinum pieces, these are no longer in the PHB and I'm not a big fan of them myself, but I'll consider it for a next version. Probably another layer :-)
  6. asorel
    The new updates look nice. One thing I'd like to see in a future version is an option for the Barbarian Unarmored Defense trait, in which one adds the Constitution modifier as well as the Dexterity modifier to 10 when calculating AC.
  7. Gretkatillor
    Hi asorel,

    You can now choose to add your CON and/or WIS mod to AC. I will probably sleeken the interface at a later point.
  8. Dragonhelm
    I really appreciate the auto-calculating version. Bravo!

    A few requests...

    1. A way to upload a character portrait.
    2. Platinum and electrum pieces. Also a blank field for other forms of currency, such as steel pieces from Dragonlance.
    3. Split gender and race
    4. Include variant backgrounds
    5. Eye, hair, and skin color

    Thanks again for your hard work on this.
  9. Gretkatillor
    Thanks for your feedback, Dragonhelm!

    1. I'll look into the possibility of adding a portrait. Perhaps on the second page, as part of the (optional) big box for notes.
    2. I'll probably add boxes for pps and eps, since others have also asked for this.
    3. I'm thinking of splitting class and class level, and might do the same with sex and race.
    4. I hesitate to include variant backgrounds in the list, because a) you can already enter custom text there, and b) non-standard options will most likely appear as clutter to the many people who stick to "core" backgrounds.
    5. Maybe along with the portrait option.

    I'm aiming for a big update following the publication of the DMG, which will surely introduce new options/mechanics, such as bonuses to all saves. The more feedback I have before then, the better.
  10. Yamatoblaze
    Thanks for taking on board my feedback! The optional notes section is great.

    I'm not sure where you got the idea that PP and EP are not in the PHB though,
    because they definitely are. I'm not that keen on EP myself (PP are fine) but since these
    currencies are presented in the core rules, there should probably be sections for them.

    I think the sections for coins should be bigger as well - I've been printing these sheets blank for
    my players to fill in with pencil at the table, and the boxes come out very small on A4.

    Potential solution to both problems:
    Maybe you could just have one bigger box for currency and/or treasure? Without the need to
    split it into sections you'd actually end up with more space to write in.
  11. Gretkatillor
    Thanks for the suggestion, Yamatoblaze. And yes, I stand corrected: electrum and platinum pieces are mentioned in both the PHB and the Basic Rules. I'll make room for them; maybe one bigger box with optional sections for coins and whatnot.

    EDIT: Implemented in version 3.
  12. Athinar
    Can you add spots for each of the Hit Dice for the Pool of Hit Dice

    The Space between the MAX Hit Points and the Successfully Death Save

    d6 _1__, ___
    d8 __1_, ___
    d10 _1__, ___
    d12, ___, ___

    Example: Therlyn Soldshort, Rogue 1st/Fighter 1st/Wizard 1st
    so if you multi-class you can enter the number for each HD, and a spot to check off what is used

    also some players multi-class in 3 or more classes

    you can reduce the Current Hit Points to add the space needed also give a space for a picture
  13. Gretkatillor
    Hi Athinar, do you mean a list where you can enter the hp you added at each new level?


    Got it and will take the HD suggestion into consideration. And there will be room for a portrait on the second page.
  14. asorel
    I can't seem to find the option to add CON or WIS to AC, unless you just manually input them into one of the 'AC modifer' boxes.
    EDIT: the spaces for pp and ep aren't present either. Was there an issue with uploading the most recent versions?
  15. Gretkatillor
    Hi asorel,

    In the auto-calculating version, there is a second drop down menu next to the one where you select your DEX cap. You can choose "+ Constitution" or "+ Wisdom" or "+ Constitution + Wisdom". If you choose one of these options and enter the relevant ability scores (including DEX), the ability modifiers are added to your AC.

    Electrum and platinum pieces will be added soon.

    EDIT: Both features implemented in version 3.
  16. Vardeman
    Can you hide the "spell slots" and "spells cast" when you hide the spell lists for non-spellcasters?
  17. Gretkatillor
    Hi Vardeman,

    I'll probably add the option to hide the spellcasting info independently of the spell list. Otherwise spellcasters who prefer extra notes on the second page would also lose the stats vital to their class.

    EDIT: Implemented in version 3.
  18. Athinar
    I love the changes in V3, Great Job
  19. Vardeman
    Thanks! Awesome job!
  20. asorel
    One thing I noticed while digitizing a sheet for one of my players: There doesn't appear to be an auto-calculation for the 'Jack of all Trades' feature for bards.

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