On the topic of Adventure Paths, I am curious what people are finding they enjoy, look for, and want out of an AP, regardless of what edition it is written.

The question was sparked for me while reading the WOTC forums regarding Scales of War. Just to keep things genuine, two of the relevant threads were Characters of War and Scales of War - Rescue at Rivenroar

Some of the posters are looking for more support. However, as one poster pointed out, that with a "Points of Light" default setting, Dungeon Magazine is and will continue providing all the support that is intended. That is, their design approach and philosophy is different from that of Paizo, so of course the two products are not going to be the same. Scales of War is not being written with any campaign setting in mind.

A quote from Dave Noonan supports this:

Quote Originally Posted by Dave Noonan from Dungeon Magazine 366
The setting of the Scales of War Adventure Path is more implied than actual. Thats intentional on our part. We want you to make the world your own rather than define it for you...
And that is a legitimate approach. I'm not quoting Mr. Noonan to put him on the spot, but in one sentence he explains it well, and he speaks with fair authority for WOTC.

The reason for posting this poll and initiating this discussion, however, is whether it is working for you the EnWorld community and the respondents to this thread. A design approach can be legitimate and still not make the consumer base happy. On the other hand, people might be quite happy with it. I don't know.

Because I dont know and I'm not presuming to judge know the minds of everybody else, I thought it would make a good conversation topic and intelligent poll.

If the Poll itself isn't a conversation kicker in of itself:

What do you look for or want in terms of support in any Adventure Path? Please try to frame your answer in terms other than what Edition your hypothetical 'dream' AP might be written. What I'm contrasting is the level of support desired, not who might be writing it.