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Hi Gary---

In a discussion at Paul Stormberg mentions that Dave Sutherland was asked by you to paint specific heraldry for the fighter on the cover of the 1e DMG. For anyone who doesn't recall the fighter's shield devices off the top of their head, go to

I thought that image looked very familiar, and it is very similar to the image of the heraldry for the City of Fax in the Wild Coast, per the World of Greyhawk folio---basically it's the same, except that the DMG shield features the blue line between the red diamonds. To see the Greyhawk Fax crest, go to

Relatedly, I've wondered if the other coats of arms displayed on the 1983 Greyhawk box set and the one knight's pennant are also suppposed to represent specific crests/characters/etc.? For an image, see