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    S@squ@tch's Against the Giants - Team Black

    Team Black:

    Current Group:

    Neurotic - shifter druid 8 / Moonspeaker 1
    DEFCON1 (now DM controlled PC) - Half-Orc Favored Soul of The Shadow 9
    Rhun - Wood Elf Ranger 2/Fighter 4/Order of Bow Initiate 3
    drothgery - half-elf swashbuckler 6/artificer 1/windwright captain 2
    Leif - Human Duskblade 8
    pneumatik - rogue 1/ conjurer 4/ unseen seer 3

    Past Cast / NPC's:

    Redclaw - dwarf knight 7/dwarven defender 1
    Pathfinderq1 – Halfling female rogue 3/warlock 5
    Voadam - Aasimar Wizard 7

    3.5 Edition rules
    # of characters: 7 or 8
    Level: 8th
    Starting Equipment: 27K (8th) -- no item more than 1/2
    Alignment: No requirement, but if you plan an evil character, a good reason, plus a good cover, would be required.
    Ability Generation: 32 point buy
    Hit Points: Max HP at 1st level, leveling up, take 3/4 of the maximum possible roll for your hit points. For classes using a d6 or d10, round down, but make it up at the next level.
    Source Material: Core + Complete Series, Magic Item Compendium, Eberron Campaign Setting, Races of Eberron, subject to approval by me. No: Incarnum, Tome of Battle, Psionics
    Setting: Eberron -- so only races present on Eberron would qualify.
    Speed: Very important: I try to post once a day, I am looking for a fast paced game, but allowing time for character development and interaction with the world. This is a long series of modules, so I am looking for people into it for the long haul. Your posting record will be looked into and used with your character concept submission.
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    Dramatis Personae

    1) Dalwir d'Lyrander: Captain of the Airship Precarious Retreat
    2) Barrak: House Tharashk finder/first contact - deceased
    3) Nardon: House Tharashk Contact
    4) Viklam: House Tharashk finder, replaced Barrak
    5) Ereg: Hill Giant Druid in Stormreach, lives in the Tents of Rusheme
    6) Ganyon: House Tharashk Lead Guide
    7) Gragth: Halforc Journeyman Guide from House Tharashk
    8) Trista: Human Female Journeyman Guide from House Tharashk
    9) Sanadal Sil Sivis: Male Gnome Priest from House Sivis
    10) Maia-Zak: Female Halforc Tharashk Artificier
    11) Valeon: Half-Elf House Lyrander shipmate
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    Experience and Treasure

    1) Air Elemental Attack: 900 xp (Voadam) 686 xp (All but Ipshivi, Thanor)
    2) Landing Site - Spotting and Chasing off Invisible Man: 187 xp (Voadam) 150 xp (Rest, except Thanor)
    3) Stormreach RP - 250 xp (all)
    4) Campsite attack by an Athach - 450 xp (Voadam) 343 xp (Rest)
    5) Pseudonatural Tiger - 900 xp (Voadam) 686 xp (Rest)
    6) Scorrow Attack - 950 xp (Voadam) 771 xp (Rest)
    7) Pseudonatural Triceratops - 1200 xp (Voadam) 1029 (Rest)

    Found gear:

    Athach Equipment:
    • 6 packets unusually fresh rations
    • 2 vials Vermin Ointment
    • 2 vials Panthers Tear's
    • Wand of Lessor Vigor, Mass (12 charges)

    Dead Scorrow equipment:
    • 2 drow longknives (1 MW, 1 magical, but size large)
    • 1 necklace with 3 beads remaining (magical)
    • 1 potion vial
    • 1 suit of MW chitin armor

    drow wizard equipment - found after triceratops:
    • 1 drow longknive (non-magical, but of exceptional craftmanship)
    • 2 scrolls - CL7 each -- Junglerazor and Displacement
    • 1 magical rod - Lesser Metamagic Rod - Extend
    • 1 set of Bracers of Armor +2
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    Voadam the Green Wizard
    Aasimar Wizard 7
    Feats: Craft Wand, Craft Wondrous Item, Extraordinary Artisan, Scribe Scroll, Skill Focus: Knowledge Planar, All martial weapons

    Medium Outsider (Native)

    Str 12 (4 pts)
    Dex 14 (6 pts)
    Con 16 (10 pts)
    Int 17<21> (10 points, +1 4th, +4 headband)
    Wis 10 (+2 racial)
    Cha 12 (2 pts +2 racial)

    Hp 4+18+21=43
    AC 14 (+2 armor, +2 dex) Touch 12, FF 12
    F +5 R +4 W +5
    Init +2
    BAB +3
    Grapple +4
    Move 30' Fly 60' (boots)
    Action points 8

    Concentration +13 (10 ranks, +3 con)
    Diplomacy +3 (1 Cha, +2 synergy)
    Knowledge Arcane +13<15> (10 ranks, +3<5> int)
    Knowledge History +4<6> (1 rank, +3<5> int)
    Knowledge Local +4<6> (1 rank, +3<5> int)
    Knowledge Nature +4<6> (1 rank, +3<5> int)
    Knowledge Nobility +8<10> (5 ranks, +3<5> int)
    Knowledge Planar +16<18> (10 ranks, +3<5> int, +3 skill focus)
    Knowledge Religion +5<7> (2 ranks, +3<5> int)
    Listen +2 (+2 racial)
    Spot +2 (+2 racial)
    Spellcraft +13 (10 ranks, +3 int)

    Languages: Common, Celestial, Abyssal, Orcish, Giant

    Spell like abilities 1/day daylight

    Darkvision 60 ft., resistance to acid 5, cold 5, and electricity 5

    Spells: 4, 6, 4, 3, 2 DC 13+ spell level
    0 (4) detect magic x2, mending, prestidigitation,
    1 (6) color spray, mage armorx2, magic missile, obscuring mist, silent image,
    2 (4) invisibility, mirror image, hideous laughter, scorching ray,
    3 (3) invisibility sphere, slow, suggestion
    4 (2) wall of ice, confusion

    Eqipment: 27K, crafting items = 3/8 market price, spells for spellbook = 50xspell level.
    scroll level 4 262.5
    scroll level 3 140.625
    scroll level 2 56.25
    scroll level 1 9.375
    scroll level 0 4.6875

    Equipment list:
    black robes
    green sash
    spell component pouch 5 gp 2 lbs.
    wand of knock 1,687.5
    wand of web 1,687.5 48 charges
    wand of grease 281.25 47 charges
    wand of comprehend languages 281.25
    headband of intellect +4 6,000
    blessed book 4,687.5 1 lb.
    handy haversack 2,000 5lbs.
    winged boots 6,000 1 lb.
    120 spell levels for spellbook 6,000
    8 level 1 scrolls: disguise selfx2, endure elements, identify, mount, obscuring mistx2, silent imagex2, 175
    4 level 2 scrolls: locate object, see invisibility, resist energy, mirror image 225
    2 scrolls of dispel magic 462.6
    2 scrolls: water breathing, tiny hut 281.3
    1 scroll remove curse 262.5
    5 "scrolls" with explosive runes on them 0 gp
    894.9 gp

    Spells: all, 8, 4, 4, 4, 2 +120 levels

    0 all

    1 alarm, comprehend languages, charm person, color spray, disguise self, endure elements, expeditious retreat, grease, identify, mage armor, magic missile, mount, obscuring mist, protection from evil, shield, silent image, summon monster I,

    2 detect thoughts, fog cloud, fox's cunning, false life, glitterdust, hideous laughter, invisibility, knock, locate creature, mirror image, protection from arrows, resist energy, rope trick, see invisibility, scorching ray, web, whispering wind,

    3 arcane sight, clairaudience/clairvoyance, dispel magic, explosive runes, fly, gentle repose, haste, invisibility sphere, lightning bolt, phantom steed, secret page, shrink item, slow, suggestion, telepathic bond lesser, tiny hut, tongues, vampiric touch, water breathing,

    4 black tentacles, charm monster, confusion, dimension door, fear, invisibility greater, locate creature, polymorph, remove curse, secure shelter, scrying, wall of ice,

    xp: 27,387

    started at 22,800.
    900 for elemental fight
    187 for invisible fight
    450 for campsite attack
    900 for tiger attack
    950 for scorrow attack
    1,200 for triceratops attack

    28,000 needed for 9=8th level


    Voadam heard Gamad scream and spun around to see the deformed dwarf had once again pulled out the Fragment of the Rod of Law. "I see Darkness, it is coming … Nooooo!" Gamad wailed. Then all turned black as the Queen of Chaos used Gamad's contact to send her power bubbling through the artefact and banish the heroes to the corners of the multiverse with her raw power.

    Voadam recognized the tearing of a planar rift having experienced these before. But there was more this time. Raw Chaos flowed through the rift, warping into the demon hunter himself and changing him, robbing him of some of his humanity, altering him.

    He awoke alone. He felt different and quickly took stock of his situation. His singed black robes were quickly mended by a cantrip. By the stars he was no longer on the same world. Voadam cursed. "Again."However there was also something new within himself, he could see in the dark. When he focused on the fact that it was dark a brightness welled up from within him, illuminating the night as if it was full day.

    The demon hunting wizard saw the lights of a city in the distance then narrowed his eyes as he took in the details. The lights were too high for a normal city. The buildings in this city were floating in the air. He decided to head there once he got his bearings, he would have to determine what world he was now on and see if he could find out whether the Queen, the Lord, or the Vaati were active here. He also needed to figure out what had happened to him. Likely this would take money and connections he did not have at the moment. No stranger to the mercenary life or starting anew on unknown worlds Voadam would have to begin all over again. He needed to know more and a magical settlement was a good place to begin. Likely there would be some opportunities for a wizard like himself who was not averse to facing dangers.

    A few days later Voadam had enmeshed himself with local sages, avidly diving into all the lore of the land he could acquire. The dream plane was connected to this world, though possibly different from the one he knew from Segmenta. It looked like Chaos was here as well though known locally under the name of Madness. The planes moved in and out of conjunctions with this world of Eberron, though there were some permanent overlap sites such as the city which allowed for the floating citadels. The local cosmology posited the world as being composed of three dragons, the sky above, the land below, and the land itself. There were a number of deities in the local faiths, though all were new to the world-traveller.

    He was delighted to find that low level magic was pervasive and minor crafters, locally known as magewrights, seemed as common as mundane smiths. Dragonmarks were new to him but Voadam quickly learned of their import for the world's commerce and politics along with the influence of the dragonmarked houses. There were airships similar to the spelljammers he had flown and crafted in the past, though these were powered by bound elementals and not helms.

    Learning of an offer of employ by major Houses for "hale adventurers" to explore a giant filled continent Voadam began to learn giantish and sought out the position.

    Tactically Voadam is very much into using field control spells to channel enemies into positions where his allies can concentrate fire on them. He also has a great store of lore on a wide variety of topics and likes to maintain access to a wide variety of utility magics to handle many situations.



    A big bear of a man, Voadam stands over six feet tall. His brown hair and beard are streaked with silver since his transformation and his steel blue eyes seems to have picked up flashes of silver as well. Voadam is often seen wearing dark black robes with a green sash, his hair held back by a silver circlet.

    Voadam is a friendly man with an inquisitive nature. He often finds himself diving into adventures for what he believes is the greater good. He has been a mercenary, world traveller, ruler, merchant, and hunter of all manner of evil (undead, warlocks, demons). He rose to great heights of power and started from nothing multiple times on different worlds. He is used to working with strange and diverse allies.
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    Sanne Bacher d'Lyrandar, Windwright Captain

    Not the most representative image, but...

    Character Name: Sanne Bacher d'Lyrandar
    Character Race: Half-Elf 
    Character Classes: Swashbuckler 6/Artificer 1/Windwright Captain 2
    XP: 36,000-ish 
    Deity: Sela's Path (Arawai, Kol Korran, Lyran, Selavash)
    Alignment: Neutral Good
    Age: 46 
    Gender: F 
    Height: 4' 9" 
    Weight: 90 lbs. 
    Eyes: Green 
    Hair: Blonde 
    Skin: Fair
    Character Level: 9
    Known Languages: 
        Common, Elven, Auran, Ingan, Giant
    Strength:    12 +1 ( 4 pts)
    Dexterity:    18 +4 ( 6 pts  +1 @ L4, L8 + 2 Gloves)
    Constitution:    12 +1 ( 4 pts)
    Intelligence:    16 +3 ( 10 pts)
    Wisdom:        10 +0 ( 2 pts) 
    Charisma:    14 +3 ( 6 pts)
    Hit Dice: 6d10 + 3d6 (Swashbuckler 6/Artificer 1/Windwright Captain 2)
    Hit Points: 70 
    Action Points: 9 
    Save vs. Fortitude:    +7 [+5 (Swb 6) + 0 (Art 1) + 0 (WrC 2) 
                                                           + 1 (Con) + 1 (Vest)] 
    Save vs. Reflex:    +11 [+2 (Swb 6) + 0 (Art 1) + 3 (WrC 2) 
                                              + 4 (Dex) + 1 (Grace) + 1 (Vest)] 
    Save vs. Will:        +8 [+2 (Swb 6) + 2 (Art 1) + 3 (WrC 2) 
                                                           + 0 (Wis) + 1 (Vest)] 
    Special Save Notes: 
    Immune to sleep spells (half-elf)
    +2 bonus vs. enchantment spells and effects (half-elf)
    +1 vs. all saves (vest; included)
    Initiative Modifier: +4 
    Base Attack Bonus: +7 [+6 (Swb 6) + O (Art 1) + 1 (WrC 2)] 
    Melee Attack Bonus: +11 [BASE (7) + DEX MOD (4)] 
    Ranged Attack Bonus: +11 [BASE (7) + DEX MOD (4)] 
    Normal melee:
    Fights with rapier -
    +1 shock rapier +12 to hit, d6+5+d6 electricity dmg 
         (+1 str, +3 int, +1 enh, shock), 18/x2 crit
    with bane property added via Weapon Augmentation (vs. selected creature type)
    +14 to hit, 3d6+7+d6 electricity dmg (+1 str, +3 int, +1 enh, bane, shock)
    Ripostes (can use after attacked in melee)
    Storm's Riposte: Can spend 1 AP to riposte; +2d6 electrical or sonic damage)
    Counterstrike Bracers: riposte 2/day with a standard attack
    Normal ranged:
    Lt. Xbow +11 to hit, d8 dmg, 19/x2 crit
    AC: 25 [ BASE (10) + Armor (6) + DEX (4) + Dodge (1)
     +2 shield + 1 deflection + 1 natural armor] 
    Flatfooted AC: 21
    Dodge, shield only apply to one opponent
    Armor Worn:  
    mithral shirt +2, buckler +1, ring of protection +1, 
      amulet of natural armor +1
    Armor Check Penalty: None 
    Maximum DEX bonus: +6
    Armor Type: Light 
    Lt Xbow
    Rapier, +1 shock
    L1 - (ECS) Least Dragonmark [Mark of Storm, fog cloud]
    L3 - (Dragonmarked) Storm's Riposte
    L6 - (ECS) Lesser Dragonmark [Mark of Storm, wind's favor]
    L9 - (PHB2) Acrobatic Strike 
    Swashbuckler 1 - Weapon Finesse
    Artificer 1 - Scribe Scroll
    Future possiblities
    Heroic Spirit (ECS)
    Greater Dragonmark (Mark of Storm)
    Einhander (PHB2)
    63 skill points from Swashbuckler 6  - (4 base + 3 Int) * (4 L1 + 5 L2-6)
    7 skill points from Artificer 1  - (4 base + 3 Int) * (1 L7)
    18 skill points from Windwright Captain 2 - (6 base + 3 Int) * (2 L8-9) 
                            ranks   ability misc    total
    Balance                 9       3       2       14
    Bluff                   9       2       0       11
    Climb                   4       1       0       5
    Diplomacy               10      2       2       14
    Knowledge (geography)   1       3       0       4
    Profession (sailor)     10      0       0       10
    Sense Motive            10      0       0       10
    Swim                    4       1       0       5
    Tumble                  12      3       0       15
    Use Magic Device        12      2       0       14
    Escape Artist           7       3       0       10
    Listen                  0       0       1       1
    Search                  0       3       1       4
    Spot                    0       0       1       1
    Special Abilities 
    Immune to sleep 
    +2 vs. enchantments
    +1 to Listen, Search, Spot
    +2 to Diplomacy, Gather Info
    Grace +1 (+1 to ref saves in no/light armor)
    Insightful Strike (Int bonus to damage with finessable weapons)
    Dodge bonus +1 (dodge bonus vs. 1 opponent in no/light armor)
    Artificer Knowledge (artificer level + int modifier vs. DC 15 to 
      detect aura on an object; takes 1 minute)
    Artisan bonus (+2 to Use Magic Device checks on items of a 
      kind she can make)
    Disable trap (can search for DC 20+ traps, can use disable 
      device to disable magical traps)
    Item creation (see text; use Use Magic Device skill to create items)
    [Windwright Captain]
    Dragonmark Control (Windwright Captain levels count as
      Dragonmark Heir levels for purposes of Dragonmark abilites)
    Master pilot (add Windwright Captain to profession [sailor]
      checks to control vehicles powered by bound elementals)
    Shipboard Fighter (can always take 10 on Balance and Climb;
      do not lose dex bonus to AC when balancing or climbing)
    Acquire ship (has an airship and crew in return for donating 20%
      of her gross income from the use of the ship to Lyrandar)
    Uncanny dodge (as barbarian)
    Equipment & Gear:
    item    cost    weight    special note
    counterstrike bracers (MIC p.90)    2500    n/a    
    rapier, +1 shock    8320    2    
    mithral chain shirt +2    5100    10    
    buckler +1    1165    5    
    ring of protection +1    2000    n/a    
    amulet of natural armor +1    2000    n/a    
    gloves of dexterity +2    4000    n/a    
    vest of resistance +1    1000    1    
    rations, trail, 2 days    1    2    
    Dagger    2    1    
    Light Crossbow    35    4    
    Bolts (10)    1    1    
    Signet ring    5    n/a    
    Spell component pouch    5    2    
    explorer's outfit    10    n/a    8 lb; worn, and doesn't count
    Bedroll    0.1    5    
    flint & steel    1    n/a    
    Ink    8    n/a    
    Inkpen    0.1    n/a    
    parchment (5 sheets)    1    n/a    
    everburning torch    110    1    
    Waterskin    1    4    
    courtier's outfit    30    n/a    6 lb; not normally carried
    jewelry    50    n/a    
    letter of marque    500        
    id papers    2        
    backpack    2    2    
    total     26849.2    40    
    remaining    150.8        
    TOTAL WEIGHT (carried): 40 
    (non-carried equipment weight): 6 lb
    Carrying Capacity 12 STR 
        Light: 43 Medium: 86 Heavy: 130 
    Money: XXX 
    Base Speed (Actual Movement): 30 ft

    Short and athletic, Sanne keeps her hair cut short, and is usually seen in the uniform of a Lyrandar Captain, with rapier on one hip. Her most distinctive feature, though, is the Lesser Mark of Storm on her left shoulder, wrapping into her neck and back.


    Ambitious and enthusiastic, Sanne's temperment is well-suitied to a Windwright Captain. She's not quite as willing to risk all for glory and gold as she projects, but she does enjoy a challenge.


    Sanne Bacher d'Lyranadar was born at House Lyranader's home base of Stormhome, off the coast of Aundair to two traders who worked out of the House's Wind Galleons. Sanne dreamed of working in the sky, of captaining one of the rare airships, and when she manifested the Mark of Storm, she was sure that she could make her dream come true.

    And she has. From an apprentice voyage on a wind galleon nearly thirty years ago to her first appointment as an airship officer to first mate, and then the captaincy of the regular House fleet vessel Lyrandar's Pride. And then to the next to last step to a ship of her own -- Windwright Captain of Stormrider.

    When House Medani had begun to look for an airship to take their expedition to Xen'drik, they quickly realized that for all their brashness, no regular Lyrandar captain would take the job. Sure, the payoff could be great, but it sounded like a very high-risk operation. Which was exactly what the House maintained its Windwright Captains for. She'd set Stormrider on its way to Sharn within hours of learning of the job.

    Combat and tactics:
    A lifetime on ships and airships has given Sanne a lot of experience with acrobatic manuevering; she usually covers a lot of ground in a fight, taking any openings for ripostes that she sees. If she expects a fight, she'll use her minor artificer skills to enhance her rapier and/or her armor beforehand.

    * * * * *

    Mechanics from Eberron rulebooks...

    From the Explorer's Handbook, the Windwright Captain prestige class (link is to the PrC in the Explorer's Handbook excerpt on WotC's web site)

    From Dragonmarked, the Storm's Riposte feat.
    Prerequisite: Any Mark of Storm

    Benefit: You can spend 1 action point as an immediate action to make a melee attack against an opponent that has just made a melee attack against you. If your riposte succeeds, you deal an extra 1d6 points of electricty damage or sonic damage (your choice) in addition to normal damage for the attack.

    If you have a lesser Mark of Storm, the energy damage from your riposte increases to 2d6. If you have a greater Mark of Storm or a Siberys Mark of Storm, the energy damage increases to 3d6.
    From Player's Handbook 2, the Acrobatic Strike feat
    Prerequisite: Tumble 12 ranks

    Benefit: If you succeed in using Tumble to avoid an opponent's attack of opportunity, you gain a +4 bonus on the next attack that you make against that foe as long as the attack occurs before the end of your current turn.
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    OSRICI Defended The Walls!Gygax Memorial Fund

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    Forivarra d’Deneith
    Level 8  xp= 28,000
    BAB:  +8/+3
    HP 10+8+8+8+8+8+8+8 = 66
    AC: 24 (25 if Dodge Feat is applicable)
    =10+8[+3 Breastplate]+5[+3 Hvy Shield]+1 [Dex]
    +1[Dodge Feat- only against one designated opponent]
    S 15 (+1 8th Level) = 16 [+3]
    D 13 [+1]
    C 14 [+2]
    I 16 (+1 4th Level) = 17 [+3]
    W 9 [+0]
    C 10 [+0]
    *Least Dragonmark, Sentinel (1st Level) [ECS, p. 66] (once per day can use one 
    of the following on self or another:  Mage Armor, Protection from 
    Arrows, Shield of Faith, or Shield Other.  Also gains +2 on Sense Motive)
    *Dodge (Human Bonus) (+1 to AC against designated opponent)
    *Combat Casting (Duskblade bonus at 2nd Level)
    *Mobility (3rd Level)
    *Spring Attack (6th Level)
    SPELLS (spells per day: 6 level0, 8 level1, 7 level2) 
    (spells known 7 L0, 5 L1, 4 L2)
    0th Level Spells -- 6-
    Mage Hand
    Detect Magic
    Read Magic
    1st Level Spells -- 8-1
    Bigby's Tripping Hand
    Blade of Blood
    Deflect, Lesser
    Kelgore's Fire Bolt 
    2nd Level Spells -- 7- 
    Seeking Ray
    Stretch Weapon 
    SKILLS (20+1 points at L1, and 5+1 per Level thereafter)
    Concentration (+2 con) 9 ranks [+11]
    Knowledge (Arcana) (+3 int) 10 ranks [+13]
    Knowledge (Local) (+3 int) 6 ranks [+9]
    Knowledge (Eberron) (+3 int) 9 ranks [+12]
    Knowledge (Dungeoneering) (+3 int) 6 ranks [+9]
    Knowledge (Nature) (+3 int) 6 ranks [+9]
    Climb (+3 str) 10 ranks [+13]
    Hide (+1 dex) 12 ranks [+13]
    Sense Motive (untrained, but +3 for Sentinel Dragonmark), +0 wis [+3]
    69 gp
    Bastard Sword +2 (8,035 gp) (total attack +13/+8, damage 1-10+5)
    Breastplate +3 (AC (9,200 gp) (+8 Armor Bonus to AC)
    Heavy Steel Shield +3 (9,020 gp) (+5 Shield Bonus to AC)
    Long Bow, 20 arrows [arrows used=___] (76 gp) (total attack +9/+4, damage 1-8)
    Arrows, +1, 20 [+1 arrows used=__] (351 gp) (damage 1-8+1)
    Backpack (2 gp)
    Belt Pouch (1 gp)
    Waterskin (1 gp)
    Explorer’s Outfit (10 gp)
    Sunrods (2) (4 gp)
    Potion of Cure Light Wounds (x6) (CL 1) (@ 50 gp each)
    Height:  6’2”
    Weight:  167 lbs.
    Eyes:  Brown
    Hair:  Blonde
    Forivarra is the firstborn of a lesser branch of House Deneith.
    As such, he was not privy to the most lucrative aspects of the family business.
    But because of his firstborn status as well as his formidable physical attributes,
    he was allowed, nay, ordered, to pursue skills at arms.  This did not sit well with
     Forivarra, but, because he loves and honors his House and all that they stand 
    for, he went along with the program.  He began his arcane training relatively late 
    in life and so was unable to meet the stringent entrance requirements to study 
    wizardry, so he found an art to pursue that would make the best use of his already 
    considerable skills with weapons.
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    Morika Kevsecks
    Shifter Druid 8 (shifter druid substitution at levels 1 and 5)

    Medium Humanoid (Shapeshifter)
    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
    Druidic Sect: Greensingers
    Region: Eldeen Reaches
    Height: 4' 11''
    Weight: 115lbs
    Hair: Dark Brown
    Eyes: Brown
    Age: 42
    XP: 28,000
    Action Points: 9

    Str: 20 (+5) [10 points, +2 levels, +2 beast spirit] (while shifting is 22 (+6))
    Dex: 14 (+2) [4 points, +2 racial]
    Con: 14 (+2) [4 points, +2 amulet]
    Int: 10 (+0) [4 points, -2 racial]
    Wis: 16 (+3) [10 points]
    Cha: 6 (-2) [0 points, -2 racial]

    Racial Abilities: +2 Dex, -2 Int, -2 Cha, shifting (6/day, for 8 rounds each, gorebrute and beasthide traits, gain +2 to Str while shifting, +2 to natural AC, can make charge attack for 2d8+8 damage with horns [additional +2 is +1 for every four character levels]), low light vision, +2 racial bonus on Balance, Climb, and Jump checks.

    Class Abilities: Beast spirit (Alertness, extended shifting [+2 rounds], feral empathy [+4 to wild empathy and Handle Animal checks, can use Wis mod to determine shifting duration], will of the spirit [if fail normal saving throw against enchantment, can attempt again at same DC 1 round later], ability bonus [+2 to Str, Dex, or Con each day, can change with one minute’s concentration], transfer spirit [can move abilities granted by beast spirit to summoned animal]), nature sense, wild empathy (+10), woodland stride, trackless step, resist nature’s lure, wild shifting (extra 3/day shifting, does damage with horns as if one size larger). Proficient with club, dagger, dart, quarterstaff, scimitar, sickle, shortspear, sling, and sling. Proficient with light and medium armor, but only if non-metallic. Divine spells.

    Hit Dice: 8d8+16
    HP: 66
    AC: 21 (+2 Dex, +5 armor +4 shield) Touch – 13, Flat-footed – 19 (while shifted AC is 23, flat footed AC is 21)
    ACP: -1
    Init: +4 (+2 Dex, +2 Shifter Instincts)
    Speed: 30ft

    Fortitude +8 [6 base, +2 Con]
    Reflex +4 [+2 base, +2 Dex]
    Will +9 [+6 base, +3 Wis]

    BAB/Grapple: +6/+11
    Melee Atk: +13 (2d8+8/x2/B, gore charge)
    Melee Atk: +12 (1d6+6/18-20/x2/S, +1 scimitar)
    Ranged Atk: +8 (1d4+5/x2/50 ft./B, sling)

    Balance +3 [0 ranks, +2 Dex, +2 racial, -1 ACP]
    Climb +8 [0 ranks, +5 Str, +2 racial, +2 climber’s kit, -1 ACP]
    Concentration +9 [8 ranks, +1 Con]
    Handle Animal +7 [5 ranks, -2 Cha, +4 feral empathy]
    Jump +6 [0 ranks, +5 Str, +2 racial, -1 ACP]
    Knowledge (nature) +10 [6 ranks, +0 Int, +2 nature sense, +2 synergy]
    Listen +13 [7 ranks, +3 Wis, +2 Alertness, +1 Shifter Instincts]
    Ride +4 [0 ranks, +2 Dex, +2 synergy]
    Sense Motive +4 [0 ranks, +3 Wis, +1 Shifter Insticts]
    Speak Language (Sylvan) [2cc ranks]
    Spot +13 [7 ranks, +3 Wis, +2 Alertness, +1 Shifter Instincts]
    Survival +12 [7 ranks, +3 Wis, +2 nature sense]
    Swim +5 [2 ranks, +5 Swim, -2 ACP]

    Spot and Listen are both at +15 while wild instincts is prepared.

    Skill explanations:
    Alertness feat (gained from beast spirit class feature) grants +2 to Listen and Spot. Shifter Instincts grants +1 to Listen, Spot, and Sense Motive, as well as +2 to initiative. Nature Sense (druid class feature) grants +2 to Knowledge (nature) and Survival. Feral Empathy (gained from beast spirit class feature) grants a +4 bonus to wild empathy checks and Handle Animal checks. Five ranks of Handle Animal grant a +2 synergy bonus to Ride checks and wild empathy checks. Five ranks of Knowledge (nature) grants +2 synergy bonus to Survival checks in aboveground natural environment. Five ranks of Survival grants a +2 synergy bonus to Knowledge (nature checks). +2 racial bonus to Balance, Jump, and Climb checks.

    Gorebrute Elite (1st) - Any creature that takes damage from my horned charge must make an opposed Strength check or fall prone.
    Shifter Instincts (3rd) - Gains +1 on Listen, Sense Motive, and Spot, and +2 on initiative checks.
    Shifter Ferocity (6th) - While shifting, I can continue to fight when disabled or dying.
    Extra Shifter Trait [Beasthide] (9th)

    Languages: Common, Druidic, Sylvan

    Spells Prepared
    DC +2
    0th – cure minor wounds x3, detect magic, detect poison
    1st – cure light wounds x2, longstrider, shifter prowess (RoE), speak with animals
    2nd – body of the sun (SC), bull’s strength, master air (SC), wild instincts (RoE)
    3rd – call lightning, giant’s wrath (SC), greater magic fang, mass lesser vigor (SC)
    4th – arc of lightning (SC), last breath (SC)

    +3 leather armor – 9,170gp (15 lbs)
    +2 heavy darkwood shield – 4,257gp (5 lbs)
    +1 scimitar – 2,315gp (4 lbs)
    3 doses of rare oils and unguents for last breath spell – 1,500gp
    2 wands of cure light wounds – 1,500gp
    Amulet of health – 4,000gp
    Pearl of Power 1st level – 1,000gp
    Sling and 30 bullets – 3sp (15 lbs)
    2 potions of cure light wounds – 100gp
    Identification papers – 2gp
    Traveling papers, Eldeen Reaches to Breland – 2sp
    Club (3 lbs)
    Heward’s Handy Haversack – 2,000gp (2 lbs)
    Boots of Comfort – 1,000gp (continuous endure elements while worn)
    Bedroll – 1sp (5 lbs)
    Belt pouch – 1gp (1 lb)
    Flint and Steel – 1gp
    Fishhook – 1sp
    Silk rope 50’ – 10gp (5 lbs)
    Climber’s kit – 80gp (5 lbs)
    Waterskin – 1gp (4 lbs)
    10 days’ worth of trail rations – 5gp (10 lbs)
    Explorer’s outfit – 10gp (8 lbs)
    Dagger – 2gp (1 lb)
    Holly and mistletoe
    Traveler’s outfit

    40gp, 3sp

    Total weight of gear - 83lbs. Weight actually carried: 49 lbs, light load

    I am not a kind person. More than most of my people, I am feral, dangerous, rude, and eager to spill blood. Yet I am not an evil person. The blood that I spill is that of the cruel and decadent, those that I am rude to deserve it, and the danger I represent is not to those on the side of good. My animal ferocity is brought against those who defile the world, not those who revere it.

    This does not make me good in the eyes of many, yet I speak only the bluntest of truths in this matter. The beast spirit within my breast has no need for false words and sweet lies. I am a fighter of the wood, a seeker of truth, and a destroyer of darkness. Because I do not wear shining armor, I am discounted as a barbarian. Because I make no speeches to rouse the hearts of the weak and helpless, I am seen as cruel and rude. Because I gore my enemies to death with my own horns, I am feared. Because I demand gold for my strength, they whisper curses behind my back. Yet the danger passes after I have, and things are better when I leave.

    My name is Morika. I am a gorebrute shifter, a druid whose animal spirit lies within rather than without, a hunter of evil and a speaker of uncomfortable truths. I will answer your call, for you seek those who act without though, who commits completely to a course of another's choosing. I am such a woman.

    Appearance: Morika is a small woman, heavily muscled, with a heavy forehead that gives her face a brutish cast. Her eyes are dark gray, and her long dark brown hair is worn in a multitude of braids. Tattoos cross her neck and back, as well as down her arms and legs in intricate, stylizes shapes of animals. Her expression is often dour, and when she smiles, her teeth are very sharp. She wears worn leather armor and sturdy clothing, and keeps a sickle at her belt and a shield on her arm. Her other weapons and various sundries are kept in her well-made backpack, so it seems she is traveling exceptionally light.

    Background: Morika was born at the border of the Eldeen Reaches, Breland, and what would become Droaam, and became thrown into the war at a young age. Her strength, even when young, was prodigious, and her senses were keen. Her shifting manifested early, in her growing the horns of the great mountain rams of the Byeshk Mountains. She was an only child in a small extended family of shifters, the Kevsecks, all of who fought fiercely to protect their tiny corner of the world from the armies of Breland and the monsters of Droaam.

    The humans that lived near them welcomed her family's strength, but not them. Healing and other aid was given fearfully and reluctantly, and despite the fact that the villages needed the protection of her clan, they considered them little more than half-tamed beasts. Despite their reluctant care, they did have a deeply-buried kernel of pride, which is what kept the Kevsecks at their deadly work. Two uncles and five cousins died under the swords of ogres or the arrows of human archers, and Morika, too young to avenge them, had to find a new way to channel the anger of their senseless deaths.

    It was her mother who led her deep into the unspoiled wilds to attempt to bring her child's anger and pain under control. Shifters often had uncontrollable tempers and bouts of violence that brought them such trouble, yet made them such powerful protectors. "It is called 'The Beast Within,' the blood of our lycanthrope ancestors that bound the spirit of the animals within us. In you it burns so brightly, my daughter. If you learn to bond and merge with your beast spirit, you can channel your anger, your pain, and be stronger than anyone could imagine."

    Morika spent the last five years of the Last War at a curious peace with herself. She was still given to violence and rage, but now she raged with reason, with purpose. The establishment of the Treaty of Thronehold forced her to find a new reason. The simplest was to wander, something she had been wanting to do for many years. Freed from the responsibility of protecting the villages from marauding armies, she struck out across the Eldeen Reaches and beyond. Gold bought her strength, rage, and purpose now, her protection against the evils of bandits and monsters. Going as the wind took her, Morika has been searching for a new purpose with each new place and contract.

    While Morika's mother, S'veka, followed no formal druidic tradition, Morika has found a niche in one of the lesser-known sects, the Greensingers. During the lulls in the Last War, Morika made friends with an oread named Stonefell in the Byshek mountains. Her own nature of the stubborn goat fitted with Stonefell's, and Morika began to learn more about the wider nature of fey from her. Though not a scholar, Morika made an effort to learn Stonefell's native language of Sylvan, so she could converse with other fey.

    She fell naturally into the Greensinger sect when they found the angry young shifter talking earnestly with dryads and sprites in their territory. Most people have been very surprised when they learn what path Morika follows. She has the voice of a crow, the face of an irritable goat, and the rhythm of a rock, which puts her in the extreme minority with the beautiful and talented elves, half-elves, and humans that comprise most of the sect. Instead of representing the endless revel of nature, as most of them do, she represents its fury. She has been known to take up quests of vengeance on behalf of fey otherwise bound to once area of the land.

    Despite this, she has an almost childlike awe of natural beauty, and her rudeness disappears entirely from her when she is in the deep woods or conversing with friendly fey.
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    ø Block Rhun

    ø Friend+
    Aeranduil Warraven
    Neutral Good Wood Elf Male
    Ranger 2 / Fighter 4 / Order of Bow Initiate 3
    XPs: 36,000


    Starting XPs: 28,000
    Air Elementals: 686
    Invisible Man: 150
    Stormreach Bonus: 250
    Athach: 343
    Tiger: 686
    Scorrow: 771

    STR 16 (+3) (6 points, +2 race)
    DEX 22 (+6) (10 points, +2 race, +2 level increase, +2 gloves)
    CON 12 (+1) (6 points, -2 race)
    INT 12 (+1) (6 points, -2 race)
    WIS 12 (+1) (4 points)
    CHA 08 (-1) (0 points)

    Armor Class 23 (+5 armor, +6 dex, +1 shield, +1 deflection)
    - Touch AC 17
    - Flatfoored AC 17
    Hit Points 71 (14+7+8+7+8+6+6+6+9 CON)
    Speed 40' (30 base + 10 boots)
    Action Points: 9

    Fort Save +10 (+8 base, +1 con, +1 resistance)
    Refl Save +14 (+7 base, +6 dex, +1 resistance)
    Will Save +6 (+4 base, +1 wis, +1 resistance)

    BAB: +9
    Melee: +12
    -Greatsword +13/+8 (2d6+4)
    Ranged: +15
    -Comp. Longbow +19/+14 (1d8+8) OR +20/+15 (1d8+9) within 30'
    -w/Rapid Shot +17/+12/+17 OR +18/+13/+18 within 30'
    -vrs Giants +21/+16 (1d8+12+2d6 bane) OR +22/+17 (1d8+13+2d6 bane) withing 30'

    1st Level: Point Blank Shot
    3rd Level: Precise Shot
    Fighter 1: Weapon Focus (Composite Longbow)
    Fighter 2: Woodland Archer
    6th Level: Manyshot
    Fighter 4: Weapon Specialization (Composite Longbow)
    9th Level: Ranged Weapon Mastery (Piercing)

    - +2 Strength, +2 Dexterity, -2 Constitution, -2 Intelligence
    - Medium Size
    - Base land speed 30'
    - Immunity to sleep spells and effects
    - +2 racial saving throw bonus vrs. enchantment spells/effects
    - Low light vision
    - Weapon Proficiency: Elves are automatically proficient with the longsword, rapier, longbow, composite
    longbow, shortbow, and composite shortbow.
    - +2 racial bonus on Listen, Search and Spot checks
    - An elf who merely passes within 5 feet of a secret or concealed door is entitled to a Search check to
    notice it as if she were actively looking for it.

    - Favored Enemy (Giants)
    - Track
    - Wild Empathy
    - Combat Style (Rapid Shot)
    - Fighter Bonus Feats
    - Ranged Precision +2d8
    - Close Combat Shot

    (35 ranger, 12 fighter, 9 OoBI)
    - Climb +8 (5 ranks 2 fighter/2 OoBI, +3 str)
    - Craft (bowmaking) +8/+10 (5 ranks ranger, +1 int, +2 circumstance)
    - Hide +11 (5 ranks ranger, +6 dex)
    - Jump +12 (4 ranks fighter, +3 str, +5 competence)
    - Knowledge (religion) +3 (2 cc ranks fighter, +1 int)
    - Listen +8 (5 ranks ranger, +1 wis, +2 race)
    - Move Silently +11 (5 ranks ranger, +6 dex)
    - Search +8 (5 ranks ranger, +1 int, +2 race)
    - Spot +14 (11 ranks 5 ranger/6 OoBI, +1 wis, +2 race)
    - Survival +6/+8 (5 ranks ranger, +1 wis, +2 circumstance)
    - Swim +6 (3 ranks 1 ranger/2 fighter, +3 str)

    - Elven
    - Common
    - Giant

    - Mithril Shirt +1 (2100gp, 10lb)
    - Buckler, masterwork (165gp, 5lb)
    - Gloves of Dexterity +2 (4000gp, 1lb)
    - Ring of Protection +1 (2000gp, -)
    - Boots of Striding & Springing (5500gp, 1lb)
    - Cloak of Resistance +1 (1000gp, 1lb)
    - Taurionamarth: Mighty (+3) Composite Longbow +1, giant's bane (8700gp, 3lb)
    - Quiver of Endless Arrows (900gp, 3lb)
    Quiver of Endless Arrows

    Quote Originally Posted by http://www.andycollins.net/Features/stuff_that_holds_stuff.htm
    Quiver of Endless Arrows: This quiver is a boon to the expert archer, for it magically creates an endless supply of masterwork arrows (of an appropriate size for the wearer). Each arrow exists for only a single round after it is drawn. The arrows don't exist until they are drawn, so they can't receive magical enhancements while still "in the quiver," even by such means as greater magic weapon (though such effects can be added after the arrow is drawn).
    Caster Level: 7th; Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item, minor creation; Market Price: 900 gp; Weight: 3 lb.

    - Quiver, 20 adamantine arrows (61gp, 3lb)
    - Greatsword, masterwork (350gp, 8lb)
    - Dagger (2gp, 1lb)
    - Handy Haversack (2000gp, 5lb)
    --- Bedroll (1sp, 5lb)
    --- Winter Blanket (5sp, 3lb)
    --- Crowbar (2gp, 5lb)
    --- Bowyer's Tools (masterwork tools: +2 craft bowmaking, 50gp, 1lb)
    --- Survival Kit (masterwork tools: +2 survival, 50gp, 1lb)
    --- Rope, silk 50' (10gp, 5lb)
    --- 2 sacks (2sp, 1lb)
    --- Waterskin (1gp, 4lb)
    --- 12 sunrods (24gp, 12lb)
    --- Cold Weather Outfit (8gp, 7lb)
    --- Quiver, 20 adamantine arrows (61gp, 3lb)
    - Beltpouch (1gp, 0.5lb)
    --- Flint & Steel (1gp, -)
    --- Signal Whistle (8sp, -)
    - Explorer's Outfit (10gp, worn)

    Carrying Capacity: 76lb/153lb/230lb
    Encumbrance: Light (41.5 lb)
    Cash: 22sp, 20cp

    Aeranduil is tall, standing near six feet in height, his athletic frame extremely well muscled, especially for an elf. His lustrous copper-colored hair is long, and usually worn braided with feathers and beads of polished agate. Aeranduil has emerald green eyes, and dresses in the colors of the woodlands: shades of greens and browns. He wears clothing designed for both comfort and function: soft leathers and warm wools. He wears a few pieces of jewelry, but nothing fancy: most of it is crafted of beads of polished stones and carved wood.

    An expert archer, Aeranduil is known for his prowess at hunting giants. His bow Taurionamarth (lit. Giant Doom) is his weapon of choice in this pursuit, and he uses it with incredible skill. Although quite capable of using a bow even in the midst of melee, he is also known for wielding a greatsword during those few times his bow is not enough.

    The elf hails from the heavily forested Eldeen Reaches. The vast Towering Wood is the only home Aeranduil has ever known...his tribe lived peacefully within the ancient forest, hunting of the plentiful game, aiding the druids and rangers of the woods against the many dangers of the wilderness, and trading with the farmers along the wood's edge. Aeranduil grew up learning the ways of the woodlands, of the earth, and of the animals. He befriended nomadic centaurs and feral shifters, and life was good.

    Although young, Aeranduil's skill was enough that he was able to join the patrols of those rangers that guard the woods. A short time after this, his patrol was ambushed by Byeshk trolls and was decimated. Aeranduil was the lone survivor, and even he did not escape without wounds. Aeranduil's hate of giants began that day. After his wounds healed, the elf proceeded to learn all he could about giants and how to hunt them.

    Eventually, the elf's efforts led him away from his home in the Towering Wood. He travelled Khorvaire, gaining in experience and knowledge as he did. He visisted Aundair, and the lands of Thrane. The prevalence of the Church of the Silver Flame was not to his liking, though, and he left Thrane after only a short time. He visited the edges of the Mournlands simply to see the remains of Cyre with his own eyes. Aeranduil spent some time among the gnomes of Zilargo, and eventually found himself in the City of Sharn in Breland. It is here that Aeranduil hears the stories of the giant attacks on Xendrik, and knowing that he had a duty to put an end to his hated foes, the elf does not hesitate to answer the call for hale adventurers.

    Woodland Archer

    Woodland Archer [Tactical, Fighter] (RotW p154)
    Prerequisites: Point Blank Shot, Base Attack Bonus +6

    You may use the following 3 tactical maneuvers:
    Adjust for Range – If you miss a foe with a projectile weapon, you gain a +4 bonus on all other attacks in the same round to hit the same foe.
    Pierce the Foliage – If you hit a foe with a Miss Chance due to Concealment with a ranged attack, you can ignore the Miss Chance against the same foe in the following round.
    Moving Sniper – If you succeed in a Sniping Attack (i.e., hit your foe and make a Hide check to remain hidden), the following round you can make a single attack, take a Move Action (normally not allowed), and then make a Hide check to remain hidden. As long as you remain unseen, you can continue making Sniping Attacks.
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    Name:       Yoggrith M'groth
    Class:      Favored Soul
    Race:       Halfork
    Size:       Medium
    Gender:     Male
    Alignment:  Neutral Evil
    Deity:      The Shadow     
    Str: 16 +3  (6p.)     Level:    8     XP: 
    Dex: 10 +0  (2p.)     BAB:     +6/+1  HP: 74 (8d8+24)
    Con: 16 +3 (10p.)     Grapple: +9     AP: 9
    Int: 10 +0  (4p.)     Speed:   30'
    Wis: 12 +1  (4p.)     Init:    +0
    Cha: 14 +2  (6p.)
                          Base  Armor  Shield  Dex  Nat   Defl
    Armor: 26              10    +10     +4     +0   +1    +1
    Touch: 11
    Flat:  26
                          Base  Mod  Misc
    Fort:  +9              +6    +3   --
    Ref:   +6              +6    +0   --
    Will:  +7              +6    +1   --
    Weapon:               Attack     Damage  Critical
    Melee Touch Attack    +10/+5   per spell    x2
    Quarterstaff          +10/+5     1d6+3      x2
    -w/Spikes             +12/+7     1d6+11    19-20
    Dart                   +6/+1     1d4+3      x2
    Languages: Orc, Common
    Darkvision 30' (Halfork)
    Orc Blood (Halfork)
    Weapon Focus - Quarterstaff (Favored Soul 3)
    Fire Resistance 10 (Favored Soul 5)
    Combat Casting (1)
    Heavy Armor Proficiency (3)
    Weapon Focus - Melee Touch (6)
    Spells Per Day:   6/7/6/5/3
    Spells Remaining: 6/6/5/4/3
    Spells Known:   8/6/5/4/3
    0th (DC 11): Create Water, Cure Minor Wounds, Detect Magic, Guidance,
                 Inflict Minor Wounds, Light, Mending, Read Magic
    1st (DC 12): Bane, Cure Light Wounds, Divine Favor, Inflict Light Wounds,
                 Resurgence (CDiv), Shield Of Faith
    2nd (DC 13): Bear's Endurance, Cure Moderate Wounds, Darkness,
                 Inflict Moderate Wounds, Silence
    3rd (DC 14): Cure Serious Wounds, Inflict Serious Wounds, Remove Disease,
                 Spikes (CDiv)
    4th (DC 15): Cure Critical Wounds, Inflict Critical Wounds, Restoration
    Skill Points: 22      Max Ranks: 11/5
    Skills:               Ranks  Mod  Misc
    Concentration +19      11     +4    +4
    Heal +12               11     +1
    Listen +1               0     +1
    Spot +1                 0     +1
    Equipment:                   Cost  Weight
    Backpack                      2gp   2lb
    Bedroll                       1sp   5lb
    Belt Pouches (2)              2gp    --
    Flint & Steel                 1gp    --
    Lantern, Hooded               7gp   2lb
    Oil (3)                       3sp   3lb
    Rations (4 days)              2gp   4lb
    Waterskin                     1gp   5lb
    Whetstone                     2cp   1lb
    Quartstaff                   30gp   4lb
    Dart (20)                    10gp  10lb
    Full Plate +2              5650gp  50lb
    Lg. Steel Shield +2        4170gp  15lb
    Amulet Natural Armor +1    2000gp    --
    Ring Of Protection +1      2000gp   1lb
    Wand: Cure Serious        11250gp    --
    Wand: Cure Light            750gp    --
    Scroll: Remove Blindness    375gp    --
    Scroll: Remove Curse        375gp    --
    Scroll: Neutralize Poison   375gp    --
    Resurgence (CDiv.): By touching target, they can make a second attempt to
    save against an ongoing spell, spell-like ability, or supernatural ability.
    Spikes (CDiv.): For 1 hour/level, wooden weapon gains +2 Enhancement bonus
    on its attacks, and deals additional +1 damage per caster level (max +10).
    STR 14 + 2 (halfork)
    DEX 10
    CON 16
    INT 12 - 2 (halfork)
    WIS 12
    CHA 12 - 2 (halfork) + 2 (lvl 4/8 raises)

    House Tharashk has made many inroads into Droaam, looking for mercenaries to fill out their ranks in their attempt to take away some of the moneys that get filtered through House Deneith. Over the past several decades they have acquired a large number of gnolls, orks, halforks, ogres, minotaurs and the like to fill out their staffs, because the monsters work exceedingly well as bodyguards and hunters throughout southwestern Khorvaire. The guild leaders have dealt with the many power groups within the monster country, including of course with the Daughters of Sora Kell, the Gnoll Brotherhood, and a most unlikely warlord... Lord Gorodan Ashlord.

    Lord Gorodan is a fire giant that was exiled from Xen'drik twenty-four years ago (see ECS pg. 166). When he arrived on the shores of Khorvaire and made his way into Droaam, he very easily and quickly established a fiefdom within the land... seizing control of a clan of ogres and their goblin slaves. Over time he built up his small fiefdom into something of an independant power, bringing in several other races of monster to increase his population and his defenses. Despite all of his success, however, the fire giant was always filled with melancholy over his banishment from his homeland. To this day Lord Gorodan continues to want to find ways to get back to the much warmer climate of Xen'drik, but unfrotunately the fire giant clan from which he was banished still remains in power. Until that clan is removed, he is stuck in Droaam.

    It was quite precipitous therefore when a House Tharashk representative by the name of Darvir d'Tharashk came to Lord Gorodan looking for additional mercenaries and warriors. The halfork House member told the giant of an excursion heading to Xen'drik to deal with a giant problem involving giants... a problem which just so happens to involve the self-same clan that Lord Gorodan was banished from. Needless to say, Lord Gorodan was quite excited to hear about this plan to possibly see to that clan's destruction, and thus he immediately offered Darvir and House Tharashk one of his most prized countrymen... an young halfork that was blessed by The Shadow.

    When Yoggrith M'groth was born, his parents immediately knew something was odd about the babe. For the sun never shone on him. His body always appeared to be in shadow. Even when placed outside directly under the noonday sun, the infant always seemed dim and never, ever burned. To his parents, it was a miracle. A blessing from their god. And almost immediately the child was brought before Lord Gorodan. Several of the fire giant's priests tested the babe, seeking to discover this connection it had with the darkness. The overwhelming opinion was that Yoggrith was infused with the spirit of The Shadow. He was a conduit for The Shadow's hand. And for the next twenty years, this young halfork was raised within Lord Gorodan's church, learning to use the dark blessings he was given.

    Yoggrith is a favored soul of The Shadow... and he works hard in His name, as well as the name of his Lord. His hands hold The Shadow's power... either taking life or giving life to those who deserve it. He can inflict or cure any wound to anyone he touches, and many have come to fear his power. However, the one thing that Yoggrith has shown as he has matured is that he does not use his power for no reason. He is dedicated to the will of his Lord. And thus, those that might fear him... need not... if they also are accomplishing the will of his fire giant Lord. And right now, if the fire giant wishes the halfork to travel with House Tharashk and a bunch of other people to the land of Xen'drik to deal with a fire giant problem... then Yoggrith will do so willingly. And despite the darkness that covers him, the others that travel with him need not fear. For they all are doing the will of his Lord.
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    Jaxel Wyldwalker

    Name: Jaxel Wyldwalker
    Class: Ranger 3/Fighter 2/Gnome Giant-Slayer 3 (R/F/R/F/R/GS/GS/GS)
    Race: Gnome
    Size: Small
    Gender: Male
    Alignment: NG
    Deity: Sovereign Host
    Str: 18 +4 (10p.)	Level: 8	XP: 27,000
    Dex: 14 +2 (6p.)	BAB: +8		HP: 75 (3d8+5d10+16)
    Con: 14 +2 (4p.)	Grapple: +7     Action Points: 8
    Int: 12 +1 (4p.)	Speed: 20'	Stat Increases: +2 Str level +2 Str Belt
    Wis: 14 +2 (6p.)	Init: +2	Spell Save:  
    Cha: 10 +0 (2p.)	ACP: -0		Spell Fail: na%
    	Base	Armor	Shld	Dex	Size	Nat	Misc	Total
    Armor:	10	+5	+2	+2	+1	+2	+1	23
    Touch:	14	Flatfooted: 21
    Notes: +8 Dodge vs Giants. +2 Dodge vs Large or Bigger
    Spell Res: None
    Dmg Red: None
    	Total	Base	Mod	Misc
    Fort:	+11	+9	+2	--
    Ref:	+6	+4	+2	--
    Will:	+4	+2	+2	--
    Notes: +2 racial bonus on saving throws against illusions. 
    Weapon           		Attack	Damage	Critical   Range
    Giantbane Tortoise Blade	+14	1d4+5	19-20x2	   ------
    MW Tortoise Blade		+14	1d4+4	19-20x2    ------
    Longbow              		+13	1d6	x3	   100 ft
    Notes: +5 weapon damage vs Giants, +1d6 weapon damage vs Evil Giants.
    Languages: Common, Giant, Burrowing Creatures
    Low-Light Vision: A gnome can see twice as far as a human in starlight, moonlight, 
    torchlight, and similar conditions of poor illumination. He retains the ability to 
    distinguish color and detail under these conditions. 
    Weapon Familiarity: Gnomes may treat gnome hooked hammers as martial weapons 
    rather than exotic weapons. 
    +2 racial bonus on saving throws against illusions. 
    Add +1 to the Difficulty Class for all saving throws against illusion spells cast by 
    gnomes. This adjustment stacks with those from similar effects. 
    +1 racial bonus on attack rolls against kobolds and goblinoids. 
    +4 dodge bonus to Armor Class against monsters of the giant type. Any time a 
    creature loses its Dexterity bonus (if any) to Armor Class, such as when it’s caught 
    flat-footed, it loses its dodge bonus, too. 
    Spell-Like Abilities: 1/day—speak with animals (burrowing mammal only, duration 1 
    minute). A gnome with a Charisma score of at least 10 also has the following 
    spell-like abilities: 1/day—dancing lights, ghost sound, prestidigitation. Caster level 
    1st; save DC 10 + gnome’s Cha modifier + spell level. 
    Gnome Ranger Substitution/Gnome Favored Enemy: Giant +3
    Wild Empathy
    Combat Style: Two Weapon
    Favored Enemy: Giant +2
    Crafty Fighter: +4 Dodge vs Giants, +2 Dodge vs. Large or bigger.
    Slippery: +3 Grapple Checks vs Large or Bigger. Can Move through squares of Large 
    or Bigger creatures.
    Type: General
    Source: Player's Handbook v.3.5 
    You are adept at dodging blows.
    Prerequisite: Dex 13+
    Benefit: During your action, you designate an opponent and receive a +1 dodge 
    bonus to Armor Class against attacks from that opponent. You can select a new 
    opponent on any action, Note: A condition that makes you lose your Dexterity 
    bonus to Armor Class (if any) also makes you lose dodge bonuses. Also, dodge 
    bonuses (such as this one and a dwarf's racial bonus to dodge giants) stack with 
    each other, unlike most other types of bonuses.
    Type: General
    Source: Player's Handbook v.3.5 
    You are capable of amazing feats of stamina.
    Benefit: Whenever you make a check for performing a physical action that extends 
    over a period of time (running, swimming, holding your breath, and so on), you get 
    a +4 bonus to the check.
    Type: Tactical
    Source: Complete Warrior 
    You are trained in fighting foes larger than you are.
    Prerequisite: Medium or smaller size, Tumble 5 ranks, base attack bonus +6.
    Benefit: The Giantbane feat enables the use of three tactical maneuvers.
    Duck Underneath: To use this maneuver, you must have 
    taken a total defense action, then have been attacked by a foe at least two size 
    categories larger than you. You gain a +4 dodge bonus to your Armor Class, which 
    stacks with the bonus for total defense. If that foe misses you, on your next turn, 
    as a free action, you may make a DC 15 Tumble check. If the check succeeds, 
    you move immediately to any unoccupied square on the opposite side of the foe 
    (having successfully ducked underneath your foe). If there is no unoccupied 
    square on the opposite side of the foe or you fail the Tumble check, you remain in 
    the square you are in and have failed to duck underneath your foe.
    Death from Below: To use this maneuver, you must have 
    successfully used the duck underneath maneuver. You may make an immediate 
    single attack against the foe you ducked underneath. That foe is treated as 
    flat-footed, and you gain a +4 bonus on your attack roll.
    Climb Aboard:  To use this maneuver, you must move 
    adjacent to a foe at least two size categories larger than you. In the following 
    round, you may make a DC 10 Climb check as a free action to clamber onto the 
    creature's back or limbs (you move into one of the squares the creature occupies). 
    The creature you're standing on takes a -4 penalty on attack rolls against you, 
    because it can strike at you only awkwardly. If the creature moves during its action, 
    you move along with it. The creature can try to shake you off by making a grapple 
    check opposed by your Climb check. If the creature succeeds, you wind up in a 
    random adjacent square.
    Special: A fighter may select Giantbane as one of his fighter bonus feats.
    Type: General
    Source: Player's Handbook v.3.5 
    You are skilled at dodging past opponents and avoiding blows.
    Prerequisite: Dex 13+, Dodge
    Benefit: You get a +4 dodge bonus to Armor Class against attacks of opportunity 
    caused when you move out of or within a threatened area. Note: A condition that 
    makes you lose your Dexterity bonus to Armor Class (if any) also makes you lose dodge 
    bonuses. Also, dodge bonuses (such as this one and a dwarf's racial bonus to dodge 
    giants) stack with each other, unlike most types of bonuses.
    Type: Exalted
    Source: Book of Exalted Deeds 
    You are the holy bane of creatures of a particular type.
    Prerequisite: Favored enemy class ability
    Benefit: Choose one of your favored enemies. You can sense the presence of creatures 
    of this type within 60 feet, as well as pinpoint their exact location (distance and 
    direction) relative to you. Normal barriers and obstructions do not block this 
    supernatural ability, allowing you to sense the presence and location of creatures 
    behind doors or walls, for example. This feat does nor allow you to see an invisible or 
    hidden creature (although you can still discern its location).
    In addition to sensing the presence of your favored enemy you deal +1d6 points of 
    damage on weapon attack rolls made against evil representatives of the favored 
    enemy creature type.
    Special: You can choose this feat multiple times. Its effects do not stack. Each time 
    you select this feat, it applies to a different favored enemy.
    Spring Attack
    Type: General
    Source: Player's Handbook v.3.5 
    You are trained in fast melee attacks and fancy footwork.
    Prerequisite: Dex 13+, Dodge, Mobility, base attack bonus +4 or higher
    Benefit: When using the attack action with a melee weapon, you can move both 
    before and after the attack, provided that your total distance moved is not greater 
    than your speed. Moving in this way does not provoke an attack of opportunity from 
    the defender you attack. You can't use this feat if you are in heavy armor.
    Titan Fighting
    Type: Racial
    Source: Races of Stone 
    You have been trained to fight larger creatures, and you are adept at dodging their 
    Prerequisite: Dodge, racial dodge bonus to Armor Class against monsters of the giant 
    Benefit: When you designate a creature at least one size category larger than you as 
    the target of your Dodge feat, you apply your racial dodge bonus to Armor Class against 
    monsters of the giant type against attacks from that opponent (regardless of its 
    creature type) instead of the +1 bonus granted by the Dodge feat.
    Special: A fighter may select Titan Fighting as one of his fighter bonus feats.
    Skill Points: 57	Max Ranks: 11/5.5
    Skills		Total	Ranks	Mod 	Misc
    Appraise  	+1	0	+1	--
    Balance   	+4	0	+2	+2
    Bluff       	+0	0	+0	--
    Climb      	+9	6	+3	--
    Craft-Alchemy  	+3	0	+1	+2
    Concentration  	+2	0	+2	--
    Diplomacy	+0	0	+0	--
    Disguise   	+0	0	+2	--
    Escape Artist	+5	3	+2	--
    Forgery   	+0	0	+1	--
    Gather Info     +0	0	+0	--
    Hide        	+15	9	+2	+4
    Intimidate	+0	0	+0	--
    Jump       	+1	0	+3	-2
    Listen     	+10	6	+2	+2
    Move Silently	+10	8	+2	--
    Perform   	+0	0	+0	--
    Search    	+1	0	+1	--
    Sense Motive	+2	0	+2	--
    Spot       	+2	0	+2	--
    Survival      	+10	8	+2	--
    Swim       	+3	0	+3	--
    Tumble      	+11	9	+2	--
    Use Rope 	+2	0	+2	--
    Versus Giants: 
    +2 Bluff, +3 Hide, +5 Listen, +3 Move Silent, +2 Sense Motive, +5 Spot, +5 Survival
    Equipment:		        Cost	Weight
    +1 Giantbane Tortoise Blade     8310   1.5
    MW Tortoise Blade (+1 shield)   1460   1.5
    +1 Mithral Chain Shirt          2100   6.25
    Gauntlets of Giantfelling-m103  2000   --
    Ring of Sustenance              2500   --
    +1 Ring of Protection           2000   --
    +1 Amulet of Natural Armor      2000   --
    Belt of Priestly Might-m74      6000   1
    Trollgut Rope-m190              500    7
    Longbow                         75     1.5
    20 arrows                       1      1.5
    Backpack                        2      0.5
    Bedroll                         0.1    1.25                       
    Scrollcase                      1      0.5
    Flint and Steel                 1      --
    Grappling Hook                  1      4
    10 sheets Paper                 4      --
    Belt Pouch                      1      0.125
    Sack                            0.1    0.125
    Waterskin                       1      1
    Total Weight: 29.5lb	Money: 4pp 2gp 8sp
    		Lgt	Med	Hvy	Lift	Push
    Max Weight:	57/75	115/150	173/225	345/450	863/1125
    Age: 72
    Height: 3' 3"
    Weight: 43 lbs.
    Eyes: Brown
    Hair: Blond
    Skin: Tan

    Jaxel Wyldwalker was born to a fairly ordinary pair of Gnomes in Zilargo. One day while minding his parents shoppe a diplomat from House Sivis stumbled in. The Dragonmarked Noble had been poisoned, but before he died he gave Jaxel a scrolltube and bade him to do his best to bring it to Stormreach. This involved Jaxel in a world of intrigue and adventure. When all was said and done he delivered the scrolltube...unopened. So began a long term business relationship with House Sivis wherein the young gnome delivered "sensitive" packages to dangerous locations across the lands. He gained a reputation for being fearless and specialized in travelling giant infested lands.
    Naturally, when several expeditions disappeared and Giants are rumoured to be involved...Who you going to call?

    Tortoise Blade, Gnome:
    cost: 10 gp, small damage: 1d4, medium damage: 1d6, crit 19-20 x2, weight: 3 lb., type: P
    This contraption is designed to be used by a gnome in his or her off hand. It is particularly useful in cramped tunnels or warrens where swinging a weapon is difficult or impossible. It looks likea turtle shell strapped to the wielder's wrist, with a daggerlike blade jutting out where the weilders fingers should be.
    A tortoise blade grants a +1 shield bonus to Armor Class. As with any shield, when you attack with a tortoise blade, you do not get the shield bonus to your AC.
    A tortoise blade also provides a -1 armor check penalty and a 5% arcane spell failure chance. Like a spiked shield, a tortoise blade can be enchanted as a weapon, as a shield or both, but such enchantments mst be paid for and applied separately.
    Gauntlets of Giantfelling (+1d6/size difference 3/day),
    Trollgut Rope. (50' rope that extends to 300'.)
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