N.E.W. Character Creation [June 2015]

N.E.W. Character Creation [June 2015]


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N.E.W. Character Creation [June 2015]

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This is the last playtest document for N.E.W. character creation, and is mainly being put out for last-minute issues. The book is in layout, although this section will be left till a bit later in the layout process. You'll notice a number of changes to previous iterations.

Discussion thread:


Also attached is a basic equipment document. That document is just a convenience so you have some material to use with your character, but is not final.
  1. TiwazTyrsfist
    Ok, question #1. With the rule that you can sub out one of your career att advances with a racial att advancement, if your character is a Human, can you A> only sub out for Luck, B> sub out for Luck OR whatever stat you added 1 to using Human Versatility (which should be noted at character creation) or C> sub out one stat for anything because human versatility could be seen as making all stats racial stats for humans.

    My preferred answer would be B, but I'd like to know what your intention is.

    Also (question #2), can I put my Human Versatility into Psi or Rep? (I assume yes, but just checking)
  2. Morrus
    1) B
    2) Yes

    Hope that helps! If you create a character I'd love to see it!
  3. TiwazTyrsfist
    Donovan, a Feeble Human Ex-Space Jockey who is obsessed with aliens.

    Str 3
    Agi 6
    End 5
    Int 5
    Log 7
    Wil 4
    Cha 5
    Luc 7
    Rep 2
    Psi 4

    Traveler -> Academy -> Navy Tour -> Space Jockey -> Drifter

    Skills: Engineering 3, Swimming, Knitting, Navigation, Linguistics 2, Pistols 2, Piloting, Computers, Law, Xenology 2, Zero-G, Carousing, Bluffing.

    Exploits: Trait - Feeble, Aim, Summon(psi4), Varied (+1 psi), Explorers, Stargazer, Basic Training, First Contact, Zero-G Monkey, Unseen.

    Background Story: Donovan's parents were specialist engineers, dealing with certain important systems on both space stations and colonies on inhospitable worlds. Donovan grew up regularly seeing, but rarely meeting or even speaking with, non-human aliens. They became a mild fascination for him.
    To get out into the world on his own, and in hopes of truly getting to know other races, Donovan joined the Navy. On his first post Academy tour, one of his ultimate dreams came true. First contact with a new race. Not only sentient, but advanced and space-fairing, things went a little weird. The alien race's reaction could best be described thus...
    Aliens:"Wow, another sentient race? We didn't believe other sentient life existed!"
    Navy: "Actually, we've got crew from six different races."
    Aliens: "Huh. R-really. Six... Uh. Yeah. Oh gee, would you l-look at the time, I, uh, I left a Roast, um, in the oven. Yeah, on the homeworld. Uh, We gotta go."
    And then they left. In a flash that was not any known FTL drive signature, and that the navy couldn't trace.
    If it weren't for the copious Video files, and the biological traces, even the reams and reams of testimonials from the entire crew would probably have been written off as either a large scale prank or some sort of mass hallucination. Either way, the Navy decided that trying to re-find this race was a waste of time and resources. Donovan couldn't accept that.
    Shortly after this, he parted ways from the Navy, taking jobs on commercial ships heading out in the direction of the area where they contacted the race. Eventually, his obsession caused even these jobs to dry up. After all, a skilled engineer isn't much good if he won't focus on his job.
    Lately, he shifts from backwater outpost to backwater outpost, dive to dive, along the fringes of the outer rim of human explored space, hoping to find some clue to lead him towards this race, his obsession.

    Details on the race (beyond an at least moderate level of xenophobia) are left deliberately vague so they can be used as a plot point later.

    Also, I now have a third question. For most movement rates, related skills add to that movement. Like, for swimming, My Str Pool (2d6) plus my Agi pool (3d6) plus my Swimming skill pool (1d6) gives me a value of 6, then divide by 2, so Swim speed is 3.
    Zero-G Monkey gives me a Fly speed in Zero-G environments. Can I add my Zero-G skill to this?
  4. Morrus
    That's fantastic! Thanks for sharing it. I love his backstory. Nice little dash of minor psionics in there, too.

    Yep, you can add zero-g.
  5. Wojorides
    Was reading a write up on the Guardians of the Galaxy with "Star Lord" and the rest of the characters to appear in a animated version in the TV guide. Did Marvel copyright that term?? will it be a problem for you??
  6. Morrus
    No idea, but there's no Star Lord in this playtest document.

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